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Spider-Man: Homecoming review

Posted : 8 months, 4 weeks ago on 27 September 2017 03:10

Not the best spiderman movie,
I've seen better then this spiderman, maybe my opinion but I've expected better.

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The best possible filmic depiction of Spider-Man

Posted : 10 months, 1 week ago on 20 August 2017 01:10

2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming represents the second reboot of the titular Marvel character in just a decade, which may seem excessive and even unnecessary a mere three years following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But Sony have done it right this time, collaborating with the good folks over at Marvel Studios to create the best possible cinematic rendering of the popular web-slinging superhero, at last. Although this introductory picture is less than perfect, Homecoming nails both the characters and the world that they inhabit, which is what matters the most going forward into the inevitable sequels. Of course, for more involved film-goers, the title does ostensibly hold dual meaning - the story takes place in the lead-up to the school homecoming dance, but the movie also sees the character finally joining the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe after his introduction in 2016's Captain America: Civil War. And what a homecoming this truly is, with director Jon Watts (Cop Car) paying attention to both colourful action sequences as well as the high school drama. And perhaps best of all, unlike the dire Amazing Spider-Man pictures, it feels like you're watching an actual self-contained story here, rather than an extended trailer for future movies.

Picking up a few months following the events of Civil War, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) spends his afternoons prowling the streets of New York City as Spider-Man, desperately waiting for a phone call from Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) about his next mission. However, the 15-year-old must still tend to his high school studies, hanging around with his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) and harbouring a crush on sweet senior student Liz (Laura Harrier). Peter keeps his crime-fighting activities a secret from Aunt May (Maria Tomei), who believes that he's taking part in a Stark Industries internship program. Peter's patrols are typically unexciting, until he spots and thwarts an ATM robbery being carried out by criminals using powerful weapons. Further investigating the matter, Peter discovers that Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) is using alien tech recovered from the New York Chitauri invasion to manufacture weaponry to sell on the black market, and turn himself into airborne threat The Vulture. Anxious to prove himself, Peter takes it upon himself to foil Toomes' plans, despite outside pressure and his own inexperience.

Thankfully, Spider-Man: Homecoming eschews rehashing the well-worn origin story of Spider-Man yet again, catching up with Peter who has already been bitten by a radioactive spider, and who's already using his Stark-manufactured suit to keep the streets of NYC safe. The approach pays off, particularly since origin stories generally aren't as fun and the formula is now stale. It's certainly what we needed right now, though it might not make full sense to newcomers in a few decades - there is a brief aside in which Peter mentions the radioactive spider, but perhaps something more concrete would have more staying power. With a script credited to six writers, Homecoming is as much about adolescence and high school life as it is about saving the world. This is the first time a Spider-Man movie actually feels authentic in its depiction of high school life. All previous attempts felt too Hollywood, but the characters look their age here, and Peter isn't so much a social outcast but just a regular teen who seems well-liked enough, if not exactly popular due to his intelligence and meekness. Little touches help to solidify the sense of authenticity, such as his fondness for building Star Wars LEGO with Ned.

Homecoming allows Peter to use his intellect as much as his strength - this is a detective story in some respects, and he calls upon Ned to provide some technological support along the way. What's also refreshing is that Homecoming provides a different perspective to the MCU, since it's set outside Avengers HQ and shows high school life within this universe. One especially amusing touch is that, even though Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is now considered a criminal, school teachers are still obligated to play fluffy educational videos featuring Captain America. Homecoming is frequently amusing, adding levity to the proceedings and making it feel closer to a John Hughes teen comedy rather than just another blockbuster. This is slyly solidified in a sequence that pays homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off (complete with people actually watching the scene being referenced). Whereas the Amazing Spider-Man films were sullen and dark, Homecoming is enjoyable and bubbly. It helps that comedy writers were involved in the screenwriting process, including Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley (Horrible Bosses, Vacation). Homecoming should play fine for the uninitiated as it isn't burdened by extensive world-building, though there are subtle references to the MCU that long-time fans will pick up. The script even makes a shrewd reference to the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie, and there appears to be a very cheeky underlying metaphor about Peter begging to be part of the Avengers.

