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An average movie

Posted : 5 months ago on 18 January 2018 10:32

Even though this movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, since it was very well received when it was released, I was quite eager to check it out. Well, even though it was indeed better than 'The Visit' and all the garbage Shyamalan had delivered through the years, to be honest, I still thought it was actually rather disappointing. I mean, it was not bad and there were definitely some good ideas but it was still rather weak in my opinion. First of all, the biggest mistake they made was to add a supernatural angle. With 'Unbreakable', still easily Shyamalan's best movie so far, even though it was dealing with some super-heroes, the approach was actually rather realistic which made the whole thing so interesting to behold. With this movie, it was the other way around, it started fairly realistically but became more and more preposterous by the minute. Then, even though they kept talking about Kevin having 23 or even 24 personalities, you get to see mostly only 3 of them which was also rather disappointing. Finally, the last thing that bothered me was the fact that the 3 young girls were actually rather sexualized. Indeed, one of them spent most of the movie wearing only her bra, the other one wearing only her underwear and the last one a very revealing tight white top. I hope it wasn't intentional but it felt rather awkward. Still, as I mentioned before, there were some good ideas, the concept was really neat and I loved the idea of a movie focusing on a character with so many different personalities. And, of course, you have to praise James McAvoy who was quite amazing and he delivered here easily one of his best performances. Obviously, as usual with this director, there was a twist but it was so poorly concealed, I already knew it months before watching this movie but, at least, it was a decent twist. Anyway, to conclude, to be honest, I don't really understand why everybody seemed to be so enthusiastic about this movie, maybe it's because we have been used to get so much crap from this director, but even though at least half of it didn't work for me, I have to admit that it is actually still worth a look.

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Split (2016) review

Posted : 8 months, 3 weeks ago on 2 October 2017 12:21

Very well made movie with good actors. Plot was designed in a interesting way leaving thoughts about the ending in dark.

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SPOOKY Critique: Split

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 8 April 2017 07:43

Que la premisa consista de que el antagonista tiene 23 personalidades no solo es una pésima idea si no que también es prácticamente mentira. En primer lugar sería ridículo tener a un personaje así porque ni siquiera sería un personaje, el tener tantas personalidades neutralizaría toda posibilidad de consistencia. Dentro de la película ni siquiera se explica que une a todas las personalidades a formar parte de una misma persona, y no la culpo probablemente no se podría. En segundo lugar aclaré "prácticamente mentira" al principio porque eso de las 23 personalidades es solo un concepto, nunca se demuestra realmente, las personalidades que participan en la película son como 5 nada más, quizás menos, no las conté de todos modos. Y está bien, tener a 5 personalidades interesantes y bien escritas es abismalmente mejor a tener 23 mediocres, pero no, son altamente unidimensionales y nunca se muestra una química interesante entre ellas, el conflicto de que una intenta acusar a las otras con la psicóloga es muy poco explorado, no se libra una batalla real, simplemente un par de emails y actuaciones, soso. Y hablando de actuaciones, no me vengan con que la actuación de James McAvoy es impresionante, interpretar a 5 personajes unidimensionales lo puede hacer cualquiera. Y bueno, ya ni hablemos de lo estúpido que es el concepto de que la mente puede hacerte trepar por las paredes e inmune a cuchillos y disparos de escopeta. Un concepto infantil ejecutado de forma mediocre.
Y es que realmente ese aspecto es el único interesante de la película, fuera de eso tenemos inconsistencias, conveniencias, mala exposición y personajes retrasados y de mierda. La protagonista es algo interesante debo de admitir pero si que es una retrasada, desaprovechando oportunidades tremendas para escapar e incapaz de poder manipular de forma eficaz a una mente de 5 años.
En fin cagada de película.

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Split (2016) review

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 6 April 2017 01:49

Well M. Night Shyamalan is one of those cases where you want to like his new stuff, but you are also very skeptical of them. Ever since The Village he goes up and down. There are ones that some like and others hate. There are also some most hate and some even like. Really though it's hard to tell with him on which part of the spectrum his new stuff will be. With the cast here though it's hard to say know, but I did wait until now to finally check it out. After I heard quite a few positive things and some thoughts from people I know I decided to go ahead and see if he finally brought back his spark.

That was absolutely excellent. M. Night Shyamalan has finally come back to us. Anya Taylor-Joy who is a rising star because of The Witch as well as yes Morgan was a great decision here. She really holds her own. James McAvoy is remarkable and really shows a huge amount of talent. To play so many personalities so well has to take practice and dedication. The friends were interesting although they weren't a huge focus. The backstory added a bit that made the story even more thrilling. It's not as scary or intense as I was expecting, but it was more a psychological thing. What the characters dealt with in life and how it has shaped who they are. The ending though was really what gets you excited. When Bruce Willis shows up at the end and you see that this was the start of a new super-villain you just have to applaud Shyamalan for a job well done.

Hopefully M. Night Shyamalan continues on this comeback and makes it a streak of great new films. This was a huge surprise with a great new story. The cast was excellent and the characters kept you interested. The story wasn't quite as I thought it to be, but it was still pretty captivating. The subtlety of some of the themes is a bit unsettling at times. Anyways fans of early Shyamalan rejoice for he has returned from his slumber. It's definitely worth a watch. As for newbies I think this one may go over your head.

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"Split" (2017)

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 28 March 2017 07:49


Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed twenty-three distinct personalities, and they must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new twenty-fourth.

I must echo everyone else's sentiments: finally, M. Night Shyamalan has pulled through and made another good movie! :D

I didn't like The Visit, but I did appreciate the fact that Shyamalan had finally figured out how to get his actors to talk like real people rather than soft-spoken, emotionless drones. That turned out to be a good indicator for what was to come. :) His actors seem more alive and energised than ever here.

James McAvoy excels in particular. Not only does he have to play several distinct personalities, but in some long, unbroken takes, he actually has to transition from one to another – and he does so seamlessly.

I know split personality is a real condition, so you could make the argument that this movie doesn't represent it properly, but I think the twist at the end makes up for all that.

So on the whole, not bad at all for the first 2017 movie I saw! :) I think it's, hands down, Shyamalan's best movie since The Sixth Sense.

My rating: 80%

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