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Added by vapor

on 29 Jun 2012 04:41

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Sony Playstation JRPGs

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ARC Entertainment
Working Designs
PSOne Classic on PSN
Sequels on PS2

Arc the Lad playable (7 story, 6 summons story, 1 summons sidquest): Arc, Poko, Kukuru, Gogen, Tosh, Chongara (Kelack, Mofly, Hemo-Ji, Fu-Jin, Rai-Jin, Odon, Choko), Iga

Arc the Lad II playable (21 story, 1 sidequest, 198 monsters): Elc, Lieza, Paundit, Shu, Shante, Gruga, Sania, Diekbeck, all characters from Arc the Lad return and Chongara's summons are separate characters now

Arc the Lad III playable (6 story, 1 sidquest, 3 temporary): Alec, Lutz, Theo, Cheryl, Marsia, Velhart, Anrietta; and Elc, Shu, and Tosh as temporary characters

#compilation #grid #savelink #turn #traditional

Konami. Konami. 1998.
Alternate version on GBC.
Spiritual sequel on DS.

Azure Dreams is a monster battler, roguelike dungeon crawl, dating sim, world builder in one! Believe it or not, coming from someone who's not a fan of those genres, this is actually kinda fun! I guess the "being everywhere" genre approach works for it. Your monster retains levels, but the main character (Koh) does not. You find items and such in the dungeons and rebuild houses and impress girls. You also want to work your way to the top to figure out what happened to your papa (Guy). It's a unique little game with a whimsical art style and a sense of humor. This game has a bit of a spiritual sequel in a little known DS game entitled Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal. Unlike this game, it's not very good unfortunately.

Hero's name: Koh (mute)

Tropes: affection levels, level reset, monsters battle, world building

Camelot. Sony. 1996.

Beyond the Beyond is an odd game. It was released after such mega hits as FF3 and Chrono Trigger, but it's still feels like it's about a decade behind them. The first RPG on PS1 in NA isn't much, but it's the precursor to Golden Sun. It's not a bad game, it just suffers from abounding nothing. There's nothing happening in the game. You're Finn and you left to be a knight and met a cursed knight and are helping him. Suddenly there's a....zzzzzzzzzz.

Capcom. Capcom. 1998.
Ported to PSP in Europe.
Sequel on PS1.

BoF3 is when Capcom really stepped the story up a notch. You have death, betrayal, and a little romance after 2 (pretty good) cliche adventures. Little Ryu's voice is adorable "EE DEE WOO!". The random battles get on your nerves a bit, but it's par for the course when it comes to older RPGs. I love games where the characters age, so this one has a special place in my heart.

Capcom. Capcom. 2000.
Sequel on PS2.

What a pretty game BoF4 is! I love the muted colors, the stunning art, and the wonderful sprite work. It really is a marvel to look at. The game isn't to shabby as a game either! It's nothing new if you've played BoF3, except battles seem a bit less frequent. There was a big deal over censorship in this game, but whatever. It's still a wonderful title.

Hearty Robin

Grand Edition fan translated

Square EA


Square. Square. 08/15/2000

Sequel to Chrono Trigger.
45 playable characters.
Includes very minor monster hunting (Sprigg).
Released as Greatest Hits.
Released on PSN (11.08.11).
Last Chrono Game (12 years ago).



Posted: 2 years, 8 months ago at Dec 22 0:01
In my opinion this was the golden age of JRPGs mostly because of Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. Three of the best games of all-time.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 15 6:33
I know some people claim the SNES was when RPGs started taking off, but I mean just look at how many good RPGs there were on the PS1. The only bad thing was this flood of games severely burned me out... I wasn't too big on the genre after this generation. I find it kind of hard to replay some of these games now due to the time commitment they require.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 29 10:26
Compounded by the fact that PS2 had twice as many total, but 1/4 as many as great.
Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago at May 29 12:40
Awesome list! I still have my PS1 and PS2, so I might have to get some of these games.
Posted: 2 years, 1 month ago at Jul 20 18:02
Maybe FF VII have the same valor as FF VI, but FF IX isnĀ“t soo great in my opinion, Zidane and Garnet are the worst characters of the game (yeah, I count with Kina) and they are the 2 main of the game tsc,tsc. I would like more background story for the others, the game would be much better.

But, I agree that PS1 have many aweasome games. Many of my favorites by the way.
Posted: 2 years, 1 month ago at Jul 21 19:32
I have to disagree. I found FFIX flawless. Coming out of FF7/8 I can see the dissention, though. I found Zidane and Dagger to be fantastic leads with a real developed love story, much better than the trainwrecks in 7/8. Steiner (and Quina) was about the only character I didn't much care for. Fealty versus what's right was done better in Beatrix. Vivi and Freya were especially moving and tragic. RPGs are so polarizing, eh? 8 is my favorite, btw.
Posted: 3 weeks ago at Aug 8 12:59
You forgot Dragon Valor.
Posted: 2 weeks, 3 days ago at Aug 12 7:48
Dragon Valor is an adventure game with RPG elements. You gain no experience or stats from battle, you purchase upgrades

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