This is Watts' first time overseeing a big-budget blockbuster, and even though he seems like an odd choice considering his previous credits, he handles the responsibility with assuredness and grace. It's certainly refreshing to watch a more grounded and smaller-scale superhero movie, as Peter does for the most part function as the "friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man," stopping mundane crimes as he craves tackling something bigger. The climax set in and around a large cargo plane up in the air is certainly vast in scale, but Watts keeps the film on a tight leash. In fact, all of the action set-pieces are armrest-clenching, thanks to taut direction and enormously convincing visual effects. Watts also proves to be adept at cinematic tension - when a twist of sorts is revealed, the subsequent couple of scenes dealing with said twist are almost too intense to bear. In fact, one particular scene set in a car could be the most nail-biting, gripping moment in the entire MCU canon. Homecoming is backed by an enjoyable selection of vintage songs, including tunes from the Ramones and The Rolling Stones, while Michael Giacchino's original score is superb, opening with a brilliant rendition of the classic Spider-Man theme song to set the scene.

After making such a positive impression in Civil War, Holland continues to delight as the titular hero, emerging as arguably the best cinematic Peter Parker/Spider-Man to date. The young Brit offers a real take on the character, making him feel lived-in and real, and giving him an authentic-sounding Queens accent. Holland is a believable smartarse, but you can also believe him as an intelligent student and a young man in love. Downey, meanwhile, is a valuable presence as Stark, scoring a few laughs and providing some meaty moments of drama. Added to this, he still shares magical chemistry with Holland. Surprisingly, Downey really shows up to play here - this is far more than just a "phoned in" cameo. It's also a treat to see the return of Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, and there's an excellent scene towards the end of the movie that makes Homecoming well worth seeing for fans of the Iron Man trilogy.

Another huge win is Toomes, played to perfection by Keaton. Toomes is not a monster who's simply determined to kill innocents, but rather a blue-collar worker who's screwed over by the system, and who just wants to make a living to protect his family and his workers. Keaton (who was, of course, seen in 2014's Birdman, making him a fun pick for The Vulture) ensures the character remains human, but he's also sinister when he wants to be. Another aspect that really works is Peter's suit A.I., voiced by Jennifer Connolly. (Who's married to Paul Bettany, otherwise known as Jarvis/Vision, which is just a fucking adorable touch.) Zendaya is a downright treat as one of Peter's classmates, delivering some of the biggest laughs in the movie, while you can truly believe that Batalon's Ned is best friends with Peter, and Tomei proves to once again be an endearing Aunt May.

The only thing that's lacking in Homecoming is the emotional resonance we usually see in the MCU (and which made Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 such a standout). The whole Uncle Ben storyline has been thoroughly played out, and while it's wise that the movie avoids rehashing it a third time, there's no emotional reference point to replace the function it has previously served in Spider-Man movies. Nevertheless, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a delightfully fun, eminently rewatchable superhero blockbuster, and it seems that this modern reimagining of the web-slinger is thankfully here to stay this time, leaving the previous reboot dead in the water. This one ranks behind Raimi's Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 (both of which still hold up), but it's superior to Spider-Man 3 and the two (less-than)Amazing movies. In typical Marvel fashion, there are two additional scenes after the movie - one midway through the credits, and another at the end of the credits. Stick around for both.


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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Posted : 10 months, 1 week ago on 19 August 2017 11:27

I know it might sound crazy, but this second reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise may emerge as the best single Spider-Man movie yet. A large part of the reason this one is so successful is how scaled down it is. There’s no third-act falling debris or blue light causing mass destruction found here, instead these characters live on the fringe of the major heroics and occupy a single neighborhood. Spider-Man: Homecoming is something of a double-meaning title, not only does it take place during that high school ritual, but Marvel’s finally got its hands (sorta) back on the property after selling it off to Sony during its financially troubled 90’s.


