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Chinatsu Wakatsuki
Added by ☂*
7 years ago on 19 September 2010 01:46

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Posted: 4 months, 1 week ago at Oct 19 3:43
“Attitude’ Is A Choice.
Happiness Is A Choice.
Optimism Is A Choice.
Kindness Is A Choice.
Giving Is A Choice.
Respect Is A Choice.
Whatever’ Choice You Make
Makes You.
Choose Wisely.”






Edit: 4 months, 1 week ago
Posted: 4 months, 1 week ago at Oct 19 3:47
“I Realized,
When I Saw The Forest Burning,
How Fascinating The Firelight Is.
It's Beautiful,
And People Stare At It, Don't They?
It Destroys And Kills People,
But Humans Love It.
Is It Because They Crave Their Own Destruction?
I Want To Understand Your Kind.
I Am Going Out Into The Wider World,
And I Must Learn.”


Show Me The Wonders Of Your Great Love,
You Who Save By Your Right Hand
Those Who Take Refuge In You
From Their Foes.
(Psalm 17:7) (NIV)

Wondrously Show
Your [Marvelous And Amazing] Lovingkindness,
O Savior Of Those
Who Take Refuge At Your Right Hand
From Those Who Rise Up
Against Them.
(Psalm 17:7) (Amp)

“Try Not To Leave Your Work
For Someone Else To Do.
If Possible,
Carry The Work Of Someone
And Add It To Yours.
That's A Trait Of Leaders!”


Then I Heard A Loud Voice Saying In Heaven,
“Now Salvation, And Strength,
And The kingdom Of Our God,
And The Power Of His Christ Have Come,
For The Accuser Of Our Brethren,
Who Accused Them Before Our God
Day And Night,
Has Been Cast Down.
And They Overcame Him
By The Blood Of The Lamb
And By The Word Of Their Testimony,
And They Did Not Love
Their Lives To The Death.
(Revelation 12:10,11) (NKJV)



Edit: 4 months, 1 week ago
Posted: 4 months, 1 week ago at Oct 19 3:47
Smoked Molecules Of Rigid Pain
Invading My Motionless Mind .
My Mind Being The Battleground For Ages
Here Unmasks The Molecular Invasion
To Attain Nirvana
Over The Most Powerful ...THE MIND.



“You Do Not Need To Work
To Become Spiritual.
You Are Spiritual;
You Need Only To Remember That Fact.
Spirit Is Within You.
God Is Within You.

“Let This Change You.
Let This Take Hold
In The Very Center Of Your Soul.
Write It On The Walls Of Your Heart.
Let This Emanate Through Every Part Of You,
And Trickle Into Every Aspect Of Your Life.”

“Cities Were Always Like People,
Showing Their Varying Personalities To The Traveler.
Edit: 4 months, 1 week ago
Posted: 4 months, 1 week ago at Oct 19 3:49
“Do More Than Belong:
Do More Than Care: Help.
Do More Than Believe:
Do More Than Be Fair:
Be Kind.
Do More Than Forgive: Forget.
Do More Than Dream: Work.”




Edit: 4 months, 1 week ago
Posted: 4 months, 1 week ago at Oct 19 3:54
Find Your Super Power.
Seek God
As To What He Placed In You.

Don't Let Anyone Look Down On You
Because You Are Young,
But Set An Example
For The Believers In Speech,
In Conduct, In Love,
In Faith And In Purity.
(1 Timothy 4:12) (NIV)

For The New Year,
We Are A Planning A New Step
In A God-Ward Direction —
The Practice Of Spiritual Disciplines.
Interactive Worship Station:
The Idea Of Together We Build.
Come Holy Spirit,
The Power Of The Holy Spirit
With Chemistry.

Edit: 4 months, 1 week ago
Posted: 4 months ago at Oct 26 23:09
“What Has Happened Is That Some People
Have Infiltrated Our Ranks
(Our Scriptures Warned Us
This Would Happen),
Their Design Is To Replace
The Sheer Grace Of Our God
With Sheer License—
Which Means Doing Away With Jesus Christ,
Our One And Only Lord.”

“Do Not Give Dogs What Is Sacred;
Do Not Throw Your Pearls To Pigs.
If You Do, They May Trample Them
Under Their Feet,
And Turn And Tear You To Pieces.

