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Added by OsamaEx

on 22 Feb 2014 04:18

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Actors who should just........... retire?

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1. Bruce Willis
It's started innocently enough but then it got my attention.
at first i thought he's having a hard time picking the right movie role but then it seemed as if he's picking every movie that anyone offers him.

with a questionable movie roles like :

Cop Out



and I'm gonna regret saying this but yeah i actually watched Catch .44

And I'm not gonna say anything about The Expendables(both of them) because it was a small role and it seems that they have quite a fan-base.
and believe it or not, even after all these terrible movies above, i was actually ready to give him another chance but then this happened.

oh my, if you haven't seen it yet then don't, PLEASE.
a friend of mine said "A Good Day to Die Hard is the movie when Bruce Willis stopped giving a fuck about his movies and that's why i stopped watching them"

People might argue that Bruce Willis was never considered to be a good actor, and he's a live action hero who don't require that much of an acting but believe me when i say, watching A Good day to die hard will change your mind.
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2. Robert De Niro
I think Robert De Niro is trying to break the world record of number of movies per year.
He starred in 5 movies in 2011
4 movies in 2012
and 6 movies in 2013 including The Big Wedding.

Lets break these down, shall we?

Machete was down right terrible.

Stone received mixed reviews.

The Ages of Love is something i never heard off.

New Year's Eve was also terrible.

Freelancers was down right awful.

Killing Season is also something i never heard off.

The Family seems terrible.

Last Vegas was ok i guess.

and finally The Big Wedding was a total waste of money and technological resources and easily one of the worst movies of 2013.

and if all that above is not enough for retiring then i don't know what is.
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3. Adam Sandler
This should be no surprise to anyone, you should've all seen it coming the minute you read the title.

Many people might argue that Adam Sandler was hilarious in the 90's and entertained us all these years, well NO,
once you go hilarious, it's not possible to go unhilarious.
don't believe me watch Kevin heart, he's hilarious in all his Movies,stand ups and interviews and Adam Sandler only mastered that dump thing that he continue to do and he's so good at it, that he started to get lazier and lazier to the point that it's not funny anymore.
it's like telling the same exact joke for 10 years,
since 50 first dates (2004) all his movies were stupid and not memorable at all. a side from funny people which was kinda Okay.
but this conclusion is very sad, 10 years of terrible movies and not only that, Adam Sandler contributed to make one of the worst comedy movies of all time, such as Jack and Jill and Grown ups 2 and set the standard for how not to make a comedy movie.

Jack and Jill

Grown Ups 2

what bothers me is that people still watch him and somehow manage to make his movies financially successful.
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4. Johnny Depp
Personally, i always thought of Johnny Depp as a one trick pony and don't have an acting range other than the whole captain sparrow thing, a lot of people disagree with me but he haven't done a lot in his recent years.

in 2012 he starred in a terrible movie by the name of Dark Shadows and that was it for the entire year.

and in 2013 there was that awful unwatchable movie by the name of The Lone Ranger which is one of the biggest financial flops of 2013.

which proves my point, people are tired of watching him do the same thing over and over again.

and if you're thinking "well, he only Starr in one or two movies per year because he want to pick the right movie for him"
well you shouldn't think that because of what i just mentioned above.

Anyway 2014 might look promising for his fans but i'm pretty much done with him.
and this may piss off a lot of people but i don't even like the whole Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but that just my opinion.
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5. John Travolta
I don't have to explain anything about this one.
i will ask you one question though, name a recent movie you watched by John Travolta without using Google or IMDb.
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6. Guy Pearce
The last time I've seen him in a good movie was at 2010 The King's Speech and that was 4 years ago.
and i know he's done like 9 movies since that but he's not interesting anymore, he's not the guy from Memento or L.A. Confidential or The Hurt Locker.

i was about to forget he'd ever existed and then the terrible Iron Man 3 came out and that didn't help my memory of him at all.
OsamaEx's rating:

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7. Nicholas Cage
Is it me or the word Terrible is now associated with Nick Cage ?
I bet that his die hard fans want to erase everything that Nick Cage did in the recent seven years from their memory.
i mean seriously, this is going to be pretty hard to make because i have so much movies i can pick from and decided which ones are the most terrible.

here's a brief about his work

Ghost Rider


Bangkok Dangerous


Astro Boy

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Season of the Witch

Drive Angry

Seeking Justice


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


The Frozen Ground

So after all this crap, if you thinking about giving him a chance then go a head but I'm not responsible for your future actions.
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8. Eddie Murphy
I Don't think that i need to explain this one.
OsamaEx's rating:


*Warning : This List is Mean but i stand at everything i said*
These actors reached the peak of their career along time ago and now they crashed, but they don't know it yet.
Just to clarify, those are actors that used to be good and gave us awesome movies but nowadays it seems as if movies
are just a regular job for them. you know get in make few bucks and get out with the minimum acting,
minimum caring not giving a fuck about their image as actors and that's why i stopped giving a fuck about them.
*Just think about it and be reasonable, and if you that upset, just leave a death threat in the comment section
and go on with your day, thank you.*

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Posted: 5 months, 4 weeks ago at Feb 23 22:59
Killing Season was pretty good in my opinion. Yeah actors make crappy choices, but still make good movies. The fan base has changed these days so they are trying to fit in with a bigger demographic which I guess technically does mean they should retire if they resort to bad movies to get more attention. I thought Cop Out was hilarious only because of Tracy Morgan and Sean William Scott and I didn't take it as a serious movie...I also heard he gave Kevin Smith a hard time and would never be working with him again. Machete has a cult following and isn't meant to be taken seriously it is a grindhouse exploitation movie...I mean they did make a sequel and are making another one, but they are supposed to be ridiculous. I totally agree with Adam Sandler and Nicholas Cage (never liked him). Also Eddie Murphy has gone downhill although he finally started doing decent movies again but not like he used to be. Recent Movie with John Travolta was Killing Season with Robert De Niro lol.
Posted: 5 months, 4 weeks ago at Feb 24 11:50
Did I just get trolled? ;)
Posted: 5 months, 3 weeks ago at Feb 25 22:38
The Family was great and so was Last Vegas. The Big Wedding was fantastic. I love Bobby D! I'm with you on Nicholas Cage, but not with Johnny.
Posted: 5 months, 2 weeks ago at Mar 9 7:44
Amen to this.
Posted: 1 week, 6 days ago at Aug 8 17:25
I agree with you about Bruce Willis and Adam Sandler, but I love Machete and really enjoyed the Family.
About Bruce Willis not giving a fuck, it seems that the Siege was the last movie in which Bruce Willis actually gave a fuck about doing at least a half-decent performance.

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