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Added by Silver Falcon Soul on 18 Jan 2013 06:16
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All Regular TV Absorbed In My Lifetime

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Jon Pertwee continues his role as the Third Doctor, as does Katy Manning playing Jo Grant.

Roger Delgado returns to play The Master in The Sea Devils and The Time Monster.

Nicholas Courtney, John Levene and Richard Franklin continue their roles of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant Benton and Captain Mike Yates respectively.

Alan Bennion makes his second of three appearances in the series playing an Ice Warrior. In this, his second appearance, he portrays Lord Izlyr in The Curse of Peladon.

The first serial, Day of the Daleks, saw the return of the Daleks for the first time since Season 4's The Evil of the Daleks in 1967.

This was also the first time that the Daleks had been seen in color in the television series (they had been in color in the two films starring Peter Cushing produced in the mid-1960s).

Most Memorable-Day of the Daleks,Funniest chase music ever,John Pertwee kicking a gun out of his hand and sword fighting with the master and then finishing by sitting on his sword and then stealing his sandwhich and eating it in front of him PRICELESS!,The Curse of Peladon,Sea Devils,The Mutants hence the picture i choose,Chronos,Time monster,Kronos turning out to be a beautiful woman
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Jon Pertwee continues his role as the Third Doctor. Katy Manning makes her first appearance as companion Jo Grant in Terror of the Autons.

Roger Delgado makes his first appearance as The Master in Terror of the Autons and continues to make appearances in each of the five serials.
Nicholas Courtney and John Levene continue their roles of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Sergeant Benton, while Richard Franklin makes his first appearance as Captain Mike Yates, while Fernanda Marlowe makes appearances in The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos as Corporal Bell.

The season marks the first appearance of the Master who goes on to make further appearances through the season in every serial as the main antagonist who is finally captured at the end of the season. Colony in Space was the first serial set away from Earth since The War Games at the end of Season 6, and came about as a result of producer Barry Letts' feeling that the Earthbound stories of the Doctor's exile were too limiting in terms of potential plotting.

Most Memorable-The themesong ends playing backwards for the first time its really cool to hear,Terror of the Autons,Father Brain feeding off evil,Axons,IMC,Hating Commander Dent,The Daemons and Azal,Jo grant in a beautiful white gown
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Jon Pertwee makes his first appearance as the Third Doctor replacing Patrick Troughton in the role. Caroline John makes her first appearance as companion and assistant Liz Shaw in Spearhead from Space and last in Inferno.

Nicholas Courtney returns as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and he would continue to make regular appearances in Doctor Who until season 13.
John Levene also makes his first appearance as Sergeant Benton since The Invasion in The Ambassadors of Death and would continue to make regular appearances until season 13.

This, along with setting the entire season exclusively on Earth, had been the choice of Peter Bryant and Derrick Sherwin, which Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks were unhappy with.

Most Memorable-New regeneration,Autons first appearance,Silurians First Appearance,Ambassadors of Death,Inferno,Werewolf like infection
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury make their final appearances as the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot respectively. Troughton and his fellow actors collectively decided that the workload of Doctor Who was exhausting them, and that they would soon depart from the show. From Season 7 onwards the show would never have such a high number of episodes again. The three actors remained with the show until the conclusion of the final season six serial The War Games.

Most Memorable-The Dominators,Quarks,Mind Robber,Master Brain,Fairytales come to life,Invasion,Cybermen,Krotons, Seeds of death,space pirates,war games,war chief and War lord,Soldiers from all wars across time,Time lords Pacifist Losers,Regeneration,Exile to Earth,Appearance randomized
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Patrick Troughton continues as The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield respectively are his companions.Wendy Padbury makes her debut as Zoe Heriot

