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Stehako posted a review of Speed Racer

“This movie is one of the coolest looking movie but the dialogue and script is horrendous and the actors look lost, probably because they're trying to act on 100% green screen.

I like to compare it to Kanye West music. Great production, beats, etc. But terrible rapping/lyrics” read more

6 minutes, 38 seconds ago
Stehako posted a review of JCVD

“The muscles from Brussels plays himself in a film that's actually more watchable than laughable... could be a first for the actor.” read more

20 minutes, 28 seconds ago
Stehako posted a review of Instinct

“These filmmakers clearly have poor instinct. Cuba clearly trying too hard to match the successful energy of "Jerry Maguire" but can't because the writing is so awful.” read more

26 minutes, 18 seconds ago
Stehako posted a review of Georgia

“Two annoying characters bring each other down and bring me down. I'm feeling down just writing this shoddy review.” read more

33 minutes, 41 seconds ago
catcarlo posted a review of Sempre

“Con i dischi degli Statuto funziona così, almeno con quelli che ho ascoltato: il primo pezzo spacca tutto e tutti facendo ballare anche le sedie, ed in un mondo migliore avrebbe tutti i crismi (ed il successo) del tormentone estivo. Poi c’è il problema di dargli un seguito, e non sempre l’impr” read more

1 hour, 5 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

“Returning to their mumblecore style, the Duplass Brothers make what seems like an co-autobiography. Sadly it doesn't have the cleverness and energy of "Puffy Chair" or "Baghead".” read more

1 hour, 14 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of A Cat in Paris

“A delightful animated adventure that felt long, more appropriate for a short. I appreciate small production houses continuing to make alternative animated films so we aren't only getting Dreamworks/Disney options.

read more

1 hour, 20 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of Hot Tub Time Machine

“An ode to the 80s John Cusack movies... with John Cusack. Another example of a funny premise with too many stupid gags mixed in with funny moments.” read more

1 hour, 59 minutes ago
fuckyou posted a review of Banshee Chapter

Kind of like a lost episode of the X-files

“MKUltra isn't as well known today (I don't think) unless you're familiar with it. I wasn't. That is why it was very ignorant on my part to think otherwise until I researched it. For those who don't know what it is then I suggest you do the same, but it has everything to do with the insidious experim” read more

3 hours, 9 minutes ago
fuckyou posted a review of Zombieland

I'd Rather Be a Zombie than hang with this group

“While watching this I couldn't help but think of the movie 'The Return of the Living Dead'. They're very similar in that they don't really have much in terms of plot except are simply based around it's one central apocalyptic theme. Of course 'The Return of the Living Dead' was more comic bookish an” read more

3 hours, 10 minutes ago
fuckyou posted a review of Shaun of the Dead

You got RED on you

“My rating for this movie isn't exactly how I feel about it. Meaning that I like it. I do, but I'm so overly familiar with it to the point that when I see it nowadays I get very bored by it. I get the same way when I see the movie Young Frankenstein. I was 17 when this movie came out and loved every ” read more

3 hours, 12 minutes ago
fuckyou posted a review of The Burbs

Welcome to the Suburbs

“Before Tom Hanks was serious, he was funny. A lot of his earlier stuff was when he first starred in a short-lived sitcom called 'Bosom Buddies' where he played an ad executive forced to dress as a woman in order to live in an inexpensive all-female hotel. This was because his character's apartment w” read more

3 hours, 13 minutes ago

I ❤ Elvira

“Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is known as a television personality concocted by Cassandra Peterson. Elvira is known for hosting a television show in the eighties dedicated to showing bad horror and sci/fi movies. Her style was to make comments on the film she was hosting while doing brief gags in bet” read more

3 hours, 14 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of Mansome

“Spurlock attempts to make another entertaining doc. There are certainly some highlights but I was ultimately just grossed out by the end and didn't really understand the point of it all by the end.” read more

3 hours, 16 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of Daredevil

“The least daring superhero movie I've seen. The writing - bad. The direction - bad. The acting - bad. The set design and art direction... eh, ok. Somehow an Elektra movie still came about after the universal critic and audience panning.” read more

