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Suicide Squad review

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 13 March 2017 02:24

I was really looking forward to this since BVS wasn't the best superhero movie ever (even though a lot of people wanted it to be). I saw mixed things about SS and I saw it the Saturday after opening day.

And it's gonna hurt me to say this: SUICIDE SQUAD IS A MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!! borderline insulting to the audiences intelligence. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT WATCH THIS GARBAGE. the extended cut changes nothing. BVS's extended changed a lot of things, what does this cut change? NOTHING! IT CHANGES NOTHING!

let's start with the story: there isn't one. not that I know of.

now a lot of people are saying the same thing: even though the movie ain't that good, the soundtrack is really good. no, it isn't because they're just there. they don't mean anything to the characters or the story, it's embarrassing. one of my favorite movies is treasure planet, I know a lot of people bad mouth it but I don't know, I always liked that movie. there's a scene in treasure planet where the song I'm still here plays and it meant something to the main character, this movie doesn't have anything like that.

it's such a hard film to talk about because there's nothing good about it. actually there's one good thing: the idea. everything else sucks. the pacing is awful, the writing is mind-numbing, the acting is atrocious, the use of the soundtrack is insulting, the score is forgettable, the action is boring, the humor isn't funny, and on top of that, the film doesn't even know what it wants to be.

the more I think about it the more angry I get. so I'm gonna stop here and believe me, I can go on forever.

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Suicide Squad review

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 7 August 2016 06:01

So there was a lot of speculation about how this would end up being considering the track record of the DC cinematic universe as well as the look of The Joker. I for one wasn't expecting much. Then I saw the trailer and I was still on the fence about it. Sure the actors are pretty good, but it looked odd. Now that it's out the critics haven't been too nice and the casual viewers haven't been too impressed. I still wanted to see it for myself. So me and my brother went to go see it. In my humble opinion I declare that the negativity is wrong. It's so much better than I had expected it to be. Sure it has a few issues like how they dealt with a few characters as well as a few other small gripes. David Ayer still continues to prove he has the skills to entertain us. I have never seen a movie from him that I didn't like. There were a few badass and unexpected little things that I won't even say here. I actually enjoyed pretty much all of the characters. There were so many complaints about Harley Quinn, but you could actually hear the accent. It may not be perfect, but I do respect their effort. I was okay with this Joker. He wasn't as ridiculous as he looked. Captain Boomerang was a great comic relief. If this doesn't boost people's respect for Jai Courtney then I don't know what will. Will Smith played a badass Deadshot. He was actually the star of the show instead of Harley and Joker. One scene of his in particular was truly amazing. Also it's cool his daughter is from that Netflix show Between. Just glad it was someone he isn't related to haha. Cara Delevingne was interesting here. I'm not quite sure what the deal was with her moving around like that. I found her to be a fairly intriguing character though. Her and Rick Flag seemed a bit silly though. I found it funny whenever they made him the damsel in distress! He added an unusual dynamic to the story that actually seemed to work. It was kind of silly to have Batman here though to basically do nothing but be seen. Killer Croc was visually intriguing. He had a few lines of dialogue, but when he spoke it was usually amusing or pretty cool. I always enjoy Jay Hernandez. I have to admit when I first saw Diablo in the trailer I swore it was Rick Genest. Then I realized it wasn't. The tattoos are pretty fantastic and look realistic. He has one of the coolest moments which is ironic huh? Really though he was actually pretty cool. Katana was a fairly interesting character. I kind of wish she was more than was given. Hell I was pretty damn disappointed when she didn't use her sword to get Enchantress! I was surprised by the addition of Adam Beach. He is a pretty good actor and he plays an interesting character. Well he would have been interesting had he not died so quick. Then again his power was way more useless than anyone on the team. Viola Davis' Amanda Waller was absolutely incredible and fierce. She is cast perfectly and has some great moments throughout. There were a few interesting bit parts including Ike Barinholtz as a douchy prison guard who needs to learn his place. Common who ends up having an interesting role here. David Harbour who I wish had more to do here. Scott Eastwood doesn't do much here playing pretty much another soldier working for/with Flag. Anyways besides a few issues I had with the way some characters were handled I ended up enjoying just about all of them. Oh lastly the after credits scene is an epic moment! It's definitely how that should happen.The action is excellent. I thought the pacing was well done. The script could have used some tweaks, but that is only a minor concern. Anyways I highly recommend that you check this one out. It's so much better than I had expected going in. It's a whole heck of a lot of fun!

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Suicide Squad

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 7 August 2016 03:54

Out of the three entries we have in DC’s cinematic universe, Suicide Squad is the one I enjoy the most. But that praise doesn’t amount to much when you consider how sloppy and frayed the three films are. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman are drunk upon painterly compositions that don’t amount to much or service the narrative in any meaningful way. And those narratives are frustrating affairs in which smart themes and story choices are presented in the dumbest possible manner or the absence of humor or joy or wonder in a superhero narrative.


