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Added by the giraffe

on 21 Aug 2011 11:50

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Best albums of 2000

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For my other Best albums lists for this decade, please visit my Best albums of the 00s list. All videos chosen for quality of sound, rather than visuals.
People who added this item 65  Average listal rating (40 ratings) 7.9  IMDB Rating
1. Relationship of Command - At the Drive In
Relationship of Command kicks off with a big bang and powers through to a beautiful end. At the time it came out I hadn't heard anything like it, and the passion & intensity on display in every song remains palpable even now. I have no idea what the hell Cedric's on about lyrically, but it doesn't matter...the emotion he pours into his vocal delivery transcends understanding so that you can FEEL it even if you can't understand it.

So glad I got to see them once before they broke up.
Favorite song: "Non-Zero Possibility"

the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 137  Average listal rating (83 ratings) 7.5  IMDB Rating
2. Stankonia - OutKast
Favorite song: "I'll Call Before I Come"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 145  Average listal rating (87 ratings) 7.8  IMDB Rating
3. White Pony - Deftones
At one time, I thought Deftones couldn't possibly top Around the Fur. White Pony proved me wrong. It builds off the sound they created in their first 2 albums with electronics and experimentation that works every single time. They set the bar so high for themselves with White Pony that their subsequent albums have all been disappointments to varying degrees for a variety of reasons, but none of them have tarnished the Greatness of this album. Pure perfection.
Favorite song: "Rx Queen"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 167  Average listal rating (109 ratings) 7.5  IMDB Rating
4. Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of De... - Marilyn Manson
The album that won me back as a MM fan. Mr. Manson truly had a lot on his mind & many important things to say, all of which makes for a very compelling album. I love the way it intermingles the Columbine shooting with the Kennedy assassination, the Beatles, and religious themes. Add to that the fact that this album marked the first time since their debut that the music has its own identity as opposed to being buried underneath MM's influences.
Favorite song: "Lamb of God"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 46  Average listal rating (16 ratings) 7.2  IMDB Rating
5. Haunted - Poe
Poe improves on her debut with an album partly influenced by her brother's brilliant novel House of Leaves, partly influenced by her father's death, and all connected by her unique sonic vision. Each song has a different feel and sound, with Poe's voice as the sole unifying force...and what a beautiful voice it is.
Favorite song: "5 1/2 Minute Hallway"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 161  Average listal rating (77 ratings) 7.5  IMDB Rating
6. De Stijl - The White Stripes
Better by far than the more popular albums that followed.
Favorite song: All of them are Amazing, so I'll just choose one: "Hello Operator"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 45  Average listal rating (25 ratings) 7.4  IMDB Rating
7. Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia - The Dandy Warhols
For a while this was my favorite album of 2000. For songs this diverse to flow so perfectly together still makes me happy every time I listen to it.
Favorite song: "Shakin'"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 56  Average listal rating (28 ratings) 7.7  IMDB Rating
8. Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy - Mindless Self Indulgence
MSI is one of those bands either you love or you don't. This was my introduction to their music, an album I picked up after seeing some positive reviews. It remains my favorite of theirs, and how they managed to convince a major label to put it out I'm still not sure.
Favorite song: "I Hate Jimmy Page"

Note: Somehow this got left off the list when I first put it together. I partly blame my mp3 player which inexplicably lists its release year as 1999.
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 6  Average listal rating (3 ratings) 8.7  IMDB Rating
9. Three - Black Heart Procession
Beautifully depressing.
Favorite song: "Guess I'll Forget You"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 40  Average listal rating (29 ratings) 8.5  IMDB Rating
10. Ld 50 - Mudvayne
It took seeing these guys perform live 3 times before I finally got into them, and once I did I was a devoted fan for several years. I don't listen to them as much anymore, but this album still kicks my ass from start to finish.
Favorite song: "Cradle"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 13  Average listal rating (6 ratings) 7.8  IMDB Rating
11. Jupiter - Cave in
Favorite song: "In the Stream of Commerce"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 3  Average listal rating (3 ratings) 7.3  IMDB Rating
12. Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know - The Paper Chase
Throughout the 00s, the pAper chAse were the best band Dallas had to offer. Their debut album blew me away as much as their live performances, and it also began the long production career of bandleader John Congleton.
Favorite song: "when (and if) the big one hits, i'll just meet you there"

the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 147  Average listal rating (92 ratings) 7.9  IMDB Rating
13. Rated R - Queens of the Stone Age
Favorite song: "In the Fade"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 224  Average listal rating (142 ratings) 7.6  IMDB Rating
14. Mer De Noms - A Perfect Circle
Favorite song: "3 Libras" (it's extremely rare that a single is my favorite song, but I loved this song before it even WAS a single :P)
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 5  Average listal rating (3 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
15. In Name and Blood - The Murder City Devils
Favorite song: "Somebody Else's Baby"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 1  Average listal rating (1 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
16. Gizmodgery - Self
Mostly noted for Self's use of toys & toy instruments to compose its sound, but the songwriting here is as good as any other Self album.
Favorite song: "Dead Man"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 1  Average listal rating (1 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
17. Luxury or Whether It Is Better To Be Loved T... - Captain Audio
Another short-lived Dallas band. After this album 2/3 of the band took off for New York & formed The Secret Machines, whom you may have heard of. In my opinion, they should have taken the other 1/3 with them though.
Favorite song: "Star" ...which I couldn't find a video for. So instead you may enjoy this one:

the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 1  Average listal rating (1 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
18. A Few Possible Selections For The Soundtrack... - Chomsky
Chomsky were a short-lived Dallas band I got into via their live shows. Their guitarist would wander all over the stage and amps like a madman while never missing a note, which always made for an entertaining show.
Favorite song: "Mason"

the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 68  Average listal rating (36 ratings) 7.3  IMDB Rating
19. Hooray for Boobies - Bloodhound Gang
Favorite song: "A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying"
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 10  Average listal rating (4 ratings) 7.8  IMDB Rating
20. Lounge Against The Machine - Richard Cheese
My introduction to Richard Cheese, and the only album where I like almost every song on it. You can tell he's having FUN on every track, turning a variety of hit singles into lounge songs.
Favorite song: "Closer" (the piano sounds like the old Sesame Street theme, yeah?)
the giraffe's rating:

