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Added by Kamichan

on 5 May 2012 01:13

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DigiMeme Complete.

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01: Favourite ♂ character

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1. Digimon: Volume 1

Ken Ichijouji

(from Digimon Adventure 02)
At first the erabareshii kodomotachi, our heroic DigiDestined, meet Ken when he is causing mayhem in the Digital World as the Digimon Kaiser since Vamdemon's henchmen have manipulated the poor guy. But because Digimon is an optimistic series, Ken manages to get back on the good path and tries everything possible to atone for the horrible things he did to the Digimon, especially his partner Wormmon. Afterall he's the holder of the Kindness Crest. I like Ken when he's not in his "Kaiser-mode" because then he's an adorable, sincere and kinda shy boy that wishes for friends more than anything else.

02: Favourite ♀ Character

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2. Digimon: Volume 2

Miyako Inoue

(from Digimon Adventure 02)
I actually never gave too much thought to the female characters.
I didn't dislike any of them in particular (maybe except Izumi from Frontier but she was still acceptable).
So it's really hard to choose one but in the end I decided for Miyako because c'mon, she's got purple hair, is good with mechanics and her partner is Hawkmon. That's more than enough. Her personality is cheerful and very straight-forward; she's very open about things in general. That may cause problems at times but I prefer that over characters that cannot stand up for themselves. Miyako is a rather strong character that will always stand by her friends however bad she might feel herself. And I don't think she's a copy of Sora. Their personalities are completely different and so what if they both have bird-digimon? I liked Sora's motherly and caring but still tomboyish character as well but Miyako is just a bit more interesting to me. But I think those two make a very good duo.

03: Favourite Digivice

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3. Digimon: Volume 3

The D-3 Digivice in Adventure 02

The Divices in the 1st season looked more like small handhelds, the D-Arcs were cardscanners that looked more like pedometers, all the Digivices in Savers had the appearance of an Ipod and in Xros Wars the Digivice comes close to a Pokedex. That's fine, I don't mind all these concepts. But for me an apparatus for Digimon Evolution looked best in the walkie-talkie'esque form they had in 02. The D-Scanner in Frontier had a similar design but those lacked the little antennas. If I had to choose one I'd take Ken's black D-3.

04: Favourite Digimon

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4. Digimon 4
I am not capable of only naming one Digimon. That's impossible. There are far too many so I'll just...assume that the plural form is applied here. Yeah, that's definitely it! So here goes! Let's make a small TOP 5.

#1 V-mon

It's nothing new that I like reptiles and thereby dinosaurs as well. And V-Mon is just so cute. He's coloured in a unique turquois-blue and has a characteristc yellow V, at least that makes him very distinguishable. And I love these 'ears'. Because dinosaurs usually don't have ears. I bet they are actually horns but whatever.

#2 BlackWarGreymon

My love for this digimon is probably based on the individual from Adventure. Although WarGreyMon surely is cool in general, especially in this Virus-form. But the BWGM in Adventure is special. He was created by Archnemon and bats around the Digital World, searching for the meaning of his life. After a long journey he finally finds his purpose which so tragic and sad but it's also heroic and his final fulfillment and I was happy that he was able to define his true destiny.

#3 Wizardmon

The Wizardmon in Adventure is the most brave and self-sacrificing little fella. After Tailmon had saved his life in the past he tried to find her partner, namely the 8th child, and the Crest of Light as well. Wizardmon deeply treasured their friendship because that was what had given his life a meaning.

#4 Mummymon

I'm referring to the Mummymon in Adventure 02. That Mummymon has the ability to transform into a humanoid form. Together with his partner Archnemon with whom he is in unrequited(?) love he works for Yukio Oikawa and tries to destroy the Digital World's balance. He is in shock when he finds out that he is made from Oikawa's DNA but till the end the only thing he keeps caring for is Archnemon. That's sweet. And since he often tries to flirt with the spiderwoman and jokes around he automatically becomes a likeable villain.

#5 Hawkmon

Miyako's Hawkmon is very polite, calm and reasonable digimon. And he looks so beautiful. While his personality seems to more like a samurai his looks give him a native-american appearance. And he's got such a deep, soothing voice. A perfect obverse of his partner's twirly nature to creates a balance. A fun fact is that his In-Training form, Poromon, actually looks like Piyomon's prestage. Well, I guess they are somewhat similar. But Hawkmon is an ancient digimon.

05: Favourite Crest

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5. Digimon, Vol. 5


The crest are all very impressive and I guess there are themes that are way more appealing to me like Friendship or Love but this one just looks so cool. With the sun'n all.

06: OTP

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6. Digimon Zero Two - A. Hondo

Mummymon X Archnemon

07: Favourite Friendship

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7. Digimon Tamers: 1 - Akiyoshi Hongo

Daisuke & Ken

There couldn't be a more adorable combination. Daisuke helps Ken to overcome his past and face personal problems and never gives up hope on him. Ken feels safe and content around his friend and. Those two just complement each other so well, that's also why their digimon partners have a great fusion sync.

08: Favourite Season

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8. Digimon Tamers: Volume 2 - A Hondo

Digimon Adventure

Athough I also enjoyed the second and the fourth season very much, the original remains the best.

