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Bloodborne Bosses - Ranked

Characters list created by Bml93 Avatar

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(Potential spoilers)
This boss might look intimidating when you first stumble upon him. It's huge and full of lightening. It looks like its ready to stomp and zap you into oblivion. But no. I just rushed in without any clue about the encounter, and managed to down it in under 60 seconds. Can't see why some people are struggling against him. I wasn't even high-leveled at that point.
The chalice dungeons version of Darkbeast Paarl. Just as easy.
This is an odd and potentially long fight, yet it's not really challenging. As long as you're capable of running away from the spawning enemies, you'll have no trouble with this encounter. Just run around and track down the invisible witches and attack them. No problem.
Another unusual encounter and another one that might stretch out for some time. It starts out normal enough, despite him wearing that silly cage on his head. But eventually he'll make a run for it, causing you to have to try and track him down in some sore of labyrinth. That alone may be a pain in the ass, but once you finally get to fight him again, he's a quick and easy fight.
A chalice dungeon boss with slow and predictable attacks, that while brutal one they hit, are easy to dodge. No challenge.
You'll encounter several of these Celestial mobs throughout the game, and this boss is essentially just a Celestial mob that will eventually turn into a huge one. Just storm in and attack the living crap out of it. Profit.
Just play it safe and focus your attacks against one of them at the time, and this boss will go down with ease.
His frenzy and energetic attitude might provide a difficulty for some people, but with simple dodging and attacking, he didn't turn out to be that much of a challenge for me.
This is, depending on your actions, a potential last boss in the game. And as for it being a potential last boss, it was surprisingly easy. As long as you remember to stay quick on your feet, and attack when the window is open, this wet nurse shouldn't be too difficult.
This might be your very first boss encounter in the game, and by that standards, he isn't very hard. His mechanics are rather easy to figure out, and he can be rather easily downed. I'm placing him this "high" because he is the first boss, and as a new Bloodborne player, the first encounter turned out to be brutal. Took me three tries to down. All above him (11-16) were downed on the first try.
It took me two tries to get this one down. I do think I was rather lucky on the second go, as I ended up strategically between its legs, facing her arms. Giving me easy strikes at her, with little chance of being hit. But this is fight that can easily turn into a chaotic one. The chalice dungeon version is a lot harder.
This fight might be a bit problematic, and while I did take him down in two tries, it was a constant battle of dodging and spotting open windows to launch attacks. What made it so troublesome is those mobs tossing fireballs at you at the same time. Now, I've found out that you actually can run up to them and kill them, causing the fireballs to vanish from the fight. If only I had known that at the time. Would have spared me some time. And dodges.
He got an aggressive move set, but as long as you'll stay in mid-range of him and attack whenever his combo is over, you'll down him with not too much of a hassle.
Some unique mechanics that can take you down really fast if you're to greedy with your attacks. Stay patient, and she will go down easily.
This boss can be completely ruthless if you mess up once, and her ability to heal herself is something you shouldn't take lightly. It took me two attempts, but oh my, that final part of that fight was intense.
Hard hits. Brutal arcane. Had to play it safe here. Did die a couple of times, despite the mechanics being easy to figure out.
A one on one, hunter vs. hunter battle. If you manage to time your parries well-enough, then she shouldn't be too much of a trouble, but I found it difficult to get that timing down and as a result of that, she was quite brutal.
In the Defiled Chalice dungeon, you'll come across this dog. A boss encounter that many will say is one of the hardest fights in Bloodborne. He's rather aggressive, got a huge hit box and you'll fight him with half your health. I didn't personally struggle too much against him, as I found his attacks to be mostly easy to telegraph and a hit-and-run tactic worked quite well.
He's like the Cleric boss, only scaled for end game. A much more chaotic fight that forced me to keep my distance.
Go straight for Rom or kill all the small spiders first? That was a difficult decision. If I went straight for Rom, I would eventually be overcrowded with spiders and with Rom's arcane attacks that meant a lot of running away. Or I could try and fight of the spiders first, but I found out that by doing so, I only opened myself up to be killed by them. I ended up going full out on Rom and hope for some luck. I got lucky.
If the Cleric Beast is not your first boss, then this guy is. And welcome to Bloodborne. He's extremely difficult for being a potential first boss. He's extremely fast in normal and once he turns into a werewolf, you'll need lightening reflexes to dodge his attacks. You may use a music box to stun him during the first phase, but its in his last phase that he'll rip you to shreds. Which he did with me four times.
Extremely aggressive and difficult. The second phase is a bit easier, but even getting there is difficult enough as Ludwig will tear you down the moment he gets a hold on you.
This guy was hard. Really hard. His attacks are brutal if they hit you. They are mostly easily dodged. But his spells are another story. I constantly found myself getting hit by them, taking a lot of unnecessary damage. He his possible to parry, but then you need perfect timing. When I got him down, I was lucky enough to succeed with that. Eventually causing me to beat him. But I was on my last blood vial when that happened.
Fuck these guys. A proper nightmare. You have to look out for everything. Regular attacks, fireballs, flamethrower etc. It took me ages to manage to unleash a series of attack on one of them. Getting one of the three fuckers down. And what happens then. Some sort of sick ritual that turns them into weird snake creatures? And then the area gets attacked by massive snakes? Nope. Just nope. Screw this fight.
Easily the most aggressive and ruthless boss in the game, and the final boss of the dlc for Bloodborne. Thank God that his attacks are somewhat easy to predict, otherwise he would be damn near impossible. The challenge lies in that he's so aggressive that it's hard to find a safe time to attack, and it's hard to get the parrying timing down, which leaves you open for some brutal combos against you.
Intense. Brutal. Unforgiving. That's my experience with this guy. A possible final boss. Six tries before I finally managed to get him down, and that was only because I was at God-level with my parrying, giving me the chance to do several visceral attacks on him. Which is the key to this fight. He move to quickly and his attacks are to fast for you to properly damage him in the normal way. Hardest fight I've encountered.

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