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Added by Monstermaster on 10 Jul 2017 11:28
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Nathan's Personas

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A plucky adventurer who is always getting taken on numerous adventures in which he has the worst luck, whether it be being betrayed by his own friends, killed, maimed, or even transformed against his own will.
Chris: There's one thing you should know about Chris, it's that he's not human. In the monster world, Walkens are basically a species of supernatural beings that are akin to vampires except with influences from figures like the Boogieman. Walkens in general get their name from the fact males of this species look and sound like Christopher Walken. He stands at 6'ft and is 169lbs, he is suitably Walken-like in appearance and voice.

Appearance wise he looks like a hybrid of Gabriel from the Prophecy trilogy and the Hessian from Sleepy Hollow and personality wise he pretty much acts like the latter regarding his views on humans, although he does not hate humans he is fascinated by them. He also goes after wrongdoers exclusive and isn't entirely good or entirely evil. He is very sinister but also suave and charismatic with a well-mannered personality and also extremely sly and intelligent. His abilities include inhuman strength, hypnosis, enhanced agility and the ability to turn others into 'Walkens' or 'She-Hessians', since he is an alpha. Chris can hypnotize humans with his eyes and voice and turn them in various ways including biting them, scratching them, via supernatural rituals, transferring his aura into them, and even by giving them a mixture of blood and liquefied cowbell as a drink. Cowbell in general is very sacred to his species. He also has dream-manipulation abilities which he uses to give hypnotized victims dreams of being like him.

He can also shift into a humanoid form during the day to disguise himself and become mist or smoke as well as characters that his namesake actor has played. He'll use his humanoid form to sneak around during the day and to win trust of the humans he has chosen to go after/convert, he'll then use his powers to entrance them and put them under his spell, his eyes becoming his signature blue ones and giving off a supernatural glow. This trance-like state they are placed under is one in which they won't be able to think of anything else but him and will do anything to aid him in his goal, they'll also desire to be part of his army.

He'll sink his fangs into the neap of their necks as he drains them of their blood, as Walkenesque blood enters through their blood-stream and slowly but surely converts them into a Walken or She-Hessian to help him search for humans to bite. These Walkens and She-Hessians are in several different classes/types such as 'Apprentice' 'Hunter/Stalker' 'Gatherer' and the like. He also has technological ways of adding new Walkens to his clan such as hypnotic computer viruses, a computer program he invented, and a tv station.

Sometimes he'll do it with a show he himself set up which is basically a 'vampire/Walken' variant of the US version of The Apprentice with him serving as the 'Donald Trump' of this particular variant, and that's not the only Trump related thing that he also had a hand in. During the 2016 election he visited Trump himself as a means to try and persuade him to drop out of the race in general, even trying to side with him and attempting to hypnotize him. Unfortunately after Trump became president, he felt betrayed and felt that he should have won instead, you see he also has running for president at that time. So he did get his revenge by converting his supporters and staff members into 'Walkens' and 'She-Hessians' and have them go after him, leaving only Trump himself and Melania there.

Chris has a dislike of demons, but this isn't for a racist reason or anything, this is because someone he once considered an ally turned out to be one that was using him for evil and toying with him, and then flatout tried to hurt him down and kill him after they were resurrected. He can't stand excuses or betrayal for that matter. And although he is calm and collected most of the time, it does not pay to make him aggravated, for he has a Dark Passenger-esque side known as the 'Hessian' side where he goes well..all Hessian Horseman-like, this will happen if he is ticked off in anyway including if nothing goes according to plan or if someone drives him insane with excuses and lame accusations. It's not wise to accuse him of dictatorship, because for obvious reasons..when a human is hypnotized by him they are under his control so they can't do anything about it anyway, he however doesn't say they can't fight back, it's just once the process starts they can't fight or resist the changes, granted the first change into a Walken or She-Hessian is painful but that is one of the only few times it is, the only other case being if they resist or try to fight the change.

