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Added by Nattkrypet on 29 Mar 2013 07:37
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Joan Fontaine. Laurence Olivier. Creepy Judith Anderson. Delicately filmed. Intense Bernard Herrmann music. It's a great gothic thriller romance and a f&ยค%& classic so I don't want to find anything bad with it.

Remake and glossier version about Lithuanian "Robin Hood" is a gorgeous looking film filled with beautiful Lithuanian nature and lovely costumes, but is ruined by a terrible young actor in the title role that is so miscast that he should have been wipped out of the set. The film also seem to have a need to put into too much into it's storyline and would have been better as a mini-series so that it could have gone deeper into the historical setting and it's characters. The film is also appropriately called "The Beginning" since it lacks a proper ending.

Now this is an interesting Tom Cruise movie based upon an intriguing true story that inspired the great war thriller "The Eagle Has Landed" by Jack Higgins, but instead of Germans plotting to kill Churchill these German officers want to take down their own leader, Adolf Hitler. Since this is a Tom Cruise movie Tom himself wants the whole film to center around his character but his acting is too weak against the rest of the fantastic cast in the film.

I loved this first big-budget "Spider-Man" movie that had been like twenty years in production hell. It embraces it's comic book origins and Sam Raimi's fast and frenetic camera work is perfect for the film as it deliver some inventive memorable moments and his flavor for gags and humor is perfect for the film. Tobey Maguire is also acceptable nerdy as Peter Parker who becomes bitten by the radioactive spider. The film do have a problem with our hero getting unmasked a little too often while the bad guy, Green Goblin, is hidden under his mask all the time making Willem Dafoe's appearance feel a little flat. The post 9/11 sequence where New York's people protect their hero also feel embarrassing.

Best of the Sam Raimi "Spider-Man" movies with higher stakes, greater visuals and the great Dr. Octopus as the villain. It is also a more complex story that builds on the original but I'm sad to see that the more than 300 issues of comic issues are skipped and Peter is already out of college.

The third Sam Raimi "Spider-Man" movie is too ambitious and tries to cram everything into one film as if Sam Raimi knew this would be his final entry to this universe. Especially Topher Grace is wasted in the film as Venom feels like an afterthought to the film. Luckily the film is still full of great effects and James Franco gets to do an acceptable character arc ending to Harry Osborne. Bryce Dallas Howard also sparkles on screen and steal the spotlight from Kirsten Dunst's forgettable love interest role.

Since it is a new reboot I had a hope get to see the stories that were skipped in the Sam Raimi films from the Golden Age of the character (EXTRA NOTE: Seems I was wrong as the character has been rebooted again for a third time after I wrote this). Why also retell so much of the origin story? We don't need to see Uncle Ben die again on screen, but we finally get to see the Lizard after his human character was a supporting character in the three Sam Raimi films. Still, the worst thing about this film is the main actor who is terribly miscast and looks totally wrong for the role being too slick and perfect when he should play a misfit and an insecure teenager.

The first feature-length motion picture is a movie that is extremely flawed and would probably have gone into obscurity and forgotten had it not been it was so film historic important. The movie start pretty good as an American Civil War movie and has some good battle sequences for it's time. Still it is a hard film to sit through as it is too long and the controversial Ku Klux Klan scenes doesn't sit well with modern viewers as they seem to try justifying the need of the brutal racists.

Horror movie that introduced the word "zombies" to a mainstream audience, but here they were not the brain-eating type yet but rather mind-controlled sleepwalkers. Legendary Bela Lugosi appear with the excellent name of Mr. Murder, who looks great. It's a pretty unique atmospheric horror. It would probably have been a even better film if played as a silent film since the story about a jealous man who can't get the woman he wants so he puts her in dead-like trance in order to make sweet loving to her is idiotic to say the least.

More believable than 1997s "Titanic" and with better characters. It is based upon facts about what happened and were known before divers went down to the boat and actually discovered that it had been split in half so here the boat only sinks to the bottom of the sea. But contrary to the effect fest of 1997 where every death was an effect and not "important" here every death and life matters and the character gallery is much vaster and interesting.

It is a great-looking modern "Robinson Crusoe" movie but you need to love Tom Hanks who do a one-man show in an attempt to show the world what a great actor he is. Too many scenes where he talks, screams and do something "heartfelt". I also question our hero's sexless life during the years on the island and what he really did to his volleyball, but this a question a family movie never dare to answer.

