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Added by TheNameless

on 16 Apr 2012 06:04

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Game Diary 2012

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People who added this item 130  Average listal rating (56 ratings) 8.2  IMDB Rating
14. Borderlands - PlayStation 3
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 53  Average listal rating (23 ratings) 8.2  IMDB Rating
13. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - Xbox
STARTED: 21.11.
FINISHED: 22.11.
RATING: *** - ****½

Well, this is weird. For no reason, I started this on the hardest difficulty and it was the same Max Payne 2 I once knew.

STARTED: 14.4.
RATING: ***** - ***

Just like Halo 2, this was one of my favorite games two years ago, but not anymore. It used to take me two days to play this through, now it took over two weeks. I just remember everything about this game so well, it has become very boring and stale. I just kinda shot my way through this game without really thinking about it.

Maybe 3 out of 5 is a bit harsh, because I used to think it was great and I still get why it is considered great. But this time it was such an unexciting experience, I can't forgive.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 60  Average listal rating (22 ratings) 8.5  IMDB Rating
12. The Orange Box - PlayStation 3
STARTED: 4.11.
FINISHED: 17.11.

Half-Life 2: Episode One - ***½
Half-Life 2: Episode Two - ****
Portal - ****
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 17  Average listal rating (11 ratings) 7.1  IMDB Rating
11. Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles - PlayStation
STARTED: 11.8.

I started this on co-op mode with my friend, but because I can't play it with him except on the weekends, I started (and finished) this on single player mode also.

On co-op mode, this is pretty hard, even with the easier dfficulty. Fighting is easy enough, but when you have to time your jumps with the second player, you tend to lose your credits quickly. And some parts of the game are just unfair, where you don't know where to jump or an enemy you can't see shoots you in the middle of a jump and you fall to your death. We're stuck on level 6, and we're probably never gonna beat it.

But on single player, this actually quite easy. Not too easy, but it helps a lot when you get all your credits to yourself and you don't have to time your jumps with your friend. Some parts seemed impossible at first, especially on the final level, but you just have to try a few times and learn how to get past them. Then it's a cakewalk.

In the end, it's a good game, but sometimes requires a bit too much patience from the player.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 205  Average listal rating (97 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
10. Batman: Arkham City - PlayStation 3
Started: 31.7.
finished: 2.8.

TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 419  Average listal rating (236 ratings) 8.1  IMDB Rating
9. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Xbox
STARTED: can't remember
RATING: ***** - ****½

An awesome game and still one of my favorites. The story is simple, but interesting and the game world is just amazing. It looks and sounds like Star Wars, but still feels completely new. Some of the actors aren't very good, but it doesn't ruin the well-written characters and dialogue too much. Also, it's always a plus when you get to make your own choices and have shot of romance (too bad I didn't know Juhani was a lesbian).
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 51  Average listal rating (19 ratings) 7.3  IMDB Rating
8. RAGE - PC Games
STARTED: 30.4.

Man, it took me a long time to finish a game that takes under 10 hours to finish. I just never felt like playing RAGE, but forced myself the last couple of days, so I could get it over with.

The story is eggshell thin and just a one big cliché and the dull, repetetive action really doesn't make up for it.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 178  Average listal rating (94 ratings) 8.6  IMDB Rating
7. Batman: Arkham Asylum - PC Games

It ended when I thought I was halfway through, but it was fun while it lasted.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 148  Average listal rating (64 ratings) 8  IMDB Rating
6. Mass Effect 3 - PC Games
RATING: no changes

Not much to say about this one, everyone knows what's wrong with it (even those who haven't played it). I don't hate the ending as much as everyone else, but that is the only flaw I can't close my eyes to.

UPDATE 14.11.
RATING: ****½ - *****

I've played this a lot lately and I've come to the conclusion that this deserves a five star rating and is as good as the first two games.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 34  Average listal rating (13 ratings) 7.8  IMDB Rating
5. Manhunt - Xbox
RATING: **** - **

I didn't actually finish this, but I have to say something about it, since I once absolutely loved it. I must've been blind then.

Murdering people violently was cool when I was 12-years-old, but now it just feels like I'm murdering people violently (not very enjoyable, unless you're a psychopath). And that's pretty much all you do in this game. It's so repetitive it's unbelievable. Sure, you face some new enemies and the enviroments look different, but usually "the task" is the same: hide in the shadows, hit a wall, wait, kill. Well, there are few levels where you have to protect someone, but that's even worse, since it's something I hate in any video game (thank God it's very easy in this). The story is kinda dumb and I've never really paid attention to it and the main character is just an unlikeable asshole with no personality.

Brian Cox is great as the main villain though.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 240  Average listal rating (129 ratings) 8.8  IMDB Rating
4. Mass Effect 2 - PC Games
STARTED: 19.4.
RATING: no changes

Nothing special to say about this, I could just praise everything about it, but that would even more boring than this. Probably the best game I've ever played, that's all I'm gonna say.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 1160  Average listal rating (623 ratings) 7.9  IMDB Rating
3. Halo 2 - Xbox
STARTED: 14.4.
RATING: ***** - ***½

Couple of years back, we played this all the time with my best friend and finished it with all difficulties except the hardest (even though we made it to the final boss). I remember spending many hot summer days inside playing this epic masterpiece. But that was then. It's not the epic masterpiece it used to be. Now it just felt too short and small to be very epic. Also, the story is kinda hard to follow and in the end I really didn't care what was happening. Still, it's fun to play. I love the action and I love that it's so colorful for a shooter game. It was just disappointing to realize it wasn't the greatest game ever.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 78  Average listal rating (35 ratings) 8.6  IMDB Rating
2. Half-Life 2 - Xbox
STARTED: 14.4.
RATING: ***** - ****½

Just got back bunch of my Xbox games from a friend I hadn't seen in a while. It's been something like two years since I played this last time. Still awesome. Looks beautiful and the action is very thrilling and enjoyable, even though driving the car is a bitch at times. I also have slight problem with the story: I don't really know what's going on since this the only Half-Life in the series I've played. But can't really blame the game for that.
TheNameless's rating:

People who added this item 310  Average listal rating (163 ratings) 8.5  IMDB Rating
1. Mass Effect - PC Games
STARTED: can't remember
RATING: no changes

Sixth or seventh time I've played this through. This is just pure gold. Or maybe more like heroin, because you get hooked so easily. I don't really have anything to say that hasn't already been said countless times. Epic story and blah blah blah.

I will play the sequels in the future again.
TheNameless's rating:


Even though I play something almost every day, I'm not a huge gamer (whatever that means). I usually stick with one or just a few games for long time. Just explaining why this probably not gonna be updated very often. I also know very little of games, but I just think it's fun to list things.

Short comments, in English this time.

NOTE: this is not the whole year, I started this April 16th.

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