It is also revealed that anything to do with blood can get that bloodthirsty set of instincts kicking off, or anything that reminds him of blood for that matter. Which is why his kind have 'blood moon' rituals to convert people into Walkens or She-Hessians. He is not entirely powerful though as he has various vampire type weaknesses - both folkloric and movie vampire weaknesses as well as ones akin to the Hessian himself. He also may feel remorse for the victims that he goes after, especially if they didn't do anything wrong.
Dr Nathan Forester: Half vampire, shapeshifter, scientist and horror movie buff. Studies monsters for a living with his research team when he's not busy fighting evil ones off.
Growler: A 'Weregrinch' modeled after the live action version of the Grinch only minus the termite infested teeth and with a more muscular build, originally a villainous type obsessed with revenge before realizing he's better off as an anti-hero or leader type. He is fierce but has a good-heart and wouldn't hurt anyone. With pointed ears, fangs and a long mane of dark green hair, he is inhumanly strong and agile. Has heightened senses, inhuman strength and agility and is an ally of Staten the gargoyle - is also a member of the Hillhurst monsters when he's not fighting crime, he tends to be a Deadpan Snarker most of the time and is self aware, like Chumsley - he is pretty much aware of the fact that the concept behind him is pretty ridiculous but he doesn't like having to explain the jokes to people. Got his powers after being bit by Jim Carrey on a visit to Universal Studios, Carrey in this universe being the original weregrinch and the one who also helped him adjust to his new powers.

He and his gang of monsters are generally a nocturnal team of hero types that go around saving people and sometimes other monsters, while he may seem like the unstoppable type he does have several weaknesses both regarding his powers and also personality wise. He comes from Oakendale which is a an American city inhabited by humans and monsters, hence why things such as people questioning the existence of said creatures are never brought up, because both monsters and humans co-exist together in this world. The way Growler's powers work is kind of like the character Tommy Dawkins, Nathan even does become him in a style that mirrors how Tommy wolfs out on the show and he even has the eyes that glow a golden yellow color when he's under emotional stress as well.
George: A supernatural version of George Clooney from a magical island, he is a suave smooth-talking prankster with a lovable persona and equally as likable sense of humor, serving as a Genie type due to his magic powers.
Trejo: Charged with mystical monster powers and beast-like attributes, he is an ageless bad-ass and skilled hunter who specializes in going after the more difficult and more powerful prey specimen.
MJ: A musician with a very youthful and cheerful persona and a love of singing and dancing, he is also an animal lover and kind to others and is heavily into horror films.
Christina: Supernatural version of well..Christina Ricci who comes out at night, she's a humanoid spider-woman.
Bruce: Deadpan Snarker, expert monster tracker and hero type that kicks ass and saves the day/night from evil supernatural forces. Also is known to be a ringmaster at a supernatural circus on occasion.
Kathy: Similar to Christina or she is a nocturnal sorceress version of actress Kathy Bates (as seen here).
An avid RPer who loves monsters and the idea of being one himself, with a vivid imagination.
Adores monsters and the supernatural in general, eccentric but is generally a nice person. Of course his love of the paranormal is made even better due to the fact his hometown is occupied by tons of different monster species.
If you troll him, doublecross him or get him in a bad mood, you will ultimately find yourself meeting THIS side of him. And much like with Bruce Banner, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.
Trumpty: Nathan's more dangerous and aggressive monster side, he goes by many names including the Great Orange One, Donald 'Nothing But Trouble' Trump, Goldfish Face, Terror Tabby, Humanized Garfield, Tangerine Scream, Wall-O-Holic, and most commonly Trumpty Dumpty. As you can probably tell by his name he is very much Donald Trump as an actual monster or 'monstrump' in his case with the appearance of 2000's era Trump along with his voice and personality but he hasn't got the 'power-hungry' part or the 'idiot' part. He mostly comes out when the moon turns orange, or rather Nathan becomes him. Which is the result of a curse that he has been suffering from since last year. His aggression and hunger are legendary and he is inhumanly strong with heightened senses and MC related powers as well as a variety of Monstrump powers of his own which he uses, he can also change his size from how he normally stands to being the size of an actual giant if needed. He is a friend of Doctor Gorgo's.

He is pretty much 2000's era Donald Trump as a monster, standing at 6'2 and 236lbs and wearing the iconic suit that Trump himself wears, he also has a form which is a halloween themed bat/feline Monstrump form which enables him to fly around if he desires to, and sometimes may appear in other attire but his suit is his most commonly worn attire. As mentioned he does have Trump's personality only he's a lot more intelligent than he lets on and isn't power-mad or an idiot, true he is a villain but his dislike of humans comes from a tragic backstory in which the humans who were once allies of his turned against him and tried to capture him/imprison him. He is calm most of the time but he is known for his monstrous fury and his equally as beastly appetite, both of which you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of.

