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Jealousy and Envy

Deleted user
Posted : 2 years, 1 month ago at Jul 14 16:55 -
Having just had a number of points deducted from my site, I am now advising the nummber of friends I have who are interested in joining this site not to join.
I have reffered quite a large number of friends to join and am now being penalised for this as they are supporting what I have done. How many other members have regular support from membersd, but in my case it seems to irriate some people, that is their problem.
I was in the process of working on various projects , but feel it is not worth it to carry on as a few seem to think they dominate this site.
I will undoubtable now have a lot of abuse because of my comments.
I only like to list films etc I am interested in and really cannot cope with individuals pettiness. That is their problenm, not mine.
So, if you do not see any lists I proposed putting onto the site sooon you know why.
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Posted : 2 years, 1 month ago at Jul 17 8:17 -
So so so... I was wondering when we'll get a reaction from your side.

I'm going to explain it once again... For example, on your profile, you have 1000 pics and most of those pics get between between 8 and 14 votes... Maybe those users are indeed your friends, maybe they are fake, I don't really care. I mean, none of those pics deserve this amount of votes, that's the whole point. It's like your lists. There is no effort put in them, they are made in 10 minutes and yet they always get enough votes to be promoted. Check my lists... There is a reason why I reach 50+ votes, it is not because all my buddies vote for them, it is because I put time, energy and commitment in them.

I think you're wrong, the whole thing is not a question of jealousy or envy, your way of working is just plain annoying, that's all ...
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Posted : 2 years, 1 month ago at Jul 22 11:02 -
So, if you do not see any lists I proposed putting onto the site sooon you know why.

Ya know, I was just wondering why lately I haven't seen any lists I've never seen before that have never been created yet.
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Posted : 2 years ago at Aug 16 0:51 -
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Posted : 2 years ago at Aug 16 18:15 -
Hi There,I guess I'm just confused about how this thing really works.I kind of thought it wasn't a full time life,But rather just some fun.I wouldn't dedicate enough for it to cause stress.If you want to talk I'd like to listen.
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Posted : 2 years ago at Aug 17 11:07 -
@LauraT, what the hell are you talking about?!?