His first appearance in Captain America: Civil War was a welcome home, and a general sense that we were finally getting a completely successful version of the character on the big screen. Tom Holland’s overly-eager and squeaky voiced teenaged Peter Parker was a recognizable nerd that wanted to play with the big leagues and do the right thing, even if he didn’t always know what that meant. Holland’s utter perfection in the role, sliding as comfortably into the tights as successfully as Christopher Reeve slipped into Superman or Tom Hiddleston into Loki.


This scaled back ambition is refreshing as it means that Homecoming is primarily a high-school movie about a superhero and less about a “the world’s going to end unless I stop the thing” event. It feels like a self-sustaining franchise that flirts with the wider world of the MCU, but isn’t just another cog into that behemoth’s massive machine. If you ever wondered what a John Hughes superhero movie would look like, then look no further as this frequently plays like The Breakfast Club-gets-superpowers.


Of course the laid-back groove of the film will not sustain the entire duration, and it must eventually succumb to the rigid delineations of its genre’s demands. Michael Keaton makes the Vulture into a memorable arms-dealer that’s flooding the neighborhood with alien gadgets and pilfered technology left behind by the bigger battles with the marquee heroes, but his battles with Spider-Man are still strangely bloodless. The best confrontation between hero and villain is a civilian garb one that takes place in a car as it allows the two talented actors to engage in a back-and-forth that’s tense and clearly establishing stakes both emotional and physical. There's also quick appearances from two different Shockers and the Tinkerer in Keaton's gang and cameos from the future Scorpion and Prowler, because there's no escaping world-building in these things.


Even worse is how stacked the cast is with supremely talented comedic actors who are left with little to do. It’s a treat to see Martin Starr play the other side after gaining fame from Freaks and Geeks, but he’s a bit wasted as a teacher that mainly has to fret about his students. He gets a great gag with Zendaya, so there’s at least that. While Donald Glover and Hannibal Buress get a few great gags and one-liners in before being escorted away. They bring a tremendous energy to the film that it never properly harnesses into something better. Marisa Tomei fares much better as Aunt May, but she is also sidelined far too much. The woman won an Oscar for a comedic role; give her more to do damnit! She does get a great final scene though, one that gave me the biggest laugh in the entire film.  


Homecoming should still be celebrated for managing to eschew the bog of franchise building that still sinks, or at least undermines, other films in the MCU. It points towards a brave new world for superhero cinema, one where it can manage to be something else instead of just a paint-by-numbers template origin story or grim-dark brood-fest clash between overly powered people causing massive amounts of collateral damage. Call me crazy, but I wanted more of the first half’s high-energy soundtrack and teenage handouts, and less of the overly long feeling second half where the rectors of the genre demanded their blood sacrifice. Still, with Holland leading the charge, I’m really excited to see where this version of the Spider-Man franchise is going to go.

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A Good restart

Posted : 11 months ago on 26 July 2017 12:58

hi im Walterwhite and this is my second review Spider-Man homecoming
I will criticize things my way so do not expect a higher review
first this is my first movie of marvel really but for first movie of marvel i see is not bad is good movie ok let,s begin

The story The facts are 2 months after civil war Spider-Man Normally follows his life with his best friend during the movie Spider-Man will face a new threat
is short but I did not want to make too much copy paste

the new characters the new Spider-Man Tom holland are good Good role as the protagonist the new villian is good too but the another villians are not bad but not good like the new villian and the guys of the institute are not good only are poor but ned leeds are decent and sometimes i find it nice

the humor are decent but here I laughed sometimes and good humor scenes like the final scene of the movie and the credits or ned Telling the library that he watched porn

and the Voice casting i see the movie in english
are right again for me the best is tom holland but here in the casting I do not have much to say

To finish is Spider-Man homecoming is a good reset and Improved unlike the amazing Spider-Man I recommend it

Final ranking 7,9/10 good movie
this is all im walterwhite and bye

and if i have time i review war of the planets of apes , Captain underpants And Dunkirk but the last I have not seen

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A Truly Amazing Spider-Man

Posted : 11 months, 1 week ago on 15 July 2017 03:13

[English Version]

Notes: Before I begin, I must clarify that this review would have some spoilers in order to make a point. So, if you haven't seen the film yet and you are afraid of spoilers, please do not continue reading.

