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Added by Severin Severin on 4 Sep 2012 12:04
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Scum of the Earth: The Most Hated People Ever

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Average listal rating (175 ratings) 3.3 IMDB Rating 0
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."

Hitler is without a doubt the most infamous person who ever lived. Not the most evil in my opinion, but he's known for his rampant anti Semitism that caused the death of millions of innocent Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and people with mental and physical illness.

As a young boy, little Adolf Hitler was abused by his father Alois repetitively. Alois was an alcoholic prone to crazy rage. Hitler wanted to be an artist and disobeyed and argued with his superiors, which enraged his father to the point where he was violently beaten. He was also the oldest male child in his family which made him a prime target for his psychotic father.

Hitler later joined the German army and fought in WWI. One of his testicles were shot off, inspiring the famous tune "Hitler has only got one ball."

The lyrics (sung to the tune of The Colonel Bogey March)

'Hitler has only got one ball,
The other is on the kitchen wall,
His mother, the dirty bugger,
Chopped it off when he was small.
She threw it, into the apple tree
The wind blew it into the deep blue sea
Where the fishes got off their dishes and ate scallops and bollocks for tea'

An alternative version has the lyrics:

‘Hitler has only got one ball,
Goering has two but very small.
Himmler is somewhat sim'lar,
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.’

LMAO splitting my freakin sides here!!

I don't know how this art school reject could even think that he could become the grand Nazi fuhrer of Germany, and it's puzzling that he actually did. Hitler's powerful speeches and support among the German elite took him to the top of the mountain, but at the end his treachery and evil caught up with him and he committed suicide with his girlfriend Eva Braun in their underground bunker.

He's also known for his Chaplin mustache.

How could anyone even take this dude seriously?

The only good thing:

Nazis were savage dickwads but they sure had awesome parades:

And super cool uniforms:

"Death solves all problems."

From 1917 to 1953, this psychopathic leader of the Soviet Union had anywhere from 10 to 20 million people systematically killed in gulags, death squads, war and from other atrocities during the Red Terror. He was ruthless and strict and ruled Russia with an iron fist. People who were suspected of being "traitors" were dragged off in the middle of the night and never seen again.

Stalin was abused brutally as a kid, so it's not wonder he turned out nuts. His father would beat him until he pissed blood. While he was only 5"7, Stalin would scrap with other boys in the schoolyard and beat them mercilessly. His lack of empathy is what got him to where he was in the first place.

There is no exact number of deaths because the NKVD and Soviet archives are heavily censored. Stalin killed millions more than Hitler, yet he's not nearly as well known.

The one good thing:

The Soviet army was the most powerful, deadly and well trained in the entire world.

And pretty good looking too, it seems.
Average listal rating (36 ratings) 2.9 IMDB Rating 0
“We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow”

“I'm as cold a motherfucker as you've ever put your fucking eyes on. I don't give a shit about those people.”

The most well known serial killer of all time, Theodore Robert Bundy, is estimated to have killed anywhere from 40 to 100 women.

Damn creepy bastard. Bundy would hit women on the head with a crowbar, drag them to a secluded location, strangle them and then rape their corpses. GROSS! And the weird thing was, he was seemingly normal, for a serial killer at least. He went to college, came from a good family, had friends, a girlfriend, but he was a nut on the inside.

The one good thing:

He was cute as a kid!

"We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two."

Terrorist douchebag bigot who was America's Most Wanted Enemy #1 for this:

The one good thing:

Because of Osama, George Bush revealed how stupid he was to the whole world. What the hell was all that "weapons of mass destruction" garbage?

"The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don't ask for their love; only for their fear."

Commander of the SS Schutzstaffel and head of the concentration camps, where inmates were gassed with toxic poison in chambers and systematically worked and starved to death. Himmler is the asshole directly responsible for the genocide of millions.

The only good thing:

Himmler committed suicide on May 13 1945 and rid the world of his evil, cold blooded self.

"I am the son of the dragon, son of the devil."

"I have killed peasants men and women, old and young, who lived where the Danube flows into the sea, up to such places as Samovit and Ghighen. We killed 23,884 Bulgars without counting those whom we burned in homes or the Turks whose heads were cut by our soldiers."

Vlad was feared across Romania as an evil tyrant with no mercy. His family was gruesomely murdered, and he was void of emotion and sympathy at an early age. Vlad's father was murdered and dumped in a marsh, and his brother was blinded with red hot pokers and buried alive.

Vlad hated Turks because they forced the Muslim religion onto Romania, which obviously went against their Christian traditions. He vowed to murder every Turk he could get his hands on, and killed them in tens of thousands with his army. After he became prince of Wallachia, Vlad carried out even more cruel and torturous punishments.

Just get a load of this:

"His brutal punishment methods were well known. It is said he often ordered people to be skinned, boiled, decapitated, blinded and roasted. He also liked to cut off people's noses, ears, limbs and sexual organs. But his favorite punishment of all was impalement, hence his sobriquet, the Impaler. This gruesome, typically slow and excruciatingly painful way to die often involved driving a stake from the victim's buttocks to his or her mouth. The stakes are said to have been oiled and smoothed so that death would come slowly. He is said to have killed as many as 100,000 in this fashion, often thousands in a single day."

Ouch. He'd also like to eat meals in front of people impaled on stakes, they were a kind of entertainment for him and even fueled his appetite.

But his knack for cruelty wasn't just limited to his foes. Any disobedience from his subjects was met with great severity.

Dracula created a very severe moral code for the citizens of Walachia. You can guess what happened to anyone who broke the code. Thieves were impaled, even liars were impaled. Naturally there wasn't a lot of crime in Walachia during his reign.

