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Review of Black Hawk Down
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Sixteen Military Wives

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"Thirty-two softly focused, brightly-colored eyes...."

War is *not* awesome.

And this movie isn't really awesome either...although it's far from terrible. Obviously, some of this has to do with the necessities imposed by reality, which make some of the characters rather unlikeable, like, you know, the black dictator asshole.

Incidentally, if you search for the "Sixteen Military Wives" song on YouTube, you'll notice that it's posted by someone called, "KillRockStars", (it's nice to see that peaceable and orderly conduct is really taking off...along with a *touch* of confusion, perhaps), and that right above it is an ad called "Navy Jobs For Women" (yeah, look, uh, USN, thanks for protecting me from terrorists and stuff, but...sometimes you suck, okay? I'm just sayin' that's my opinion, and if you don't like it...go debate it with your Army buddies, okay? No, really, tell me more about your high-tech pride, and the war in's quite a fiasco, I hear, over there in Kuwait...yeah, maybe we should attack some coastal countries so that our Navy guys can get some "work"--after all, they can't get shoved a thousand miles in-land like the "Marines" can be...)

Anyway, the part of the movie that stayed with me the most--for some reason, even more than the crap with the kid soldiers--was the part where the one US military guy (it's hard to remember classifications, and it's a little boring, after awhile, listening to people debate whether the Special Forces dudes should be their own deal, or attached to the Army or the Navy or the Air Force or the Marines or NASA), gets literally made deaf by the sound of his buddy's (standard-issue M16 rifle, using super-duper NATO rounds, blah blah blah) rifle going off right next to his ear one too many times....It reminds me of this WWI doc I saw this one time, where the old veteran, a kinda thoughtful old guy, talked a bit about how all the noise and the artillery fire made it impossible to think, the noise made thought impossible....(and, you know, for me, it also brings to mind that episode of BSG, where the bombs explode on the aircraft carrier--their own bombs, that they were storing in the hangar deck or wherever--and they exploded and killed about sixteen of their own pilots...)

And, yeah, I say we can only hope that, one day, these guys from Somalia or wherever spend their time trying to make it to the French Open, so they can test their mettle against the likes of Federer and Tsonga, instead of trying to kill each other, or us.

But, in the is true that it's not a terrible movie, not at all, and you can learn from it....

P.S. Seriously, though, next time someone bothers you to hell by chattering and clattering and making noise for no good reason, imagine how much worse it would be if there were some guys shooting each other from behind street corners and shit a block or two away. Kinda makes the noise pollution of your neighbor's lawn-mower or your sibling's gossiping seem bloody trivial, doesn't it?


"If America does, and America can't say no....
If America does, and America says, It's so--it's so!"

*snaps fingers* Don't even think about it. *snaps fingers* Automatic.

Because at least this way you won't go deaf, right? ;)

Added by charidotes20 2 years ago
on 29 May 2012 13:58

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