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Polsko posted a review of Burnt Money

“Plata Quemada" ("Burnt Money"), a new film by the Argentine director Marcelo Piñeyro, presents a curious mixture of strangeness and déjà vu. It starts out as a stylish, convoluted caper film in which a gang is assembled for a big score that doesn't go quite as smoothly as planned. The heist invol” read more

18 minutes, 34 seconds ago
Xaviar posted a review of Death Note

“First Anime to really watch and get into. Great, extremely pleased and overall fantastic story line and edge of seat type series.” read more

4 hours, 38 minutes ago

A very good movie

“Usually, I'm rather apprehensive towards movies dealing with autism. Indeed, most of the time, they put the focus on the wrong aspects like the fact that some autists are some kind of geniuses, the worst example being 'Rain Man' which is a decent and entertaining feature but a rather weak portraya” read more

4 hours, 41 minutes ago
DuckNation posted a review of Wagons East

“What's funny about Wagons East is that even though its such a low rated movie i personally thought it was better than "A million ways to die in the west" and if i had to choose which one id want to watch again it would be this one. While its comedy bits are far and few for a John Candy film i still ” read more

7 hours, 48 minutes ago
Artie S. posted a review of Rebel Without a Cause

“Aged awfully, to the point that it became campy... and that's why it's so entertaining? Deen's character being the most sane of the whole cast also helps.” read more

8 hours, 33 minutes ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of Space Cowboys

An average movie

“Like many other movies directed by Clint Eastwood, it has been a while since I have see this one and I will probably re-watch it at some point. Before making back-top-back all those heavy dramas (some people have actually criticized him of making nowadays some obvious Oscar bait every time around), ” read more

10 hours, 44 minutes ago
johanlefourbe posted a review of Spider-Man 2

A classic

“It is rather funny thing to thing that, at some point, this movie was considered the best super-hero movie ever made. I mean, since then, we had the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, and from Marvel, ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, so even though it is difficult to ” read more

10 hours, 56 minutes ago
OsamaEx posted a review of City of God

A Highly Powerful Approach into Criminals Mindset.

“This movie is the perfect answer for you if you get tired from the repetitiveness and the over-simplified characters of mainstream Hollywood, as this movie take place in a different part of the world, far away from the glamorization and conventional bullshit that we're used to.

Based on a ” read more

16 hours, 4 minutes ago
Villiana posted a review of The Shadow Of The Wind

We exist as long as somebody remembers us

““Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you.”

Finally! I don’t remember from when I wanted to read this book and the moment finally come. Until now, I had the pleasure to read "Mist Trilogy" by the same author, the whole was not really my taste, but it d” read more

18 hours, 3 minutes ago
BAMF posted a review of Selma

“I watched this in a promo screening at my theater and the diversity of the people watching it next to each other was amazing. I think Martin Luther King Jr. made it possible to be able to do that and he would have been proud to see such a thing if he were still around. This was such a powerful movie” read more

21 hours, 17 minutes ago

“A surprisingly disciplined insight to a normal family... focused on their sex life. Some of the most realistic sex scenes I've seen in a mainstream movie.

read more

23 hours, 53 minutes ago
Stehako posted a review of Pina

“I was slightly disappointed in this documentary about the choreographer. After seeing all of the beautiful shots in the documentary I thought surely this would be a moving and transformative piece. Sadly, beyond the beautiful choreography the film doesn't have much to say.” read more

1 day ago
Stehako posted a review of Chico & Rita

“The animation looks great but it's a little choppy at times and the audio doesn't always match with the visuals.

The story is is enriched with characters and music and is another painful reminder of how great Havana used to be.

read more

1 day, 1 hour ago
Stehako posted a review of Nurse Betty

“This marks the point in my viewing career when I first realized I had a loathing for Renee Zellwegger.

Somehow they made this look appealing in the trailer. Christ, it does have an appealing supporting cast, what the hell went wrong here?” read more

1 day, 1 hour ago
Stehako posted a review of Flight of the Phoenix

“First, Why would they remake this? Second, Why? Third, why did it have to be more bland than the desert they are stuck in?” read more

1 day, 1 hour ago
Stehako posted a review of The Family

“I like the premise and the cast but the events and are all too convenient and there are coincidences on top of coincidences.” read more

1 day, 2 hours ago
Stehako posted a review of The Babymakers

“The Broken Lizard guys didn't quite hit their mark here but there are still several funny scenes and the story is just ridiculous enough to make it a silly funny movie rather than a silly sad movie.