To prove how well his laws worked, Dracula had a gold cup placed in a public square. Anyone who wanted to could drink from the cup, but no one was allowed to take it out of the square. No one did.

A visiting merchant once left his money outside all night, thinking that it would be safe because of Dracula's strict policies. To his surprise, some of his coins were stolen. He complained to Dracula, who promptly issued a proclamation that the money must be returned or the city would be destroyed. That night Dracula secretly had the missing money, plus one extra coin, returned to the merchant. The next morning the merchant counted the money and found it had been returned. He told Dracula about this, and mentioned the extra coin. Dracula replied that the thief had been caught and would be impaled. And if the merchant hadn't mentioned the extra coin, he would have been impaled, too.

According to another story, he invited 500 boyars to a banquet and asked them how many princes had ruled in their lifetimes. They said they had lived through many reigns. Shouting that this was their fault because of their plotting, Dracula had them all arrested on the spot. The older ones were impaled; the others were marched 50 miles to Poenari where they were forced to build a mountaintop fortress. They worked a long time; when their clothes fell off, they worked naked. Most of them died, of course. And of course Dracula seized the boyars' property and passed it out to his supporters. In that way he created a new nobility, loyal to him.

Vlad was also really cocky. He would have weird pictures painted of him ordering the executions of famous people. For example, this is him killing Jesus:

What a loon. Most definitely the biggest sadist of all time!

The only good thing:

Vlad inspired Bram Stoker's vampire classic Dracula. People often thought Vlad was a vampire and that he drank the blood of his victims.

"Oderint dum metuant"
(Let them hate me so long as they fear me)

Caligula is the biggest pervert of all time. Cal was a salacious, dirty, slag of an emperor. Here's a shortened list of all his douchebaggery:

- he screwed his own sister (and possibly, murdered her)
- he killed his nephew
- he threw people to the lions for entertainment
- he screwed his dinner guest's wives, and raped them even if they didn't want to
- he killed a guy, and called his father over to have dinner with him the next day
- when people were being disemboweled, he told the guards to make their death as slow and painful as it possibly could be
- he turned the royal palace into a whorehouse
- made his horse a senator
- made people worship him like he was a god
- purposely starved the people of Rome

and many other things. That's not even half of the awful shit Cal did.

Sounds like he had a fun life though. But he was murdered at the age of 28 by his own bodyguards. His wife and baby daughter's heads were smashed open on the palace steps.

The one good thing:

He inspired this awesomely violent movie.

Or should I say porno.

Average listal rating (8 ratings) 3.3 IMDB Rating 0
"What an artist dies in me!"
(his last words)

The man who fiddled while Rome burned, who killed his own mother and pregnant wife, who dressed up like a woman and performed in plays, who massacred Christians, the one they call the Antichrist, the fat nasty bastard Nero!

What a guy. This is how he persecuted Christians:

"In their very deaths they were made the subjects of sport: for they were covered with the hides of wild beasts, and worried to death by dogs, or nailed to crosses, or set fire to, and when the day waned, burned to serve for the evening lights."

Setting dogs on people, using them as human candles, what the hell?

I'd say Nero wasn't evil, just a fat flamboyant moron. He was forced to commit suicide after everyone got sick of his weird bullshit.

The only good thing:

He held awesome gladiator games.

"Away with this shit!"
To people who were about to be sent to gas chambers

They called him the angel of death, the sick doctor who performed gruesome experiments on concentration camp victims and left them traumatized and deformed. In the words of the people who knew him:

"Mengele was known as a manic collector of things human, including dwarf corpses, gallstones, and eyes. His fascination with eyes led to the infamous experiments in which he injected various substances into the eyes of brown-eyed Jewish children in an attempt to make them Nordic (blue)."

-Bettina Beech

"I have never accepted that Mengele believed he was doing serious medical work ... He was exercising power. Major surgery was performed without anaesthetic. Once I witnessed a stomach operation — Mengele was removing pieces from the stomach, but without any anaesthesia. It was horrifying."

-Alex Dekel, a camp survivor

"I was given five injections. That evening I developed extremely high fever. I was trembling. My arms and my legs were swollen, huge size. Mengele and Dr. Konig and three other doctors came in the next morning. They looked at my fever chart, and Dr. Mengele said, laughingly, "Too bad, she is so young. She has only two weeks to live..."

-Eva Mozes Kor

The one good thing:

Slayer's metal classic Angel of Death is about him.

Also, Laurence Olivier's evil Nazi dentist character Szell in Marathon Man was inspired by Mengele.

"Ostensibly he would sit on the belly of his victim and, in this fashion, masturbating, come on the dying body"
-George Bataille

This sodomite pedophile serial killer of children was actually a heroic dude at first. Fighting wars, being knighted, high class, whatever. And next thing you know, he's a godamn sick bastard who's killed 200 little kids.

His own servants, who'd witnessed and helped out in the murders:

"In order to practise his debauches with said children, boys and girls, against the use of nature, [he] first with licentious passion took his rod in his left or right hand, rubbed it so it became erect and sticking out, then placed it between the thighs or legs of the said boys and girls, not bothering with the natural female receptacle, and rub his said rod or virile member on the belly of the said boys and girls with much gratification, heat and libidinous excitement, until he emitted his sperm on their stomach..."