So, I Recently watched the new Spider-Man film......again, and like the last reboot it's basically a Spider-Man for young teenagers. Only difference it’s TRULY amazing.

To start with, one of the first things that it did right was Peter Parker/Spider-Man, unlike the Andrew Garfield version who was an asshole and a clown that doesnt learn about his mistakes thoguth the movie, this version feels a little bit more human, by focus on showing a more naive vision of Peter and how has to balance his superhero life with his normal life, stuff like being a good student at school, keeping friends, trying to conquer the girl that he loves, but also trying to gain more recognition as a superhero . Making this not only a Superhero movie, but also a Coming of age story (not spectacularly like the Sam Raimi's Triology was, but still it was satisfactory). On side of the secondary cast, there is not much to complain, most of them are hilarious and serve a propose to the story, except the love interest which is bland as hell (making the romantic relationship mediocre, since there not share a lot of time screen and by the end on the movie is resolved in a forced way) and Aunt May (which does not do much in history), but aside from that, there are mostly a well made cast.

Another positive is the main villian Vulture/Adrian Toomes,who is actually a pretty good villian. One of the problems of the MCU movies are the villains, they are mostly very simplistic and have they objetive are mostly "Take over the world" o "Kill the hero, because he fuck up my life", but not this time. Vulture has reasonably and human motives to do what it does, being just a normal worker/father who lost this job due to Damage Control, and becames a terrorist in order to keep his family and this fellow co-workers from poverty, kinda like Zemo in the Captain America Civil War movie which was also a very human caracther.

Also, I liked who this time is not another "Origin Story". Yes, there are the mention of stuff like the spider, "with great power comes great responsability" and all that, but it not the main focus of the film, this makes the movie feel a little bit more refresing instead of a rehash of the same stuff we seen other times before. Although the main story is a little bit simplistic (been only about Peter discovering and triyng to stop the Vulture) is move in a very organic way and its well paced (not to fast to feel the plot is moving only by conviniencies, and not to slow to feel the thing bore and dull).

For the techincal aspects, it was also pretty well done: Good special effects, Great acting for most of the caracthers, good action scenes, and a kickass soundtrack that gives the feel teenage movies from 80s/90s.

On negative side of things, some of the jokes can feel "Inmerssion Breaking" for the way the contrast with some dramatic/serious moments, some of the secondary characters don't stand out a lot like I mention before, and the directing is just competent since it doesnt stand out except for the fight scenes.

So as a whole, is not as great as the Raimi movies and its far for been the best MCU movie until now, but still shines on its own as a good re-intepretation of the arachanid.

The Amazing Spider-man is the boring dull version of Spider-Man, whereas Homecoming is the funnier more modern version, and I loved it.

Final Score: 7/10

[Spanish Version]

Notas: Antes de comenzar, debo aclarar que esta reseña tendría algunos spoilers con el fin de hacer un punto. Por lo tanto, si aún no has visto la película y tienes miedo de spoilers, por favor no sigas leyendo.

Así que recientemente vi la nueva película de Spider-Man........ de nuevo, y como el último reinicio es básicamente un Spider-Man para jóvenes adolescentes. La única diferencia es VERDADERAMENTE asombro esta vez.

Para empezar, una de las primeras cosas que hizo bien fue Peter Parker/Spider-Man, a diferencia de la versión de Andrew Garfield que era un idiota y un payaso que no aprende de sus errores en la película, esta versión se siente un poco más humano, centrándose en mostrar una visión más ingenua de Peter y cómo tiene que equilibrar su vida de superhéroe con su vida normal, cosas como ser un buen estudiante en la escuela, mantener a sus amigos, tratando de conquistar a la chica que ama, pero también tratando de ganar más reconocimiento como un superhéroe. Haciendo esto no sólo una película de Superhéroe, sino también una historia de crecimiento (no lo hace espectacularmente como la Triología de Sam Raimi lo hizo, pero aún así fue satisfactoria). En el lado del elenco secundario, no hay mucho que quejarse, la mayoría son hilarantes y sirven una propuesta a la historia, excepto el interés amoroso que es blando como el carajo (haciendo que la relación romántica mediocre, ya que no comparte un montón de tiempo en pantalla al no ser el foco principal y al final en la película se resuelve de una manera forzada) y tía May (que no hace mucho en la historia), pero aparte de eso, hay en su mayoría un reparto bien hecho.

