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Artie S. posted a review of The Cyclist

“I love when my expectations are not met but instead challenged. I was thinking The Cyclist was going to be a low-key meditative experience in the same mood of A Taste of Cherry. It's not. It's edited frantically almost in a French New Wave manner and fatures an hallucinogenic, feverish atmosphere. O” read more

40 seconds ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of AmnesiA

An average movie

“It is quite an obscure film (I'm actually the very first user to rate it on this website) but since I have a weak spot for Carice van Houten, I was quite eager to check it out. Eventually, I found it rather difficult to rate this movie. I mean, it wasn't bad at all, especially for a Dutch movie but” read more

1 hour, 31 minutes ago

“Todos los probelmas de adaptar una novela de prestigio, con demasiado juego de tiempo. No te fijas en una historia, va y viene a personajes en distintas fases, se pierde (porque es muy corta) la reflexión que se hace de Java (Sanz) desde el presente.” read more

4 hours, 57 minutes ago
fernando posted a review of Horizons West

“Strong character Ryan, explaining his greed to everybody. He is worth the film. Boetticher is just learning how to seize the west, qith some good shots (the gang at night, the pastures, the welcoming of the boys).” read more

5 hours, 1 minute ago
fernando posted a review of The Forty-First

“Such passion and such force, but so engagé to the system as the autodestructive ideology of Maria, who kills her zarist love. THe sequences in the desert are outstanding.” read more

5 hours, 5 minutes ago
BAMF posted a review of Hercules

“I had no idea this was a Brett Ratner movie. All I knew is that it looked awesome and has a superb cast. I am one of the ones who actually likes Brett Ratner films with the exception of X-Men: Last Stand (which honestly sucked ass!). The group that follows kind of reminds me of a more violent versio” read more

5 hours, 6 minutes ago
Mihai071190 posted a review of Dexter

“One of the greatest shows in TV history. I think that Michael C. Hall is the only actor capable of playing this complex character. Any other actor would have ruined this show. Dexter is not only an action Tv Series, but a detailed portrait of a serial killer's mind, it presents his feelings, his ide” read more

8 hours, 12 minutes ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of Trouble Every Day

A good movie

“I’m not really sure how famous Claire Denis is abroad but she has definitely built up a decent career in France. Anyway, this time, she came up with something completely different. Indeed, she usually makes some really realistic features but, here, she made a really bleak and weird vampire feature” read more

14 hours, 18 minutes ago
eimys04 posted a review of Kite Man

“``­다모­아­­바카라­­\\`『 H­E­H­E­4­1­6­.­C­O­M』``\έίмч ぷ→ M­V­9­0­0­.­T­K ←ぷ­다모­아­­바카라­­­다모­아­­바카라­­ ``` H­E­H­E­4­1­6­.­C­O­M ``` ­다모­아­­바카라­­­다모­아­­바” read more

16 hours, 47 minutes ago
OsamaEx posted a review of Easy A

A for Awful.

“It's movies like this whose an ugly reminder on how teenagers control everything nowadays, they turn horrible artists into best sellers and they turn horrible movies into successful popular cult "modern hits", and i can easily see their perspective "Oh my god, a movie about high school, we are in a ” read more

17 hours, 3 minutes ago
BAMF posted a review of Zombeavers

“I love zombie films so when someone comes up with a fresh idea on the subject I'm always up to checking it out. I remember seeing the trailer for this and knew from that it would be quite the cheese fest. That dog looks like the one from The Artist. The women here are extremely attractive and have s” read more

19 hours, 5 minutes ago

“I find this standout game to be much better than Final Fantasy Tactics. I am a diehard fan of tactical rpgs and I really like how you can load out with almost a dozen characters to fight all at once with another dozen. This is what battle is all about, particularly on the maps without elevation. The” read more

20 hours, 52 minutes ago
OsamaEx posted a review of Requiem for a Dream

An Anti-Drug Masterpiece.

“I've seen this movie a long time ago, it was very disturbing to me and i wasn't able to sit through it entirely, i had to pause and go back after a while because it's shocking to say the least, so i didn't feel like i watched it the way it meant to be seen, that's why i watched it again, and now i c” read more

21 hours, 4 minutes ago

An average movie

“I had actually already seen this flick but it was a very long time ago so I thought it really deserved a second shot. It was Christophe Gans' s second directing effort, one very talented French director who is unfortunately rather unproductive since he has made only 4 movies during the last 20 years” read more

1 day, 1 hour ago

EA's Need for Speed series still has the pedal to the floor with its latest release, Need for Speed Carbon, launching alongside the PlayStation 3's North American premiere. Released not too long ago on the Xbox 360 and current-gen systems, the game is something like a sequel to last year'” read more

1 day, 6 hours ago
Hereticked posted a review of Noah

Even Great Film Makers Stumble

“So, yeah... Noah.