YUCK! As if that's not enough:

"Describing their master as sadistic and cruel, Henriet and Poitou told tales of how he delighted in bathing in the boys' blood and cutting off their heads himself so that he could wash his face and beard in the gore. They said he often had his servants stab a boy in the jugular so he could shower in the spurting blood. He sat on their chests and cut across part of their throats so they bled slowly to death. Others he hanged until they were nearly dead and then cut their throats. Still others had all their limbs cut off, or were ripped open so he could see their hearts and entrails. After death, all the bodies and their clothes were burned in the castle's great kitchen furnaces. The servants spoke of obscene torture and blood-splattered walls in each of his castles."

I bet you wish you never read that.

The only good thing:

Gilles was totally fucked up, but he did fight alongside Joan of Arc.

He also inspired Charles Perrault's classic story Bluebeard.

"A dark haired beauty of tender years
Is touched by evil and kindles fears
A malignant force runs through her veins
A soulless shell as blood she rains
Fair servant girls she does enslave
Tortured and bleed in ways depraved"

Liz Bathory, or as they called her, the blood countess, is known for killing over 650 servant girls and bathing in their blood for "eternal youth." Hadn't she ever heard of botox or cold cream? Even before she started killing, Liz would often beat her girls to the brink of death for no reason at all. To quote historians,

"The unhappy girls who were lured to the castle, under the plea that they were to be taken into service there, were locked up in a cellar. Here they were beaten till their bodies were swollen. Elizabeth not infrequently tortured the victims herself; often she changed their clothes which dripped with blood, and then renewed her cruelties. The swollen bodies were then cut up with razors. Occasionally she had the girls burned, and then cut up, but the great majority of them were beaten to death. Many accounts say that she was psychotic, and that her mental illness grew worse with age. Many details came out during legal hearings."

"Everitt adds that sometimes she would sew a servant girls mouth shut, force her to eat strips of her own flesh, or burn her genitals, while Wagener indicates that she would stick needles into those who sat with her in a carriage, especially if they were of her own sex. He also advanced another legend: "When she was ill, and could not indulge her cruelty, she bit a person who came near her sick bed as though she were a wild beast. This was, in fact, trial testimony, albeit gained via torture."

What a sadistic bitch. She wasn't even hanged for all that, just confined to a room in the towers with a little slit open so she could be given food.

The only good thing:

She inspired these horror cult flicks.

(from Immoral Tales 1974)

"I punched my mother out once."

I think that quote speaks for itself. Charlie was a crazy freak who ordered his cronie hippie slaves to murder rich people in Beverly Hills. But they weren't human to him, they were just "pigs." Charlie was rejected by his own mother at a young age and was a petty criminal all his life. He didn't even murder people himself, he had to get his brainwashed slaves to do it.

Dirty goddamn hippie. The thing that disturbs me most was that Sharon Tate was pregnant when she was murdered. Instead of hearing her desperate pleas of mercy for her unborn child, Manson's family members just spat at her and said "Look, I have no mercy for you bitch."

He turned this:

into that:

That's not the actual crime scene photo, but it looks just like the real one. I figure if I posted the real crime scene photo people would get offended, so just google it for yourself if you have the stomach for it.

The only good thing:

Vincent Bugliosi chronicled the Manson murders in his classic true crime crime novel Helter Skelter.

"I will not see the destruction of the Christian converts who are loyal to me, and to my last breath I will fight for the Orthodox faith."

Ivan Grozny, or as we all call him, the Terrible, blew up people with explosives, impaled people and fried them. He had been poisoned with mercury and went into severe fits of rage and was extremely paranoid. He ruled with absolute power and took away all the peasant's rights and turned them into serfs which were little more than slaves that couldn't leave their masters land.

He went on a reign of terror and killed all whom he thought opposed him. He murdered boyars, and encouraged his army to rape, loot and plunder all of Russia. Ivan accidentally even killed his own son during one of his bitch fits.

The only good thing:

Ivan's killing of his son inspired this amazing classic painting by Ilya Repin.

It's probably the greatest painting ever made. Look at the intense emotion conveyed, the horrified look in Ivan's eyes.

Evil, despised bastards from hell.

edit: this is a basic list of evil peoples obviously there's a lot more people I can add but idc

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Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 5 4:42
Amazing list.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 7 14:15
Very interesting (and sad) stuff.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 7 16:15
Awesome list! I enjoyed reading this, but not in that way lol. This was just a really interesting to read.

I feel sorry for Sharon Tate's fate though.. I wonder what makes people go so nuts and do such things. Especially what the hell was going on on Caligula's mind. Uh really insane dude.
Edit: 5 years, 10 months ago
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 7 16:57
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 7 21:53
Fantastic list!
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 7 23:31
For one thing,SLAYER!!!And another,fuck Hitler.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 7 23:51
Obviously a lot of work and effort went into this list. I'm still horrified by the picture of the little boys under Josef Mengele. Suggestion- Jeffrey Dahmer and Saddam Hussein?
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 8 10:11
Fascinating list!
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 8 10:13
"Ivan Grozny, or as the people call him, the Terrible"

Grozny = Terrible
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 8 22:19
I know Grozny means terrible, it's just that I wanted to include what they call him in Russian and English.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 12 2:16
Some of these are hard to read, but gruesomely fasinating just the same. Very interesting.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 13 19:21
Check out a guy named Ricard Kuklinski
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 13 19:42
One of the best lists I've seen. Very powerful.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 13 23:34

i know about the Iceman, but there's a lot of people i want to add to this list and it's a pain in the ass so i might add him in later dunno.


it's not in order man. and yeah Tiberius was totally screwed up and i might add him in sometime.
Posted: 5 years, 10 months ago at Sep 14 9:21
Good list of sick monkeys. People often forget that there were worse people than Hitler.