Suicide Squad is something of a minor corrective to those films, but it’s not enough to praise WB and DC for. The hands of studio interference are visible in the way the film feels distinctively like two separate visions awkwardly blended. It has stretches that are highly entertaining, but it mistakenly sticks several characters that belong in a shaggier, smaller scope into an end-of-the-world scenario, sloppy edits, and a noticeable lack of character development. Having read the Suicide Squad comics, I knew who everyone was and what the dynamics with each other were (or where they were heading), but I can’t imagine too many first-comers easily grasping the world we’re occupying.


At least the ensemble is, barring two players, uniformly strong. Viola Davis, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jai Courtney are the obvious standouts as Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Boomerang. No shock to anyone who has read the comics, as those are the standout and major characters, and it’s a shame that El Diablo (Jay Hernandez, doing well with what little he’s given), Katana (Karen Fukuhara, in a wasted role), and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, buried under impressive movie makeup) get lost in the shuffle.


Too many characters to introduce and not enough time to flesh many of them out leads to several players in Suicide Squad to essentially just stand around waiting for the plot to suddenly need them to complete a task. This doesn’t feel like an organic outgrowth of the story, but the story folding in on itself to provide a reason for including the characters.


Yet the plot never finds a successful means of incorporating the Joker, and his presence is a mere afterthought in the grand scheme of things. He’s a major player, and an absolute necessity in explaining the origins of Harley Quinn, sequences that are obvious highlights like the homage to the famous Alex Ross painting of them embracing or the two kissing in a vat of chemicals in Ace Chemicals. The movie halts whenever he reemerges aside from these scenes, and Jared Leto’s neurotic, tic-laden performance does no one any favors. Leto’s always been a self-consciously flashy actor, never going beyond the mere surface twitches to get to the heart of a character, and his nervy flourishes here at big distractions.


At least Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress finds the model-actress embracing some kind of kitsch. Granted, Enchantress has been a member of the Squad in the past comics, but her presence would feel more at home in the proposed-but-canceled Justice League Dark film. Delevingne clearly cast less for her still-developing acting talents and more for her history as a model as her character wears a series of outlandish outfits. She’s enjoying herself though, contorting her body like a Ray Harryhausen monster and wearing headdresses with the élan of Maria Montez in Cobra Woman.


There lies a major problem with Suicide Squad, with Enchantress going rogue as a villain with her sights set on remaking the world in her twisted image and insurmountable powers, the stakes feel too outlandish and strangely dull for what is essentially a covert ops team. They need smaller, character-focused stories to shine. More scenes like them hanging out in a bar are needed, and far less of them firing guns at never-ending goopy zombie armies.


Even worse is a soundtrack that feels so on the nose, you’ll wonder if the producers got an iTunes discount for buying them in bulk or something. Amanda Waller is introduced to the sounds of “Sympathy for the Devil,” telegraphing everything you’d need to know about the character in the laziest manner possible. At times these soundtrack choices feel insulting to the audience’s intelligence, as if someone in post-production didn’t trust the audience enough to grasp the story and character motivations. Or the brusque reception to Batman v Superman caused them to pivot too much of the film into something it clearly wasn’t intended to be.


Perhaps I’m just an optimist, but I’m not ready to call it a wash with DC films yet. I hold out hope that Wonder Woman will turn out successfully, and Justice League’s Comic-Con footage proved promising. But they seriously need a stronger vision tying it all together, and to drop Snyder already. There’s a much better movie lurking inside of the sloppy, messy, severely compromised version of Suicide Squad we’ve seen. Hopefully David Ayer’s original cut gets a home video release so we could see what might have been.

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A good movie

Posted : 1 year, 9 months ago on 5 August 2016 10:24

Since this movie received some poor reviews  (which I didn't read), I thought it might out turn to be another underwhelming super-hero flick but I still wanted to check it out. Eventually, it turned out to be pretty cool and it seems that there is still some hope for the DCCU, in spite of what many seem to think. Indeed, basically, it was some kind of rather messed-up version of the Avengers running on acids. I mean, I have to admit it, it wasn't a home-run like 'Deadpool' was but most of it worked pretty well. Indeed, they managed to give all these characters enough time and space to be fairly well developed and they were all pretty awesome. In fact, even though everybody was predicting that Margot Robbie would completely steal the show, I thought she was all right but I don't think she really stood out so much from the group but that wasn't an issue. Eventually, the only issue was that the story was not really strong. Indeed, it was all rather generic and predictable. By now, all these super-hero flicks have pretty much the same plot and in fact this concept of having an ancient being planning to destroy humankind had even been already done the very same year in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'. Also, the whole sequence about saving Viola Davis barely worked and should have been removed somehow. At least, they got the tone right and those bad guys remain pretty bad until the very end which was a relief. To conclude, I thought it was a decent watch and it is definitely worth a look, especially if you like the genre.

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