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A classic ride

Posted : 3 years, 9 months ago on 4 October 2014 06:10

'The Matrix' is a classic ride! It should entertain you for the entire movie! It's a masterpiece thanks to its interesting plot, cutting edge visual effects and amazing performances by the whole cast! The action is also really good! No wonder this kind of movie won four Academy Awards! Definitely a must-see!

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Review of The Matrix

Posted : 4 years, 1 month ago on 7 June 2014 06:57

Films like The Matrix do not come often. It boasts a complex storyline and fascinating concept. It creates an alternate reality so tangible, one could truly believe in its existence. The Matrix is a film as ambitious as they come. And while it's is not without flaw (and indeed, there are many), The Matrix is so refreshingly original and delightfully entertaining, that many problems can be overlooked. What cannot be overlooked, however, is the final 5 minutes, which is among the worst endings in memory.

Spoiling as little as possible (though it's rare to find someone these days that haven't yet see this film), The Matrix creates the idea that the world we live in, is not real. It is, in fact, something called, The Matrix. The audience explores the true world with the protagonist, Thomas A. Anderson, as he struggles to comprehend the extent of this revolutionary discovery.

The concept is terribly fascinating. It's hard to explain anything at all without spoiling things, but it is ingenious. Many have argued that it's not entirely original, and I agree, there are definitely elements lifted from other Sci-Fi films, but they're arranged in such a way (and given enough subtle changes) to make a satisfying and intriguing concept.

The story is complex, and confusion is almost necessary. The film possesses an almost dream-like quality, in which little makes sense (likely intentionally). Scenes cut to and fro with little transition or fanfare, adding to the dream-like aesthetic of the film.

One would be forgiven for criticizing the film for suggesting far too many questions (and supporting them with far too few answers). And while it is a tad irksome, many of these questions are probably better left to the imagination. Other notable flaws include some expository lines (that do a poor job of concealing themselves), and some weak writing at times.

But the biggest problem with this film (and the only really significant detriment) is the ending; specifically the last 5 minutes. To explain everything that's problematic with the ending would take a far greater deal of time than anyone has to write nor read about. Never mind the fact that this is a spoiler-free review!

To put it as simply and spoiler-free as possible, the ending is inconclusive. Not in the way that inspires sequels (though this film has spawned two add-ons to date), but rather, it doesn't resolve anything. The dilemma created at the beginning of the film is not dealt with, and the film doesn't acknowledge this. Even had it been left as a cliffhanger for a sequel, I might have forgiven it. But instead, it looks at the sky and whistles innocently, completely ignoring the fact that it's fascinating concept has been left alone. In fact, after the concept is established, The Matrix reverts to a high-level heist film - that is still engrossing, and smashingly put together, but it's lacking the brilliance that it initially promises.

On top of that, the ending gives way to a lot of conveniences and cop-outs, and is both very un-cinematic, and highly anti-climatic.

There are a good number of action sequences, and they are exceptionally crafted, though there are certainly too many of them. The Kung-Fu is cool, and even some of the shoot 'em ups are neat, but they become exhausting after a while. And one can only watch nameless henchmen miss the protagonists so much before becoming skeptical. Also, the gratuitous amount of slo-mo just comes across as dated, and the excessive amount of destruction in the last hour just makes the film seem like it's trying too hard; especially when there's a very interesting concept that feels like it's been ignored in favor of said action and destruction. Still, there's an excellent chase sequence at the very end that's among the best in recent memory.

Keanu Reeves is engaging in the lead, and Laurence Fishburne is solid alongside Reeves (though he talks in an odd, robotic way - perhaps intentionally). Hugo Weaving also has an odd speech pattern in the role of the antagonist, though he pulls it off much better. He's as menacing as Sci-Fi villains get. The supporting cast is good, but not great (Matt Doran as Mouse fares the best).

Don Davis' score does what a good score does; and that is improve the film. Many scenes are significantly improved through Davis' music, as it provides tension and texture. Though it occasionally gives way to too much drums and not enough melody, it's an admirable effort that gets the job done.

The Matrix is the kind of film one can talk about for days. It has a lot of depth and substance, and the plot is hugely complex and open for interpretation. And yet, the pros and cons also merit discussion. The Matrix scores a lot of points by simply being entertaining, smart, and original. But the ending is so hugely unsatisfying that the 2 hours preceding the final five minutes is nearly undone as a result of its incompetence. The Matrix is a weird, wild ride. It's just a shame that the payoff (if it can be called that) is so abysmally weak.

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The Matrix review

Posted : 4 years, 3 months ago on 15 April 2014 08:42

The original matrix was so awesome. I remember when it first came out wanting to run up walls, get in fist fights, and I always kept an eye out for the rabbit tattoo.

Overall one of keanu's better movies I think & if you are an action/fighting/gun play fan then the first matrix probably made you happy.

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The Matrix review

Posted : 4 years, 5 months ago on 2 February 2014 08:43

Absolutely mindblowing sci-fi material. Makes me want it to become a reality. Amazing technical visuals with solid pacing.

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The Matrix review

Posted : 5 years, 1 month ago on 8 June 2013 08:20

One of the first DVD David Feingold ever bought. I remember how amazing bullet time was and having watched it back second time after learning about the whole green tint easter egg. I never saw the other two so as not to taint the memory of the first Matrix.

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The Matrix review

Posted : 5 years, 4 months ago on 26 February 2013 06:20

this is a superb movie.. my first hollywood movie that I watched.. keanu reevs as superhero is superb.. I'll very happy if any other series of matrix will come..

