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Half-Life 2 review

Posted : 6 months, 3 weeks ago on 3 February 2014 06:49

The best FPS game I have ever experienced. This sequel surpasses the first game in its technically visual atmosphere, its physics, tighter gameplay, and an involved story during 1st-person perspective. A meaty experience filled with incredible replay value.

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Half-Life 2 review

Posted : 2 years, 7 months ago on 13 January 2012 07:41

One of the most superbly crafted games in existence. It is just an absolute joy to play, from start to finish. Dystopian cities, ruined countryside, industrial hellholes, underground labyrinths, aliens, a suped-up go-cart, and a gravity gun. This game has it all.

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Half-Life 2 review

Posted : 2 years, 10 months ago on 15 October 2011 06:18

This is a very beautiful game means this is a very good shooting game. The storyline, graphics and style very very good than the first instalment. This game is also one type of horror game because there are many things like sillent environment, dark houses, dead body everywhere, manytimes dead body walks and runs, monstors like creatures etc. . The action is very good. This is a very sillent game. The energy gun is very very good. The last stage of this game is very very interesting.

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Rise And Shine, Mr. Freeman, Rise And...Shine?

Posted : 3 years ago on 25 August 2011 06:43

The gameplay seemed average, navigation was difficult, combat could seem excessively challenging at times...and I did not finish. But the story/backstory--City 17, Ravenholm, good stuff, right?--seemed kinda cool, and the characters were cool. I mean, Gordon Freeman, Alyx, the G-man, come on. So, overall, it was decent, I guess.


And, if you think about it, this game bridges the divide between shooter fighting games and, (sharp object?) fighting games, since he starts with a crowbar, which he thwacks people with, and only later does he get the pistol.... The pistol looks so cool when he's holding it, but the sound that it makes when fired is quite unsatisfactory.

And the game itself kinda sucks too.

(Even though the wierdos and the zombies provided occasional entertainment.)

Even though the laws of physics are scrupulously referred to.

Except for.... the gravity gun!

Wow, what kind of awesome game is this, which pertaineth to a gravity gun, *weapon*!

Not only can you levitate objects with the gravity gun. You can actually use it as a weapon.

"Wow, is that the laser? It's bitchin'."

"Yes, in 1917 when Albert Einstein established the theoretical foundation for the laser in his paper 'Quantentheorie der Stahlung', his fondest hope was that the resulting device would be 'bitchin'."

"Well, mission accomplished."

*Sheldon looks at him in surprise and confusion*


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Half-Life 2 review

Posted : 5 years, 7 months ago on 14 January 2009 01:28

As best game of all time, there is very little to say. Buy it. Go on.

Great gameplay, featuring the first usage of the revolutionary gravity gun. A great universe and backstory, Half-life 2 is as fun as it was genre-defining. The coding has been the base of hundreds of mods, and its just plain great. Go on, buy it. You will not regret it.

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Posted : 7 years ago on 25 August 2007 11:54

Half-life 2 has become a classic for me, Ravenholm was one of the few places in any game anywhere that has ever truly freaked me the hell out. The setting for the game simply can't be cooler, a Dystopia run by alien overlords after they conquered the planet in under 7 hours.

The very first level I think added so much atmosphere to the game for me, hearing the various cycled speeches while being filtered through a train station into City 17 by Combine soldiers was just a really fun experience.

The physics added to the HL2 Source engine I believe were ground breaking for their time, and continue to get heavy use in any Modification built on this game.


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Half-Life 2 review

Posted : 7 years, 6 months ago on 12 February 2007 12:41

This is one of the most perfect games I've ever played. The graphics are flawless, the physics are flawless, the plot, storyline and characters are flawless.

I had hours upon hours of fun with this game. I was engrossed in what was happening around me but more impressed with how I could manipulate the physics of my surroundings. The original half life game raised the bar to a new level, and its sequel has done the same, putting other FPS games such as Doom 3 (which was released around the same time) to shame.

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