Otro aspecto positivo es el villano principal Buitre/Adrian Toomes, que en realidad es un villano muy bueno. Uno de los problemas de las películas del UCM son los villanos, son en su mayoría muy simplistas y tienen como objetivo son en su mayoría "Conquistar el mundo" o "Matar al héroe, porque él arruino mi vida", pero no esta vez. El buitre tiene motivos razonables y humanos para hacer lo que hace, siendo sólo un trabajador/padre normal que perdió este trabajo debido al grupo de "Control de Daños" de Tony Stark, y se convierte en un terrorista para mantener a su familia y este compañero de trabajo de la pobreza. Algo parecido a Zemo en la película de Captain America: Civil War quien también era un villano bastante humano.

Además, me gustó que esta vez no es otra "Historia de Origen". Sí, hay la mención de cosas como la araña, "con gran poder viene una gran responsabilidad" y todo eso, pero no es el foco principal de la película, esto hace que la película se sienta un poco más refrescante en lugar de un refrito desinspirado de la lo mismo que vimos otras veces antes. Aunque la historia principal es un poco simplista (sólo fue acerca de Peter descubriendo y tratando de detener al Buitre) se mueve de una manera muy orgánica y su ritmo esta bien hecho (no muy rápido para sentir la trama se mueve sólo por conveniencias, y no demasiado lento para sentir la cosa aburrida y plana).

Para los aspectos técnicos, también fue bastante bien hecho: buenos efectos especiales, gran actuación para la mayoría de los personajes, buenas escenas de acción, y una banda sonora jodedora que da la sensación de las buenas películas adolescentes de 80s/90s.

En el lado negativo de las cosas, algunas de las bromas pueden sentir "Chocantes" por la forma en que el contraste con algunos momentos dramáticos, algunos de los personajes secundarios no destacan mucho como he mencionado antes, y la dirección es sólo competente ya que no destaca excepto por las escenas de acción.

Por lo tanto, no es tan grande como las películas de Raimi y esta lejos de ser la mejor peli del UCM, pero sigue brillando por sí mismo como una buena re-interpretación del aracanido.

El Asombro Hombre Araña es la versión aburrida y noña de Spider-Man, mientras que Homecoming es la versión más divertida y moderna, y me encantó.

Nota final: 7/10

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"Spider-Man: Homecoming" (2017)

Posted : 11 months, 2 weeks ago on 8 July 2017 07:13


After the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in New York City while fighting crime as his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.

Like many others, I was glad when I heard Marvel Studios would be doing a Spider-Man movie; I hoped they'd show Sony how it was done. And for the most part, they did. :) This is, hands down, the best depiction of Spider-Man we've ever seen in a movie: Tom Holland perfectly captures both the humble high school geek and the wisecracking hero.

The narrative is streamlined and focused, too. The overall theme is of a lowly hero trying to prove he's good enough for the big leagues. I also noticed that Spider-Man was at his most competent when he was trying to help people; while fighting criminals, he consistently got his ass kicked. And, while I appreciate that focus on valuing life, it did get kind of frustrating seeing the hero constantly fail. I'm all for imperfect heroes, but this movie went way too far.

However, my biggest complaint with this movie is, during the action scenes, there were some moments that were filmed so hectically that I couldn't see what was happening. I'm really getting sick of that!

Overall, it's not perfect, but still a solid, terrifically fun adventure that kept my interest thanks to a hugely likable cast of characters, led by hero who unquestionably felt like Spider-Man.

