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Not as good as previous two but still great!

Posted : 4 years, 7 months ago on 29 January 2010 07:09

The Godfather: Part III doesn't quite match up to the previous two Godfather films but it is still a very good film to watch. It's minorly disappointing but I still really enjoyed it. The Godfather: Part III is the conclusion to one of the most famous trilogies of all time. It is filmed in almost the same way as the previous two films but the stories or performances quite sum up to it. It tells the story of Michael and him in his older days when he begins to go downfall and he begins to regret all of his crimes in the past such as the murder of his brother Fredo at the end of The Godfather: Part II and the divorce with Kay. There aren't many threequals that are classics but I have to say that this is a really good one but not the best one though. The best is The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. The third installment of the trilogy comes after 18 years of The Godfather: Part II and I had a prediction that I the third film wouldn't be favourites of mine like the first two films are.

Al Pacino proves once again that he is the perfect actor for Michael Corleone. Michael doesn't seem to be a very powerful leader in this one as much as second one because he is aging as is the family drug business. Michael is just a beaten down old man in this one and rightly so because Michael gets everything he deserves in this film for what he did in the past. Diane Keaton was really good as Kay Corleone. Seeing Pacino and Keaton reprise their roles after 16 years was awesome obviously but quite weird because they look almost 20 years older in this one but playing the same characters. Andy Garcia's performance as Vincent Mancini was absolutely awesome which made this film even better than it already is. Sofia Coppola didn't impress at all. Her performance as Mary Corleone (daughter of Michael Corleone) was absolutely appauling which did become a minor disgrace to The Godfather trilogy.

Francis Ford Coppola is a fine filmmaker indeed. He didn't flaw at all in this one despite how disappointing some people find it. I think Coppola felt a bit under pressure with this one because I think he needed to make it just as good as the previous two films. The time of when it was made didn't really help very much because Coppola was working on other projects and I think that some people might have thought he'd lost his taste for making another acceptional Godfather film. No, this isn't a masterpiece compared to the first and second film but it is a brilliant conclusion to such a masterful trilogy.

The Godfather: Part III is the worst of the trilogy but is still a really good film that I really enjoyed. It doesn't quite live up to the previous two films but it isn't that far off. This would have seriously been bad if Coppola wasn't the director. The Godfather Parts I and II and Apocalypse Now are Coppola's best works but this third Godfather film is another fine achievement to his legendary career. The Godfather is one of the two trilogies to have all three films nominated for Best Picture and rightly so. The Godfather: Part III is a fantastic conclusion to one of the best trilogies of all time.

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Ain't So Bad

Posted : 5 years, 4 months ago on 17 April 2009 12:22

I was lucky in that I didn't see any of the Godfather movies til much later in life than most people. I didn't get the chance to watch 'em until sometime during my early college years. And the first one I saw was the third installment. So I got to see it without the comparison of it's 2 predecessors.
And, IMO, on it's own, it's a very good mobster movie. Obviously, it can't compare to the first two, but in the genre of mob-flicks, it kicks it's own particuler brand of mafia ass.
Plus, with it's redemption-themed, politically-charged corporation/Vatican storyline,
it's a pretty goddamn smart movie, too.
Now while I know that I will always be in the minutest of the minority in regards to this film, I don't care, I still like it, b#tchez. And I still find watching the whole series as a trilogy to be quite a fulfilling movie-viewing experience.
Now, if only Sofia Coppola would've gotten shot at the beginning of the film instead of the end, maybe this film would get a little bit more respect.

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