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Added by 13th moody grape on 28 Dec 2012 08:54
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List of 10 people who i idolise

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Posted: 5 years, 8 months ago at Dec 30 15:55
I like Churchill as a hero, (and I'm glad you like him, like that), but the more that I read about Winston, the more that he seems like my uncle or something.

Like, Spencer's favorite card game was Bezique. But Bezique is a stupid game. It just sounds stupid.

Therefore, he must have been stupid, a little bit.

Some of his jokes were kinda weird too. Although, to be fair, he would still be an improvement over some of my uncles. As well as being a hero. Not everyone is a hero. Some people aren't.

Also I read his books, a long time ago. It took a long time. (Actually, there are like 50. I didn't read all of them.) But yeah, some of them were better than others, like most people. Although he could do a lot of things. He can paint. Colin Firth, I bet he can't paint.

And I know your British. John Tolkien was also very British, although he was also a hobbit. Britain is very old. That's nice sometimes. Remember what I told you about America, *swish swish*, *shakes the fishbowl*. Sometimes we're crazy though. You can't make me like British people though, even know all your friends are British, except for Obama, who is like, Universe Person. I don't really like Rowling, though. You can't make me like her. America is free. Actually, I like that Stephenie girl that everyone is supposed to hate. Actually that has nothing to do with land.

I am very talkative today.

Once I had a friend from Norway, and Norway is very small, even smaller than England, although they have forests there, and that's kinda nice. ^^ I also had a friend from Russia, but Russian is too different from English for them to learn English well, sometimes, and they also do not speak Spanish.

But, as America, England is my best friend, of all the friends. (Some people say Israel, but that's because they're psycho. *does psycho gesture* Although I do like Adam Sandler, but people from the country Israel are a little crazy, because they're all in the military, practically. The army makes people all military and shit, like Mark Wahlberg.... It's like in Syria, they want to be free, but they get killed. And that's why they have no rock bands. Or Cheese. Lands with Cheese, are Okay. *does, Okay*.)

I would probably give most of your heroes an average rating. ... Except for George, who was pretty cool. And Winston actually was a hero, person, you know.

George is better though....

Because Paul is better. ^^

John would have made a great hero person, but he had to be good. Heroes have to be so evil, to be the best.

