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Added by Monstermaster on 10 May 2017 09:13
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Dream Persona Gallery

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- The Actual Monster/Big Bad. Represented by Donald Trump, an absolutely heartless bloodthirsty sort that is horrible in so many ways including behaviour traits. May have been a good guy once but now is acting more evil than kind, may have had a heart once but nobody knows.

Pretty much he represents the 'Monster' while the 'Walken' is also bloodthirsty, at least the 'Walken' is like that for a reason, he needs to feed on blood to survive but he doesn't harm others and isn't entirely monstrous, Trump on the other hand - definitely the Actual Monster here. A horrific monstrosity, an abomination, someone who is truly grotesque, have done or said things that are morally questionable. A true monster in every definition of the word, both physically and mentally detestable, an aberration in appearance and behavior. My character - often when he's trying to defend Dawn Bellwether in dreams is perceived as this and is often either compared to or accused of being this...yep, he's been accused of being Donald Trump as well as being compared to him when in actuality he is actually the opposite..what's worse is that his so called 'allies' do not believe him when he tries to tell them that he isn't anything like Trump and turn against him. Do you know how much it hurts for my character to be compared to him? My character is a monster, yes...but he is a GOOD monster, he's nothing like him and yet his former allies view him as being like Trump anyway. I mean...at least my character acts bloodthirsty or harms others it's not entirely his fault because sometimes he switches alignments as a result of transforming into a more monstrous form or into a character who is of the evil alignment and can't control himself when he's like that, Trump on the other hand acts like that for no reason and he is a complete mess. It hurts me and scares me to see my character suffer like that...and even worse...to turn INTO him.

This is a form that pretty much hurts for my character to be turned into in a physical and mental sense because he hates that he is viewed as being like him.
- Loyal Friend. Represented by Dawn Bellwether, she serves as a friend and companion to my character who he sympathizes with on many levels and will do anything to defend her.
- Ethan. A former friend of my character who is always asking to borrow things but never gives them back, manipulates people into doing what he tells them, always mooching off his friends and starting fights and more than likely is either in cohorts with Keith.
- Keith. An old arch foe of my character, represented by Biff Tannen. Basically he acts as a Trump expy in scenarios where the actual Donald Trump isn't around. NOTE: This is a nod to how the directors of Back To The Future based Tannen on Trump, specifically his millionaire alternate 1985 self.
- The Huntress. A feisty and powerful woman with werecreature attributes much like the Wild Woman, who isn't afraid to embrace her more beastly side. Represented by Shakira.

Not even Trump and his 'wall' can stop this beastly beauty from tracking down her prey.
- The Vampiress. The alluring bride of the Alpha Walken, represented by Kate Beckinsale. A sultry and fiery undead being with vampiric traits and hypnotic eyes you can't help but fall under the spell of.

Also appears as the 'She-Hessian', the bride of the Hessian Horseman.
- The Fatale. Represented by Demi Moore. A tough as nails female persona who isn't afraid to use her skills to kick butt if she is required to or to defend herself, often a superheroine figure of some kind.
- The Alluring Monstress. Represented by Salma Hayek, an alluring female character with supernatural powers who is often a monster of some kind. Sometimes the head of an entire monster monarchy.
- The Beastess. An exotic combination of both beauty and the beast, represented by Angelina Jolie. An alluring and mysterious being who has a variety of supernatural powers or is a female monster of some kind.

The type you really want to be turned by but she won't turn you right away.
- The Mother Koala/Great Mother-Koala. Represented by a koala in animal form and represented by Helen Mirren in human and anthro koala form, a wise and motherly sort that can always be seen sitting up in a tree looking after her Joey.

She never seems to age.
- The Beastwoman. Represented by Grace Jones, a fierce but exotic being who's looks are only rivalled by her strength and half animal/monster-like traits. She looks regal even when kicking your ass.
- The Transformationist. Represented by Rick Baker, a type who specializes in monsters and transformations. Highly intelligent, talented and not to mention clever, always finding new ways to top himself in terms of his creations.

- Paranormal Professional. Represented by Dan Akyroyd, this persona is the go-to guy for monster encounters and for anything supernatural in general. Is often a loner but has friends who are monsters and has attraction to non-human females.
- The Monster Expert. Represented by David Tennant, this persona knows everything about monsters of all kinds and knows how to handle monsters of various kinds. Playful and also very knowledge-able in the field of the paranormal.
- The Misunderstood Genius. Represented by the late and not to mention great Michael Jackson, a gifted and talented persona who enjoys what he does, entertaining people, singing, dancing and just being his playful self.