3 hours, 37 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of Rampart

“A hell of a cast for such a messy movie. Harrelson pulls off the bad-ass cop routine and I like some of the camera techniques; but the story was just not enjoyable.” read more

3 hours, 59 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of Craigslist Joe

“A great idea but it's tough to take it completely serious seeing how differently people act when a camera and movie are involved. I believe in the kindness of strangers but the scenarios here are mostly a little too convenient.” read more

4 hours, 34 minutes ago

“How to go from zero to Tolkien nerd in only ~400 pages!

No, really though, this was a fascinating read. The depth of history and the sense of legend imbued in the writing make it worth all the confusing lineages and the fact that you may never again wish to hear the words "light", "shadow"” read more

5 hours, 21 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Defiance

“A whole bunch of alien species must live alongside humans in the post-apocalyptic town of Defiance. Ok, fine. But consider: worldbuilding. Cultural conflict. Queer aliens. Queer humans. Mystery. Religion. Found family. Fictional languages done by the wonderful David J Peterson of GoT/Dothraki fame.<” read more

5 hours, 39 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Saga

“I'll just quote Vaughan on this one: "This is an original fantasy book with no superheroes, two non-white leads and an opening chapter featuring graphic robot sex. I thought we might be cancelled by our third issue."

And that barely even scratches the surface.” read more

5 hours, 55 minutes ago

“Existential horror with a biological bent. Starts with a very bare-bones premise (an expedition into the mysterious Area X, about which nobody seems to know anything), but rapidly develops into something properly monstrous.

Bonus points: nearly all-female cast.” read more

6 hours ago
Rak posted a review of Pandemic

“A tense and strategic coop game. When we first started playing, my (masochistic/reckless) friend refused to do anything but the super-hard-mode, so we lost the Earth to disease about five times in a row. But it was always enjoyable.” read more

6 hours, 20 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Smash Up

“I'm a little divided on this game. I only played it once, and it was amusing, but felt a little flat-- there's a charm to playing a game where you can pit aliens against robots and such, but outside of that novelty I didn't get much out of either the gameplay or the flavor text.” read more

6 hours, 24 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Arkham Horror

“The only thing more monstrous than the monsters in this game is the gigantic board. Well. And the rule book. I swear, someday I am going to figure out how monster movement works and remember it for more than 5 minutes.

That said, it's a very pretty game, and a good one for a small group of” read more

6 hours, 33 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Settlers of Catan

“Among the Laws of Nerd it is stated that in every social group, at lest one person must own Settlers. I am proud to be that person.” read more

6 hours, 41 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Eminent Domain

“Ok, I own this, but I've barely played it because it didn't make much damn sense on the first try. Somebody wanna try again with me?” read more

6 hours, 45 minutes ago

“A gutsy move on the filmmakers' part, by not really having a narrative or informative documentary with interviews and facts. It seemed kind of aimless and uninteresting about 30 minutes in... but if you stick with it you realize this is the most realistic documentary one can make; no one is acting ” read more

6 hours, 49 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Quantum

“Probably my favorite game. Cleverly constructed and well-balanced. It's quick to learn (first-time players may well hold their own against veterans), but has a lot of subtlety, with many viable tactical options and cards that combine in unexpected ways.

There are some fan expansions I real” read more

6 hours, 51 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Bang!

“A+ little party game. Best if played with actual nerf guns, badly but enthusiastically pronounced Italian, and lots of skeevy joking about who is banging who.

Downside: Can we all just agree to take the "Indians" card out of the game and never speak of it again, please?” read more

6 hours, 54 minutes ago
Rak posted a review of Star Trek: Fleet Captains

“Gigantic and complicated, especially for the two-player game, but worth it for the sheer amount of "Trekkiness" it packs in. For best results, study the rule book extensively, and then turn up the TMP soundtrack while playing.

Also has lovely little heroclix minis with an annoying tendenc” read more

6 hours, 58 minutes ago

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