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Added by Pumpkinate

on 11 Apr 2010 11:10

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My Sonic the Hedgehog Game V1

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Average listal rating (16 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
1. Sonic The Hedgehog
Y - Roll on ground
B - Jump
B+B - Homing attack
Down+B - Spin dash
Up+B - Peelout

So the first character in my video game is the titular series character, Sonic. He's where the action started - the entirety of the earlier games were based around what he can do and his abilities. In this version he has a homing attack so he's not left in the dust compared to Tails and Knuckles when it comes to a jump button + jump button move. With this move he zones in on enemies, sometimes taking them out in chains; he can also home in on chains of rings. He can roll on the ground, too, which seems useless until you're trying to go up a steep hill. Then he still has the spin dash, though everyone has that - but also the peelout, a move which blasts him off even faster than the spindash but without the ball form. This balances Sonic out even more compared to the cool abilities the others have and establishes him truly as the fastest thing alive!

Average listal rating (8 ratings) 8.3  IMDB Rating
2. Tails the Fox
Y - Spin slash
B - Jump
B+B - Fly
Down+B - Spin dash

Tails was the second to come along and add a little choice to the Sonic cast, though he didn't really offer much in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 besides a partner when playing as Sonic. But by the time Sonic the Hedgehog 3 came along, he brought in this cool new move called "flying". He can fly in any direction for a limited amount of time, making him able to navigate areas more effectively. That along with the spin slash, which can attack low-down enemies within a few feet from him, and you've got a tempting alternative to Sonic.

Average listal rating (7 ratings) 8.4  IMDB Rating
3. Knuckles the Echidna
Y - Punch
B - Jump
B+B - Glide
Down+B - Spin dash
Direction of Wall+B - Wall Rush

You'd think they broke the mold with Tails, but here we have a perfectly balanced alternative to ol' Prowler. Knuckles can glide, which doesn't seem as neat-o as Tails' ability to fly, except when he glides into walls he attaches onto them and can climb them to the very top, without time restrictions. This means he can access some places Tails can't while Tails can access some places he can't. His punch isn't as far-reaching as Tails' spin slash, but it hits enemies at a higher level and thus is good in its own right. In addition to all this, his wall rush from Sonic Advance 3 (when playing Knuckles with Amy as a partner) makes an appearance, meaning while climbing by clicking the direction of the wall and the jump button, you can do a mini vertical spin dash upwards.

Average listal rating (7 ratings) 9.1  IMDB Rating
4. Shadow the Hedgehog
Y - Chaos Control blast
B - Jump
B+B - Chaos Control teleport
Down+B - Spin dash

Converting Shadow into 2-D definitively is a job I owe partly to the makers of fangame Sonic Advance 4 (which you can view in action on Youtube). From them I took the concept for a Ring Gauge which can be filled up the 100 percent (each time you collect a ring, it fills it up one more percent). When you press the attack button, a Chaos Control blast comes out of Shadow's hand and flies across the screen, and ten percent of the Ring Gauge is used up. This is much more useful than any of the other characters' attacks, and is limited thus.

Most others would immediately assume that since Shadow had the same moves as Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2 that he'd be the same in the 2-D setting. Although, keeping with the Chaos Control theme, I've thought up a different Shadow move than the homing attack when it comes to a jump button + jump button deal - and one that both balances and is balanced by Tails' and Knuckles' modes of transportation. When you press the jump button twice as my version of Shadow and point him in any of eight directions (up, down, left, right, and the four inbetweens), Chaos Control teleportation takes place and he teleports a certain distance away from the spot he stated at. This can come in handy when making your way around enemies and bosses, and even through walls to areas that Tails and Knuckles could never reach! Shadow is the fourth and (at the moment!) final character to be included in this game, but I wouldn't even have included a fourth if I didn't think he'd offer something new while not being on either side of the pendulum - that is, overly useless (Amy Rose) or overly useful (Cream the Rabbit).

Average listal rating (6 ratings) 6.5  IMDB Rating
5. Amy Rose the Hedgehog
Y - Hammer attack
B - Jump
B+Y - Insta-shield hammer attack
B+B - Rides straight up on two balloons
Down+B - Spin dash

Amy's melee attack is hitting whatever's in front of her - and behind her, on top of her, and in between. I'd increase her circumference a little, however, to make it more effective. The same goes for her insta-shield-esque 360 degree hammer swing when in mid-air.

