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Relaxed coolness delivering a lot of style. The film has a great ensemble and a playful fun heist story where especially George Clooney act at his very best as a romantic con man who do a fantastic heist only to get his hands on Julia Roberts. Sadly the romantic subplot is also the movie's weakest point as the romantic part slows the movie down.

Sequel that want to repeat it's coolness from the original, but everything feels forced and the film seem more interested in doing in-jokes about the actors that don't work. Especially the annoying Julia Roberts look-alike jokes are lame. Catherine Zeta-Jones is also terrible as the "new girl" with a sentimental subplot that takes too much time away from the rest of the ensemble that is underused and should have been much more in the movie.

With the third film we are back to the original style that made the first so popular - Las Vegas city and the heists and the film is much better for it. The cast seem to enjoy themselves again as Catherine Zeta-Jones is kicked out of the movie so she can no longer steal screen time and the ensemble get to have a lot more to do again even if the heist is a little disappointing and seems more like an afterthought.

Film noir in glorious black and white done with perfection by the Coens. Especially Billy Bob Thornton's face and voice-over was born for this type of movie and as always the Coens have rich use of interesting faces and character details. While the ending itself is not that all surprising nor is it's twists it is the journey that is worth it's time. An excellent homage.

An acceptable fantasy movie with monsters, gorgeous witches and some fun bantering. It is pretty acceptable fun for the entire family if one treats it as a kind-of continuation of Universal's fantasy shows that was on syndication at the time (Hercules & Xena) and not a representation of Robert E. Howard's violent sword and sorcerer hero who drowns himself in blood and naked women. Better effects could have helped the film as it looks like a TV-movie and there is a simplistic script with little new on the table and acting is well- - - Sorbo plays Sorbo so you know what you get.

Soap drama where even the kitchen sink is thrown into the mix. It is a glorious Technicolor production with a very sympathetic Robert Newton as the family father.

Everyone knows that this is a excellent movie so I don't need to write or say anything else about it. This is a movie no one can refuse.

A sequel that is mentioned in the same breath as the original and it is deserved. It is breathtakingly epic and it's only weakness is that it has to finish because who wouldn't want more from this universe?

It is still an engaging mob family soap opera with a lot of tragedy, action and surprising twists. "Everyone" complained at the time about the director's daughter, Sofia Coppola, who replaced the planned Winona Ryder but they should instead complain that Robert Duvall is absent from this film (due to greed) and his character leaves a big hole in the movie that his replacement Franc D'Abrosio (who I have never seen in another film since) can't manage to fill.

Some great stunt work and inspired ideas filled up with a lot of fall traps and fun things happening at the end, but it is one of the slower Keaton shorties for my taste.

Interesting sequel that follow the financial crisis and the continuing story of mr. Greed, Gordon Gekko, but Gekko is not himself for a major part of the film as he tries to redeem himself and get together with his daughter making it hard to care about the film. Shia LaBeouf make also no impression in the film and is a yawn throughout this movie - someone with a stronger personality could have helped the movie enormously. It also pales to the more sexy, cooler and trendsetting original even if Oliver Stone give the movie his usual superb visual style. A major disappointment, but watchable for a viewing or two.

Character driven superhero movie that received too much negative reviews just because it wanted to be different and more intelligent than someone action-hungry fans wanted. I love how Ang Lee's used split-screens to make the movie feel like a live-action comic book and there is a brief but great moment when we see Banner trapped in his mind fighting the Hulk that reminded me of the great psychological moments from the comics when it was written by Peter David. What is the downfall of the film is the strange anti-climatic ending that should never have been filmed and Nick Nolte disappoints enormously as a mumbling villain. The Hulk also look like a green Martian and less the rampaging monster look but I remember how happy I even got a Hulk film that managed to at least be barely close to the comic book with the green "monster" attacking military personnel. And whatever you say not even the most critical person can say that Jennifer Connelly and Sam Elliott don't give great supporting help in this film as they are excellent.

Good follow-up movie that respect both the comic and the TV-series and act as both a kind-of sequel and reboot of the "Hulk" - a great move since that many hated the first one (not me - I only see it as flawed but with a terrible climax!). In this film there is a lot more crowdpleasing scenes of Hulk smashing things, which is never a bad thing but I miss more psychological stuff between the scientist and the "creation" and I would have loved to see Hulk talk a bit more. It is just at the end that it seems that Hulk is not just a mindless "King Kong" character but starts to become something else than a crazed monster. The actors also seem to give the movie half of their energy - and the villain, Abomination, is just THAT! I can't help it but I actually liked this film a tiny bit less than the 2003-version to be honest.