Ask, Seek, Knock
“Ask And It Will Be Given To You;
Seek And You Will Find;
Knock And The Door Will Be Opened To You.
(Matthew 7:5,6) (NIV)

“I’m Laying This Out As Clearly As I Can,
Even Though You Once Knew All This Well Enough
And Shouldn’t Need Reminding.
Here It Is In Brief:
The LORD Saved A People
Out Of The Land Of Egypt.
Later He Destroyed Those Who Defected.
And You Know The Story Of The Angels
Who Didn’t Stick To Their Post,
Abandoning It For Other, Darker Missions.
But They Are Now Chained
And Jailed In A Black Hole
Until The Great Judgment Day.”



And The Angels Who Did Not Keep
Their Proper Domain,
But Left Their Own Abode,
He Has Reserved In Everlasting Chains
Under Darkness For The Judgment
Of The Great Day;
(Jude 1:6) (NKJV)

For If God
Did Not Spare The Angels Who Sinned,
But Cast Them Down To Hell
And Delivered Them Into Chains Of Darkness,
To Be Reserved For Judgment;
(2 Peter 2:4) (NKJV)

Then [In Light Of The Fact
That All This Is True,
Be Sure That] The Lord Knows
How To Rescue
The godly From Trial,
And How To Keep The Unrighteous
Under Punishment Until The Day Of Judgment,
(2 Peter 2:10) (Amp)

And War Broke Out In Heaven:
Michael And His Angels
Fought With The Dragon;
And The Dragon And His Angels Fought,
But They Did Not Prevail,
Nor Was A Place Found
For Them In Heaven Any Longer.
So The Great Dragon Was Cast Out,
That Serpent Of Old,
Called The Devil And Satan,
Who Deceives The Whole World;
He Was Cast To The Earth,
And His Angels Were Cast Out With Him.

Then I Heard A Loud Voice
Saying In Heaven,
“Now Salvation, And Strength,
And The Kingdom Of Our God,
And The Power Of His Christ Have Come,
For The Accuser Of Our Brethren,
Who Accused Them Before Our God
Day And Night,
Has Been Cast Down.
And They Overcame Him
By The Blood Of The Lamb
And By The Word Of Their Testimony,
And They Did Not Love
Their Lives To The Death.
Therefore Rejoice, O Heavens,
And You Who Dwell In Them!
Woe To The Inhabitants Of The Earth
And The Sea!
For The Devil Has Come Down To You,
Having Great Wrath,
Because He Knows
That He Has A Short Time.”
(Revelation 12:7-12) (NKJV)

Now It Came To Pass,
When Men Began To Multiply
On The Face Of The Earth,
And Daughters Were Born To Them
The Sons Of God
Saw The Daughters Of Men,
That They Were Beautiful;
And They Took Wives For Themselves
Of All Whom They Chose.

And The LORD Said,
“My Spirit Shall Not Strive
With Man Forever,
For He Is Indeed Flesh;
Yet His Days Shall Be
One Hundred And Twenty Years.”
There Were Giants On The Earth
In Those Days,
And Also Afterward,
When The Sons Of God
Came In To The Daughters Of Men
And They Bore Children To Them.
Those Were The Mighty Men
Who Were Of Old,
Men Of Renown.
(Genesis 6:2-4) (NKJV

Then The LORD Saw
That The Wickedness Of Man
Was Great In The Earth,
And That Every Intent Of The Thoughts
Of His Heart Was Only Evil Continually.
And The LORD Was Sorry
That He Had Made Man On The Earth,
And He Was Grieved In His Heart.
So The LORD Said,
“I Will Destroy Man
Whom I Have Created
From The Face Of The Earth,
Both Man And Beast,
Creeping Thing And Birds Of The Air,
For I Am Sorry That I Have Made Them.”
But Noah Found Grace
In The Eyes Of The LORD.
(Genesis 6:5-8) (NKJV)

The Earth Also Was Corrupt Before God,
And The Earth Was Filled With Violence.
So God Looked Upon The Earth,
And Indeed It Was Corrupt;
For All Flesh
Had Corrupted Their Way On The Earth.
(Genesis 6:11,12) (NKJV)


Do You Not Know
That To Whom You Present Yourselves
Slaves To Obey,
You Are That One’s Slaves
Whom You Obey,
Whether Of Sin Leading To Death,
Or Of Obedience Leading To Righteousness?
(Romans 6:16) (NKJV)

“No One Can Serve Two Masters;
For Either He Will Hate The One And Love The Other,
Or Else He Will Be Loyal To The One
And Despise The Other.
You Cannot Serve God And Mammon.
(Matthew 6:24) (NKJV)

You Cannot Serve God And Mammon
[Money, Possessions, Fame, Status,
Or Whatever Is Valued More Than The Lord].