No winning streaks last forever, not even Darren Aronofsky's. It was pretty much exactly what I feared it would be but with some angelic rock monster fantasy creatures thrown in to help the plot along.


1. The great irony is that the rock ” read more

1 day, 13 hours ago

A good movie

“Recently, it has been announced that David Lynch will write and direct a new season of ‘Twin Peaks’, 25 years after the serie began. Even though it might stink, it is still a huge event, not only because it would be the end of David Lynch semi-retirement but also because ‘Twin Peaks’ was one” read more

1 day, 14 hours ago

“I have been waiting forever to see this. I loved the first one and I'm pretty sure this will be amazing as well. The cast already gives me hope and just the overall story involved. I'm just disappointed James Franco couldn't be in this one. Matt Reeves is a pretty great director with two movies I ap” read more

1 day, 17 hours ago
Esskiv posted a review of Jeanne D'arc

“2/10. You may have noticed the words "Enemy phase" in some screenshots of this game. That is because there is no queue to be found, just your turn and the enemy's turn.” read more

1 day, 21 hours ago
BAMF posted a review of The Judge

“So this looks amazing which is unusual given that the director hasn't made a many movies I enjoyed yet. Brownie points though for having such a stellar cast brought together. I swear Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing actor, but he tends to play jerks in most of his films. It's always kind of funny in ” read more

1 day, 22 hours ago

An average movie

“Obviously, I wasn't expecting much from this flick but since I have a weak spot for Bruce Willis, I thought I might as well check it out. Honestly, it didn't really bother me that Willis was there for only 30 minutes (obviously another pay-check role for him), what actually bothered me was the fac” read more

2 days, 2 hours ago
TrekMedic posted a review of Marry Me

Not Impressed,...

“From the two episodes I've already watched, it's really lightweight fluff and not really impressing me. Casey Wilson so far has been a big disappointment: she's taken her Penny role from Happy Endings and turned up the "ah-maa-zing" shtick to a wholly annoying shrill! She needs to turn it down quite” read more

2 days, 6 hours ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of Twins

An average movie

“Honestly, it has been a while since I have seen this flick but when I was a kid, I thought it was pretty cool. Sure, it was nothing really amazing and the concept was actually quite moronic (like most comedies) but I thought it was still quite entertaining and it was at the time a massive box-office” read more

2 days, 11 hours ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of Two Weeks Notice

An average movie

“Before Sandra Bullock became an acclaimed dramatic actress with ‘The Blind Side’ (which I found rather overrated), she used to make this kind of harmless romantic-comedies. Obviously, it was nothing really amazing but I always had a weak spot for this genre and I thought it was a decent entry. I” read more

2 days, 14 hours ago
Aleksandar posted a review of Steak tartare

“Since I am the fan of spicy food and this is the food with most spices on earth I loved this one and would recommend it to anyone that likes spicy food. :D” read more

2 days, 20 hours ago
Aleksandar posted a review of V for Vendetta

“One of the best movies in human history that full gets u into it and I personally have watched it like 10-15 times (whenever I get fucked up it cheers me up) and it shows one important thing in life and thats. "No matter how fucked up world could be if u are looking for the guilt u just need to look” read more

2 days, 20 hours ago
Aleksandar posted a review of Noah

“I still wonder why have I spend my 2 hours of life with this bullcrap movie...Its frustrating and not keeping my attention at all and I had to force myself to watch it till the end and was afraid that I dont get into a coma cause of it cause its boring to death.” read more

2 days, 20 hours ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of Holy Motors

A good movie

“Since I had heard some rather interesting things about this flick, I was quite eager to check it out. Eventually, as I expected, it was a pretty tough watch. Indeed, after watching virtually everything directed by David Lynch, I think I had my share of weird experimental mind-f*cks so I definitely ” read more

3 days, 1 hour ago
filmbuilder posted a review of The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep is brilliant as Margaret Thatcher!

“'The Iron Lady' is known to be one of Meryl Streep's best performances! Definitely! The film has also received mixed reviews, disagree! This is one of the best movies 2011 has to offer! Meryl Streep is brilliant as Margaret Thatcher and the storytelling is very well told! Definitely a great must-see” read more

3 days, 3 hours ago
JxSxPx posted a review of Behind the Candelabra

Behind the Candelabra

“Steven Soderbergh’s work offers the biggest charge when he sits back and watches as professional commitments and messy private lives loudly crash into each other. Some of the best moments in Traffic are when Catherine Zeta-Jones’ pampered wife goes from bored housewife to cutthroat queen of the ” read more

3 days, 4 hours ago

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