Excellent sequel / ending to one of my favorite sci-fi shows, "Firefly". The story delivers a lot of great character moments and Joss Whedon continues the trend of delivering strong characters to the screen that one miss when the film is over, especially Summer Glau become every fan-boy's wet action babe dream after this film. Impressive effects and action and a better ending that I hoped we would get even if it doesn't address every loose plot line from the show and that's possibly why I possibly miss ginger head Christina Hendricks and the bad guys with blue gloves from the series. And it was a missed opportunity not to have Morena Baccarin (who play a prostitute dammit!) topless since we are doing a film of the series. Gratuitous naughtiness of this sexy latina, yes please!
While this "translation from TV to film" made tons of money and kick-started the franchise we know today many people misunderstood or hated this adaptation because they wanted more of the "same" when it was an actual attempt to "reboot" it seriosuly - with the same cast - because the fun and fast paced series was cancelled on TV so director Robert Wise tried to make it realistic instead of just copying "Star Wars" or itself. It had excellent effects and it has an intelligent approach, but the problem was that people afterwards felt it was too slow and people hated it for not being cheesy and operatic anymore therefor no other film afterwards nor since has been like this one ever again, but this is an interesting film to see because it is the closest "Trek" has ever been in doing a "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie and a serious science fact movie without soap operatic elements, space battles or fist-fights.

The most intense (and best) of the entire film series with the original crew topped with an unforgettable "duel to the death" sequence where starships are stand-ins for uboats. Excellent effects, music and dramatic dialogue help enormously to make this a great adventure as Ricardo Montalban's Khan is the ultimate bad guy to William Shatner's Kirk. At the time the ending was a major shocker too.

It do have the most memorable destruction of a starship ever put on film - especially since its such an iconic symbol. Christopher Lloyd gives everything as a Klingon and makes one of his more engaging roles in his career. The cast and crew still look good and game for a new entry in the series. The blue-screen "fall to the death" at the end looks terribly fake though and a little more action would have been healthier for the film. Spock's resurrection is more new-age fantasy than believable and ruin one of film history's most powerful screen deaths. Robin Curtis is a terrible replacement for Kirstie Alley too.

A charming lightweight comedy that gives almost everyone in the cast something to do (except George Takei) with a feel-good story about saving the environment and especially whales making one think it was written by a Greenpeace activist. It also doesn't drown the non-fan with too much continuity and background information.

Did someone get too ambitious or did director William Shatner run out of money and had to cheat out on the story? Or is it just a terrible movie with a hopeless villain and a schizophrenic direction that goes from slapstick comedy to serious drama in a few seconds? The striptease scene with a 60-year old Nichelle Nichols and drooling horny men is S-C-A-R-Y. The highlight of this film is a brief sad scene where we get to see Dr. McCoy's past and we get some interesting unknown details about Spock's life. The cast is (as always) great together even when the film is close to unbearable with a story that non-fans will have little interest in.

This is one of my favorite adventures with the old cast of Trek which combines great political conspiracy elements, prison movie and starship duels in one great package. I like the story line that clearly is taken from real life history and the "Glasnost" between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Excellent action too and the supporting cast of Christopher Plummer, David Warner and Kim Cattrall is beyond superb with their better-than-usual written characters. At least the original crew ended on a high note even if they were maybe a few years "too old for this shit".

Trek movie that combine two generations of Trek together with Malcolm McDowell lighting the movie up as a villain and some slick effects. But, it is gruesomely uninspired script-wise with William Shatner coming out of the movie as the everlasting hero while Patrick Stewart seem like an old moralistic preacher. The ending seem mostly done as a spit in the face of the fans as it seems necessary to kill the old in order to embrace the new. It is also trapped too much into it's own mythology to become interesting for non-fans.

The best of "The Next Generation" movies and the most action-packed. It is refreshingly different from the TV-series and has a great "darker" atmosphere that is closer in style to the "Deep Space Nine" show. A lot of memorable set-pieces and a satisfying ending that explain how humans came in contact with other aliens. Only the kidnapping of Data seem like an idiotic move by the villains, The Borg, and looks to have been put there to give actor Brent Spiner more to do.

