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Listal Film Club

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Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 24 0:36 -
I'm completely throwing this into the open as I have no idea how out will turn it, but there has to be a new time for everything.

-The first rule of film club, you do not talk about film club, the second rule...ok, obvious reference.

-Basically whoever is interested can nominate one film of their choice. Four films will be nominated for every month, with later nominations being for following months. During each month we will discuss the four nomimated films, with each film having it's own seperate theard for discussion. At the start of each new month we move onto the next four nominations.

-You can nominate your film below in this thread.

-Choose any film you want of feature length running time. Be cautious of your choice that other members will have easy access to watch it and within the time frame.

- You don't have to watch every single nominated film as I understand we all have busy lives, but an effort made to participate is most most appreciated.

-Online links to watch a film can provided via PM if requested.

-The club runs on a "first come, first serve basis", so don't hesitate to nominate a film!

-Any Listal members are welcome to in join in on the discussion of a movie even if they're no directly involved in the club.

-But most importantly, have fun!

-If you have questions or then please ask.

-Additional suggestions are welcome.

All the film's nominated will be displayed in the following list.


For the first choice, I nominate Mildred Pierce (1945).
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 25 22:56 -
So, anyone?
Pumpkinate 4 years ago at Jan 26 1:44 -
As long as there are online links and others are on board, I'm in. But let the next poster make nomination #2 because I'll get back to you guys later on that.


(There, signed!)
the giraffe 4 years ago at Jan 26 5:30 -
I regret to say I have too much going on this year to participate. But I LOVE this idea & encourage others to get involved with it!
The Cinephile 4 years ago at Jan 26 7:32 -
So, do you only nominate a film you've seen. Or either way?

I am definitely interested, though I can't promise to see EVERY nomination. I will, however, give it a try.
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 26 9:02 -
You can nominate a film weather or not I've seen it.
johanlefourbe 4 years ago at Jan 26 9:21 -
I'm interested as well but I'm not sure I understand how it works. When are we supposed to watch these movies ?!?!

Count me in...

My nomination : In the valley of Elah (2007) (I don't have a link where you can see this movie...)
drugs 4 years ago at Jan 26 10:00 -
Sounds like an interesting idea... I'd like to see it in action first before joining myself.
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 26 11:04 -
@ johanlefourbe: We'll begin once we get a good amount of members.
talia_sparkle 4 years ago at Jan 26 11:07 -
I really like this idea but I think it'll be tough for me to join in as my home internet connection is pretty shoddy, but I would be willing to TRY to see the film and discuss in the appropriate thread as and when I can.
talia_sparkle 4 years ago at Jan 26 11:07 -
please ignore double post!
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 26 11:14 -
@ talia_sparkle: Care to nominate a film?
jaytoast 4 years ago at Jan 26 12:14 -
I love the idea and if you had caught me three weeks ago... but as it is too much on my plate.

I would suggest that you start with four films and a month at a time. Just that people can be rather lackadaisical when tending to film watching. So... start with four films for Feb based on nominations or if no nominations I would just randomly pick four and plow through. You'll get followers if your determined.

A monthly goal is a little less stressful for people so you might get more participation.

Ha, sorry to throw out advice on something I personally can't commit to but if you need help in anyway let me know. Silly graphics are my specialty.
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 26 13:54 -
Thanks fot the suggestion jaytoast. I've decided to implement it, unless a better suggetion comes along.
The Cinephile 4 years ago at Jan 26 18:42 -
Are there any specific rules on films in which we can nominate?
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 26 20:42 -
Nope, just that it is off feature length run time.
The Cinephile 4 years ago at Jan 27 3:28 -
For February, I nominate Tony (2009). Its a little unknown serial killer film. I can link the film once I find it.
MovieCat 4 years ago at Jan 27 4:25 -
This sounds like fun!

I'd been meaning to watch Mildred Pierce, so I just bumped that up to the top of my Netflix queue.
Xanadon't 4 years ago at Jan 27 8:16 -
Afraid I'm in the giraffe/jaytoast camp. I've got a couple of projects that I'll be trying not to be the weak link on as it is. But best of luck to you- I'll be interested to see the activity going on in the club. I hope it gets off the ground quick and builds from there. Maybe once it's in full swing I'll see if I can't begin participating down the road on a regular basis. Cheers ya all!
SJMJ91 4 years ago at Jan 27 16:53 -
Sounds good to me. I'll join :D
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 27 17:00 -
Want to nominate a film?
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 28 19:27 -
Anyone else up for it?

Also a vote for the Film Club List would also be nice in order to get some front page publicity.
Happy Vader 4 years ago at Jan 29 12:29 -
I nominate Dumbo... it's a little more than a hour, so it will be easy to watch!
johanlefourbe 4 years ago at Jan 29 14:34 -
The funny thing is people suggest stuff on the thread but, at the end of the day, we just have 4 suggestions...

If you don't mind, I will suggest 10 movies so you can add some of them here :

- 'Dark city' (1998)
- 'A perfect world' (1993)
- 'Crash' (1996) directed by Cronenberg, not the academy award winning feature...
- 'Alpha dog' (2006)
- 'Silent Hill' (2006)
- 'Nikita' (1990)
- 'Mar adentro (2004)
- 'Festen' (1998)
- 'The Bourbe identity' (2002) why not?
- 'Barry Lyndon' (1975)
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 29 14:43 -
@johanlefourbe: We do have enough films for Febuary. I'll only allow people who have already chosen to choose again as a last resort.
death shade 4 years ago at Jan 29 22:03 -
I'll certainly try to hollow out some time for such a project. Count me in.

