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Added by Joshua "LF"

on 11 Apr 2012 04:01

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Overrated Films

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Why I disliked it: Tangled wasn't a bad movie, just not a very good movie. Most of the songs were unoriginal or uninspired, and there wasn't a whole lot of content that I hadn't seen before. Most of the characters were cliched, and the ending was a shameless cop-out.

Why it is embraced elsewhere: Princess flicks always do well with audiences, and the Disney label helped. I seem to be the only one who didn't like the songs, and little girls honestly don't care if a few characters are a little thinly drawn.
People who added this item 2067  Average listal rating (1296 ratings) 7.7  IMDB Rating 7.8 
1. Tangled (2010)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

Kung Fu Panda 2

Why I dislike it: Almost completely unfunny. It's also way too dramatic. Also, what was nothing more than a running gag in the first film is now a major plot point in this sequel.

Why it is embraced elsewhere: Teens and kids are suckers for any kind of action/Jack Black/talking animals. The first film was successful, which helped as well. Also, many found it to have more heart than traditional Dreamworks fare (I thought it was just melodramatic cheese).
People who added this item 1175  Average listal rating (654 ratings) 6.9  IMDB Rating 7.3 
2. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

How to Train Your Dragon

Why I dislike it: Here's another film that is merely mediocre, but no where near deserving of the praise it receives. 98% of the critics that saw this film liked it, which is crazy to me. The story is nothing new, and most of the characters are irritating. There are a lot of things that aren't explained well enough, and the movie wasn't very funny (at least there were no pop culture references).

Why it is embraced elsewhere: I guess everyone got excited that Dreamworks released something that wasn't reliant on big names and recycled humor. Audiences and critics go crazy over "boy makes friends with generally opposing forces." Take E.T. and The Iron Giant for example.
People who added this item 2176  Average listal rating (1408 ratings) 7.9  IMDB Rating 8.2 
3. How To Train Your Dragon (2010)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Why I disliked it: Another over glorified, average film. In addition to being extremely unfaithful to the book, the songs are generally awful, and all the potential that the factory had is unrealized in this bland adaption of the book. I personally thought Tim Burton's adaption was miles better, but I seem to be the only one who thinks so...

Why it is embraced elsewhere: The oompa-loompa songs are catchy, and for those who hadn't read the book, the idea was pretty original. Outside of that, I don't know why this film is such a success.
People who added this item 2741  Average listal rating (1762 ratings) 7.4  IMDB Rating 7.8 
4. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury

Why I disliked it: It's an obvious cash grab. It has all the quality of bad Cartoon Network show, and is painfully unfunny.

Why it is embraced elsewhere: Even though this is widely unseen by critics, 82% of audience members liked the film. Figures. Everybody loved How to Train Your Dragon, so audience members ate this up.
People who added this item 83  Average listal rating (38 ratings) 7.1  IMDB Rating 7.6 
5. Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury (2011)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

Dolphin Tale

Why I disliked it: Am I the only one who sees how cheesy this movie is? Dolphin Tale bears little resemblance to the actual story, and it's clear this film was made for 5 year olds. It's unfunny, it's too dramatic, thoroughly unbelievable, and the acting is awful.

Why it was embraced elsewhere: It's easy to see why the audience loved it so much. Families love these "feel good movies" no matter how cheesy they are. In fact, the more cheesy the better! But I thought the critics were a little more choosy. I honestly have no idea why Dolphin Tale succeeded critically, nor will I ever.
People who added this item 129  Average listal rating (66 ratings) 6.9  IMDB Rating 6.9 
6. Dolphin Tale (2011)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Why I disliked it: It's not that I disliked it, I just felt that it's not that great. There wasn't enough focus on the muppets, the film takes itself too seriously, and most of the songs felt like filler.

Despite being a box office flop, The Muppet Christmas Carol is hailed as the best adaption of the Dickens tale by many. The Muppet name alone brought this adaption to fame.
People who added this item 720  Average listal rating (440 ratings) 7  IMDB Rating 7.7 
7. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:

Iron Man 2

Why I disliked it: I've never seen the first Iron Man. You can scold me all you want. You can say that my opinion is not valid for this film but I doubt that I would've like this film anymore with the viewing of the first. Iron Man 2 is way to cheesy. The final battle had all the tension (and originality) of a Saturday Morning cartoon, and Robert Downey Jr. is way too aware of his stardom.

Why it is embraced elsewhere: It's a super hero movie. Robert Downey Jr. is in it. End of story.
People who added this item 2963  Average listal rating (1902 ratings) 6.7  IMDB Rating 7.1 
8. Iron Man 2 (2010)
Joshua "LF"'s rating:


A list that I will probably be killed for. These are films that are quite popular, that I found to be mediocre, or just plain awful. Audience and/or critic data is from the Rotten Tomatoes website.

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Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Apr 11 19:35
Great concise analysis! Keep up the good work and don't let anyone boss you around. Cheers!
Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Apr 11 21:51
Agreed on Tangled, Willy Wonka (you're NOT alone!), and Iron Man 2. On that last one I think your opinion is totally valid without seeing Iron Man, but I don't think that warrants not watching Iron Man at some point. I stand by the fact that the original film was mostly well done.

I had no interest in Kung Fu Panda 2 or the other Dragons thing, so I'll continue to avoid those. Appreciate the warning. :)
Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Apr 12 0:01
I agree with Willy Wonka. And yes, I like the Charlie version better, too.

But I disagree with How to Train Your Dragon.
Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Apr 12 1:58
May I just say I loved Tangled, and a bit of advice: Don't watch any more family films! :P x
Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Apr 12 2:50
Iron man 2 was a let down to put it nicely

I don't see why anyone would like dolphin tale in the first place

The Muppet Christmas Carol and kung fu panda 2 are good movies i enjoyed them both

and you have to think a lot of the people that love number 4 and number 7 had grown up watching them and having a connection with the movie
Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago at Apr 12 14:17
ummm Willy Wonka is one of the most beautiful funniest movies ever made!!!! It certainly doesnt belong on a list with a bunch of poorly scripted and typically animated disney movies. just sayin
Posted: 2 years, 9 months ago at Jun 7 16:12
Personally i enjoyed tangled, kung fu panda 2 and especially how to train your dragon, But you get my vote because i love how you explains why you hates them, its a matter of taste though.
Posted: 2 years, 8 months ago at Jul 30 18:44
I may disagree with your analysis, but I thought you explained your views very well and you are entitled to your opinion. Do yourself a favor and watch Iron Man then re-watch Iron Man 2. If you still have the same opinion as you do now, that's fine. (I personally liked Iron Man better then the sequel.)

Good job on your list!

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