Great spiritual journey through one year of a Taipanese family. Excellent scripted and acted. I enjoyed this film enormously but it needs to be enjoyed and absorbed on it's own.


The beginning of the torture horror genre that I really dislike that seem more interested in detailed gory scenes than story. When that is said this first movie actually has a strong story with a few surprising plot twists. The cast is also a lot better than what is normal for this kind of film, but the blood effects and gruesome scenes of torturing "death games" are hard to watch.

Sequel that is too much interested in blood, bodyparts and gory death sequences. The traps is also unrealistic as they needed like many years of planning to work so perfectly. Killer is also made into a complete anti-hero by this film as characters are written with character flaws and "deserve to die". The film is extremly well acted though for what is basically a very brutal and disturbing film.

By the third entry this film series revisit so many leaving plot threads and go through so many flashbacks that it is only possible to access for the most devoted fans and lovers of the long-running saga. It do leave some gruesome pictures on the mind and the ending is anything but happy.

By the fourth film every single interesting character has been killed off so why should I care? The ending is yet another recirculated spin on the original one and who cares that much about the plot now as both new traps, new villain and new flashbacks make the story into an over-top French Grand Gogul theater play where every scene sets up yet another glorious death sequence. I do miss Shawnee Smith though who should have been left in the series as the main villain.

Nothing new at this point. You want to throw the script writers into one of their own death traps and as a viewer you feel just as dirty seeing this as after seeing news reports about starving children in Africa before you start to eat your burger on the dinner table just seconds afterwards. Only fans of bloodletting and sweet screams of dying victims can ever put this one high on their list.

The traps are now so over-the-top and crazy that it is hard not to laugh and laugh and laugh of the absurdity of it all...This film series has changed it's own game rules so many times now that they should called this "game over" for long time ago. Tendra Howard is the worst "actress" I have ever seen (she won a reality show so she could have a genre role in a horror movie).

Death scenes in 3-D is the only highlight of this film. and the fact that Cary Elwes return to the series for one final cameo appearance since his fate was left open in the original. It is still a very sadistic film series. A big hanging plot hole about what actually happened to Sean Patrick Flanery's character at the end is also left open. Is he forever trapped in a maze? Finally it is over now, isn't?

A film that tries to be an emotional drama when it really is a B-movie actioner. A terrible leading actor and actress make the film almost unwatchable and a wasted talented supporting cast deserved better material than this. Hell, you got Christopher Lee in here dammit! Film also feel half-finished.

Entertaining bad movie with a lot of unrealistic action set-pieces where the characters should have died a dozen times in the lava, smoke or the heat of the volcano. The science doesn't make any sense in this film. Even more fun is seeing Brosnan trying to smile himself away from the film's problems by showing off his clean white teeth every second minute. The hilarious stupid and fun action scenes takes too long time to start though as it takes a long hour building up it's stereotypical characters that we know will perish in the catastrophic events.

Solid dark fantasy movie based upon the legend of Beowulf. production. I did expect more originality as it was written by fantasy writer Neil Gaiman who usually give such nice detailed universes, but this is a straight forward monster-slasher-action movie that follow all the old established fantasy rules. The film is completely computer generated meaning the
character's eyes are dead and lifeless. The movie is also unnecessary violent full of blood and limbs being cut off. Crispin Glover and Angelina Jolie deliver some terrible voice work with laughable stereotypical gypsy accents. Did they try to summon the ghost of Bela Lugosi into the movie? Would have been a better film if it was a live-action one to be honest but the final part of the movie when a dragon awakens is impressive and makes up for all the film's difficulties in the first part.

Well written atmospheric movie with strong dialogue and one of the better young actors to have graced the screen in one of the better atmospheric horror dramas in modern time. Ruined somewhat by a "surprising twist" that "everyone talked about" but that I managed to predict at once sadly. Still, it is so well put together that it still fascinates and pull a punch.

Excellent makeup and a surprisingly effective tinted ballroom sequence highlight this timeless horror silent movie where a crazed killer living in a sewer falls for a young opera star.

One of Alfred Hitchcock's best British thrillers. An excellent script filled with interesting characters and fun details make this the second best train mystery after "Murder on the Orient Express".

One of the most devastating unfulfilled romance movies that has ever been made filled with strong moral themes and symbolism. Without a single kiss it still have more emotion and love poured into it than any other romantic film made. It is a memory to a time when it was possible to meet a stranger, like him and still not f**k him/her totally bonkers in a moment of passion. Strangely enough this romantic movie still feels more timeless than any romantic movie I have ever seen made the last two decades.

