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I think we should rate music by songs, not albums. I mean, many download Mp3 anyway. What if someone wanted to rate one off the radio?
Added on May 8 5:25
Please not, I am a passionate collector of CDs and the music page of listal is a feature that I like very much.

As an addition, the possibility to rate songs and include them in lists would be a gain. But not as a substitute for the album...
I agree, we should do both songs and albums.
Both? I don't buy albums because when I download I know what songs I like and what songs I don't. If you are the slightly more meticulous type maybe there are options tosuit both of us.
i am agreed by your views because both have values need to maintained the quality to give the best out put.
The ability to rate both the album and each individual song depending on the owners preference.
The Flagship
Add singles to the database yourself and rate them that way. I think music collectors would much prefer whole albums to remain.
i think it's a good idea, can manage single songs, and maybe is simple too cause on amazon there are already listed songs of the albums(it's just to expand the code that takes information and links from the site)
about downloading, can be useful but this site it's good without too
Thats nice.
Go to this site For Lovely something:
Johnny Love
Never Songs Only.
We should do both songs and albums.
Artists releases Album Not Tracks....except in the 40s-50s when 7inch and 78rpm ruled
Alice Grayson Wesker
I think we should also be able to manage non-single tracks too. Some of my favorite singer's best songs wasn't released as a single, not saying their single suck but their non-singles songs are sometimes better than the ones that got released.
Please no, I like the way it is with the albums. If you want a single song search for singles.
both cd and songs
The O.P.
Yep. Both albums and songs, like it is for DVDs and movies.
i think both source.
The O.P.
In the new Listal we can add both albums and songs. However, it would great if we had two separate categories for physical media and musical content itself, like it is for DVDs and Movies. Or, at least, some "flag" to filter a kind of items from the other. OK, we can always use tags, but still...
i agree that songs should be listed as a separate sections with options to rate them separately from the album