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Review of Kingdom Hearts
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The Door to the Light

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The idea of Kingdom Hearts started in 2000 when the producer Shinji Hashimoto met an Disney executive in an elevator in the building both Square and Disney work at in Japan. Original this was going to be lighter and simple to get the Disney feel, but they decide to aim in the same level of the Final Fantasy series instead. After two years of development of choosing the right Disney worlds and getting the story set, Kingdom Hearts finally awake.

The story is about an group of three Sora, Riku, and Kairi who are building an raft to leave Destiny Islands to find new places away from the Island. While this happens at Disney’s Castle. Donald notice that the King is gone and after reading an note left from him. Donald and Goofy go on the gummi ship to find the keyblade an key like sword and the King. At nighttime, the island is attacked by the creatures. Sora go and found Riku being sucked in willingly by the darkness almost taking Sora as well but an light appears and the keyblade appears. After taking some of the creatures down, Kairi disappears and the islands get destroyed. Sora wakes up at an unknown town called Traverse Town when he starts looking for his friends while meeting Final Fantasy characters, Disney characters and getting himself involved into something huge.

The gameplay is where you can walk, run, swim, and jump in the worlds. Theirs an action menu where you can do commands depending on if you’re in battle or not like you can attack, talk, magic, combos, and summon Disney characters to aid you in battle. Their are also shortcuts that allows you to use magic you chose for quicker use. Some of the worlds you transform to fit in the setting of the world like Sora being an merman in Atlantica. To travel to other worlds you go on the gummi ship to shoot enemy ships to survive. You can also customize your ship to make it fare better for the later dangerous travels.

Personally I enjoy the concept of Final Fantasy/Disney and I enjoy the story that grabs your attention from the start. The combat is addicting fun to get into exspeciality in some of the battles in the game. The music by Yoko Shimomura is amazing and the themes for the Disney world really nailed the setting of it. She really made an very memorable soundtrack. The designs to recreate the Disney worlds are good. They did an really good job in making it really like the movies people grew up with.

The things I didn’t like as much is the camera. It can get in the way when you go around in the worlds and make some commands abit odd. Like Final Fantasy X the cut scenes are unskipable and can be annoying when you replay the game after beating it or you die at an boss and have to see it again. Some may not mind but I find the gummi ship section of this game boring and not interesting.

Overall this may not be everyone type of game. Honestly it’s an very enjoyable game with interesting ideas, addicting battle system, and great music. I highly recommend giving this an try.

Added by LordDarkrai 2 years ago
on 22 January 2012 18:05

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