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An average movie

Posted : 9 months, 1 week ago on 14 February 2014 09:52

Except for ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ which must be the best romantic-comedy ever conceived, I never really understood the fuss about Billy Crystal. I mean, I have nothing against the guy but except for presenting the Oscars more than anynone else, what has he actually accomplished in the last 2 decades? Anyway, since this movie was one of his more popular features, I thought I should give it a try. Well, it was not bad and rather entertaining but not much more than that,I’m afraid. Basically, it is one of those comedies with a fish-out-of-water situation and even though the characters were funny enough, it followed too much the formula and therefore it was terribly predictable. The other flabbergasting aspect about this flick is also the fact that Jack Palance won an Oscar for his performance. Right there, you have the perfect example about how the Academy awards can be ridiculous. I mean, Jack Palance was not bad at all, he was indeed quite fun but was his performance really oscar worthy? Hell no… At least, he gave one of the most memorable acceptance speeches at the Oscar ceremony. To conclude, even though it is nothing really amazing, it remains a decent comedy and it is worth a look, especially if you like the genre.

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City Slickers review

Posted : 2 years, 10 months ago on 7 January 2012 06:55

Billy Crystal (When Mary Met Sally, Forget Paris) is "Mitch Robbins" a happily married guy whose mom calls him early in the morning every birthday. Mitch's mom wakes up Mitch and his wife "Barbara Robbins" Patricia Wettig (thirtysomething, L.A. Doctors) at the same time every year, on his birthday and says exactly the same thing. He loves his wife and kids but the monotony of life and his job are both getting to him. His wife tells him to go on this trip with his friends and find his smile. "Phil Berquist" Daniel Stern (City Slickers II, Home Alone), and Bruno Kirby (When Harry Met Sally) "Ed Furillo" are Mitch's best friends. They go on this trip with Mitch to drive a herd of cattle across a part of the western U.S. There they meet this strange cowboy, "Curly "Jack Palace (Shane) and learn a lot from him. Jack Palace won an Oscar for this part. "Bonnie Rayburn" Helen Slater (The Secret of my Success, Ruthless People) is the only woman on the cattle drive, and Phil falls for her after his life has turned into chaos, because he had an affair with a grocery clerk. The movie is fun, full of great lines. I find Billy Crystal very talented, family type a guy. Those who are not fond of Billy Crystal should try to watch his interview on the best show on television these days, "Inside the Actors Studio," and get an inside view of him. I recommend this movie as well as City Slickers II. I have both tapes and enjoy watching them. I have had those tapes for years and still find them very enjoyable especially because the way the scripts are written.

My favorite scenes: The birth of the baby calf. The scene was not even shot with the two actors, Billy Crystal and Jack Palace together. Mitch meeting his family back at the airport. My Favorite Quote: Mitch: "Everything is a competition. Life is a competition." Curly:" The secret of life is, ( he points and looks at his index finger) that one thing! Mitch: "Secret of life is that one thing, you have to figure out what that this is." The movie was made by Castle Rock Entertainment that is Karl and Rob Reiner's company. Castle Rock has produced great movies. I definitely like their productions.

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City Slickers

Posted : 8 years ago on 11 November 2006 01:30

In memory of Jack Palance, his more recent recognizeable role of Curly in the western comedy City Slickers made the movie that somehow inspired a sequel. The humor of Billy Crystal and friends was a bit stale and even the heroic ending wasn't enough for me.

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