Most Memorable-Tomb of the Cybermen,The Great Intelligence's first appearance,Martians,Meglogmaniac dictators that look like the doctor,web of fear,fury of the deep and deadly sea weed,The wheel in space
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-super slow,hate all the characters,the japanese kid flashback that where she screamed forever,everyone dies but the main character pretty much,really cool robots,super slow and monotonous,hated it
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
People who added this item 19 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 8.9 IMDB Rating 0
Most Memorable-Dad dies in a tornado tells son not to come how stupid is that,the creepy broadcast by the general through the tv,superman is kind of redeemed now,lois lane there for everything haha
Owned Wanted Custom
People who added this item 16 Average listal rating (6 ratings) 8.5 IMDB Rating 0
Most Memorable-The fight scene with the magic,car wreck,the cards and each showing their role,the complexity of the plot and how its all comes together,Magicians are epic
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-Wierd awkquard nudity part that doesn't show anything but heavily implies,the cat-fight in the restroom,the kissing booth,pretending to be a guy pretty funny,watching with all my sisters friends and with a girl i have a secret crush on and she doesn't even know it :D
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-Companions-Anneke Wills and Michael Craze continue their roles as Polly and Ben respectively. They are shortly joined by Frazer Hines playing Jamie McCrimmon in The Highlanders.Deborah Watling makes her debut as Victoria Waterfield

The end of the first doctor's role,first regeneration,The Smugglers,The tenth planet first appearance of the cybermen from planet Mondearth i mean Mondas hahaha,Power of the Daleks coming back from a time capsule,Highlanders,Atlantis and an insane Professor Zaroff almost turned Polly into a fish women hopefully a mermaid because she is beautiful...The moon base Cybermen come back for revenge and poison people with a virus,Macra Terror giant crabs,Faceless ones chameleon plane abductions,Evil of the Daleks,Discovering the Human and Dalek element,First appearance of the emperor Dalek
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-companions Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) and Steven (Peter Purves). Katarina (Adrienne Hill). Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh) Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane) later the Doctor was joined by Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze).
Episodes-Galaxy 4,Skaro,People mutating into Varga Plants,Trojans and Greeks,Dalek's master plan,The Ark,The Celestial Toy Maker,Gun Fighters,Last Chance Saloon Singing,Savages,War Machines
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
People who added this item 1 Average listal rating (1 ratings) 7 IMDB Rating 0
Most Memorable-No or little dialogue kind of like fantasia,every ep has its own soundtrack,the opening is catchy,amazing kung fu and fight scenes they are gripping,shows how enemies can be cut in like OVER 9000 different ways!!!, Explosions after every enemy is destroyed its crazy,The look of the samurai,Aku and his flaming eyebrows,archeologist dogs,Woolies,Chritchellites,Aku Female form,Three Blind Archers,Mad Jack or Dark Jack,Fish friends,Lava Monster,Valhalla,Scottsman,never ending bridge,gangsters,Jump Good,Gargoyle,Dome of Doom,Scottsman Wife,Ultra bots my favorite episode and the best one of them all,Ultra bots,jack's past,monks,mountain of Fatoom,The Spire,Demongo,essence,Jack is Naked,Censorship like leaves or smoke from a car very funny,alice in wonderland,jack and the spartans,300 warriors,Jack's sandals,Wizard,Chicken transformation,Rave parties,amazing dubstep music,Ezekiel Clench,Josephine, Zombies,fighting against his own sword,best fight ever in the cartoon was this episode epic,Minions of Set,Secret unbeatable agent,creature,homage to Hayao Miyazaki's my neighbor totoro,Hermit,titans,haunted house,new sketch art style used for episode awesome too,super creepy,eyes rolling back to white and foaming mouths,dragon,Shaolin Monks,Aku existence,booby traps,thief,homage to Daisuke Jigen of Lupin III,Light and Darkness ninja fight,Mondo Bot,Da Samurai,Aku Infection,Bounty Hunters,Amnesia,Beautiful sirens,fairy peach headed aliens,homage to star wars IV new hope,Human Aku,Seasons of Death,momotaro,X9 and his death,Young Jack in Africa,super annoying baby that looks like jak jak from incredibles,horrible ending no closure no cliff hanger no anything makes it pointless to watch the series even though it was so good leading up to season 4 sad it ended so horribly but if you play the game Shadow of Aku the finale is then played out sad they didnt just end it in cartoon format would have been better IMO
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-Planet of the giants,Honey i shrunk the kids episode,Dalek's invaded london in the future,Susan stays behind to marry David,the planet Dido,Where they pick up Vicki Pallister as a new companion,Koquillion,The roman's,sold into slavery,The web planet,Planet Vortis,The Menoptra-Moth people with high pitched voices and waved there arms as they talked,Zarbi,Animus-Spider like parasite that talked to the doctor through a hair dryer haha,The Crusade,King Richard,Lady Joanna,harem girls,Xeros,Space Museum,Moroks,Display of themselves trapped in glass cases,Daleks chasing the Doctor through time,a dalek falling off a pirate ship into the ocean,Ian and Barbara go home with the dalek's time machine leaving the doctor,Mechonoids,Steven joins as a new companion,robot doctor,time meddler,vikings,another tardis,sabotage a mark IV,The letter to the monk
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
People who added this item 10 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 7.3 IMDB Rating 0
Gone (2012)
Most Memorable-Her stabbing the psycopath with another dead persons forcep bone in the back,forcing the girls to eat catfood,super adrenaline rushing,shadiest individuals,no one believing the main character,forests are no creepy
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-The old guy from second hand lions sniping people at the construction site and his lines were classic
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-Benedict Cumberbatch compressing peoples skulls till they snapped with his bare hands

