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Aladdin review

Posted : 5 months, 3 weeks ago on 23 February 2014 09:57

One of the most amazing animated films I have seen that provide incredible sound effects, great animation, and powerful messages.

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Aladdin review

Posted : 1 year ago on 12 August 2013 02:03

I love this Aladdin movie,is a great movie and I never get tired of it watching it over again sometimes.

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Aladdin review

Posted : 1 year ago on 5 August 2013 07:49

From very early on, 'Aladdin' promises that this is going to be a great film. And, boy is it! Aladdin is fun and funny, with entertaining characters and lovely songs.

Aladdin is about a poor, unfortunate man who lives in the street with no one but his friend Abu. This man's name is Aladdin (Scott Weinger). One day, however, his bad luck changes. First of all, he meets a princess who he immediately falls in love with, named Jasmine (Linda Larkin). Then, he also finds a magic lamp, which, when rubbed, gives you a spectacular genie (Robin Williams), who will answer three wishes.

Aladdin is quite a film. It isn't as profound as Beauty and the Beast, or as jazzy and fun as The Jungle Book, but it's still so much fun. Lots of this is thanks to the characters. Although the two main characters, Aladdin and Jasmine, feel rather generic, the supporting cast is great. Abu is fun, lively and he's got more of a personality than I expected for a sidekick-monkey. The magic carpet is also fun, especially because he doesn't have a face, and, instead has to communicate using his strings and body. And, of course, I absolutely adore Genie.

Genie's brilliant. He speaks quickly, wittily and with the voice of Robin Williams. Robin Williams and animation is a match made in heaven. Genie is always moving, and always making jokes. He's always making something magical happen, changing voices or shape-shifting to a bunch of different characters. He turns into Groucho Marx, Arsenio Hall, William Buckley Jr., Peter Lorre and even Jack Nicholson. You just have to admire a children's' film that has a Jack Nicholson reference! And Genie even has a bit of an emotional moment, which I really liked and was impressed with the directors for putting in. If there's ever a character as lively and wonderful as Genie, I'd love to see it.

So, for the seemingly never-ending debate about Genie vs. Mushu, my vote obviously goes to Genie. How can it not?

Another great thing about this film is the score and soundtrack. The songs in Aladdin are brilliant - as good as anything Disney has ever done. I've never been that big a fan of 'A Whole New World' (sentimental songs just aren't my thing) but the rest are great. I liked 'One Step Ahead' for its energy, and loved 'Friend like Me' for its Genie-ness. My absolute favorite song of the film is without a doubt 'Prince Ali'. This song is catchy, energetic, well-written, extremely fun, funny, and it has Genie in it. I had this song stuck in my head for a very, very long time after watching this film.

The score by Alan Menken is also nice, if not quite Oscar-worthy. What I liked about this score is that it does something similar to what Michael Giacchino did with his Up score - he gave each character its own individual theme, which changes in tone as the character develops. This was especially apparent with Genie, and I really liked that.

But, alas, Aladdin also has flaws, and all of these seem to lie with the character of Aladdin and Jasmine. First of all, their characters and romance seemed a bit generic; there's nothing that sets this romance apart from any other Disney romance. And that is disappointing.

Another thing is that it all seems so cliche. Lots of this has been seen before: the princess who has to marry, but wants to wait to find her true love; the falling in love with someone she's not allowed to marry; the kind street-urchin; and the madman who wants to take over the country.

So, Aladdin does have flaws, but that doesn't really matter. The directors know perfectly well that Aladdin isn't supposed to be a thoughtful, emotional film that will be studied for years to come. They know that Aladdin is just supposed to be a fun film with good jokes and memorable characters. And, when looking at it like that, Aladdin doesn't only succeed; it excels.

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There really is A Whole New World in Aladdin!

Posted : 4 years, 1 month ago on 15 July 2010 11:51

I guess the expectations of Aladdin were exceedingly high because this was the first Disney animated film that featured computer generated effects as well as hand-drawn effects and what a great success it turned out to be! It is a very exciting, tense, romantic and hilarious film to watch. What I love about Aladdin the most is that it makes you feel different things in different ways. For example, you are with Aladdin on his journey to succeed in life, you are with Jasmine when she is just desperate for happiness and free will and you are even there with Jafar and Iago with their evil plans for Agrobah. Aladdin is a hilarious film as well because of the variety of characters and the humour that they bring out. Aladdin has now been made into a trilogy. "A Whole New World" is my favourite song from the whole film as well as my all-time favourite Disney song.

Aladdin is set in an Arabian neighbourhood in Eastern Asia and it tells three different stories at the same time that join together. First of all, a young man called Aladdin who has spent all his life living off the streets with his pet monkey Aby and always been known as 'the street rat' (especially to the guards). Yeah, he may be poor and perhaps nowhere in life but he does have a big heart and does want to climb higher in his life! Next is Princess Jasmine. She is having a difficult time as of late at the hands of her father (the Sultan of Agrobah) and she is being forced to marry a prince which she doesn't want. Because she can't handle it, she decides to run away (which leads to her meeting Aladdin) and the stories begin to jumble together. Thirdly, Jafar is the Grand Vizier of the Sultan (like a best friend) who seeks to take over Agrobah himself by finding a magic lamp with a genie inside it. When Aladdin is captured by the guards, Jafar disguises himself as a aging prisoner and asks Aladdin to get the lamp for him (so Aladdin could die in the Cave Of Wonders not Jafar). Now, the magic truly begins and everything begins to change! The Genie in this film always has been and always will be my favourite Disney character because he just makes me laugh so much, he is a very powerful character with a big heart.