A movie that looks, feels and have close to the same pace as the TV-series (could have been a forgotten two-parter of the show) with all the problems that we love and hate from the TNG series. What I do like is that characters all get some moments to shine together, but the villains are boring even when they have F. Murray Abraham in a role and the budget appear to be pretty small here with few imaginative camera angels and lacks memorable action. Some of the humor feels very forced too.

A final TNG movie entry that has potential in it's opening minutes but too much Trek were made at this point and the story, universe, characters and energy had over-killed the viewer and things felt now like it was made by a machine. Everything follows the same pattern and behavior patterns by this point even worse is that the director is uninterested in the characters and the editing is terrible. The villain lacks personality and the ending is anti-climatic and screams for a proper one as this fizzles out like a big fart.

One of the better "evil child" horror movies out there with a excellent cast and several surprising (for it's time) gory sequences. Seeing David Warner's decapitated head spinning around for an eternity is an image not to be forgotten. The story is also engaging about the eternal biblical struggle between Good and Evil. Jerry Goldsmith's epic "Requiem" music is also a must for the ears.

Sequel follows the rules from the original, but by doing so it also takes few risks and is a unnecessary film as it pretty much retells everything from the original and doesn't enhance the overall story much further. But, it do deliver well directed gory, original death sequences for a Hollywood horror movie and the actors playing the Devil worshipers are great. Only for fans of the original.

Sam Neill is perfection as Anti-Christ on Earth trying to become the President of the United States. I like the scope of the story that tries to be more epic and dramatic than ever and it is more of an adventure this time than really a pure horror movie. While the ending is anti-climatic and disappointing that one wants to kick to the screen since the perfect ending would have been to seen him in The White House as the new President of the United States.... Oh what a wasted opportunity since that image would have been golden.

Thriller that could be seen as a dark cousin to "Fargo" but without that film's dry humor. Perfect brother-team of Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton and a perfect cameo appearance by Gary Cole. I love the direction by Sam Raimi and the creepy music too.

This is how to make a slow-moving thriller about trailers going slowly over South American roads and any bump could trigger an explosion. A movie unafraid to establish characters, motivations and why someone can take on such a life-risking job. It is no wonder why it has been remade several times since. Only the ending is not enormously surprising when one see how pig-headed the main character acts in the final moments of the film, but at least it laughs at life's irony and that no one is "safe".

Guide book in how to make an art movie with unsimulated sex and blowjobs that critics will love. A shocking final scene and a few "bad taste" moments leaves a lasting impact but the film is to be honest very repetitive after a while since the entire movie is about a woman fucking a man to death. Intense "acting" though which is not so strange as they really are fucking on screen.

One of the last epic mobsters movies made by one of the true masters of cinema. It is a fascinating movie inspired by the true story of the casino "Stardust" and real mafia people. An excellent ensemble in top form and on the top of their careers before they all started taking more and more shitty jobs or just got forgotten by everyone. A film so packed up with information, characters and things happening that I would have loved see this film as a trilogy.

Probably the most realistic "revenge" movie out there with a "normal looking guy" doing the action and the plot going a realistic route. Susan George is in her prime and the bad guys could be any one stranger or friend that you meet on the street. While it has gotten a lot of hate due to a "pleasure rape" sequence that forced it to be cut and banned for 30 years it is a really tame sequence now compared to a lot of the more gruesome and sadistic rape-revenge sado-gore horror films out there.

Great to see a animated science fiction movie where humans are not the "heroes" nor the main characters. Since it also is a Pixar movie there is more inventive ideas here than in mostly anything else put on film nowadays. A computer generated robot shows more emotion through it's mimic and eyes than Keanu Reeves ever will. Only the ending is "chickened out" and would probably have had made an everlasting impact on kids and family if they would have kept it on a more somber note.

Revolutionary (at the time) in it's use of cinematography with it's great gritty atmosphere as depression and sadness shines through the movie. A great team pairing of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, but sadly I felt that the ending was obvious when I saw it - maybe I'm too sick and gruesome in my mind since I can predict such an ending? Am I really a serial killer in the making?

An anthology movie so there is some hit-and-misses here, but some of the best ones have great visual style and distinctive feel that makes it essential viewing, especially the ones by personal fave directors (Coens is a gem!)... While somewhat out-of-place in a "normal drama" Olga Kurylenko makes one gorgeous delicious goth vampire too. The more unsatisfying ones are underwhelming and I felt needed a couple of extra minutes but ends usually abruptly as if it is just one imagined scene in a much better movie, like the one with Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara as I want to spend a long time with the characters and story.

