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Added by johanlefourbe

on 17 Aug 2011 10:31

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Most defining movies - by decade -

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People who added this item 980  Average listal rating (576 ratings) 8.1  IMDB Rating 8.2 
1. A Trip to the Moon (1902)

johanlefourbe's rating:


People who added this item 417  Average listal rating (198 ratings) 6.4  IMDB Rating 6.8 
2. The Birth of a Nation (1915)

johanlefourbe's rating:


People who added this item 1655  Average listal rating (853 ratings) 8.3  IMDB Rating 8.3 
3. Metropolis (1927)

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People who added this item 1559  Average listal rating (983 ratings) 8.4  IMDB Rating 8.6 
4. Modern Times (1936)

johanlefourbe's rating:


People who added this item 2362  Average listal rating (1395 ratings) 8.2  IMDB Rating 8.4 
5. Citizen Kane (1941)

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People who added this item 2432  Average listal rating (1506 ratings) 8.3  IMDB Rating 8.4 
6. Vertigo (1958)

Notes: or any other movie directed by Hitchcock in the 50's
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People who added this item 3605  Average listal rating (2233 ratings) 8  IMDB Rating 8.3 
7. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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People who added this item 5433  Average listal rating (3462 ratings) 8.7  IMDB Rating 9.2 
8. The Godfather (1972)

johanlefourbe's rating:


People who added this item 4686  Average listal rating (3170 ratings) 8  IMDB Rating 8.6 
9. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ar... (1981)

Notes: As you can see in the comments underneath, there is a big debate about this entry and, honestly, I'm not really satisfied with this choice but, for the time being, it remains the most valid option.
johanlefourbe's rating:


People who added this item 7534  Average listal rating (4893 ratings) 8.4  IMDB Rating 8.9 
10. Pulp Fiction (1994)

johanlefourbe's rating:


People who added this item 6750  Average listal rating (4543 ratings) 8.4  IMDB Rating
11. The Dark Knight (2008)

johanlefourbe's rating:


With this list, I try to find the most defining movie for each decade.

Bare in mind, it is not necessarily the best movie of the decade or even my favorite one.

The interesting thing is that it displays also the most influential director for each decade :

- 1900's : Georges Méliès
- 1910's : D.W. Griffith
- 1920's : Fritz Lang
- 1930's : Charles Chaplin
- 1940's : Orson Welles
- 1950's : Alfred Hitchcock
- 1960's : Stanley Kubrick
- 1970's : Francis Ford Coppola
- 1980's : Steven Spielberg
- 1990's : Quentin Tarantino
- 2000's : Christopher Nolan

Of course, it is all very subjective and a completely personal opinion!

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Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 17 20:49
The only ones that just don't feel right to me are your selections for the 80's and 2000's. Ha, but then again, I'm having trouble choosing more definitive titles for each at the moment. Nice choices!
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 18 8:26
@Xanadon't, the 80's was indeed the toughest one... I was hesitating between "Raiders..." and "Goodfellas" but since there was already "The Godfather", I though it was quite redundant to put another gangster flick for the next decade. Furthermore, even though I prefer Scorsese, I do believe that Spielberg was more influent in the 80's.
I'm actually rather satisfy with 'The dark knight' since this decade (like the 80's in my opinion) was really dominated by blockbusters and especially Super-hero flicks and in my opinion, 'The dark knight', in this genre, is easily the best one that came out in the 2000's. I really wonder what you would pick for those decades.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 8:59
Difficult theme for a list.Only one movie for each decade?
Anyway i agree with the most of them.Definitely the 70's is Coppola decade with 4 masterpieces,but the 80's?Spielberg?Are you sure?Maybe Andrey Tarkovskiy?And where is Ingmar Bergman?Maybe the most influential director?
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 10:30
@propelas, as said before, the 80's is the most difficult decade to pick up a movie and I'm not really satisfied with 'Raiders of the lost ark'. Tarkovskiy are Bergman are both amazing directors (way more interesting than Spielberg) but I'm not sure if one of their movies was the most influtential of the 80's. I still think Spielberg is the director who had the most impact on the 80's. But I'm open for suggestions.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 11:00
Yes you're right about that.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 11:41
In my opinion, the 80's were dominated by the summer blockbusters which was, back then, a new phenomenom. And obviously, the king of this genre is obviously Spielberg.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 13:59
Spielberg?No way men.Yes is a very good director but his best films are Jaws(1975) and Schindler's List(1993).Anyway great idea for a list,and good choices.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 19:00
@vitoc, again I'm open for suggestions for the 80's but until now "Raiders..." remains the best choice.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 27 20:48
P.S. Goodfellas was released in 1990, so that's one you could've ruled out even more easily.

I think your choice or Raisers probably stands up. I can't think of a better suited picture, actually. Blade Runner crossed my mind, but in the end, no. Blue Velvet? no. Of course the Coen brothers emerged in the 80's but there's no film by them that one could consider most influential of the decade.