The Day Was Hot
With The Promise Of A Storm
The Entire City Sweated In The Heat,
In The Steamy Air
There Was Danger Cracking
In The Atmosphere
And There Was A Subtle Threat
Of Violence Everywhere.

It Had Been Said
By The Tele-Evangelists
Thumping Their Bibles
In Manicured Hands
The Devil Was Out
In The Land Recruiting
For An Army To Fulfill
His Diabolical Plans.





Edit: 4 months ago
Posted: 4 months ago at Oct 28 0:49
“Abraham Didn’t Say,
“What Do You Want?”
He Didn’t Say, “Yes?”
He Answered With A Statement:
“Here I Am.”
Whatever God Needs Or Wants,
Abraham Is Wholly Present For Him,
Without Conditions Or Reservations
Or Need For Explanation.”

I Love To Remind My Own Heart
As To What It Is Powerful To Do:
“For It Is The Power Of God
For Salvation”
The Gospel Brings Salvation.
The Gospel Is The Exclusive Means
By Which The Universal Problem Of Sin
Is Remedied.

But Salvation, It Is Not For Everyone,
But Only For “Those Who Believe”

For I Am Not Ashamed
Of The Gospel Of Christ,
For It Is The Power Of God To Salvation
For Everyone Who Believes,
For The Jew First And Also For The Greek.
For In It
The Righteousness Of God Is Revealed
From Faith To Faith;
As It Is Written,
“The Just Shall Live By Faith.”
(Romans 1:16,17) (NKJV)





Edit: 4 months ago
Posted: 4 months ago at Oct 28 1:32
A Good Man
Out Of The Good Treasure Of His Heart
Brings Forth Good Things,
And An Evil Man Out Of The Evil Treasure
Brings Forth Evil Things.
But I Say To You That For Every Idle Word
Men May Speak,
They Will Give Account Of It
In The Day Of Judgment.
For By Your Words
You Will Be Justified,
And By Your Words
You Will Be Condemned.”
(Matthew 12:35-37) (NKJV)

If You Should Suffer
For Righteousness’ Sake,
You Are Blessed.
“And Do Not Be Afraid Of Their Threats,
Nor Be Troubled.”
But Sanctify The LORD God
In Your Hearts,
And Always Be Ready To Give A Defense
To Everyone Who Asks You
A Reason For The Hope That Is In You,
With Meekness And Fear;
Having A Good Conscience,
That When They Defame You As Evildoers,
Those Who Revile Your Good Conduct In Christ
May Be Ashamed.
(1 Peter 3:14-16) (NKJV)
Posted: 3 months, 3 weeks ago at Nov 5 4:16
Your Word Is A Lamp For My Feet,
A Light On My Path.
(Psalms 119:105) (NIV)

“As For You,
Be Fruitful And Multiply;
Populate The Earth Abundantly
And Multiply In it.”
(Genesis 9:7) (NASB)

The Fruit Of The Spirit
Is Love, Joy, Peace,
Patience, Kindness, Goodness,
Faithfulness, Gentleness,
Against Such Things
There Is No Law.
(Galatians 5:22-23) (NIV)

For In Christ
All The Fullness Of The Deity Lives
In Bodily Form,
And In Christ
You Have Been Brought To Fullness.
He Is The Head Over Every Power
And Authority.
(Colossians 2:9,10) (NIV)

What Jesus Has To Say
To Each And Every One Of Us
As Christians Is Critically Important
For Our Spiritual Growth.

A Wise Child Will Listen
To Their Parents Loving Advice.
For One Reason,
They May Avoid The Same Mistakes
Their Parents May Have Made.
For Another,
They Can Take Advantage
Of The Knowledge Their Parents
Have Obtained Over The Years.
They Can Blaze New Trails Of Success.
They Can Avoid Harmful Situations
And Broken Hearts And Lives,
If They Will Just Listen
To Those Who Are More Knowledgeable.

It Is No Different For Any Christian.
Jesus Would Never Tell Us Something
That Would Be Harmful To Us.
To The Contrary,
We Could Avoid Many Pitfalls
By Listening To His Words.
They Are Not Only Words Of Wisdom,
But The Very Truth Of God,
For He Is God.
As We Listen To Him
By The Word He Left Us, The Bible,
Our Faith Grows Because
We Know That What He Says
Can Always Be Trusted.