But about that jump+jump ability. Originally Amy didn't have one, and she was never quite so useful. But when playing Sonic Advance 3 as her and either Tails or Cream (the fliers), she can ride on a two balloons, gliding down slowly. Well, this seems like a watered-down version of Knuckles' glide, and wouldn't be as effective in a straight-forward platform game. And I've been brooding over doing a jump+jump move for a character that goes straight up and not as much to the side, as opposed to the sideward Tails flying, which was copied to less effect with Cream's rehash of it. In my version of Amy, when she presses B twice, she floats upward - and slightly to the side - till she goes up a little higher than Tails can, though not as much sidewards. Then the balloons pop, and she falls down. This can be effective in going up to high points, like upper layers of a level. Lastly, Amy will have the ball-form jump so she can damage enemies and be able to do the spin dash.

Her flight ability takes a different angle than Tails', her jump melee attack is helpful to attack enemies within her general perameter, and she has the ball form, the absense of which usually put her at a disadvantage when compared to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. That's Amy Rose for ya, and she's the fifth character in my Sonic the Hedgehog Metriodvania.

Average listal rating (6 ratings) 7.2  IMDB Rating
6. Metal Sonic
(Note that the character to be included in my game is Mecha Sonic - pictured below - who is actually a bit different from Metal Sonic.)

B - Jump
B+B - Air spin dash
B+B (when having just landed from previous jump) - High jump
Down+B - Spin dash
Up+B - Back dash

With all these characters designed around different ways of getting around and exploring, there's certainly some room left for a combat-oriented character, and that's where Mecha Sonic comes in. He's a little taller than the rest of the characters, and his spin dash form is larger. All in all, he has all of the abilities he did in Sonic and Knuckles, which include Sonic's own abilities plus some slick moves made for fighting. He does the spin dash, sure, but also the air spin dash, where he propels himself forward in spin dash form mid-air. He can back dash, too, by pressing Up+Jump, handy for avoiding attacks, and can do a high jump by hitting Jump immediately after finishing a jump.

Mecha Sonic's great for combat, but there's just so much more to him than is immediately clear. He's also impervious to fire, for example, and can get around underwater without needing air, making him useful for going through areas of intense heat the others can't stand, as well as long stretches of water the other characters can't traverse due to, well, needing to breathe. Mecha Sonic's actually more useful than is immediately apparent - for combat and for travel - and brings us up to six characters..

Average listal rating (6 ratings) 5.8  IMDB Rating
7. Mighty the Armadillo
Y - Grab onto enemies and kick off from them
B - Jump
B+B (when in contact with a wall) - Latch onto wall
B (when latched onto a wall) - Kick off from wall
Down+B - Spin dash

Mighty was one of the prototypes for Sonic, so it's a wonder he isn't featured more prominently in the games. Of course, he was featured as one of the characters in Knuckles' Chaotix, and that's the starting point I'm using for his moves in this game. In the game, he was able to latch onto and then jump off of walls, a move that seems inferior to Knuckles' wall climb unless you have the proper circumstances. For instance, Knuckles can jump off of walls horizontally and glide down to other walls, but Mighty can jump off of walls diagonally upward, making him able to scale long shafts faster. Though that just isn't enough - that's right, in any Sonic the Hedgehog game, speed has to go hand-in-hand with practicality, otherwise it's just one don't-worry-we'll-get-you-to-the-finish-in-no-time racetrack after another. So in my Metroidvania, there will be shafts made up of broken walls where Knuckles wouldn't be able to just climb up to the top or jump off and glide to the opposite wall, but Mighty would.

And as for a melee attack - it's no secret that in early development the concept that became Ristar was considered for what eventually became Sonic the Hedgehog. And if Mighty is a prototype for Sonic, giving him one of the abilities that was scrapped in the making of Sonic's first game seems appropriate. Thus, Mighty will be able to grab onto enemies and kick off upward from them. It may seem like Sonic's homing attack, but here's where it differs - Sonic can home onto enemies from far away where as Mighty can only grab onto enemies right in front of or on top of him, and though he gets propelled upward a little bit he can't do this move in chains like Sonic can.

Ever since I knew Mighty was a prototype for Sonic, I'd wanted him in a future Sonic game. He's certainly stands out the most out of all the original characters in Knuckles' Chaotix.