Other Suggestions: Gregori Rasputin and Idi Amin.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 6:48
this list gave me goosebumps a lot. I kept thinking how lucky I am for not being alive in the era of those douche bags.

very interesting comments between and great list :)
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 6:55
Good list, but I don't know who hated or would hate Vlad III, except the Turks of course. Actually he is probably the biggest national hero in Romania, for being cruel, but just, unrelenting, and showing no mercy for corrupt nobility or peasantry. There are even sayings in Romanian which basically wish him back into this day and age.

Also, Osama bin Laden might be most hated for the uneducated US citizen, but not rightfully so. Considering that he was just the byproduct of US politics, please add Bush (on whose accounts go millions of dead, legalization of kidnapping and torture, assassination etc.) on that list and add Osama and the Taliban (although they were created by other US presidents) as one of his evils...

And in general don't forget that many atrocities, especially from political leaders, have been added or exaggerated, testimonies falsified or given under torture (see the Templar or countess Bathory processes etc.), by opposing parties or the Catholic Church, at a later point to demonize them (mostly for political reasons).
Edit: 5 years, 9 months ago
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 7:50
I agree with @Bael. Vlad III shouldn't be here. His intentions were to free the people of Romania from their usurpers, the Turks. They had invaded many other countries at the time, killing people, obligating their culture and believes, and they did the same in his country. It was his reputation as Vlad the Impaler that kept the Turks away.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 8:03
PS: Here you should put the people responsible for The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 9/11 was a tragedy, but so was The Atomic Bombing in Japan, the only difference is that Americans always come out with clean hands and everyone forgets everything, but if someone touches America than that is a global tragedy. But I guess is easier to forget what it suits you best.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 8:29
Scary but interesting..
very well done list!
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 9:45
What about Henry VIII and Marie Antoinette? Were they cruel, or just decadent and uncaring?
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 13:08
Love it, how about Kim Jong Il?
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 14:08
I rarely ever comment, but the facts about Hitler are sort of out of wack so to speak. He was not his parents' eldest son, he had an older brother named for his father Alois Hitler Jr. His father WAS infact a drunkard, but he was a devoted man to his last wife, and children and infact would often sleep on the floor of their home once his wife continued to give birth to more and more children...I got this info from Wikipedia. They may be wrong too though.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 15:56
Imo the name Ivan Grozny, does not translate directly to Terrible, but more to something like manacing, threatning or fierce.

The movie about his by Sergei Einstein are great.
Good list!
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 27 22:49
@ Bael

When ever I read history and want to look up the most evil people who ever existed, Vlad's name comes up. I don't know what kind of history you're reading, but since when is impaling Turks on stakes a good thing? Vlad was murderous and cruel, and it's been documented by many historians during and after his time and if you don't believe facts then how is that my problem? Maybe in your opinion, slaughtering villages of non-Romanian people is heroic, but in the opinion of the general public he was an awful human being.

Osama was a bloodthirsy terrorist, and just because George Bush and his republican government were morons who provoked it, it doesn't mean Osama wasn't a sick fuck. I know the US demonized him so they could have a national villain, but he certainly is one of the most hated people who ever lived. Bush is an asshole, but nothing compared to these other people.

And obviously I know that propaganda is often written into history, but I don't know why you're telling me this because I'm not a historian, I just made a freakin list.


You guys are really quick to bitch about America, hell I'm not even on their side, I'm not American myself so I don't know why you'd think I'd want to glorify them. But apparently you haven't read your history:

"Estimates of the number of his victims range from 40,000 to 100,000, comparable to the cumulative number of executions over four centuries of European witchhunts.According to the German stories the number of victims he had killed was at least 80,000. In addition to the 80,000 victims mentioned he also had whole villages and fortresses destroyed and burned to the ground."

So that's not evil? Whatever you say....And also, this is a list of famous evil people. The American government at the time decided to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and there is no single person to point a finger at. Harry S Truman was president at the time, but he is not known as one of the most evil people who ever lived.


You don't know where I got that info? You think I'm just making it up for fun? Historical manuscripts and pamphlets detailing the gory crimes of Vlad exist.

"To this day four manuscripts and 13 pamphlets have been found, as well as the poem by Michel Beheim. The surviving manuscripts date from the last quarter of the 15th century to the year 1500 and the found pamphlets date from 1488 to 1559–1568."

I think you've been brainwashed by Romanian patriotic propaganda. Check your facts.


Alois Jr wasn't living with his parents at the time. Hitler was the oldest male in the household, therefore he got beaten. It's well recorded that Alois Sr was very abusive, and despite a few acts of kindness, he treated his son like shit.

As for everyone else:

THANKS for the suggestions but there are too many and I can't add all of them because I'm too damn lazy. And next time y'all wanna complain to me about historical inaccuracies- MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. I'm not an idiot, I've read about this stuff in great depth and I will have to disagree with heresy ,weird conspiracy stuff and malformed opinions that make no sense.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 5:57
How can some of those be "facts"?

"He is said to have killed as many as 100,000 in this fashion, often tens of thousands in a single day."

Even this one statement is ridiculous and contradictory. "often tens of thousands in a single day". Must have been a short rage then.

You are still young, you will learn to doubt many historical "facts" (especially those from darker ages), and realize that they were often written centuries after a person lived, and are just a plain lie. Take the example I've mentioned and read up some of the Templars history and the true reasons for their undoing, or the process against countess Bathory. From serious and modern historians. Those are just two small examples how political manipulation worked. The sad thing is, it obviously still does...
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 28 23:11
@ Bael

I'll admit I wrote it wrong, like wtf, I meant THOUSANDS a day not tens. But that was a stupid mistake on my part.