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
People who added this item 18 Average listal rating (7 ratings) 8.6 IMDB Rating 0
Most Memorable-Iron Man's new suit upgrade where it can fly and attach to his body from anywhere,more romance between ironman and pepper,exploding humans,humans that breath fire and have yellow eyes and shimmering bodies,different types of iron men, can control his suit without being in it,guy pierce actor from count of monte cristo yet again another villian is ever good in a movie?,Mandarin not an alien like the comics,much darker than the other movies,trevor, two ladies in lingerie in bed together,pepper in a training bra, pepper using the iron man suit in some instances,flashbacks to the past,amazing fights,the mechanic,the kid he helps,happy the security guy,iron patriot or War Machine

Verdict Rating-Absolutely must see it really shook up the iron man pattern and blew number 2 away in everything really. There's a mystery going on and it was fun piecing the pieces together to solve it as the movie went along. Alittle humor and much more romance as iron man and pepper as a couple which was nice.Nine rings and the mandarin was a very interesting setup. So take to the skies and wear your armor proudly because you are IRON MAN!
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-The Rock as a Joe,One of the main character's watching a girl undress into a red bra and panties through the reflection off a old tube tv hahaha,tons of chase scenes boat,plane,ground,car,tank you name it it had it,snake eyes,new cobra villians,london being completely destroyed and the world basically broken by shockwaves in one section,lots of swearing,bruce willis had a funny part,snake eyes using his gun more than his sword and he's supposedly a ninja ok...,betrayal,the main girl using her feminine ahem attributes to get into a party,the president playing angry birds and making fun of south korea,not too much story and tons of action,fighting tons of ninjas off the sides of mountains and zipline chase,Freerunning

Verdict-Can Watch/Must Watch-I don't know if i have even seen the first one so i had no clue what was going on but i heard it was set up really well and you could figure it out as it went along. Pretty jammed pack with to the brim of action not a second of dullness at all. So even if you have never seen G.I. Joe movies this one could be the first and its puts you onto the battlefield and what it takes to be a Joe
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-The robotic cops,a vengeful full of hatred wife,propelling yourself with zero gravity using fire from a gun,huge explosions,regaining your memory,cutting his hand to disable a phone ugh it hurt me watching,sexy three breasted woman,actual nudity in a pg 13 movie crazy only other is Titanic,Zero gravity car chase,playing the piano,strobe light action in the first 5 min could give you a seizure its bad id slap the camera guy,intense action nonstop like the book i wrote,dubstep background music like scrillex was amazing,

Verdict-Must Watch/Can Watch-A sweet futuristic twist on earth that seemed quite plausible. Not too deep of a story but the action makes up for it. Remember What is real is Total Recall
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
Most Memorable-The original doctor,The original themesong,The First Tardis,Fire it came from his fingers FIRE,FIRE,He will teach me Fire from the cavemen episode,Historical series of episodes where they go back in time like Cavemen,Marco Polo and Aztecs,Alien Episodes as well,Susan,Barbara,Ian,Lovable Cast,Daleks first appearance could be knocked over pretty funny,Black and white completely no color,old fashion music,Susan screaming and scaring me and my sister as we watched it. Very scary episodes on the edge of destruction very hard to figure out what was going on,watch at night as a fear test,starting from the very beginning and going to the present doctor who,old abrupt forceful,his laugh is awesome,he says Hmmmm alot,Old shows rock,I Own all of Doctor Who,Doctor one is a blast,Susan leaving the gang to get married,The cave of the 500 eyes and Susan YELLING SUPER LOUD THOSE EYES!!! THEY MOVED!!! THEY MOVED!!! Me and my sister heaved over out of our chairs on that part xD,Still watching can't wait for season 2 and to tell you about it,lastly the amazing voices of the Daleks,We are masters of Earth!,all the episode names are doom and gloom
Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom
People who added this item 5 Average listal rating (4 ratings) 7.5 IMDB Rating 0
Completed so far Seasons 1-7
(Season 8 is airing)