Average listal rating (2 ratings) 8.5  IMDB Rating
8. Tommy the Turtle
Y - Headbutt
B - Jump
Down - Retract limbs and protect with shell
Down+B - Shell slide

I haven't read the comics with Tommy the Turtle in them, so I'm not as familiar with his role. I do know that he fought for the good guys but died tragically (several times). Well, not in the video games! Yet, anyway. In this game he won't have a Jump+Jump ability, but he makes up for that fact in other areas. For one thing, he can do a very simple but no less effective headbutt, hitting the enemy directly in front of his upper region. Too, he can go inside his shell for protection from certain enemy attacks, the only character in this list who can take defensive precautions. And besides that, he can do a shell slide in place of a spin dash, which is just as effective except it goes lower down, making him able to sneak under low crawl spaces - kind of like Starly in the Legendary Starfy series. This makes him the second character on this list who's able to travel by means other than a Jump+Jump ability (the first was Mecha Sonic, who can walk through fire and long stretches of water). Perhaps it's time to bring Tommy back to life, again.

Average listal rating (4 ratings) 7  IMDB Rating
9. Silver the Hedgehog
Y - Lock onto enemy/object
Y+Direction (when locked on) - Throw enemy/object in specified direction
B - Jump
Down+B - Spin dash

I haven't played Sonic '06 either, but from what I understand Silver mostly used his psychic powers to move things. That's good, but it's also no good if he can't do the standard ball-form jump and spin dash, both of which which he can here do. But keeping with his default abilities, as a Melee Attack he can lock onto things - generally, objects to throw at enemies by pressing Y plus a direction or enemies to throw at walls, ceilings or floors and break that way. His lock-on works much the same way as Sonic's Homing Attack does - a red target appears on the enemy a la Sonic the Hedgehog 4. But all this simply doesn't make Silver a useful enough character for an exploration-based Metroidvania. That's why he's also able to lift larger objects, like boxes the other characters can't budge, out of the way so he can go to blocked-off spots.

To be honest, I've been thinking about using Silver the Hedgehog for this game for a week or two (about when I came up with the idea to use Shadow for Chaos Control teleportation), knowing that his unique exploratory ability would have something to do with his psychic powers. Now I've fully fleshed it out, though.

Y - Shoot bullet
B - Jump
B+B - Shoot grappling gun
Down (when grappled onto hook) - Build up momentum to launch upward
Down+B - Spin dash

In Sonic Triple Trouble Fang/Nack used machines mostly, so it'd be cool to explore what he can do in his normal mode of being. In this game he'll be able to shoot out of his gun straight ahead, using a Ring Gauge just like Shadow. His exploratory ability will lie in his use of a grappling gun - when he shoots it and it attaches onto hooks in the levels, he can swing on it. Also, if he hangs on the hook and tugs downward (by simply holding down when grappled onto a hook then letting go), he can launch himself upward. This makes him useful for traversing long distances where there are nothing but hooks. He'll have the standard ball-form jump and spin dash, as well.

Average listal rating (6 ratings) 6.3  IMDB Rating
11. Cream The Rabbit
Y - Sic Cheese on enemy
B - Jump
B+B - Fly
Down+B - Dash

While initially I thought including Cream in this game would be both cheap as well as lacking in any practical use (Tails already can fly, and for twice as long at she can), I've since made some breakthroughs. First, in order to limit Cream's usefulness, she won't go into ball-form in this game, meaning in order to damage enemies Cheese is her only option. This also means that she doesn't do a spin dash, but an Amy-from-the-Sonic-Advance-series-esque regular dash. She can fly, sure, but not for as long as Tails and thus isn't useful for getting to very high places. BUT. She has an exploratory ability that makes her a useful character for getting around. That is, in this game there will be Chaos Control-proof doors that Shadow can't teleport through, and the only way to open them is to flick the switch on the other side of them. And Cream can send Cheese across the door to do just that.

If you've been keeping up with this list, you can tell that I have a trend here: give a character useful battle abilities while giving them an edge when it comes to exploring. I'm just surprised I've made it to eleven characters! Moving on...

Average listal rating (0 ratings) 0  IMDB Rating
12. Sally Acorn
Y - Hold while moving to dash
B - Jump
Start (with Sally in your party) - Opens NICOLE's database

Sonic meets up with Sally pretty early on, as she's very important in understanding the game. She controls the artificial intelligence device, NICOLE, whose database has mysteriously become encrypted with much complexity somewhere between leaving Mobius and entering Moebius (see Scourge below for more info on that). Eggman is suspected. However, NICOLE's data is salvaged slowly but surely throughout the game. By using NICOLE to analyze enemies and bosses, their weaknesses/attack patterns are accessed, attaining new characters gives you their info and unique abilities, reaching new areas allows access to maps which fill up as the player goes through them, NICOLE saves the game's dialogue for future reference, and NICOLE gives hints throughout the game of what to do next. Thus, Sally isn't completely important on her own, but with NICOLE she's a good addition to the party. And as a more successful rival to Amy for Sonic's love interest, she adds conflict to the game's story.