As far as facts go, Vlad is known all over as a horrendous despot. What use would any other country have to defame a Romanian prince who existed hundreds of years ago? I don't see the purpose. I'm not the one making shit it up, it's you in your own personal opinion who sees verified history as lies and that has nothing to do with what actually happaned.

Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm an idiot. Age does not equal intelligence dude. How old were some of the fucked up people on this list? Aged morons. I do doubt history but I give it the benefit of the doubt and I trust the proof before my eyes. I don't make up weird Illuminati b.s. I know about the Templars and their forced confessions, but that doesn't mean Bathory didn't kill hundreds of young girls. There is a limit to how many events that never happened can be lied about. And don't talk to me about political manipulation, I know all about propaganda.

@Isaac Marshall

LOL HAHHAHA U SO FUNNY. Chris Chan is just a douchey plague.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 29 12:52
I know the history of Europe, but do you? You wrote about Vlad III as the movies described him but that isn't the hole truth. Get your facts straight en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlad_the_Impaler
Second: I never said that Europe is better, or accused you for protecting America or something. i didn't write anything about that because i thought @Bael covered that.
The Crusades originally had the goal of reclaiming the Holy Land, including Jerusalem from the Muslims. There were 9 crusades in all ending finally in 1272 A.D. The estimate is that over those 200 years approximately 200,000 people died.
The mid 7th century to the mid 10th century CE saw the gradual expansion of Islam. Half of the Christian world was conquered by Arab armies; this included countries in which Christianity had been established for centuries, such as Egypt, southern France, southern Italy, Sicily, Spain, Syria, Turkey, etc. 4

By the late 10th century, Europe and the Middle East were divided into Christian and Muslim spheres of influence. Christian pilgrims from Europe regularly visited Muslim-controlled Jerusalem in reasonable safety. Such pilgrimages were very popular. The were believed to be one of the major acts by which a person could reduce their exposure to the tortures of purgatory after their death.

By the middle of the 11th century, Christianity had formally split between the Roman Catholic Church and the Byzantine Empire: The Emperor/Bishop of Constantinople and the Bishop of Rome had mutually excommunicated each other. In 1071, the Turks defeated the latter at the Battle of Manzikert. This left Constantinople exposed to attack from Muslims. Meanwhile, Christians were being ambushed during their pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

Emperor Alexius asked Pope Urban II for assistance. On 1095-NOV-27, the Pope called on Europeans to go on a crusade to liberate Jerusalem from its Muslim rulers. "The first and second wave of Crusaders murdered, raped and plundered their way up the Rhine and down the Danube as they headed for Jerusalem." 1 The "army" was primarily composed of untrained peasants with their families, with a core of trained soldiers. On the way to the Middle East, they decided that only one of their goals was to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Muslims. A secondary task was to rid the world of as many non-Christians as possible - both Muslims and Jews. The Crusaders gave the Jews two choices in their slogan: "Christ-killers, embrace the Cross or die!" 12,000 Jews in the Rhine Valley alone were killed as the first Crusade passed through. Some Jewish writers refer to these events as the "first holocaust." Once the army reached Jerusalem and broke through the city walls, they slaughtered all the inhabitants that they could find (men, women, children, newborns). After locating about 6,000 Jews holed up in the synagogue, they set the building on fire; the Jews were burned alive. The Crusaders found that about 30,000 Muslims had fled to the al Aqsa Mosque. The Muslim were also slaughtered without mercy.

The Roman Catholic church taught that going to war against the "Infidels" was an act of Christian penance. If a believer was killed during a crusade, he would bypass purgatory, and be taken directly to heaven. By eliminating what might be many millennia of torture in Purgatory, many Christians were strongly motivated to volunteer for the crusades. "After pronouncing a solemn vow, each warrior received a cross from the hands of the pope or his legates, and was thenceforth considered a soldier of the Church." 3

These mass killings were repeated during each of the 8 additional crusades until the final, 9th, crusade in 1272 CE. Both Christians and Muslims believed that they were fighting on God's side against Satan; they believed that if they died on the battlefield they would be given preferential treatment in the Christian Heaven or the Muslim Paradise. Battles were fought with a terrible fierceness and a massive loss of life. Over a 200 year period, perhaps 200,000 people were killed. The Muslim warrior Salah a-Din subsequently recaptured Jerusalem from the Christians.

By the end of the crusades, most European Christians believed the unfounded blood-libel myths -- the rumor that Jews engaged in human sacrifice of Christian children. A long series of Christian persecutions of the Jews continued in Europe and Russia into the 20th century. They laid the foundation for the Nazi Holocaust.

The result of centuries of conflict among followers of the three main Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) was a "deep mutual hatred" and mistrust among the three faiths. Memories of these genocides still influence relationships among Jews, Christians and Muslims to the present time.

