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Terminator Genesys review

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Oh boy, this is gonna be a long one. Terminator 2 is probably my second favorite action movie of all time behind Die Hard so it has been really sad to see all of the bad sequels it's been getting over the years. Terminator 3 was alright, but forgettable. I can barely remember a thing from it because there was nothing special about it. Terminator Salvation was just a boring mess of a movie that made me question why anyone would ever hire McG to direct anything other than a local car dealership commercial. But i was hoping that this one would be the one to break the curse and we would finally get a great Terminator movie again. I knew it wasn't gonna top the second one or even the first one, but it had to be better than the last two. And well, it's better than Salvation at least. But sadly not by much.

This movie was just a mess. It had some decent action scenes, but nothing stood out. I wont remember any of them a few weeks or even days from now. Arnold was back in form as the Terminator though. He was definitely the best part of the movie. Hell, he was even the best actor of the movie. Yeah, in a movie co-starring J.K. Simmons and Jason Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the best performance. He really was the only one that seemed like he cared about the movie. Everyone else was just kind of sleepwalking through it. Jai Courtney gave the same performance he always does though. Bland leading man with the acting talent and charisma of a bag of potatoes. Why does he keep getting cast in big movies like this? First he was in a horrible sequel to Die Hard and now he is in a bad sequel to Terminator. At this rate i'm willing to bet he is gonna be Rambo's sidekick in his next movie.

Emilia Clarke, who i love on Game of Thrones, was also very miscast i feel. I'm guessing the studios and producers would never let a woman get as muscular and tough looking as Linda Hamilton was in T2 in a movie anymore, girls need to look nothing but sexy all the time in movies now no mater who they are playing, but Emilia looked like a teenager cosplaying as the character. But what really is this movie weakest point by far is the script. Genesys is some kind of app that Skynet has made that is gonna destroy the world and over a billion people has apparently pre-ordered it. Not even a new Facebook app would get that many pre-orders. I have never even heard of anyone pre-ordering a fucking app.

And they are really getting overly fucking convoluted with this whole time travel story line now. In the first two movies it was nice and simple. A killing machine has been sent back from the future to kill a certain person and someone has to stop it. That is all you needed. Now we are apparently time traveling all over the fucking place and creating all kinds of different time lines and all that crap. This is a Terminator movie, not fucking Star Trek. And holy shit i was bored when they went away from the action to talk their sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Every five minutes or so the movie has to stop so one character can explain what is happening to another one and i just didn't care at all by the end. The story made no sense and the character trying to explain it for the hundredth time didn't help.

And now i have to talk about the new Terminator that was set up as a surprise, but spoiled in pretty much every trailer and the fucking poster as well, the John Connor Terminator. If they hadn't spoiled that bit fucking everywhere i'm sure that would have caught me by surprise. They definitely built the reveal up long enough. But now i was just waiting for it to happen. Whoever was in charge of the marketing for this movie should be banned from working on a movie or TV show ever again. But i will admit the new Terminator was pretty cool. Or could have been, but Jason Clarke portrayed the character completely wrong and didn't make him intimidating at all. Robert Patrick literally gave me nightmares as the T-1000 when i was younger. He created an iconic movie villain in that movie and so did Arnold with the first movie. Jason Clarke was too jokey and casual. That made sense in the beginning when he was still pretending to be John Connor, but he kept that persona up until pretty much the end of the movie. That didn't make him scary at all.

I never felt any tension at all in this movie. Not once. The fact that this movie was rated PG-13 instead or R probably helped that as well. I have liked PG-13 sequels to R rated movies before. I really enjoyed Die Hard 4 and hated Die Hard 5 when they went back to the R rating again, so if it's done right i really don't mind. But that PG-13 rating has so far not done the Terminator franchise any favors. In fact, i believe that is one of the many reasons this bombed at the theaters in America. It was marketed at completely the wrong crowd. Teenagers don't care about the Terminator. So if they actually decide to make another one, please make it an R rated movie at least. For the actual fans of the franchise. I was gonna give this movie a 5/10, but the more i think about it the less i actually liked it.

I can't really think of anything i really enjoyed here. It had some nice nods to the first movie in the beginning and like i said a few of the action sequences were decent enough, but i don't really think that is enough to give this movie anything close to a good rating. It's still better than Salvation was, but i would not recommend it to anyone. Not even fans of the franchise. Or maybe i should say especially not fans of the franchise.

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1 year ago on 26 September 2015 21:08


Posted: 1 year, 10 months ago at Oct 11 12:31
Good review, I wish Hollywood studio executives would give a damn... For me this franchise died with Terminator 2...
Posted: 1 year, 10 months ago at Oct 18 15:36
Excellent review! You got everything that I hated about this movie down! By far, my biggest issue is this gapping plothole: if John Connor became a Terminator and Sarah Connor was already a badass in the setting of the first Terminator then WHY THE FUCK didn't that happen in the first one?! At least Arnold looked like he was having fun, otherwise, this would drop down to 1/10 stars for me.
Posted: 1 year, 3 months ago at May 1 17:28
Good review my friend but i'm really surprise that you prefer this one more then the 4th one... i don't see this movie in the same categorie of the others...
Terminator (1984) was very good and original and the action scenes were magnificent
Terminator 2 (1991) was very good but less original and the cast was good plus the action scenes were exceptional
Terminator 3 (2003) was good but didn't have a great screenplay and the cast was good and the action scenes were remarkable.
Terminator 4 (2009) was good but didn't have a marvelous screenplay and the cast was good and the action scenes were good.
Terminator Genesys (2015) was not very good and the screenplay was not really great and the casting was a 50% miscast and the action scenes were good and bad. : )

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