Most Memorable-Watched as a kid,always happy,crybaby,Patrick,Krabs,Squidward,Plankton,Karen,The cast,His crazy laugh,Yellow and Square,Episodes that would make your whole day feel great,Such a positive show,Laughing so hard at times your stomach would hurt,Great music and musical episodes,Loved the show from beginning to end at first hated but came to love it over time,Slapstick humor,Bikini Bottom,Warm Fuzzy Feeling,So many quotes to use in real life for jokes,Live action segments with Patchy the Pirate,Best Day Ever Episode one of the best episodes in TV History period makes you feel like king of the world,Musical doodle and robot song and all the bikini bottom music is all great,watched completely alone most of the time except till season 6 and 7 Tiny watched those with me :D.

My Favorite Episodes (I Have Alot!)
01-Reef Blower
02-Bubble Stand
04-Boating School
10-FUN (Episode and Song)
13-Scaredy Pants
16-The Paper
17-Rock Bottom
21-Squid's Day Off
22-Something Smells
24-Imitation Crabs
35-Secret Box
36-Graveyard Shift
38-Sailor Mouth
40-Squid on Strike
41-The Bully
44-The Idiot Box
48-No Weenies Allowed
50-Krusty Krab Training Video
60-Spongebob Meets the Strangler
64-Skill Crane
68-Patrick Smartpants
70-Ghost Host
75-Squidtastic Voyage
80-Best Day Ever! (Episode and Song)
84-Spy Buddies
86-Spongebob V.S. Patty Machine
89-Sing a Song Patrick (Episode and Song)
90-The Krusty Plate
92-Atlantis Squarepantis
93-Pat no Pay
96-Pest of the West Bikini Bottom's Origin Story
97-Battle of Bikini Bottom
99-Two Faces of Squidward
100-Banned in Bikini Bottom
112-Giant Squidward
113-The Nose Knows
124-Truth or Square (Episode and Song)
127-Krusty Krushers
144-Sand Castles in the Sand (One of the best episodes)
157-Pal for Gary
161-Squidward in Clarinet Land (Very Bizarre)
162-Spongebob's Last Stand
163-Back to the Past
164-Bad Guy Club For Villains
165-Shed No Tears
173-The Monster who came to Bikini Bottom
174-The Bikini Bottom Triangle
176-The Main Drain
177-Trench Billies
180-That Sinking Feeling
181-Karate Star
184-Abrasive Side
185-Ear Worm (Episode and Song and very Psychotic Ep)
190-You Don't Know Sponge
191-Tunnel of Glove
197-Perfect Chemistry

Silver Falcon Soul's rating:
Owned Wanted Custom

The list of all the things TV related that I have fully completed that's not anime such as TV Shows and Seasons,Cartoons,and Movies etc...

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Posted: 5 years, 6 months ago at Jan 18 7:04
Yay A new list is finally here this was my secret project i was planning hope it lived up to people's expectations. Expect more great things coming here and anywhere from the Falcon. Well gotta get some Z's goodnight Yall hahaha always wanted to say that! ^-^
Posted: 5 years, 5 months ago at Jan 29 4:02
Alright added doctor who today season one of classic who :D
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Total Recall is now up if you can remember it...
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Will add Gi Joe II Retaliation today or tomorrow
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G.I. Joe review of Retaliation has now arrived on the shores of USA and I'd be honored if you took a look
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Jetting from Stark Industries is the Iron Man 3 review no spoilers ^-^
Posted: 5 years ago at Jun 20 5:39
The enterprise has entered a dark age as now Star Trek Into Darkness is now up
Posted: 5 years ago at Jun 27 16:55
Tom cruise is at it again in Jack Reacher
Posted: 5 years ago at Jun 27 16:56
A thrilling psycopath is on the loose and nobody believes you in Gone
Posted: 5 years ago at Jun 27 16:56
The doctor has traded his companions and come across strange new worlds in doctor who season 2
Posted: 5 years ago at Jul 13 4:37
Don't blink because Samurai Jack is back from the past in this new review

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