Among many Jews and Muslims, the term crusade evokes visions of genocide, mass murder, and mass extermination of innocent people. However, among many Christians it has become a positive term, frequently used to refer to mass rallies and campaigns to win converts - as in the Billy Graham Crusades. Out of respect for the victims of the "first holocaust," we recommend that the term be only used to refer to the wars of the Middle Ages.
Edit: 5 years, 9 months ago
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 29 23:08

Jesus Christ, did you write all that yourself? WTF does that even have to do with Vlad??? I READ the whole wiki page of Vlad, and it says several times clearly that he slaughtered MANY MANY people and was greatly despised and feared. YOU are the one who doesn't understand. LOL I can't believe you thought I was gonna read all that and that it was somehow even relevant to any of this. Obviously, all religions have issues but people need to take responsibility for their own actions. I mean, are you stupid or just ignorant? WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK HE'S CALLED VLAD THE FUCKING IMPALER???? I am sick of this pointless argument with people who don't even know wtf they're talking about.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 30 2:02
@Severin Severin Are YOU STUPID? I didn't wrote it for you to read, I wrote for people with actual brains to understand.
Anyway I won't spend much time arguing with someone like you. Unlike you I can say that I have a life, and I don't need to annoy others to feel important.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Sep 30 2:14

You goddamn moron. I feel bad for you. You actually think someone's is gonna read your incoherent ramblings? If I wanted to read boring shit like that, Listal is the last place I'd want to see it. And you're the idiot who keeps insisting upon bullshit and annoying me, so I doubt you have a life. Like you could ever make a list half as good as mine. So don't even bother replying back, just go kiss Vlad's ass in hell.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Oct 8 14:02
Fuck you Severin! For me Vlad is a hero not a scum! I'm glad he killed all those motherfuckers. Fuck them all!
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Oct 8 23:03

Hey FUCK YOU TOO ASSHOLE! Go ahead and worship your sick hero you stupid twat. Are you racist to Turks or something?? Villages of innocent people were slaughtered for no reason by Vlad and his cronies, I mean, you must be fucked in the head or be severely demented to admire that shithead.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Oct 9 0:14
So the turks are the good guys? you stupid cunt! Wtf does a russian kid knows about Romanian history, stfu and go play with your dolls.
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Oct 9 0:24
Ugh, STOP WASTING MY GODDAMN TIME BITCH! I mean seriously, more racism? So because I'm Russian, I can't fucking READ ROMANIAN HISTORY??? And oh, lemme guess, you're Romanian so no wonder you think Turks are "evil." Wow dickhead, how obvious can you make your patriotic bigoted bullshit. I'm gonna go stick my dolls up your ass now and btw I'm blocking you because I don't want to waste my life talking to a cocksucker like you.
Edit: 5 years, 9 months ago
Posted: 5 years, 9 months ago at Oct 24 15:35
Great list
Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Oct 29 16:46
"Killer" list. Loved your commentary.
Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Nov 3 18:53
I can't believe you have Charles Manson on this list. Talk about inappropriate. Manson never killed anyone. He's spent his entire life in prison for crimes he didn't commit.

If you want to put some sick f**ks on here, you should add Muhammad (Islam's so-called "prophet") and Darwin. Now those were sick, twisted people.
Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Nov 3 18:57
By the way, the person named "Stella" who posted above, about the Crusades, is a certified moron. The Christians were never a part of the Crusades. It was the Catholic Church. And yes, Stella, there is a significant difference between the Catholic Church and true Christians. So, no, you don't know your history as well as you claim.
Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Nov 4 2:18

I can't believe you harassed me on two lists lol how sad. As if I didn't already get lectured by enough crazies. I'm really starting to regret making any list at all. *facepalm*

Charles Manson made his followers do what they did you turd. He was their leader and they were his slaves basically. Ever heard of "accessory to murder?" Except Charles was the biggest accessory. Anyways, as for the Muhammad and Darwin thing I'm not going to argue with you because clearly you're a total sicko and I'm gonna block you too.
Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Nov 8 1:57
@Severin Severin
I have to admit you've got attitude... and can not believe that people are so rude or disrespectful...
List is good!!! they are all BAD figures from the past.
etc. for someone's Vlad is savior but on other hand he is slaughterer... or Stalin once said to U.S. ambassador A. Harriman:
"The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic."
and so on...
Posted: 5 years, 6 months ago at Jan 17 15:26
Probably any serial killer would fit in well on this list. The story of H.H. Holmes I find particularly fascinating.

I doubt Jim Jones has many admirers left. The story of Jonestown is compelling. Check out this slideshow! abcnews.go.com/Health/slideshow/jonestown-massacre-anniversary-17728596

And dare I suggest the Westboro Baptist Church? I do. I think they embody a brilliant example that religion is man made and the dead certainty it creates is largely inherited from family tradition.

Posted: 5 years, 5 months ago at Feb 3 15:06
What about Mao? He was responsible for more deaths than Stalin and Hitler combined.
Posted: 5 years, 5 months ago at Feb 6 1:09
Interesting list. Somewhat interesting discussion. History as such isn't objective and what comes to good ol' Vlad he probably was one sick fuck, but then again we are judging him according the morality of today. Impaling enemies on stakes wasn't all that uncommon in the dark ages, actually. And he as well might be according to some historians a great liberator more than a dictator. Hard to say, haven't read all the essays about him. This of course doesn't mean that I disagree, just that some might, maybe many even.

And wikipedia isn't the most reliable source of information anyways... It's a site where bus drivers can write of nuclear physics. :D

And killing anyone doesn't particularly make one evil in the context of history. Killing is a part of human condition. History is full of depraved killers who are considered on a higher note still, even though they killed many people. One could add some half of the medieval papacy here as well as for example Harry S Truman etc. etc. on those grounds.

Anyways a merry band of brigands you have here, and interesting read as well. Keep it up.