People who added this item 3  Average listal rating (3 ratings) 9  IMDB Rating
21. Turntable Scientifics - Mr. Dibbs
New addition
Just heard this one over the Labor Day weekend at a friend's house & was completely blown away by it. It's a very rare mixtape full of guest appearances and some of the most impressive DJ work I've ever heard (and I'm not big on DJs).

Someone uploaded the first half of it to youtube, & I've provided that here. I don't expect anyone to listen to ALL of it, but you should at least listen to some of it (to be honest though, if you're like me you'll listen all the way to the end anyway haha).
the giraffe's rating:


Looking back on 2000, a mixture of feelings stirs within me. Clearly a lot of great albums were released that year, and most of these I still listen to regularly to this day. On the other hand, a lot of these albums also wound up being the last release for the band that recorded them. At the Drive-In, Pantera, and Captain Audio all broke up after touring behind their albums listed here. Tripping Daisy was already broken up thanks to their guitarist's death in late 1999, so their self-titled release came after his death & remains a difficult album for me to enjoy. Add to that the fact that Self went on hiatus after Gizmodgery, and that Poe STILL hasn't released a follow-up to Haunted (due largely to legal battles with her record label), and you've got a lot of endings here.

But then there's a lot of new beginnings here too. Debut albums from A Perfect Circle, Richard Cheese, the pAper chAse, Mudvayne, and Chomsky all came out this year, and started my being a fan of each.

Interesting to me also is that 2000 marks the last time that several Dallas/Fort Worth area bands would hold spots on my Best albums lists. That's largely because of the break-ups mentioned above, plus some others that came in 2001/2002. As the 00s wore on, I wound up with only a couple of local bands I still was enthusiastic about, whereas in the 1990s I had many that kept me going.

Anyway, on with the list...

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list by the giraffe
Published 2 years, 1 month ago

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Posted: 2 years, 7 months ago at Sep 4 4:09
Holy hell, are we in for a treat with these lists if the strength of this first one is any indication! Great work here. Thrilled to see At the Drive In at number one. Awesome that you saw them before they broke up. I wasn't so lucky. DAMN IT! Have to settle for seeing Sparta opening up for Weezer some time ago.

I too love the song you posted, but it's maybe not the most representational song for someone who has never heard them. Pattern Against User would maybe the one I'd choose. Though really, you pretty much can't go wrong anywhere on the album. I really love the crazy, cryptic, "what the hell is Cedric on about?' lyrics. Ha, totally agree with your statements there! And even while I often don't know what's going on, he evokes so much vivid imagery in his lyrics that it's really an awesome listening experience. Oh, my well enough about ATD...

Never owned Holy Wood, but I've heard enough to totally understand what you say when you say it's the album that won you back as a MM fan.

Not sure why I never tracked down Haunted. Especially now having listened to this track. Beautiful.

I feel like White Blood Cells 2001's White Blood Cells stands up pretty well to the promise of their first two albums. I'll be interested in a minute to see if it made your 2001 list or not.

Fuck yeah, you chose 3 Libras! Knew I liked you. Hell that might make my top 3 favorite songs of 2000. Single or not.

Tons of stuff here I have little to no familiarity with of course. Still, gotta say I'm surprised Dancer in the Dark didn't make your top 20. Oh wait, I only count 19. C'mon, Bjork, number 20, no?

Great job man. I look forward to spending time with the rest of em!
Posted: 2 years, 7 months ago at Sep 4 16:57
Glad to see The Dandy Warhols and A Perfect Circle on here! Thirteen Tales was my first Dandy Warhols album (and the first album that was bought for me, ever, while I was still in grade school and before I got fully interested in music), though I've only attained Dandys Come Down since then. If you've seen Trent Reznor on Rage, he says his first reaction to hearing about The Dandy Warhols was that he thought it was the stupidest name he'd ever heard, but goes on to say he's now good friends with Courtney Taylor-Taylor and respects his music a lot.
Posted: 2 years, 7 months ago at Sep 4 22:43
Thirteen Tales was my first also, thanks largely to Trent's endorsement on MTV2 haha. After I'd listened to it obsessively for a while, I went out & picked up both Dandys Rule OK and ...Come Down, both of which I also love. I like Welcome to the Monkey House, but it's a big departure from those 3 albums, and after that I haven't enjoyed their albums much. So definitely pick up Dandys Rule OK, and maybe check out some songs from Monkey House before you buy it. ;)
Posted: 2 years, 7 months ago at Sep 9 12:09
LOL I thought that no one else would like Richard Cheese as much as me. I find him and his music quite hilarious. Better than any Weird Al shiz. Also as you know, At The Drive In, hell yes. I also feel like I should check out Captain Audio.
Posted: 2 years, 7 months ago at Sep 11 5:58
Holy Wood is pretty amazing and I totally agree on the favorite song. Also I'm sorry that Black Market Music didn't quite make it to your favorites, even though it's not really one of the best albums by Placebo but I find it to be still pretty great. AND I agree completely on De Stijl, since it's my personal favorite from the Stripes and I can't even pick a favorite song.

I'm pretty interested to hear some of these artists, I've been looking for some new musical findings, so I'll have to come back and check these bands/artists out!

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