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Added by Mejo ♥♫ on 14 Jan 2012 09:49
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All About Sam Winchester

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Sam Winchester is a character from my favorite TV show "Supernatural" ..
He is a hunter who hunts supernatural creatures with his older brother Dean Winchester. Son of John & Mary Winchester.
Sam is named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell, and has a half-brother, Adam Milligan. Also, Sam was the true vessel for Lucifer.


★ He has dark brown hair.
★ He has hazel eyes.

★ He has very cute dimples.

★ He also has a small black tattoo on the upper left side of his chest.


★ Sam is different from his older brother in that he is sensitive, rational, more innocent, and used to be more concerned with living a "normal 'apple pie' life" than his brother; in spite of this, it is obvious that he would do anything for Dean. He rebelled against his father's attempts to raise him as a demon hunter and enrolled in Stanford University after having a harsh fight with his father. Sam looks up to Dean in many ways and sometimes adopts some of Dean's mannerisms. Over the years, Sam has given up on the idea of a normal life, and has accepted that he is a freak.

★ Sam and Dean's mom was killed by the YED in Sam's nursery as she interrupted him while feeding Sam with his blood ..

★ Sam is terrified of Clowns ..

★ Unlike his brother Dean, Sam eats healthy food such as salad ..

★ As he was fed with Azazel's blood as a baby, Sam became one of Azazel's Special Children that were chosen to lead his army ..

★ During the time when Sam was soulless, he thought more logically than emotionally. Sam didn't care about anything, and was practically a machine.

Skills and Abilities

★ Clairvoyance (manifesting as visions/premonitions)

★ Telekinesis (after drinking Demon Blood, previously through heightened emotion and adrenaline)
★ Croatoan Virus Immunity
★ Demon Exorcism (after drinking Demon Blood)
★ Demon Destruction (after drinking large quantities of Demon Blood)

Notable Episodes

Episodes that has something to do especially to him ..

Season 1:

Bloody Mary .. We learn about Sam's guilt about Jess's death ..

 Watch the scene here!

Home .. Sam sees a nightmare about the family currently living in their old house and for the first time decides to do something about it, we discover that their mother's spirits still there ..

 Watch the scene here!

Asylum .. Sam was attacked by a doctor in a haunted mental asylums that has the power to drive intruders mad and murderous ..

 Watch the scene here!

Nightmare .. Sam sees another nightmare about Max(another special child)'s dad and went to see them .. There, he had to save Dean's life ..

 Watch the scene here!

Provenance .. Sam encounters his first romantic interest after Jess's Death, Sarah!

 Watch the scene here!

Devil's Trap .. After struggling with the YED while possessing their father, the Winchesters were involved in a car crash while transferring Dean to the hospital ..

 Watch the scene here!

Season 2:

Everybody Loves a Clown .. We discover Sam's fear of clowns ..

 Watch the scene here!

Simon Said .. Sam meet other special child, Andy who can make people do what he wants ..

 Watch the scene here!

Croatoan .. Croaton Virus has entered Sam's body, while Dean was willing to shoot anyone that got infected he strongly disagreed to shoot Sammy .. Later on we learned that he wasn't infected, he is immune to that virus ..

 Watch the scene here!

Hunted .. After Sam learns of his father's warning, he splits from Dean and starts hunting for others with psychic powers, but there was someone who was hunting him, Gordon .. Who kidnapped Dean in order to get to SAm ..

 Watch the scene here!

Playthings .. While working on a job, Sam was devastated for not being able to save a man .. He gi drunk ..

 Watch the scene here!

Born Under a Bad Sign .. Sam was possessed with Meg the demon ..

 Watch the scene here!

Heart .. Sam meet Madison a beautiful girl who they were trying to save, he likes her, and then he had to kill her cause she turned to be a warewolf ..

 Watch the scene here!

All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1 and Part 2 .. Sam walks into a cafe and wakes up in a ghost town, abducted with other "special children" by the Yellow-Eyed Demon .. After being stabbed, he was brought back after Dean selling his soul for him, and was devastated when finding out ..

 Watch the scene here!
 Here for part 2!

Season 3:

Fresh Blood .. Sam behead Gordon with his bare hands ..

 Watch the scene here!

Mystery Spot .. Sam is stuck in a timeline where the same day repeats over and over, each day ended with Dean's death ..

 Watch the scene here!

No Rest For The Wicked .. Sam lost his brother in a really tragic way .. His year was over, he was killed by the hellhounds and sent to hell ..

 Watch the scene here!

Season 4:

Metamorphosis .. All what Sam has been doing with Ruby has been revealed and the brothers get a fight ..

 Watch the scene here!

I Know What You Did Last Summer .. Sam reveals what really happened while Dean was in hell ..

 Watch the scene here!

On The Head Of A Pin .. We discover where is Sam getting his strength from, from drinking demon blood .. He killed Alastair ..

 Watch the scene here!

When the Levee Breaks .. Sam suffers while Dean and Bobby locked him up n Bobby's panic room to make him get rid of demon blood ..

 Watch the scene here!

Lucifer Rising .. After escaping from Dean and Bobby's lockdown, Sam went with Ruby and kill Lilith, which as he knew was going to break the last seal to set Lucifer free, but it turned out she was the last seal and he broke by killing her ..

 Watch the scene here!

Season 5:

Free To Be You and Me .. Sam split from Dean and he decides to give up hunting life, that didn't went well as hunters tried to kill him and he saw Lucifer ..