He is fiercely protective of any items that come into his domain and he is very fierce in general, but only if you get in his way. As a Monstrump he has a variety of powers that go with this form, but they're not fully developed enough yet and he needs to wait until nightfall in order to be for them at all full power, also it is shown he does have a set of abilities which he uses on any people foolish enough to cross his path, and these abilities come into play as well especially regarding humans who enter his domain. His Monstrump attributes/powers include inhuman strength, heightened senses, and also mind control as well as size-changing, he can change his size from his regular size to the size of an actual giant. He can also transfer his curse into others.

Unfortunately though, he has to wait until the moon turns orange in order to be at full power. Nathan (his human self) tends to be a bit more resilient and usually attempts to resist, it is revealed that the orange moon thing is how the former turns into him, well that and the Pizza Hut logo (Trump was in Pizza Hut commercials you see). Nathan will sometimes appear as Trumpty in the Nightmarescape World either as the result of a dark-ending or if he winds up becoming him due to the curse, unfortunately for him his so called human allies have all turned against him and want to hunt him down which enrages him and also makes him feel heartbroken, especially since the ones he once loved now hate him. Of course Trumpty himself can appear in any environment he chooses, and adapt to whichever location he is in. Being that he is the only Monstrump in his half of the Monster World, he is constantly searching for an Apprentice, of course he does so with a monster version of the Apprentice tv show.

This version of the show has the losers get MCed into being his helpers/assistants, but those who win are given Monstrump powers like his and transformed, either into a lesser version of him or into a Monstrump in general with various different themes (e.g Avarian Monstrumps which are bird themed, Troma/Garbage Pail Monstrumps which are swamp-monster or mutant themed with various ones inspired by classic monster archetypes and such, feline ones that are werecat-based) with elements of MC as well.

Also it is shown that people will have dreams/visions of him or even of suffering what he went through, being hunted down by their own allies and viewed as being the 'monster' by them and turned into him as a result. These dreams are what lead to them slowly turning into him as a result later on. He can do this with this dream-manipulation power. As mentioned in the powers section, his powers aren't at their strongest yet and as such he may have trouble controlling them at first, his powers are usually at their strongest when the moon turns orange. The orange moon thing being part of a curse. His human half (Nathan) is safe from him during the day though. That is also what causes the aforementioned person to turn into turn into him along with of course the Pizza Hut logo (well..Trump was in Pizza Hut commercial). He is weak against light based magic since he has dark type attributes due to being a 'Nocturnal' Monstrump.

Unfortunately though Nathan cannot exactly control when he becomes him, and for him the process tends to be painful and gruesome/terrifying and kind of reminiscent of 80's monster transformations or reminiscent of the scene in Big Trouble In Little China where Thunder blows up. To him, it is horrifying in both a physical and psychological level, since he does get Trump's memories and thoughts while in this form, only the thoughts and instincts are more monstrous and instinct driven. Until now, he's never had someone he can truly relate to...that's where Gorgo comes in, Gorgo knows his struggle and can help him, helping him with his problem whenever necessary.

His dislike of humans is specifically because of something that happened to him, all of his former allies turned against him and chased him after they found out he was indeed the 'monster' that had been terrorizing them, they tried to capture him, weaken him and imprison him even though he was not in control of his actions and they tried to chain him up in order to keep him from breaking free.

If he is defeated in anyway, he'll just either turn back to being Nathan or just go into a brief slumber-like state in order to recharge his energy, or sometimes if he is not defeated he will just go to the Nightmare World and continue on from there. The Nightmare World in this case being a vast, dark, Underworld type city setting inhabited by monsters of various kinds which is also his home, he resides in Trump Plaza or Trump Tower...just lurking there and watching in case some foolish human was to come by.

Also this side of him is the opposite of Chris, since Chris isn't technically evil and only goes after wrongdoers and is more calm and collected while Trumpty is more aggressive and domineering and also ravenous. He just goes after people in general, regardless of whether or not they've been bad or not.

The personas of my character.

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