Based on the ratings I'm in the minority here.

read more

1 day, 2 hours ago
Stehako posted a review of Must Love Dogs

“Must Love Cusack and Lane to even slightly enjoy this film. I love Lane, so I half-slightly enjoyed it.” read more

1 day, 3 hours ago
Stehako posted a review of The Omega Man

“A kind of lame telling of a classic story, but considering when it was made... not bad. I know there are big fans of this with people just above my age. Maybe if I saw it when I was younger I could appreciate some of the schlock.” read more

1 day, 3 hours ago
Stehako posted a review of Hungry for Change

“This documentary gets you psyched to eat healthy! I like that it doesn't attack anything or anyone specific and is, overall, a good-hearted film with people seem to legitimately want you to start eating healthy.

read more

1 day, 3 hours ago

An average movie

“For many years, I really wanted to watch this flick but, to be honest, I actually forgot why I was so eager to check it out. Was it because it was starring the lovely (especially at the time) Liv Tyler? Anyway, this movie was a rather unlikely 'Trainspotting' reunion starring both Jonny Lee Miller a” read more

1 day, 3 hours ago
Stehako posted a review of Red State

“Smith goes a completely different direction than what he's known for and the results are much better than "Cop Out."

read more

1 day, 3 hours ago
sweetfemme posted a review of Maid in Manhattan

Very entertaining and enjoyable film

“Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a maid named Marisa Ventura in one of New York City's greatest hotels and is loved by all of her co-workers, both male and female.

A very polished butler took her under his so-called wing and guided her into a manager's position, which she was very well qua” read more

1 day, 6 hours ago
fernando posted a review of Nora Prentiss

“I love Sheridan (she has good close ups here)and I like Vincent Sherman, but the incredible plot ( a doctor takes the identity of a death patient) reaches the absurd without describing the anguish and degradation of Kent Smith (untalented actor), that could've made everything tolerable.” read more

1 day, 6 hours ago

A very good movie

“At last, we are done with Middle-Earth. I know, it might sound as if I didn't like the damned thing but the point is I definitely had some mixed feelings about it. Indeed, 2 years ago, when we went to see the first installment of this new trilogy, I was really excited. Indeed, after 10 long years” read more

1 day, 7 hours ago
Korissa posted a review of The Wall

“This song is THE song. Is amazing how one song can describe the school life.I recommended because Pink Floyd say the complete truth about teachers and students. And don't forget is the anthem for the "opening" of Berlin Wall in 1989. Enjoy and don't be afraid BUY IT!!!” read more

1 day, 10 hours ago
filmbuilder posted a review of Dumb and Dumber

Much dumber and nastier than it is funny

“'Dumb & Dumber' tries to be funny and instead it appals me! It stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as two dumb friends who do crude, unfunny things through most of the movie!

There are a few funny moments but most of the moments in the movie are unfunny and/or nausceating! And I'm talking ab” read more

1 day, 15 hours ago
BAMF posted a review of Gallows Hill

“Well I kind of wanted to see this because the trailer looked like fun. Then I saw the director was Victor Garcia whose movies usually suck. Peter Facinelli might actually be a vampire he looks like 30, but he is 41. It's actually pretty spooky and different. I thought it was somewhat original as wel” read more

1 day, 22 hours ago
BAMF posted a review of A Merry Friggin' Christmas

“I have been wanting to see this solely for Robin Williams. I don't get why all his roles lately are grumpy old guys though. Nothing really crazy or interesting happens here. The acting was alright, but the characters were just kind of average. I really don't like Lauren Graham though so whenever she” read more

2 days, 1 hour ago

An average movie

“Even though it is quite an obscure feature, I was quite eager to check it out. Indeed, it was actually the first movie starring John Travolta after his impressive come-back in 'Pulp Fiction' and even though it was barely noticed when it was released, I always thought that it sounded quite intriguing” read more

2 days, 3 hours ago

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