 Watch the scene here!

My Bloody Valentine .. We see Dean at the top weakness .. Famine's effected Sam and he became hungry for Demon blood, he fed and then went and kill Famine by his powers ..

 Watch the scene here!

Dark Side of the Moon .. Dean and Sam were shot by two hunters and sent to heaven .. There, they saw their best memories ..

 Watch the scene here!

Swan Song .. Dean reluctantly agrees on letting Sam be the host for Lucifer so that he can jump into Lucifer's Cage ..

 Watch the scene here!

Season 6:

Family Matters .. We learn what is Sam's problem, he has no soul!

 Watch the scene here!

Appointment In Samarra .. Sam gets his soul back ..

 Watch the scene here!

Like A Virgin .. Sam wakes up, and he's back to normal ..

 Watch the scene here!

The French Mistake .. In an effort to protect the brothers, Balthazar sends them to an alternate universe where they are the stars of a TV show called “Supernatural” and they are actors named “Jensen Ackles” and “Jared Padalecki.” And they had to fit in!!

 Watch the scene here!

The Man Who Knew Too Much .. Castiel destroyed the wall in Sam's head to make the boys busy from going after him which put Sam in a war inside his head ..

 Watch the scene here!

Season 7:

Hello, Cruel World .. Sam's hallucinations became worse .. He was having really hard times to know what is real and what is not ..

 Watch the scene here!

The Girl Next Door .. Sam meet Amy, a friend of his childhood and his first kiss who is also a Kitsunes, but he let her go when promised she won't kill again ..

 Watch the scene here!

Season 7, Time For A Wedding .. Sam actually got married to Becky ! She gave him some kind of love potion to make him love her ..

 Watch the scene here!

Death's Door .. Sam lost Bobby, who was like a father to him and his brother ..

 Watch the scene here!

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie .. Sam is forced to confront a childhood fear when a case takes him and Dean to a local pizza chain that hosts children’s birthday parties. Where Sam is left to deal with some very angry clowns.

 Watch the scene here!

Repo Man .. We found out that Sam is still haunted by Lucifer, he seeks his help to find his brother and by that he let him in his head..

 Watch the scene here!

The Born-Again Identity .. Lucifer drives Sam to the breaking point and Sam ends up in a mental hospital.

 Watch the scene here!

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Family and Relationships

Dean and Sam

Sam and Dean have always had a great brotherly relationship. They are both protective of each other and will die for another.
Their relationship has changed throughout the years but they still travel and work together. This relationship also begins to develop as one of the show's main plot lines ♥♥

I could never talk enough about them, I did say few things in my Best Siblings list though ..
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:
Average listal rating (79 ratings) 7.4 IMDB Rating 0

Sam and Bobby

Sam and Bobby have working relationship as well as a friendship. Like Sam, Bobby is a hunter. Bobby is also a father figure for Sam and Dean. Although Sam isn't Bobby's favourite, they do get along well and help each other. Bobby does admit whilst under the influence of Veritas (the goddess of truth) that Sam is a better hunter though.
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:

Sam and Castiel

Sam and Castiel have a working relationship along side a friendship. Although Sam's relationship isn't as great as Castiel has with Dean, but the two are still friends and respect each other. Although Sam and Castiel don't have very much contact with each other.
Like Dean, Sam calls Castiel by the nickname Dean gave him, "Cas".
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:

Sam and John

Sam and John Winchester have a Father-Son relationship as well as a solider-commander relationship. Unlike Dean, Sam and John have had an very rocky relationship. This is mostly due to Sam questioning John's orders. Sam and John are also very similar to another. Dean has even told Sam this. Over time, Sam understands why John raised them the way he did.
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:

Sam and Mary

Sam and Mary have a mother son relationship. Although, Mary died early in Sam's life, so he didn't know much about her, or what a mother's love is. Sam does care for Mary though, and misses her.
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:

Sam and Ruby

Sam and Ruby's relationship was one of the most complex relationships in the series. They were initially allies againist Lilith, although Sam never fully trusted her at first.
Sam began to trust Ruby midway into Season Three. Following Dean's going to hell, their relationship took a big leap foward as they began a physically intimate relationship. Ruby was also Sam's drug dealer as well, since she was entirely responsible for his demon blood addiction. She was ultimately killed at the hands of both brothers.
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:
Average listal rating (145 ratings) 7.6 IMDB Rating 0

Sam and Sarah

Sarah got involved with Sam when he tried to use her to get information about a haunted painting. Before he knew it, he realised he was attracted to her but didn't want to get close in case she got hurt. She reminded him that it was her choice and she helped out on a ghost hunting mission. When Sam and Dean had to leave, Sam finally made his move and kissed her.

Sam and Madison

As soon as Madison and Sam meet, there is a clear attraction between them, but it isn't until they believe her clear of the werewolf curse that she and Sam finally sleep together. However, the devestating truth is that when sam wakes up she is still cursed and in their final, tragic moments together, Madison begs Sam to kill her in order to prevent her from killing anyone else - something he ends up doing, no matter how much it hurts him.
Mejo ♥♫'s rating:

This list is about one of The Best TV Characters ..

Sam Winchester

This List Is Full Of Spoilers!

Also check my list about

Dean Winchester

Info from: Supernatural Wikia ..

Check My Ultimate List

Where I've put all of my lists in a new, fun way to explore!

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