A tense confined-on-one-location thriller where characters are trapped together with a threat. It is full of interesting flawed characters. Typical Hitchcock touches that are fun to observe, but the mother with the baby sequences are hard not to see without a lump in the throat. It could be seen as a propaganda movie, but is actually closer to an anti-WW2 war movie in my eyes. Film is a little "over-familiar" in it's structure and some of the "surprises" is easy to predict now for those who have followed modern more "advanced" storytellers, but this is still a great movie and should get more praise than it gets.

The first and best slasher movie that ever was made. It started a genre on it's own. Without Anthony Perkins there would not have been Norman Bates and Janet Leigh as one of the most defining scream queens of all time. It is all in glorious black and white which makes the movie look more classy and expensive even if the movie was low-budgeted. A film that reminds me of a time when movies still could surprise and scare people without tending to cheap gore scenes or violent "in your face" scare moments and it makes me sad how few classy excellent horror / slasher movies that really are out there on the market as they usually overdoes it on either sleaze or gore. It is also sad that almost every film has tried to copy or make homage to the film's most famous shower scene and therefor tried to ruin one of film history's most effective moment instead of doing something original themselves instead. See the original and best and be surprised how well it still holds up.

Of all the movies based upon Thomas Harris' serial killer Hannibal this is the most stylish one. It is superior over it's remake "Red Dragon" and I love the use of color. It also show an interesting different take on the serial killer as he is played by Scotsman Brian Cox. "Manhunter" is the blueprint for serial killer films to me and it decided pretty much anything that would come later on from this genre. Michael Mann shows here clearly why he is one of the best modern directors around and it's style has some clear "Miami Vice" vibes making this a better movie in that universe than Michael Mann's reboot attempt 25 years later. Only some "dated music" is the only bad thing about it if one should be very critical.

The next Hannibal Lecter movie was an even bigger influential thriller that inspired almost any movie where the F.B.I. was involved and gave birth to the style of science fiction shows like "The X-Files". The chemistry between Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins was something unique on screen at the time and the story were an engaging nail-biter throughout. Is it allowed to love both this one and "Manhunter"? Yes, it is.

Ridley Scott's take on the further exploits of Hannibal Lecter is helped enormously by the fact that Anthony Hopkins is still an effective Hannibal and his diabolical acts in Rome, but when the film goes into "revenge mode" with an unrecognizable Gary Oldman looking like a puppet (and probably becoming the whole reason for the existence of the ugly figurine in the "Saw" movies) it falls apart. An over-the-top ending with Ray Liotta taking his top off doesn't help either and while Julianne Moore looks fantastic in the film it is hard to accept her as a replacement for the more natural-looking Jodie Foster as she never manage to embrace the role as her own. It also doesn't help that the film seem unsure of itself and what it wants to tell us as if we take away some murders there is absolutely no change in the characters and how they were from the end of the prior film and this one. A wasted opportunity of a film.

Peter Sellers make fun of some good political stereotypes and have a ball as a mad German scientist and we get to see the iconic image of Slim Pickens on top of a falling nuclear bomb in this one. George C. Scott also do one of his life's best roles. Stanley Kubrick never directed a funnier film than this one.

The Ups: Beautiful imagery and gorgeous computer effects delivering some impressive human-like faces don't help a shit when the story lacks logic and sense and takes itself too serious as it is stuffed up with too much background history that is not for interest to anyone else than the fans of the computer games. I was bored for the entire film.

Holds the mantle as one of the most realistic science fiction movies out there and the one for the "thinking" man. I like how the story slowly reveals itself in the beginning through news and minimal of dialogue. HAL is one of the most memorable movie psychos on film. Kubrick's exceptional use of music began for real with this film as he combines everything from classical music to static noise to make a fantastic atmosphere. The ending is still questionable and open for suggestions for many, but I like it's psychedelic nature that is pretty much in tune with the universe which itself is still a mystery.