{Actually, Winston is the better hero person, than FDR, who's who we had, since at least Spencer was an all-around Winston, and his life was like a hero's, yeah, pretty hero-y. It's actually kinda like a novel, which is fun. But FDR, while Winston's Large Large Friend, was actually kinda boring and not-hero-like, although part of the anti-bad team. Although he couldn't walk or anything, like that tsar's kid, the one who got murdered by the schize communists, he actually had a pretty priviledged life, and was pretty boring. Winston was born in a palace, but he actually had trouble living in one, as it costs money. Like, he had to borrow money, so that he didn't have to sell his house and get totally disgraced and jeered at by his ancestors. He was actually old as shit by the time he was a hero. People all made fun of him and shit, kinda like with the hero in the stories. He actually wasn't like Obama, no offense to black people, who are actually one of America's unique-y actually-I'm-not-quite-England, things. Although actually personally I think that our, well, my, you're English, first black president should have been named Richardson or something, since that's black people in this country are like, actually, they're like me, they're not like French black people-- although Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a French black person-- or Spanish people, who are actually very.... I don't know. They're practical. Rich people can be so boring and useless, if they weren't rich. But Spanish people are definitely their own box, not all poor people are the same, and especially if they're rich or something. Anyway.... I was talking about heroes, heroes are all like, Special and shit.... Oh yeah, but FDR was more like.... I don't know, he was president for like, twenty years, which makes him more normal and less hero-y for some reason. Winston was king during the war, but then they chucked him out, because it's a party thing, right, in England, isn't that how it works-- Britain. If it's political, it's more like Britain, although people are from Liverpool or else they're from Hertfordshire or else they're Scottish or ancient Saxons or something, but they're all British to the government, even if it were the 70s and they were actually Irish terrorists living in Belfast, or something. Although in a way you're all British, kinda, because somebody from County Clare or somewhere might be a little bit like somebody from Hertfordshire, especially if they were like in America, right, *swish, swish*, *swish the waterbowl*, although because they're all British or something they haven't ever gone swish swish in the waterbowl, because only people who were poor and sad went to America unless they were really rich or something, which is why we all think that we're Irish, but we're not, and especially because Irish people get money, they become more like English people, (and especially if they're in a rock band, right), and it's only when Irish people are really poor that they're super different. Like, Scottish people were super-different when they all lived in the Highlands and they were super-military like Colin Firth, well, or Mel Gibson. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have books about things like this anymore, but Scotland was like a tenth or something of Britain population and half of its army, which is why Scotland like won half the wars for like seven hundred years back when Europe was all icky and America didn't exist, or at least New Jersey didn't, which is why I bet Colin Firth probably looked Scottish or something to his small daughters in that movie, the army crap in Britain is kinda Scottish, isn't it, although not really like, from Scotland, if you're from Scotland you're from Edinburgh or from Glasgow or somewhere in the Lowlands, which is more like England, and it's a lot less about hating Jane Austen and stuff then it would be if you lived in the Highlands and you killed people and you were very Scottish, like Mel Gibson, or Grand Admiral Colin Firth, who's kinda like Mel Gibson, pretending to be British or something, when.... I don't know, all soldiers are like, from Soldierland, it's not fair to call them Scottish or something, but they're always say, I am a Scot, or whatever. Anyway.... and then there's Joanne Rowling, who used to be poor, which is why she's like, I am Scottish, like she was always going to be poor or something. I don't know. Like, I feel sad for Stuart sometimes, but it's not like he got murdered by that Dread Englishman, Richard Starkey.... And anyway, Joanne Rowling is kinda American; it's not like she's some strange Scottish person. She's that type of girl, is who she is. You know how America is like, Oh, I don't know.... Just, you know, for me, too.... Like, an Italian restaurant is really Italian, and then Burger King is just kinda, cleaned up, like, an Italian restaurant is good as well as specific, but some bad Irish pub from Angela's Ashes would be really bad, so we just cleaned it up and got Burger King, which is kinda blank and clean, and then they just make average decisions because they're American, and not really special people who live in this castle on the Isle of Skye. I mean, sometimes people go to Scotland or Wales, like, Led Zeppelin went to Wales, because they are hills and shit (Saxons liked, flat country, I guess, which is kinda why, there were some of them in the Lowlands too, so then the shopkeepers in the Lowland decided to not hate Jane Austen and make money and be all English and stuff, when Britain started to get all civilized during that time, and then they decided to stop killing each other, although British stuff with the government had to be really Scottish too because they had all those Scottish army guys and they wanted to send them to India and anyway they didn't want to be bad Dread Saxons because of their pride & their prejudice....) and not as many people and cities, it's funny to think how different that is from Mel Gibson or something.... and "Led Zeppelin" is funny-- London.... or Wales. But not Liverpool, no, no.... They're okay though. For some reason I want to talk about all this. But anyway.... with the hero people.... FDR was kinda boring, he just kinda went on and did his thing, and occasionally he went on his little vacations in the very near part of Canada because he had a house there that cost so much money because of his family, and that was sorta his thing, and he ruled for the longest time ever, and he was just sorta that aristocratic 30s liberal who were all exactly like him or like Atticus Finch, and he was basically just exactly that guy that John Lennon was not, like, they were opposites in the universe, way more than.... well, way more than the guy from Yorkshire, North England and the guy from Scotland, since I went off about that for some reason, I don't know if you ever read The Secret Garden, but she makes this obnoxious point about how the Yorkshire people sounded(1911)/sound? just like the people who speak real broad Scots, you know.... Although even she wasn't as irritating as Joanne Rowling, who always sounds like she's canvassing for somebody, and I don't suppose that she'd like an English garden because of those dread saxon fairies that are in it.... but, I don't know, the manners are sorta English, right-- when you say that the British do things one way, it's how the British people act, like, here, for me, right, as opposed to Americans, which is like the English, because we got it from them, except unless it's different, like Liverpool is different from Yorkshire and their crazy language, it's not even like that, though.... Anyway.... oh, and Elvis was the American, he was the King, isn't that funny.... but with a folk king that could be anyone, and southerners are a little aristocratic anyway, the sorta better kind, not like, west virginia, which is like, a little bad.... Or, Brad Pitt, is bad.... and the Beatles were more like a little folk democracy, like, way beneath Parliament and everything very British and in London, which at least isn't Brandenburg or Berlin or something, because the Prussians were pretty clever but kinda wack and evil, and Vienna was the place where the Germans were more good, so the Prussians got the "Germans", (with their Scottish Colin Firth army crap), to burn the place, basically.... as though they were Pink Floyd or something.... 'We want a riot!'..... But anyway, John Lennon could have been totally a great 'hero', he could have been totally Russian like the czar-- but the good thing about Irish people is that they're not Very "Irish", thanks to the IRA and the war and Angela's Ashes and Irish pubs and America, *swish, swish*-- but instead of being a hero like that he became a Beatle, and along with those other guys from Liverpool-- which is a port-- (and where some of my family is from, once, apparently, and we're Irish just like Odin and Santa Claus and we're probably from Cork, because all Irish people in America are from Cork, since that's the big port, so where the ship was from, and where they lived their whole lives, or for a day or so), along with that guy McCartney and Harrison with the Catholic family, and their friend, Richard Starkey, who never called himself that, and they were the English rock band, the Beatles, because they could have been heroes or something if only they'd been in the Scottish army.... but instead they wanted to be like Elvis, so they were so English, since England is such a flat agreeable sort of country, except I hear that it does rain there, but you'll get over it, what with Liverpool and Hertforshire and The Shire and it's a very settled place and you can find jobs there compared with other places, and anyway it's a place with manners and such and if you have manners in America you're a bit like the English and they're the British, because if you are British, it's like you're English because you have manners because it rains all the time. . {And Welsh people don't tend to bang their fist on the table about not being English, even though their language is *not exactly the same*, *kinda like Scots*, lol, because Welsh people don't bother as much about fighting as though they were Highlanders, which isn't actually near Wales at all, the way the England is, since they're in the south of it, and maybe that's why Led Zeppelin went there, anyway, because it is a bit like the Shire, only they talk more like John Tolkien sometimes, than everybody else.} But in England they had Jane Austen and in America we didn't have Jane Austen, although we did have Ed Harris and Clint Eastwood, as well as bands like the Beach Boys that nobody likes better than the Beatles, or those English rock bands who are like the Greek people of rock and roll.

And so that's why I say the thing about the heroes, because are more like British than like English and they are not so much about manners, they have to be kinda evil sometimes to be so good.....}

Unless they're in a band. ^^

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