Was treated unfairly by others because of something that he got accused of but isn't evil or villainous. Just misunderstood.
- The Woman Of The Night. Represented by Christina Ricci, an eerie but enchanting being/persona who frequently walks around at night, has supernatural powers and knows how to use them.
- The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. Represented by Kathy Bates, specifically as Annie Wilkes from the movie 'Misery'. May appear to be harmless and sweet but could might as well as be your worst enemy, especially if you anger her.

She may be a supernatural being herself.
- The Greatest Teacher Ever. Represented by Tom Savini, a wise but also highly skilled type willing to teach and pass his knowledge onto others. Is really passionate about his job.
- The Night Mistress. Represented by Carmen Electra, if my character is female, she'll appear as this. Mysterious, seductive and also tough and free-spirited, marches to the beat of her own drum.

Has an exotic mix of human and monster-girl traits. But mainly monster-girl ones.
- The Leader. Represented by Bruce Campbell, a no-nonsense type that gives orders and is in no mood for nonsense.
- The Friendly Neighborhood Monster. Represented by Megamind. May come across as being a bit of an oddball but totally embraces it and is adorkable in every single way.
- The Being From Another World. Represented by Brainiac from the cancelled project Superman Lives. Is always the oddball, the weirdo and the one who has difficult fitting in with or relating to others, is brilliant and highly intelligent but is viewed as an abomination and freak of nature but manages to get by despite all odds being against him also has a mystical quality to him
- The Monsterologist. Represented by my character in his normal form, is very compassionate and caring towards others and is a huge fan of anything to do with horror, adorkable, self-aware and with a terrific sense of humor. Kind of shy and socially awkward but loves monsters and loves writing about them. Is passionate about his work and is very accepting of criticism from others and is genuinely very polite. Often sides with the villain or monsters.
- Hearthrob/Darling. Represented by George Clooney. A very free-spirited and charismatic type, one that admirers can't help but adore despite imperfections and they appreciate him for being what he is. Very sweet, caring, and suave with a wisecracking prankster streak and can get serious when required to.
- Goodhearted Funnyman. Represented by Jay Leno. Wisecracking, Deadpan Snarker type with a heart of gold and a generous side, cares for others and knows how to cheer up his allies when they are down, also is quite the storyteller and is passionate about his hobbies and the like, has been treated unfairly due to something that went beyond his control but isn't a bad guy at all.
- The Gorehound/Bloodthirsty Hessian. Represented by the Hessian Horseman. Obsessed with all things monstrous, scary, bloody and gory, loves a good scary, adores monsters and having monster-like attributes such as fangs or claws, isn't the kind you want to mess with when he's upset, for when he's upset that's when he goes all slaughter-happy on you. Is actually kind of misunderstood as well, but very fierce when he's in a bad mood.
- Reformed Beast-Man. Represented by Russell Brand. Was once considered the most horrifying form or persona to have but has since reformed and turned to the side of good, used to be present in nightmares frequently but now is a good guy, helps other monsters and former bad guys now instead of going after the hero. Has qualities of both man and beast and is philosophical and intelligent.
- Monstrous But Still Likable Represented by Willem Dafoe. Has a tendency to be monstrous but is actually a friendly and nice person who is helpful and kind-hearted, is a typical case of Mean Character, Nice Actor scenario. He also is known for being mysterious and ominous but is only truly threatening if you catch him in a bad mood or if he's smiling at you with a look that says 'You better watch out' - especially if it is a Slasher Smile.
- Alpha Walken. Represented by Christopher Walken. This persona is very alluring, mysterious and hypnotic with a particular set of mannerisms that are infectious, while he may seem monstrous he is neither good or evil but rather neutral. Powerful and also regal, not to be messed with and has a taste for blood and a desire to hear more cowbell...also is a pretty terrific dancer.

My character's alter-ego, who he turns into at night. Sort of a werecreature scenario.
- Misunderstood Monster. Represented by Prince Vlad/Dracula. A tragic soul who everyone perceives as being the absolute worst but is actually a tormented soul who has been mistreated in the past and is trying to make up for it, is often perceived as being a complete monster but in actuality is very lost, frightened and fragile. Is gentle and passionate and has a soul and a conscience, isn't as horrible as everyone keeps making them out to be. See also Dawn Bellwether, Frankenstein's Monster, Chirin and Baby Doll.
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The personas/forms I have in my dreams.

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