Posted: 5 years, 5 months ago at Feb 6 11:29
An interesting list indeed. Though it is worth to mention, that most of the first stories about those evil roman emperors were written by their adversaries during the time the empire was still up and running, and some of them weren't the most objective kind of historians. Still, I don't deny their reputation, and that they were quite nasty people indeed.
Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago at Mar 29 18:26
Vlad Tepeş is a hero for us. Romania is a free country because of him. He was cruel but he had a reason. Turks came to take our country and he killed them, what did you expect?! Romania was full of criminals and thieves and these things stopped because of Vlad. Stop playing smart and thinking you know every shit on this planet and learn a little more about Romania or history or whatever your heart wants. That's all, don't bother yourself trying to 'fight' with me.
Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago at Mar 30 3:53
I SO regret putting Vlad's bitch ass on this list because I've had to hear so many complaints that it's driven me insane. Apparently you Romanians adore him sooo much, as this piece of an article explains:

Despite his cruelties and severe punishments, and because of his seething hatred for anything Turkish, he is considered today a national hero by the populace. Because he died in warfare against the foe, even fought against a brother whom he considered a sell-out to the enemy, he is often upheld as a martyr. Statues stand in his honor, and his birthplace at Sighisoara and resting-place at Snagov are considered almost canonical.

"Though many Westerners are baffled that a man whose political and military career was as steeped in blood as was that of Vlad Dracula," writes Elizabeth Miller for Journal of the Dark magazine, "the fact remains that for many Romanians he is an icon of heroism...It is this duality that is part of his appeal."

So I can understand obviously you've been brainwashed to love him despite him being a bloodthirsty tyrant and all. Oh, the fantasy of shallow patriotism! But yeah, you're waaay smarter than me. I'm just a little idiot, you know all, don't you?
Posted: 5 years, 3 months ago at Apr 21 4:42
Don King should be on here, what a piece of shit.
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 6 23:40
a very interesting read, and the comments were just as interesting to read too :)
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 12 22:03
Where's Jimmy Savile?
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 12 22:13
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 12 22:57
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 13 4:54
Every time this list gets on the front page, I'm like OH GOD please no, any list but this one! Because I always get into like 1000 arguments about Vlad the Impaler over and over again. By now I am so filled with regret about putting him on this list, because he's not even one of the most hated people ever, hell it seems like he's one of the most loved even!

I don't think the Turks are/were perfect morally, far from it, but I don't think that's any call for murdering villages full of innocent civilians. The thing is with Vlad, okay he could've been some kind of great hero and all, but was it really necessary to impale his victims and torture them like he did? Defending your country is one thing, but mass murder is another.

Anyways, thank you Dannyjai for backing me up, though I do feel like I am actually wrong about the whole Vlad the Impaler point because clearly many people disagree and think he was some kind of great savior, but regardless, I'm leaving him on this list because I worked too hard on that section and because he was a total bitch.

Also thanks for all the suggestions everybody, but I'm pretty damn lazy and I will write about them when I have the time.
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 13 6:23
Vlad was evil, pure and simple...although there wasn't a single thing pure about him. From everything I've read (and I've read quite a lot in the last 4 decades), he was a sadistic mother who had no qualms about killing anyone at all.

He ruled by fear and there are ample reasons why he was a basis for Dracula.
Posted: 5 years, 2 months ago at May 13 13:34
amazing to know all of these..:d
Posted: 5 years, 1 month ago at May 27 8:41
amazing list!
Posted: 4 years, 9 months ago at Oct 10 17:28
great list
Posted: 4 years ago at Jul 8 13:12
Oh man, I've read this list once or twice but I never read the comments until now.

Severin, please take all my mental support to you for keeping yourself together to some extent with some of these people.
Posted: 3 years, 1 month ago at Jun 13 19:48
In about two years, obama will be on this list!
Posted: 3 years, 1 month ago at Jun 13 23:35
@Seafox every American president belongs on this list they are fucking scum
Posted: 3 years, 1 month ago at Jun 14 1:43
I honestly think Obama truly seems to be another victim of absolutely terrible circumstances. He has always striken to me as an idealist who has simply faced the problems that a very slowly developing political system has thrown on his way. If this man really had the freedom to decide whatever should be done, USA wouldn't be considered to be such a goddamn right-wing conservative military superpower. It all cannot depend on the personalities of leaders - something is horribly wrong with the political atmosphere of this country.

Therefore, yes, all modern American presidents should've been more powerful than the pressure that they've faced, but honestly, this kind of pressure is something that turns even people like Obama as cynical as they are now. Not to mention the obviously corrupt republican presidents. Therefore, declarling them as scum of the earth is kind of short-sighted - especially if you look at what Russian president Vladimir Putin is doing right now - although seeing idiots like George W. Bush here wouldn't hurt my feelings too much.

Edit: comp with fellow Listal user VierasTalo. Holy scheissebanaisse.
Posted: 3 years, 1 month ago at Jun 14 5:16
@ Gerru

I'm not sure what Obama's original intentions were and at this point I don't really care. A man who murders thousands of Afghans, Pakistanis and Iraqis with drone strikes and who is responsible for American imperialism in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, etc has no sympathy from me. They're all capitalists and killers, every single American president in history. They don't care who dies, as long as they have their few narcissistic years of power.

Of course like you said, many political leaders, no matter where in the world, tend to be horrible too, it's not just America obviously. But America is the "exceptionalist" country that does whatever it wants and holds power over most of the countries in the world. Obama is a war criminal just like Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, etc, I don't see any difference between any of them.

And as for this list, I think it's garbage. I made it a few years ago and I was really naive so these were the people who I saw as the most evil, though there are so many others I could have included. But idc anymore I don't have the time or energy to update or fix it.
Posted: 3 years, 1 month ago at Jun 17 15:34
where's George Bush who killed numerous innocent people in Iraq & Afghanistan while searching for chemical weapons!