I hereby nominate 'Begotten'.

Begotten Trailer

Begotten Full Version

Pumpkinate 4 years ago at Jan 29 22:56 -
Alright, I'm decided: I nominate Birdman of Alcatraz (1962).

Also, can someone link me to an online viewing of Mildred Pierce?
vnnlng 4 years ago at Jan 29 23:52 -
Can I pick Take Shelter because i just downloaded the dvdrip.
Since you guys picked hard-to-find old movies, we need links. Take Shelter download link 1 2 yeah I know I hate 2 part downloads too :l
johanlefourbe 4 years ago at Jan 30 9:17 -
Same as Pumpkinate, I need to a link for Mildred Pierce.
Is it possible to know how many members are included to the Film Club right now ?
johanlefourbe 4 years ago at Jan 30 9:31 -
I think it would work better if, when someone nominate a movie, that they directly provide the link to it. I mean, it is now Monday and the only movie I really would like to watch (Mildred Pierce) this month is not available yet. Next week, we are supposed to watch another movie.
Happy Vader 4 years ago at Jan 30 12:21 -

Here's the link: http://www.movshare.net/video/v127q738p4yr6

It works for me fine!

For more movies, go here: http://www.classiccinemaonline.com/
Pumpkinate 4 years ago at Jan 30 19:15 -
I just now realized that Birdman of Alcatraz is two and a half hours long... I'll think of something else for us to watch, since that's pushing the feature length rule.
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 30 19:50 -
Feature length means anything that's over 40 minutes long. Your choice is ok.
Pumpkinate 4 years ago at Jan 30 20:05 -
Alright. Phew.
Ryan P. 4 years ago at Jan 31 0:17 -
I nominate The Godfather Part 2.
Ryan P. 4 years ago at Jan 31 0:20 -
I also nominate Drive.
Michael M 4 years ago at Jan 31 0:33 -
You can only nominate one film Ryan P.
vnnlng 4 years ago at Jan 31 0:54 -
Seen The Godfather Part 2 and Drive. Both are sick! Pop Pop!
Ryan P. 4 years ago at Jan 31 22:19 -
Okay, I will nominate Drive (2011).
death shade 4 years ago at Feb 1 4:17 -
I'd like to change my nomination to Agnes and His Brothers. I think a much more appropriate film for this group. Funny as hell from what I remember, It'll give me a reason to re-watch.

It's streaming on Netflix.

SnappySneezer 4 years ago at Feb 1 11:05 -
I previously nominated The Miracle of Morgan's Creek. It is on youtube in 10 parts
Modar 4 years ago at Feb 3 13:19 -
thank you very much
death shade 4 years ago at Feb 3 18:36 -
Thanks for the switch Michael.

Is this where discussion will happen?

Just finished Mildred Pierce so-to-say. I actually fell asleep with about 10 minutes left, then tried to dial it back and veehd wants me to download some sort of pluggin, so I just read how it ended.

I do like a good film noir, and did rather enjoy the film until about the middle on where she found her success. Then I got absolutely bored with the banter back and forth.

At the beginning when her husband left, musing about slapping Veda around I cringed, thinking, what a complete jerk. But, man he was dead on..what a rotten little gash that Veda was.

If this film had been trimmed down a solid half hour, at least, it would have likelier been more enjoyable for me. The acting was really solid though. It reminded me of Fassbinder's The Marriage of Maria Braun which I very much enjoyed and could have likely served as inspiration for Mildred Pierce.
Michael M 4 years ago at Feb 5 21:59 -
I'll keep discussions within this thread for the time being.

Anyway, disappointed you didn't enjoy it, but all to their own.
Pumpkinate 4 years ago at Feb 6 2:56 -
Yeah, Veda is awful. The only thing that goes wrong in this movie that she didn't cause was Mildred getting cheated regarding her business.

I really enjoyed this film. It's good that Mildred is such a likable character, because if all the characters were like Veda and Monty it would be much harder to watch. She let Veda influence her decisions at the cost of her own well-being, but what loving parent doesn't want the best for their kids?

I also really like the way the plot was present, starting with the ambiguous present followed by the past which illuminates it.

The little girl, Ray, was very cute. They should do a prequel that's all about her playing street marbles and rolling around in the mud with the neighborhood chaps. I'd totally watch that.
death shade 4 years ago at Feb 6 5:50 -
haha don't worry Michael, i hate everything these days.

@Pumkinate Yeah, the film really set itself up well and was quite well done. It really kept me interested until the story settled down into Mildred's solo venture and Mildred the tycoon.

I suppose I didn't bother to empathize at all with Mildred's paternal ties to Veda. I don't know..if my kid was on about peasants I think I'd start slipping lsd into her cereal.

Also that marriage separation had to be one of the most civil/indifferent cases. Almost Seinfeldian in Seinfeld's breakup with Jeneane Garogalo's character.
Pumpkinate 4 years ago at Feb 9 22:54 -
Anyone else watch the film? It's going to be time to watch In the Valley of Elah next.
The Cinephile 4 years ago at Feb 9 22:59 -
Soon, no worries.
Michael M 4 years ago at Feb 10 0:03 -
I do intend to watch In the Valley of Elah soon.
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