Average listal rating (0 ratings) 0  IMDB Rating
13. Scourge the Hedgehog
Not a playable character

The whole Sonic vs Robotnik formula works in moderation, but some of the most interesting stories have involved some kind of other villain to the side - in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is was Knuckles, in Sonic Adventure it was Chaos, in Sonic Adventure 2 it was Shadow, and in my Sonic game it'll be Scourge. In fact, I'd like to involve Eggman's foil, Dr. Kintobor, as a helper in the game while the Anti-Freedom Fighters are the various bosses throughout.

Let's just run through the final battle of the game.

First, Scourge turns super with the help of the emeralds and traps most of the game's characters in his base in the sky in capsules while Sonic and Shadow escape this fate by using the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Scourge sets the base to self-destruct and makes off, while the player is left to play as Super Sonic, braving obstacles and saving each one of his friends before his rings run out. He starts with fifty, and can collect more while rescuing his buddies. Shadow (not controlled by the player at this point) then teleports them off the base. Finally, before teleporting the last Freedom Fighter, Shadow wishes Sonic good luck in tracking down and defeating Scourge.

Second, a chase scene takes place through the base wherein Super Sonic has to keep up with Super Scourge, all while collecting rings and staying super. In order to make it to the next round, Sonic has to be a certain distance behind Scourge, and no more.

Third, a descent from the base to the ground takes place. Super Sonic and Super Scourge fight on a mass of falling rubble, and as the battle progresses old bits of rubble will fall down and be replaced by new ones that change up the environment with different shapes and setups. While all this is taking place, Sonic's fifty rings are wearing down. Since Scourge's super form lasts longer than Sonic's, there will be a point at which the main objective for our non-super and ringless spiny protagonist is to dodge Scourge's attacks. Once he finally stops being Super he'll be weaker than Sonic, so Scourge'll be sluggish and defeating him will take one easy hit. Then they'll both land in the ocean, Scourge zonked out on a piece of rubble with Sonic watching over him to make sure he doesn't escape while waiting for Shadow to pick them up and take them to the Cosmic Highway where the Zone Cops will jail Scourge under inter-dimensional jurisdiction.


Check out the website below
for all your Metroidvania needs!

*See the updated version HERE.*

This list collects the characters who would be in my ideal Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Nintendo DS, were I in control of such a thing. I've included their sets of moves and the buttons that accompany them. The game is to be a Metroidvania, and its description (from my article Metroidvanias We'd Like to See) is such:

Metroidvania Sonic the Hedgehog - The recent Sonic the Hedgehog games have turned out too much like race tracks, the levels designed to get you to the finish line as fast as possible rather than hinder you so you can interact with the puzzles and obstacles the stages have to offer. So if a Metroidvania Sonic the Hedgehog within a contained map were to be made, the emphasis would not be on going over-the-top with Sonic's and his friends' speed so as to open up all the other physical possibilities the earlier games allowed for. Not that there'd be no speed-crazy moments, which would definitely set it apart from Tails Adventure (the closest thing to a Sonic the Hedgehog Metroidvania). The Sonic the Hedgehog series, with its loopty-loops, peach-and-brown checkered walls and emerald-scavenging, would be perhaps the most interesting venture into Metroidvania Land of this list.

As an addendum I'd like to add that the game will feature collecting items (a factor to most Metroidvania games I always find rewarding), including Chaos Emeralds, Super Emeralds, Flickies, maps, Chaos, furniture, and CDs containing the game's soundtrack as well as bonus tunes. It'll feature backtracking in order to collect things from previously visited areas, as well as finding one's way to new areas from previously blocked-off places. A hub where no enemies exist will exist as a starting place for Sonic's adventure, and he will have a room where he can drop off and arrange furniture and put up trophies from completing challenges and side-quests. Apart of the hub will be an arcade where mini-games can be played on arcade machines, unlocked as the game progresses. Scattered throughout the game will be Chaos Control-powered teleport stations which make travel in the game less bothersome, as well as roster swap stations at which the player's party of three unlocked characters can be selected.

As there are seven characters, each one will have their own assigned Chaos Emerald and Super Emerald that only they can get to by using their unique abilities to access a Super Ring and thus a Special Stage. (Editor's note - now that there are nine characters, I might have to tweak this aspect to the game.)

For a graphic demonstration of how these characters' abilities are used, see the following:

Character Abilities A
Character Abilities B

For a level design I created for fun (which probably wouldn't make it into the finished game), see the following:

Sonic Level Design/Layout
Sonic Level Design/Layout Notes

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