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Know Thyself

Posted : 6 years, 1 month ago on 21 May 2012 11:52

Be a rebel. Destroy the System. Found a franchise. (And fail.)

"And what happens after that, I leave up to you."

And, yeah, with that (kinda) out of the way, I can say that....this is actually kinda an average movie. You might say, "What? Like the Chronicles of Riddick?" Well, why don't you sit down, take a seat, and I'll explain the nature of this Large System to you.....

*thunder and lightning happen behind me, quite conveniently*

'Once upon a time, there was a man named Sam Walton, and he came from a place named Arkansas, which is a very bad place, because no presidents have come from there, and besides, like Colorado, there are no posh places to hang out there. Fortunately, my crib here is a very nice place to hang out.'

'But! That is how the Grand War first began. But, you were asking me about the Large System. So, let me tell you about the Singular Dude.' *blows on a whistle*

' "In! times of old beyond the sea, when Waermund ruled the Anglecynn, to him was born a worthy son, who would in time a hero become!" '

'But, the point is, my Canadian friend, you may already be working for Wal-Mart and its white minions. But take heart! Perhaps a snobby Biblical Reference will save the day!'

'Yes, indeed, what IS truth? And what is Large System? Well, Canadian anti-Anglo Lead Dude, you were born into a prison. Yes, like everyone else, you were born in bondage, you are a slave. You are just like the chattel-slave ancestors of your black friend here, only worse. Yes, because you were born into a prison that can taste and see and touch and feel. A prison, called your body. Yes, the body...it is so much less intellectual than the mind.'

*ponders how to weave more theology into the plot/backstory*

'Oh, and remember, don't date any women that wear attractive red dresses; they might be working for the enemy.'

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

And, in a way, it's even worse than "The Chronicles of Riddick", because you know that it takes a white Canadian dude to decide that everybody named Smith, or Gilbert, or whatever, is part of the anti-Christ....Vin Diesel would never waste his time on crap like that.

But, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say that it's about as good. After all, it's kinda cool to watch, since some pretty nifty scary cool shit does happen. Techno-like, but, it works...it works.

It just doesn't quite live all the way up to its conceit, that's all.

{Imagine Vin Diesel saying that. ^^}


And, you know, even when they say something which is kinda true, they just don't get it. Like, the Famous Five Year-Old Buddhist Sage is all like, "It is not the spoon that bends..."

So Mr. Hero says, 'Oh, okay; I'm a spoon.'

He just don't get it...

But he can dodge bullets. Sorta.


And it's a little.... terrorist-y.

And that kinda sucks.

And the people who aren't like us are so suck-y.... that they're actually part of the Matrix.

*makes think-y noise with lips* Wow. Patronizing.


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The Matrix review

Posted : 7 years, 6 months ago on 15 January 2011 11:52

The Matrix...when I first heard about it, I expected just another sci-fi action thriller. Good and filled with insane stunts, but not terribly intelligent.

Boy, was I wrong. Oh, the stunts are there in spades, all right, and yes, they are awesome. And the special effects are absolutely amazing (even if similar ones have been used in other movies as a result- and not explained as well).

But the movie has plot as well. It has characters that I cared about. From Keanu Reeves' excellent portrayal of Neo, the man trying to come to grips with his own identity, to Lawrence Fishburne's mysterious Morpheus, and even the creepy Agents, everyone does a stellar job of making their characters more than just the usual action "hero that kicks butt" and "cannon fodder" roles. I cared about each and every one of the heroes, and hated the villains with a passion. It has a plot, and it has a meaning...and lo and behold, a plot does help the fight scenes! Just try it, if you haven't seen the movie before. Watch one of the fight scenes. Then watch the whole movie. There's a big difference in the feeling and excitement of the scenes- sure, they're great as standalones, but the whole thing put together is an experience unlike just about everything else that's come to the theaters. Think about it next time you're watching one of the more brainless action flicks...think how much better it COULD be.

All I can say is WATCH THIS MOVIE. If you haven't, you're missing out on one of the best films of all time. It isn't just special effects, folks.

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A really overrated movie

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 20 August 2010 09:39

I know... I know... It is such a milestone in motion picture history !!! Let me explain myself... In fact, I saw the damned thing when it came out back then thinking it would be just a fun SF movie. But, as a matter of fact, it started much better than I expected and it seemed really promising. Indeed, the visuals were great, there were some great actions scenes and the theme was really neat : "our world is not real, we live in an illusion". My God ! They are going for the big question "what is the meaning of life ?" at least "What is real and what is not?". I was completely hooked and waiting to see what would happen next. But that was only the first 30 minutes... Then, came this black dude with the famous blue and red pills. And then, I got my answer. We don't live for real, actually, our brains are sucked out by some machines... Come on ! Really? Give me a break ! So, basically, those guys implied that our world was not real, that there might be something else out there but, instead of giving us an amazing and inspiring new world, they went for a vision even more sordid and underwhelming than our actual world. What was then the freaking point?!? I still think it was visually great and indeed a milestone in this area but the story was in fact not great at all. At least, according to my taste. To conclude, it is not bad at all and actually rather entertaining but it is far from being a great movie and it must be one of the most overrated movies ever made.

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A Favorite Movie of Mine

Posted : 8 years, 1 month ago on 13 June 2010 03:45

I completly adore this movie. I dont know why, but the first time I watched it i was completly hooked. I loved the scifi aspect of it. I loved how it introduced the Matrix, showing the fields. It was just a perfect movie for a scifi nerd like me.I would definatly reccomend it to anyone

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