There are two direct-to-video sequels to Aladdin called The Return Of Jafar and Aladdin And The King Of Thieves. Both are very good films but neither are anywhere near as good as the original first film. The idea of a musical version of Aladdin came alive in 1988 by lyricist Howard Ashman. Ashman wrote some of the songs with partner Alan Menken, the script was written by Woolverton who previously worked on Beauty And The Beast. Tim Rice was another music composer of this film too and after Aladdin, they went onto even bigger success 2 years later with The Lion King. Aladdin won two Academy Awards (Best Original Song "A Whole New World" and Best Original Score) and it received nominations for Best Sound Editing, Best Original Song ("Friend Like Me") and Best Sound Mixing. It was also nominated for Best Picture Musical-Comedy at the Golden Globes.

Overall, Aladdin is perhaps the most magical and colourful Disney Classic to date! It features some of the best songs, best scores and most entertaining musicals of all time! It is definitely one of the best Disney films but not quite my favourite.

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Aladdin IS A Whole New World...

Posted : 4 years, 6 months ago on 15 February 2010 03:32

What a very exciting, tense, romantic and funny film this is. Aladdin along with Beauty And The Beast, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid are the ultimate Disney renaissances. What I love about Aladdin is that it makes you feel different things in different ways. It has intense action scenes especially when Aladdin, Abu and Carpet are in the Cave Of Wonders trying to escape. Aladdin is a hilarious film as well because of the variety of characters and the humour that they bring out. Aladdin has now been made into a trilogy. The two sequels Return Of Jafar and Aladdin And The King Of Thieves aren't as good as Aladdin but are still fun enjoyable films. "A Whole New World" is my favourite song from the whole film as well as my all-time favourite Disney song.

Aladdin is the most heroic Disney male character out of all of them. Aladdin is a very poor young man who can barely feed himself and his monkey friend Abu. We don't find out why he is poor in this one and how he ended up with Abu but we do in Aladdin And The King Of Thieves. He is a thief but he does it for the right seasons. Because he does these crimes he is referred as the "Street Rat" of Agrobah. Aladdin is sent to the dungeon and then meets an old prisoner (Jafar in disguise). He makes Aladdin get the magic lamp for him. After this quest, it becomes more serious yet more magical than ever. Genie has always been my favourite Disney character because he is just hilarious especially with Robin Williams' voice. Also, he can provide any magic you can think of. Jafar is one terrifying villain but isn't as bad as Scar though.

Aladdin is a magical classic that was one of my favourite childhood films and it's not that far from my favourite films of all time. I love this classic but prefer Pinocchio, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Beauty And The Beast, Lady And The Tramp and The Lion King though. Aladdin is a very intense, mindblowing film that I did and still could watch over and over again.

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Gotta keep one jump ahead of the bread line!

Posted : 6 years, 1 month ago on 30 June 2008 11:53

Gotta keep one jump ahead of the bread line, one sweep ahead of the sword...

You ain’t never seen a tale like this! Disney’s “Golden Era” of animated movies featured "The Little Mermaid," "The Lion King," "Hercules," "Tarzan," "Beauty and the Beast," and of course, "Aladdin." Aladdin is a humble street urchin in the city of Agrabah. He steals whatever he needs to survive, with a little help from his trusty sidekick, a monkey named Abu.

Jasmine is the princess who has to marry a prince before her next birthday, and she doesn’t like what she’s seen. Bored with the life to which she is destined, she (with a little help from her tiger, Rajah) runs away. On the streets, and in disguise, the princess learns some of the harder lessons of life and almost has her hand chopped off for giving an apple to a beggar. Aladdin rescues Jasmine and they spend a wonderful night together. The palace guard is after Aladdin however, and when they’re discovered, the guard assumes Aladdin has kidnapped the princess, so they arrest him.

Jafar, the royal vizier, was the real reason behind Aladdin’s arrest. He is looking for the Cave of Wonders and has killed to discover the cave’s whereabouts and exactly how to get to the treasure. He discovered that Aladdin is a “diamond in the rough” and the only one allowed to enter the cave. He’s also discovered that if anyone touches anything in the cave except the magic carpet and the lamp, they will be sealed in the cave forever. So, Jafar dresses as a beggar, and poses as a prisoner to get Aladdin to journey with him to the cave.

Aladdin manages to get the lamp, but gets trapped in the cave. The carpet helps Aladdin survive, and while trying to read the lamp, Aladdin releases a genie. The Genie is played by Robin Williams and is fantastic. Al wishes to become a prince and sets off to win the heart of Princess Jasmine.

This movie is filled with great music -— it even won two Academy Awards (Best Music - Original Score and Best Music—Original Song). From the era of great Disney, this one won’t disappoint.


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