Gorgeously erotic and Gothic version of Bram Stoker's book with silent movie techniques and exquisite sets, costumes and make-up without ever going "over the top" (even if the deleted scenes portray how easily THAT could have happened). It is easily one of the best-looking films of the entire Dracula-canon on film. The film is filled with a impressive cast list but it is Sadie Frost who blows everyone out of the movie as the doomed Lucy. I also love the theme song from Annie Lennox, "Love Song for a Vampire", that is haunting and beautiful and absolutely perfect for the movie. Sadly, the stiff Keanu Reeves and the fact we all know the Dracula story by heart drags the movie down as it is hard to be surprised by anything any longer, but the beginning is great as we get to see a origin story for our neck-biter and how he became the Vampire that we all hate to love.

A deeper and more thoughtful superhero movie puts our hero into a darker place with a harder and more realistic story than ever before. I especially love it's political message and Robert Downey Jr. still is the funniest and best superhero around at the moment. Ben Kingsley starts out as an intriguing villain but it is hard to swallow the 90 degree character change midway through the film. The biggest problem with this film is that the best visual scene where Tony Stark falls to the bottom of the sea is so excellent that anything that follows it feels hollow especially true to the empty ending when the film turns into robots fighting robots that lacks any human element making it boring and anti-climatic. A superhero movie that has a lot of great moments but falls apart at the end.

This reboot and a sequel to the original universe makes this science fiction adventure a great starting point for non-fans and a new more action-filled direction for old fans that one either will hate or like. What is good with this "Star Trek" is that it accept every character and give them something interesting to do. Bruce Greenwood also do everything right in the mentor role of Captain Pike and reminds everyone what Star Trek is all about and stands for. Karl Urban's Doctor McCoy is though the one who stands-out and is excellent and feels closest to the original character. Zachary Quinto may look similar like Leonard Nimoy but he has some serious emotional issues that is hard to accept and I can never shake off the feeling that he is about to slice open the upper parts of his fellow crewmemhers. Trek has though never been this sexy since the '60s show and it is lovely to see so many delicious women in mini-skirts. I do miss that the film had showned just a tiny fraction to long-running fans about what kind of impact the disappearance of the original Mr. Spock had on universe A and how they coped with his missing status, but that is only a long-running fan complaining. The fact that this was a surprisingly good movie and better than I had any hope of it being after years of lackluster entries and boring shows that lacked any energy or wonder left in the series.

Visually stunning sequel that deliever some excellent crowd-pleasing action. I love some of the film's "darker" turns, but also how it is filled with some fun comedic timing. The story builds up perfectly, but some of the ensemble feels underused this time around. There should and could have been done more with Sulu, Chekov and Scotty - and Uhura seems overused at the expense of McCoy only because Zoe is such a damn hot woman that the camera loves. Benedict Cumberbatch is an intriguing villain but what is the meaning of his anti-clamatic reveal that he is KHAN as if anyone should know who that is? Think about being full of himself. Sadly, after two appearances I have to admit that I loathe Simon Pegg as Scotty who do his role more as a parody - and Peter Weller should have played a clone or evil ancestor to the character he played in "Star Trek: Enterprise" as that would have been fantastic. A missed opportunity with some excellent moments this time around.

A funny, quirky, warm, beautifully photographed and excellent acted Russian drama - especially by the director's daughter. It has a great pre-WW2 atmosphere and shows Soviet Union in it's golden age pre-Stalin with beautiful costumes and lovely sunny atmosphere. It do outstays it's welcome by 15 minutes though and should have ended the moment the two male characters left the summer house by car. Then this film would have been absolutely perfect.

Animated stop-motion movie that nicely represents Neil Gaiman's book and actually expands on the story and any children/family movie that don't have extended dance and/or singing numbers should get praised as it then means it can clearly stand on it's own legs without sorting to singing to get it's point across.

This is one fun ironic, bloody, humoristic, tragic, tense, exciting spaghetti-war movie with both heartbreaking moments and crowd-pleasing action combined with Quentin Tarantino's flavor for intelligent dialogue and movie homages. Christoph Waltz steals most of the movie as a smiling Jew-killing Nazi and Melanie Laurent is gorgeous as a vengeful angel in red. Fuck all those who scream that the ending is not historically correct. This is a movie for God's sake. Anything is possible in the movie world and fantasy is our friend and all movies should be treated as parallel universe stories anyhow even those inspired by real life. Why limit one self even if a film portraits WW2? The Basterds themselves seem a little colorless compared to all the other characters and seem like supporting characters in their own film so if I should be critical it has to be that I would have loved a little more time spent with them. Still, this is a one of Tarantino's best movies.

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