The only other avenue one could maybe explore is the re-emergence of independent cinema. Titles like Strangers in Paradise, Drugstore Cowboy, etc. Hmmm. Having trouble topping your choice. Maybe I'll switch to the 2000's and try to challenge The Dark Knight.

Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 28 0:52
Well,here are my suggestions:
1)Ridley Scott (Blade Runner)
2)David Lynch (Elephant Man)(Blue Velvet)
3)James Cameron (Terminator)(Aliens)(The Abyss)
4)Andrei Tarkovskiy (Mirror)(Sacrifise)
5)Woody Allen (Hanna And Her Sisters)(Purple Rose..)(Zelig)
1)Pedro Almodovar (Bad Education)(Talk To Her)(Volver)
2)Michael Haneke (The Pianist)(Cache)(White Ribbon)
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 28 11:19
1. Blade Runner was a huge flop when it came out and it is really a SF flick, not mainstream enough
2. David Lynch is way too high brow. Elephant Man is way too osbcure (great flick though) and Blue Velvet is too weird as well.
3. Terminator is too action oriented. Aliens as well and it is a sequel. The Abyss is not even his best movie of the 80's.
4. Tarkovskiy is too high brow as well. Rather unknown to mainstream audience.
5. Woody Allen made his best movies in the 70's and none of his 80's movies was so influential.
6. Almodovar is too artistic and mainstream audience don't even know him.
7. Michael Haneke is not mainstream enough.

Many flicks you provided are not even from the 80's.

The flicks need to be more or less mainstream success. Cult classics and art movies don't fit since the average film viewers don't know them.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 28 19:08
@johan all the movies are from the 80's and the 00's.please check it again.
'Almodovar is too artistic and mainstream audience don't even know him.'What are you saying men?
And excuse me are you looking for the most influential director or only mainstream movies?Because is not the same thing.
And how m mainstream is Griffith and Fritz Lang?
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 28 19:20
@vitoc, I thought you gave movies from the 80's, my bad. The point of this list to pick the most influential movies. All those movies you gave(even though some are great) are barely known by mainsteam audience and thus do not fit for the list. The movie has to be a mainstream success and a artistic milestone in movie history to be considered the most influential movie of the decade. If you don't like it, you can make your own list.

D.W. Griffith was super influential, famous and mainstream in the 1910's. And so was Fritz Lang back in the 1920's.

By the way, 'The pianist' was directed by Roman Polanski. Maybe you meant 'La pianiste'(AKA 'The Piano teacher') which was indeed directed by Michael Haneke.
Posted: 4 years ago at Aug 28 19:30
Ok men i understand.Maybe you're right.
And yes i meant the piano teacher,sorry for my mistake!
Posted: 4 years ago at Sep 1 1:08
Great selections here and It's tough choosing one from each decade but the only thing I would like to say is that I think Fight Club for the 90's would be a better choice, what do you say? After all, It was more influential than Pulp Fiction! Or maybe even Titanic?

But anyhow, great work!

And can I use it in my list with my selections?
Posted: 4 years ago at Sep 1 9:31
@Happy Vader, 'Fight Club' is an interesting choice but I think 'Pulp Fiction' has been a bigger influence.

And, of course, you may create your own list wit your own selection. Keep me up to date, I would like to check it out!
Edit: 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago at Sep 1 19:19
All right I will!

Pulp Fiction is an excellent choice anyhow!
Posted: 3 years, 8 months ago at Jan 2 18:04
Do you even come to this list anymore?

Anyway, like the above I'm also not too satisfied with Raiders from the 80's but how about When Harry Met Sally? It started a whole new romantic legacy, if you ask me!
Posted: 3 years, 8 months ago at Jan 2 18:06
@Happy Vader, do you really think that 'When Harry met Sally' is the most defining movie of the 80's ??! I don't think so...
Posted: 3 years, 8 months ago at Jan 2 18:15
Just a harmless suggestion... we will stick with Raiders for the moment!

Episode V: Empire Strikes Back?
Posted: 2 years, 6 months ago at Feb 13 1:12
Nice list. You can't please everyone, so there will always be complaints, unfortunately.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 18 5:49
Raging Bull is too Art House, Die Hard still remains an action flick and Empire Strikes back is a sequel.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 18 6:53
@portlander, 'Back in the future' is a nice idea but I think 'Raiders' had more impact.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 18 7:00
If you had to pick the summer blockbuster from the 80s it'd be Raiders, but why not go all the way to the source of the summer blockbuster boom and go with Jaws for the 70s?
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 18 7:43
@VierasTalo, because for the 70's, there is no way 'Jaws' could compete against 'The Godfather'.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 18 12:43
Great list!
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 19 19:43
@thenoah, 'E.T.' is actually a very good suggestion, probably the best one I have heard so far. I guess I'm a huge fan of Indiana Jones and not so about E.T. but it is definitely a valid choice.
Posted: 1 year, 11 months ago at Oct 8 5:05

'Scarface' is the best suggestion but since there is already 'The Godfather' on this list, I won't add another gangster movie.

None of other 3 movies are closed to be considered the most definin movi of the 80's, at least not in my opinion.

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