Life Is A Series Of Adversities.
The Bad News Is The Original Sin
Has Laid Upon Us
All Many Adversities.
The Good News Is
We Can Come Through
Any Adversity Stronger Than Ever,
But Only When We Trust God
At His Word.
Awake, Then, And, Be Watchful,
That Christ Our God May Spare You,
Who Is Everywhere Present
And Fills All Things."

Rejoice Always,
Pray Continually,
(1 Thessalonians 5:16,17) (NIV)
Posted: 2 months, 2 weeks ago at Dec 9 4:25

“He Desperately Wants You
To Know Him.
So Many People Believe In God,
But They Don't Really Know Him.
And Because They Don't Really Know Him,
They Are Lukewarm.
The Truth Is,
If You Truly Knew Him,
You Couldn't Be Lukewarm
Or Halfhearted.
If You Remain Lukewarm,
Maybe It's Because You Don't Know
Who God Really Is.”



You Have Allowed Deceptive Men
To Corrupt And Desensitize
Your Hearts And Minds
To Unethically Fuel Their Greed.”

“Have You Ever Had A Dream So Strong
It Slapped You In The Face
Every Time You Looked Away?”

“I Know Your Works,
That You Are Neither Cold Nor Hot.
I Could Wish You Were Cold Or Hot.
So Then,
Because You Are Lukewarm,
And Neither Cold Nor Hot,
I Will Vomit You Out Of My Mouth.
Because You Say,
‘I Am Rich,
Have Become Wealthy,
And Have Need Of Nothing’—
And Do Not Know
That You Are Wretched,
Miserable, Poor, Blind, And Naked—

I Counsel You To Buy From Me
Gold Refined In The Fire,
That You May Be Rich;
And White Garments,
That You May Be Clothed,
That The Shame Of Your Nakedness
May Not Be Revealed;
And Anoint Your Eyes With Eye Salve,
That You May See.
As Many As I Love,
I Rebuke And Chasten.

Therefore Be Zealous And Repent.
Behold, I Stand At The Door
And Knock.
If Anyone Hears My Voice
And Opens The Door,
I Will Come In To Him
And Dine With Him,
And He With Me.
To Him Who Overcomes
I Will Grant To Sit With Me
On My Throne,
As I Also Overcame
And Sat Down With My Father
On His Throne.

“He Who Has An Ear,
Let Him Hear
What The Spirit Says
To The Churches.”’”
(Revelation 3:15-22) (NJKV)
Posted: 1 week, 5 days ago at Feb 12 5:21
“Have You Ever Said,
‘I Am Not Being Spiritually Fed ...’?
Yet, Find Yourself
Not Getting Your Own Bible
Study Time In By Not Being Alone
With The Lord Each Day?

It Is Time For Us All
To Take Responsibility
For Our Christian Maturity.
We Can't Blame The Church
For The Emptiness We Feel.
We Need To Recognize
That What We Get Out
Of The Local Church
Is What We Put In.
This Would Include Our Prayer Life,
Our At-Home Worship To The Lord,
And Our Daily Studying
Of The Word Of God.
Then We Will See Real Changes
In Our Spiritual Lives.

We Are Not To Be Unhealthy,
Undernourished Christians;
But We Find That This Comes About
When There Is A Lack
Of Getting Into The Word Of God
For Ourselves.
We Need To Do Our Part
In Nourishing Our Spiritual Lives.

We Are Being Fed The Word,
But Perhaps The Problem
Is That We Are Not "Hearing"
What Is Being Said.
If We Do Not Spend Quality Time
With The Lord In Prayer,
And Renewing Our Minds
With The Word,
Then We Will Be Weak Christians.
It Stands To Reason
That If We Become Sensitive
To The Voice Of The Lord
(Fine-Tuned In Our Spirit),
Then We Will Hear
What The Lord Is Speaking To Us
As Individuals
And As A Corporate Body.

When We Find Our Place
And Spend Time With The Lord,
Believe Me,
We Will Have More Than Enough
On Our Spiritual Plates.
That Is Because
We Will Have Opened Our Hearts
To The Lord And Received
What We Need From God.

To The Praise Of His Glorious Grace,
Which He Has Freely Given Us
In The One He Loves.
(Ephesians 1:6) (NIV)

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