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A little help

Rank : 178
Posted : 3 years ago at Aug 22 3:37 -
Do people realize we all have different opinions. Some people get mad at some lists I make and my taste, in this case, girls. So do people realize everyone has different tastes
Rank : 96
Posted : 2 years, 12 months ago at Aug 23 2:26 -
Are you insulting the idols of teenage girls cause I've noticed that they seem to get very offended by this. There's also 1 person on here who makes really nasty comments on quite a few lists I've seen. Without knowing exactly what they were mad about I can't really offer much more than that. I had someone get mad at me because I think Kiera Knightley is scary skinny and she wanted to argue that it was wrong to say something like that. It's my opinion though.

Don't let them bother you. We all think differently and that's what makes the world an interesting place.
Rank : 74
Posted : 2 years, 12 months ago at Aug 23 5:23 -
No, some people really don't realise we are all unique and have very rigid minds about certain topics (Religion, Love, etc). Agree with Tersanay, just try to ignore them, if not (as this is thankfully online), you can just delete their comments and block them :)
Rank : 113
Posted : 2 years, 12 months ago at Aug 23 5:55 -
@RJ4 Yep... I just noticed some of the comments on your "I don't get these crushes" list. Which people should from beginning realize that is a list of personal taste and nothing more. It isn't as if you titled the list "Ugliest Women In the Universe" which would I could understand might inspire a flame war.

If I have attempted an "My Actors Crush" list and have found my personal taste to be bazaar and really make no sense. Even then it changes over time or my mood so I never get very far with those types of list.

I just roll my eyes and groan a little for every "You liked that???" comment. If the person is highly socially impaird... I block them.

Life is too short and I have better things to do
Rank : 307
Posted : 2 years, 12 months ago at Aug 24 16:05 -
I've posted negative/criticising comments several times and I don't see anything wrong in it as I am able to support my opinion. Of course, such comments usually appear under lists that are more about facts than opinion. (Anyway, I remember a picture (it's too photoshoped to call it a photo) that I've commented it's content as "freak". There was this girl in underwear with CCCP flag behind her. This is ridiculous because clearly only a little fraction of all residents of CCCP could get such underwear :)) And most importantly, this flag represents ideology that killed huge amounts of people. I've found this lack of education in other lists too. But I was kind of frustated and found my comments worthless as it seems to me that no one will take them in consideration...) Clearly opinion lists involvong Agelina Jolie and stuff are not my cup of tea and even how much I don't like it...I just don't vote and comment, etc.
Rank : 178
Posted : 2 years, 12 months ago at Aug 25 4:34 -
Yes you can support your opinion, but I cant understand why people will go out of their way to just destroy my taste. I wouldn't have a problem if they were like "oh you dont like Nikki Reed thats alright, we all have different tastes" but it aint a perfect world
Rank : 1192
Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago at Sep 17 17:27 -
Its why there is Chocolate and Vanilla. What some people like other people may find not so attractive, some people just feel they have to voice their opinion in a negative way. Its really no big deal I usually just keep my mouth shut.
Rank : 12454
Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago at May 14 9:41 -
Really some people should realize that we have our own opinions and they cant do a thing about it becuase hey if I hate harry Potter and you love it...well then good for you! But if your going to spoil my mood by irritating by becuase i dont like harry potter then fck you mate. It my choice...and it you ask my for my opinion about something obviously im going to the tell you the truth for my point of view and if you dint like it then just ignore it dont make a fuss about it....

so it best to ignore such people who are always going to condescend and critisize you choices and opinions.