My rating: 85%

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Spider-Man: Homecoming review

Posted : 11 months, 2 weeks ago on 8 July 2017 04:18

Un buen reinicio para el arácnido trepa muros, es lo que puedo decir de la nueva pelicula de Marvel, y tambien es un entretenimiento total con familiares y amigos a la vez.

Tom Holland es, a mi punto de vista, el Spider-man más cercano al original de los comics, con la personalidad que caracteriza al personaje de Peter Parker, punto (y Tobey Maguire era muy llorón, superenlo nostálgicos, aunque su segunda pelicula con el Dr. Octupus seguira siendo superior que esta nueva).

Y lo que me encanto tambien de esta nueva entrega es como se desenvuelve la nueva historia del arácnido con el universo que todos conocemos de los Vengadores de Marvel, y tambien su villano, pues claro, es el mismo actor que hizo el primer Batman en el cine, y se puede notar que esta fase 3 de Marvel estan siendo buenos villanos y más memorables que Loki.

Lo malo aqui es, como esperaba, el nuevo elenco que acompaña a Peter Parker, ya que no resultan tan memorables como lo eran las anteriores entregas, excepto del nuevo amigo de Parker, me cayo bastante bien ese gordito (yeso que yo no lo conocia de alguna parte en los comics ni en las series de tv), y a la nueva sensual Tia May. Pero lo que si no lograra superar esta nueva versión contra las de Tobey Maguire, es que carecen de ese toque dramático en las escenas de acción, y aqui si las hay y son buenisimas tambien (sobretodo la escena del barco y la del avión), pero falta eso que hace que una escena de acción sirva de ejemplo para poder verla sin parar durante las mañanas cuando uno esta desayunando con la televisión.

Pero creo que lo mejor fueron los giros argumentales que hubieron aquí, ya que da para sacar debates y teorías. Y si quieren ver la escena post-creditos más troll que la de Deadpool, quedense al final de los creditos para sentir la frustración satisfactoria (suena raro, lo se, pero es lo único que puedo describir de como me sentí en ese momento).

Esperare con ansias las próximas participaciones de este Spider-Man en la futuras peliculas de Marvel y en su secuela ya anunciada.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming review

Posted : 11 months, 2 weeks ago on 8 July 2017 07:09

ฺI don't know why but Spider Man Homecoming is very boring ,cliche like I've seen this many times before, like a cheap high school movie,it could be good if it can make me laugh and have fun but it is not funny at all,truly annoying ,awkward watching,I really wish it to end (2 h 13 m ....oh!! it's too long for boredom) maybe the worst of Spider Man Franchise.
I read many good reviews so it's really disappointing to me.

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A very good movie

Posted : 11 months, 2 weeks ago on 7 July 2017 09:57

Wow! Marvel has done it again... Indeed, each time I think I'm pretty much done with their MCU and how they have saturated the movie calendar with their generic super-hero flicks, they come up with  something fresh, interesting and simply pretty damned entertaining. I mean, even though Sony must be happy with the deal they have made, it still must be painful for them that none of the previous installment they made without the help of Marvel was so good and it is even more embarrassing that these guys managed to deliver the best Spider-Man movie directly with their very first attempt. Basically, even though like anyone else, I always thought that Spider-Man was one of the best characters in this genre, the previous movies always messed up some crucial elements. In this movie, it was however pretty much flawless. Indeed, at last,  they cast an actor who wasn't reaching his 30's and the tone was just pitch-perfect. As you must know by now, this time around, they went for some high-school vibe which worked so well with this character. On top of that, even the way they added this movie into the more and more complex MCU worked very well and it didn't feel forced like in many of the recent installments. Another thing that was very well done was how they managed to keep a small scale which was so refreshing following the overblown mess that they gave us in their previous movies. The only minor issue I had was that, even though Michael Keaton was solid as usual, the Vulture was not really an impressive villain, especially compared to the awesome enemies they gave us in most of the previous installments. Anyway, to conclude,  against my expectations, it is in fact the best movie I have seen so far released in 2017 and it is completely worth a look.

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