Russian comedy with too many internal jokes is like Scandinavian Olsen Gang but if possible this trio is even more incompetent. Maybe I was in a bad mood because I wasn't that highly amused.

Great potential based upon the old roleplaying board game that tell about sorcerers and war between different colored dragons. Sadly it has one of the worst scripts and directing I have ever seen in a big-budgeted film with a lot of actors spitting out dialogue. Jeremy Irons has never been worse doing overacting that I never thought he had it in him. Marlon Wayans is so annoying in this film that it is a relief he gets killed off in the film. CGI disappoints too and the dragons are underwhelming.

The first watchable Marvel movie is also one of my most satisfying cinematic views when it arrived as I was an extremely devoted fan of the comic ensemble in my youth and the racism theme that it touched upon. Hugh Jackman impresses everyone with his Wolverine portrayal and manage to deliver both a loner figure and a sympathetic team player. Anna Paquin was beautiful with a streak of white in her hair. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart give the films gravitas and was excellent adversaries playing each other like a tune. Famkee Janssen do a better Jean Grey than I originally expected playing her role with warmth and depth. Even better was the excellent effects that really takes the superhero genre into a new, modern and realistic world that every new film afterwards will need to be compared to. Film do need longer running time, more action and time for each character to grow but as an introduction the film is satisfying. Only wrestler Tyler Mane as a non-speaking Sabretooth and the dude who played Toad is weak and Halle Berry is sadly wooden as Storm.

With a even stronger script that give the ensemble more to do (with the exception of James Marsden's Cyclops) this is one of those sequels that is more satisfying than the original. Great climax that promises fantastic stuff in the future. Hugh Jackman is a cool dude but his character takes almost all screen time from the rest of the ensemble which is a little annoying since in the comics all the characters were equally important and in this film there is even more characters introudced. Still a lot to cherish in this movie.
Something wrong happened with this film as it is so overstuffed with ideas (only the subplot with Dark Phoenix would have needed it's own film to give it justice) that the stuff that happens get no time to breathe. Yes, it is a film that still has great action and effects but the film is filled with so many strange unnecessary character deaths that make no sense. It is also laughably weak in trying to explain some of the decisions that the characters make and the "final battle to the death" feels anti-climatic. I still want to love it, but it is very hard and I felt disappointed several times by this third entry.

The big problem with this film as with the third "X-men" entry is that they try to accomplish to much by having too much background story and supporting characters without giving anything or anyone the time to catch on. The most memorable thing is Liev Schreiber who makes an excellent Sabretooth in a way that Taylor Mane was not. Terrible CGI claws and too much changes from the comic canon is also major letdowns and Ryan Reynolds' non-speaking Deadpool is one of the worst creative choices that I have ever seen. Kevin Durand's small appearance as Blob is laughable as well.

A kind-of reboot movie that repair some of the damages from the third movie that fans were hugely disappointed with. This is a fun movie that embraces it 1960 setting with a cool retro-feel and charm that give the film series a new dimension. An inspired and fun story ties to the Cuba-crisis and Kevin Bacon do a good sleazy villain while we get a deeper understanding on the thorny partnership between Xavier and Magneto that led to them going on separate paths. It is also sexier than ever with a trashy White Queen played by January Jones sitting on the throne of the Hellfire Club. The new mutants are great too and since Hugh Jackman's Wolverine only appear (in a hilarious) cameo it feels more like an ensemble movie too. But, it will be interesting to see how much they can tie this movie with the original trilogy later on though.

Another fascinating Alfred Hitchcock thriller that gets added value due to the surrealistic dream landscapes that were added by artist Salvador Dali. Ingrid Bergman looks fantastic throughout this film and is a excellent heroine to follow as she tries to solve the mystery nature of Gregory Peck, who is like a wandering sleepwalker throughout the film. The excellent directed climax where the true killer points a gun at Bergman while she tries to talk her way out of the problem is an effective ending to a solid film.

This is a beautifully shot, poetic action samurai movie about a female assassin bent on revenge. It is also glorious violent like many Japanese films with blood spurting from throats and hearts soaking into the cold white snow. This film is a huge inspiration (and scenes were ripped from this one) to Quentin Tarantino "Kill Bill" films.

Dark travelogue through destruction, hell, degradation and deaths in war and where even the hero's mission feels meaningless. A hypnotic surrealistic feel with gorgeous photography and music with Marlon Brando's crazed Colonel Kurtz stealing the show.

