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Which three books would you have taken?

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Posted : 5 years, 4 months ago at Apr 4 10:02 -
In the 1960s movie 'The Time Traveller', after relating his story, George (the Time Traveller) leaves for a journey back to the Eloi of the future. His best friend (Filby) and housekeeper (Mrs Watchett) note that George left taking with him three books from the shelves in his drawing room. Filby comments that George must've had a plan for a new Eloi civilization.

If you were the time traveller, which three books would you take into the future and why?

My choices are:
An Atlas - to see how much things have changed
Household Encyclopaedia - Dated but it has woodworking plans and guides how to build the basics (note to self delete entry on 'Asbestos the wonder material')
Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Some things are best shared!
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Posted : 3 years ago at Aug 1 22:52 -
Does the future not have access to past books anymore? I don't get it.
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Posted : 3 years ago at Aug 2 15:09 -
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Reprinted from the First Folio because come on, it's Shakespeare, and you need the 1st Folio to figure out what he was really saying.

The Urantia Book because it's so weird, dense, and awesome.

Shogun by James Clavelle, because it's got everything you need in a good story, and we'll always need good stories. Plus, Nonfictionguy already brought an atlas, a how-to book, and the Hitchiker's Guide. :D
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Posted : 3 years ago at Aug 2 21:06 -
I know this is a little different from what was asked, but if I could bring any three works from the past to the present, I'd choose three of the Greek epic poems that have since been lost.

On the top of my list would be The Telegony, which based on summaries by later writers focuses on Telegonus, Odysseus's son by the witch Circe, and his arrival at Ithaca to meet his father. He meets him unknowingly, and they fight, Telegonus killing Odysseus. He then finds out and makes his way to Odyseus's home (I forget in which order). Following this, Telegonus (Odysseus+Circe) marries Penelope, while Telemachus (Odysseus+Penelope) marries Circe. Circe then makes the two Odysseus-spawn and Penelope immortal.

Next would by the Titanomachy, describing the war between the Olympian gods and the Titans. Epic poems usually revolve around some sort of heroic struggle, which is why I'm particularly drawn to books like The Theogony and the Dionysiaca, as well as this one.

If I could have my way we'd also have the complete Achilleid, about Achilles's life, though sadly the author never finished the work.