It's never easy to write history impartially.
Posted: 2 years, 10 months ago at Aug 29 22:59
Edit: 2 years, 10 months ago
Posted: 2 years, 9 months ago at Oct 19 1:25
I'm suprissed the leader of Iran isn't on that list. He, and his goverment, support many Islamic terrorist groups.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at Apr 17 15:25
What about Vladimir Putin?
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at Apr 17 21:29
What about Genghis Khan or Oliver Cromwell?
Edit: 2 years, 3 months ago
Posted: 2 years ago at Jul 17 11:46
You fucking IMBECILE!!!! Read the russian archieves!!! There is no fucking proofs of the so called "STALINIST CRIMES!!! That´s why you fucking anglo saxons are in no hurry to ask the Russian republic for Access to these declassified archives!!!! No damn proof of Stalin, the "genocide". You created that "genocide" character to pair him with your beloved Hitler, yes, the nutty austrian you supported to commit genocide and preserve capitalism in the face of your dangerous enemy comunism. Fuck you anglo saxon criminal fagots!!! Stalin actually saved the world from the evil you unleashed in Hitler!!!
Posted: 1 year, 12 months ago at Jul 24 16:30
New Jersey is a hotbed for terrorists and has been a target for a long time, with 9/11 terrorists/pilots from Paterson New Jersey and '93 WTC bombing from Jersey City. Many al-qaeda and ISIS arrests in Bergen County and elsewhere - many say worst police state corruption ever seen - search Web. Looking into why New Jersey - since J. Edgar Hoover (worst rep in history, FBI) and Norman Schwarzkopf (worst rep in history, founded NJ state police and Iran overthrow/SAVAK founder) became famous together for not stopping the Lindbergh kidnapping, just catching the killer afterwards, while Lindbergh had some contact with those whom they went berserk over until their deaths.

[Link removed - login to see]

Real cases of communists in Chicago and New York City (where their party is) doing terrible things to children in New Jersey with documented threats and follow through from New Jersey State police officers, some who were working FBI during '93 WTC bombing in Jersey City and Paterson during 9/11, obstructing justice on bad New Jersey judges and after telling people the police looking at 9/11 were probably involved in it - they then attacked people and their children using their old COINTELPRO tactics. Not CIA, but FBI and New Jersey State police - they are known for supporting terrorists and even training them to go after people in New Jersey and their children, like the Lindbergh baby. Really weird and really bad - criminals and enemies of the US, who are already here - using history of hurting Liindbergh's baby as an excuse to terrorize, hurt and kill in NJ - *supported* by the New Jersey State Police (with FBI) and local authorities including local and county police and judiciary.

Check this site and look at Riccardo (NJ State Police/FBI) and many others, look at what came from New Jersey, with David Rockefelle (NJ Standard Oil, broken to all US oil companies, and even many around world including taking Iran's with Schwarzkopf), Dulles and many others! They did Social Darwinism and supported much worse, many are listed here, need to look thru a few hundred to see all - hope they don't whitewash the site.
[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]
[Link removed - login to see].
[Link removed - login to see]

Rockefeller New Jersey Standard Oil - Wealthiest in World - still are - trust worth hidden, Dulles (CIA and Sect'y of State did terrible things - all from NJ - and J. Edgar and Schwarzkopf famous from NJ
[Link removed - login to see]
[Link removed - login to see]

Mossad and KGB killing Nazi in Paterson NJ - X marks spot where 9/11 terrorists came from - with FBI relocating Nazis and even al-Qaeda terrorists in NJ - including Rahman and many others
[Link removed - login to see]
[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see]

Madison Grant - NYC - father Governor of NJ - wrote Hitler's Bible

Soob was reportedly blown up by the Mossad and kgb, this was just before fall of Soviets due to bin Laden terror group funded by US, which the Israeli's and Soviets really didn't like - they blew up a Nazi in New Jersey to mark the spot where the 9/11 terror would come from.
Soobzokov, The Fuhrer of the North Caucasus, settled in Patterson, New Jersey by CIA. Blown up by Jewish terror group, burried in Bergen County, NJ in 1985. Soobzokov served in the North Caucausus Region created by the Nazis.

US Negative Eugenicists - crimes against humanity in Indiana and New Jersey. hereditary view of mental "defectiveness" as an inheritable and hence controllable trait — that is, if inheritance were stopped dead in its tracks through sterilization.

From Vineland, New Jersey - did terrible things including Nazi-like sterilizations long before WW II
Prominent American psychologistand eugenicist in the early 20th century.
[Link removed - login to see]

So many more - just look for New Jersey, here's a long list and tons of refs
[Link removed - login to see]

This has a list of New Jersey issues thru to today - scary - scroll to: Human Rights (& eugenics/Nazism in NJ/NY/US)
[Link removed - login to see]

[Link removed - login to see] Aryan Terror Brigade in New Jersey, many others with killings

[Link removed - login to see]
[Link removed - login to see]
Posted: 1 year, 9 months ago at Sep 30 21:51
I stumbled across this list whilst looking for something else and WOW, I don't know which is worse the people on this list or the mentality of the people commenting on it. I'm just amazed at the hatred and anger you all seem too have over something so meaningless. it's just a list someone has compiled of people who were Horrible Fuckers throughout history, why is everyone getting so fucking stressed about it for fucks sake obviously we all have different opinions but we don't have to be quite such Cunts to each other about it do we. IT REALLY IS JUST A LIST. Chill the fuck out.
Posted: 1 year, 9 months ago at Sep 30 21:51
Posted: 1 year, 4 months ago at Mar 5 2:53
Actually for most Non-Americans, Osama bin Laden is a bit of a secret hero! I don't think Americans seen to have a clue how much they are hated and despised by everyone else!
Posted: 1 year, 2 months ago at May 13 2:22
hated is not bad or 'scum'. wrong, idiotic weaklings

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