Interesting spy action movie but Angelina Jolie look more like a posing fashion icon than an believable action actress. Liev Schreiber takes the money and does another of his typhical routines. Sadly there feels like there was not enough faith over the project as there exist 3 different "choose yourself an ending" versions available to watch where one can choose the scenes one want to have in the film.

Another great Pixar idea where we get the visual imagery of talking cars and their own city and as always this looks good on film, but the main character is an annoying, obnoxious turbo bomb that talks too much to my liking and the story itself follows the obvious route.

You know what you get from a Wes Anderson film. His unique and colorful characters, superb colorful visual style. Great dry dialogue that deliver some of the best dead-pan humor I know. Sadly, the end result is not as engaging as the journey itself.

The first really great Hollywood fantasy movie based upon the most epic book of it's type. One can not love fantasy and not love this movie that did to this genre the same as "Star Wars" did to low-budget science fiction in the 1970s - the genre was taken serious afterwards. Great locations, excellent action, superb ensemble. For this film it is also necessary to see the full extended version as several plot holes are deepened and have their payoffs in the sequels.

My favorite of all the "Lord of the Rings". It is the most humane of the films adding several new interesting characters from the Race of Men, especially King Theoden, warrior maiden Eowyn and the deliciously manipulative Girma Wormtongue are great additions. The story is more complex story as characters get their own separate journeys. Christopher Lee also get the chance to shine again with a menacing and dangerous force and deliver another of his perfect villainous roles. Gollum is also the best CGI creature that has been on film that is triggered by a human performance. It is easy to see where the money went in this film and it looks amazing. Sadly, the movie loses some pace with Merry and Pippin's journey as the Ents is a complete bore (untill the ending) and as with the first movie I have to recommend the extended version only so that one can see an excellent acted scene with Sean Bean and John Noble that give enormous depth to both the first and third film in the series.

There is no chance that anyone that hated the first two movies will love the third film, but this film deliver satisfying payoffs to all the character journeys that we have followed for the first two films and have the same high production values. It do overuse itself on anti-climatic "another calvary to the rescue when all hope is out" moments and as the first two movies the extended version is the film to watch. There will probably never be a fantasy trilogy with the same impact and importance as this one even with it's minor faults.

Finnish - French movie about an African boy who has illegally smuggled himself into Europe and an elderly man who feels pity on him. It is a warm humane story that is hard to hate with well-developed characters.

Slick cars, sexy females, solid action. The sound of engines. It is a solid action movie but the story is another reused "Point Break" story rewritten to the street-car scene that surprises no one.

This movie starts with a good action scene but everything afterwards feels anti-climatic. This film has a feel of being a streetcar race version of "Miami Vice" and I actually miss Vin Diesel supporting Paul Walker as he don't have the same presence. Eva Mendes is also not the best actress around and feels stiff throughout. The slick cars and scantly dressed girls keeps me watching though.

It still has shiny cars and girls dressed in almost nothing, but the film lacks a charismatic lead as Lucas Black is not right for the lead in my eyes. The film also have no real connection to the other films except for an epilogue at the end making it hard to care about the characters as the film itself deliver routine action at this point.

A return to form by returning to the first original movie's characters, especially Vin Diesel has been missed. The action is better and more competent edited and for once's the movie title is correct as the story is both fast and furious. Still pretty predictable at times but a lot more entertaining and satisfying as a film.

A step up again for this series with a surprisingly refreshing plot that revitalised the core story and there is some actual nail-biting stunts and action sequences this time around. Dwayne Johnson is also a great addition to the cast. It has all the qualities of a great finale, but there is apparently more entries to come. Hopefully they are just as good.

Finally a movie about an overweight teenage girl that is not used for ridicule and stupid comedies like in Hollywood (this is a French production). The film has some good observations about young girls and how they want to be deceived by the illusion of love when the only thing men want is to take the virginity of the attractive ones. The film is actually a pretty good coming-of-age movie until suddenly we get kicked in the face by a disturbing ending that comes out of nowhere and is put there only to be controversial which makes the entire film practically unwatchable for repeat viewings.

The ultimate film which introduced (to my knowledge) a couple that "loved-hated each other and were trapped together with handcuffs like in matrimony". All the classic Hitchcock elements are here in what is one of Hitchcock's best British productions. It is a fast-moving"wrong man on the run" film with great villains and a satisfying "MacGuffin" which only problem is that it ends a little bit too abruptly after the threat is eliminated.

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