09: Least Favourite Season

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9. Digimon Tamers: 3 - A Hondo

Season 5-7

(Digimon Savers, Digimon Xross Wars,
Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time)
Digimon Savers just didn't manage to catch my interest right from the beginning. The plot may be darker and more adult but the whole setting couldn't draw me in and I never made the effort to watch it.
Digimon Xross Wars seems to move away from the original Digimon formula the most. In this the children lead a team of digimon to restore peace in the Digital World or something. Like this, several factions develop and there are no particular partners anymore. It's understandable that they wanted the show's principle to evolve as well but like this it's not the Digimon I love anymore. Although I hear that it's worth watching for the many crossovers with older characters and so on I'm still not motivated enough to go watch it...

10: Least Favourite Character

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10. Digimon Tamers, Vol. 4 - Akiyoshi Hongo

Takeru Takaishi

Note that I only dislike him in 02. In 01 he is cute and brave and never gave me a reason to express any distaste for him. But then he grew up to be an obnoxious, waaay too confident boy. I know, he does nothing wrong. He's understanding towards the other characters, is forgiving and a leading figure. Yeah, yeah but I still find him so very annoying, he's a person that just seems too correct so that it isn't likeable anymore.
The way he treats Ken is unacceptable, he must have some sadistic traits or something. I know, Ken was the evil guy at that time and did horrible things to digimon but hey, Takeru is not in the position to slap a master of Judo around. Ken gets what he deserves, so Takeru doesn't need to act all superior and righteous. Because what he did was not an inch better.
(Gah, everyone probably thought he was so cool and heroic and blah, but he just infuriates me with everything he does...Can't help it.)

11: Favourite Opening

Biggest Dreamer

by Wada Kouji
Considering the songs I love every opening till the fourth season. But this opening seems to be the most interesting in an artistic way.

12: Best Evolution

The Evolution sequences in Digimon Frontier are the most awesome in the whole franchise. Everybody having their own style of movements and the amazing songs to back it up. (The Frontier Soundtrack in general is one big eargasm.) The fact that in somecases you could even see the pain that they were going through when transforming and the powerful animation...and that there were Human and beast Spirits was also interesting. I think in the old series the Digimon might have had a few more impressive transformation forms but since the theme of the crests kinda remains they all share similarities, like Agnimon's dinosaur and Wolfmon's..em..wolf dependence.

13: Best Outfit

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13. Digimon Zero 2, Vol. 2 - Lianne Sentar,Yuen Wong Yu,Akiyoshi Hongo

Kôji Minamoto

(Digimon Frontier)
He wears a headscarf. That particular piece of clothing seems to be very rare in Anime but occasionally one out of many characters will wear it. It looks good on Kouji and his whole outfit is colour-coordinated. Maybe the pants are a bit too short but his shoes make up for it.

14: Favourite Villain

RhodoKnightmon & Dynasmon

(Digimon Frontier)
They are just such a fun combination. And very strong since they belong to the Royal Knights. Their concept was something different and interesting. I mean, a pink knight with almost insurmountable strength...that surely isn't your typical villain, right?

15: Worst Evolution

The evolutions in Savers aren't bad but I don't really like the CGI'esque animations. I mean, every season used them at some point but not constantly. I just think it doesn't look that cool when every evolution works like that.

16: German/English or Japanese?

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16. Digimon Digital Monsters #7


Mainly because it's so much more empathic. Seiyuu are hard to surpass because they really do their utmost to give the character its personality. I don't know about the English dub much because I grew up with German one. I know that I really dislike the songs in the English version and that I appreciate that they left the original Digimon melodies in the German version and made the effort to dub the japanese text. As a child I thought the German dub of the characters was neat, now I beg to differ. That's probably because I've grown accustomed to the Japanese one very fast and I always prefer the original version, whatever the language may be because then the performance is brought across the best.

17: Best goggles

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17. Digimon Digital Monsters #6

Takuya Kanbara

(Digimon Frontier)
None of them is gobsmacking as I don't find goggles to be a cool accessory in general. But for some reason I liked Takuya's the most because it was more square-shaped than round. And he was the only one who wore it one his cap.

18: Favourite Ending

Keep On

by Ai Maeda
The idea with the little coins is so adorable. I always enjoyed looking at everyone's different emotions and the digimon's evolution stages. The song is, in my opinion, a perfect ending song. It sounds like a song of parting, or the ending of a day but it's still cheerful.

19: Favourite OST track


by Takanori Arisawa (Digimon 02)
This is one of the hardest questions in a challenge ever because the Digimon OSTs do only consist of very very good compositions. So I had to randomly pick one because they are all so great. This is a more heroic and mighty one.

20: Favourite Song

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20. Digimon: Digital Monsters

Break Up!

by Ayumi Miyazaki
Digimon has so many beautiful and cool songs but since I have to choose one now I came to the conclusion that I like 'Break Up!' the most. It gives me goosebumps every time. And in Germany we got an equally beautiful dub although the original remains the best. ♥


Hello. I returned. I made another meme.
With the unpopular (?) Digimon as the central theme.
I know, many people hated on Digimon because they thought is was a Pokemon rip-off. Sure, the principles are very similar but there are still serious differences. Anyway, I liked the series. Didn't play the games, the card game and neither did I read the comics/mangas. With Pokemon it was always the other way round. So yeah, here's a 20 Days Digimon Challenge because 30 Days were too much for my taste. This anime always lets me become nostalgic C:
And I'm having as much fun with creating Day Challenges as before~!

Goodbye, until we meet at the next Challenge-Meme.
Kami-chan ♥

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