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charidotes20 posted a review of Soul 2

On Trying New Things

“Sofia: *brightly* I've never heard music like that before!

Amber: *lazily* I've heard better.

Being lazy about trying new things isn't really a sin, but it just isn't a virtue either.

And it's always easy to suspect people of having alternate reasons for suggesting so” read more

2 years, 2 months ago

Actually Saves Turtles

“I think, based on my experiences, that even most people feeling poorly about the States-- or teenage love songs or whatever the hell it is-- would allow that the Turtles are pretty good. In particular, "Elenore", "You Showed Me", (a song that was originally by the Byrds, but which the Turtles signif” read more

2 years, 2 months ago
charidotes20 posted a review of Essentials

Don't Compare Me

“But comparing is what I do.

So anyway, yesterday I picked up an album that listal doesn't list-- "No me compares" (Don't compare me) by Frankie Negrón; it's a good show. (And the sharp black & white photo on the album cover somehow manages to obscure his complexion.) And so now I can lis” read more

2 years, 2 months ago

True Story

“N.B. It's actually "Seducción", but listal doesn't list that one.

I guess that this is more or less what happened: in the little town of BB, there's a little shop called "Latino City" with two pretty pictures in the window-- one of Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle, and another one just of ” read more

2 years, 2 months ago
Amanda Axl posted a review of Don't Cry (Original)

“Don't Cry (original) is a very beautiful song written by Axl Rose! I like both versions of Don't Cry! Axl Rose is the best frontman and singer!” read more

2 years, 2 months ago
Amanda Axl posted a review of Guitar Hero 3

“I play this game all the time cuz it has Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses! the bad thing about this game is that Axl Rose sued the company who produced the game” read more

2 years, 2 months ago
Rude Boy posted a review of Be

“With the advantage of being able to observe everything calmly, it is easier to assess the path of a band beloved / hated like Oasis, simple workers of music turned into superstars for some, absolute geniuses for others. Extreme judgments, as befits two characters of the caliber of the Gallagher brot” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
markjazz posted a review of Concept of Freedom

A Mixed Bag of Goodies...

“This is defiantly a good buy and being a fan of experimental music I'm glad it's in my collection. That being said I would have to say this is a fixed bag. I love the trombone, violin and the electronics on these tracks but I'm not a fan of the piano. Outside of the last track, which is awesome, the” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Katatonia - Brave Murder Day

“Swedes second album including Anders `Blakkheim` Nystrom (Opeth, Diabolical Masquerade, Bewitched) is often considered the band`s best, though I`ve as yet only heard this one, reissued with `Sounds of Decay` as bonus (an EP`s worth of material released shortly after `Brave...` in the same vein, thou” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
carnage knowledge posted a review of Painkiller

Judas Priest - Painkiller

“`Painkiller` is a milestone album for a seminal band, albeit one that has endured recurring criticism in the 20+ years since it`s release, much of it warranted. Firstly, this is a frequently cheesy album, one scan of the liner notes showing that it's not above shooting for the lowest common denomina” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Watchtower - Control & Resistance

“Though never top tier, these Texans tech-thrash debut `Energetic Disassembly` was an enjoyable mix of Slayer-meets-Rush aesthetics, hysterical vocals and memorable songs which, while far fetched, covered themes having resonance in the current state of world affairs (war, oppression, nuclear meltdown” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
carnage knowledge posted a review of Nekromanteion

Alchemyst - Nekromanteion

“Sounding like the musical account of an estranged voice stranded in Hell with the devil`s own choir, this album eschews conventional song structures and follows it`s own left hand path, the shouted vocals relaying themes of fire, blood, snakes and the underworld atop some very infernal sounding blac” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
carnage knowledge posted a review of Witchcraft

Obtained Enslavement - Witchcraft

“This is a well played and atmospheric symphonic release with each of the 7 tracks having enough drive and fury to stop them sounding trite. It may lack the lyrical flair of Emperor (the most obvious comparison) and the Gollum-like vocals are definitely not to my taste, but the excellent musicianship” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
carnage knowledge posted a review of Tara

Absu - Tara

“Perhaps the biggest challenge the Texans had to face on this - their fourth album - is that `Pillars of Mercy`is such a brilliant opener it was always going to be a tall order to fulfil the promise of that first track - an `Angel of Death` for black metal. To the band`s credit, they are relentless i” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
carnage knowledge posted a review of Poisoned Void

Vorum - Poisoned Void

“While the packaging for `Poisoned Void` is crappy (a monochrome digipak bereft of lyrics, photos or liner notes), thankfully the music contained within is not. As well as being tight as a nun`s chuff, the album is a deft mix of impetuous and crawling, baleful passages, venomous vocals and a lo-fi pr” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Krypts - Unending Degradation

“Finnish death metal debut which wisely avoids falling into the trap of making their songs too long, a weakness such bands with a doom-y slant are often guilty of. The vocals are generic but serviceable, and the ancient atmosphere nicely complements the lyrical content.

The result is a sati” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Necrowretch - Putrid Death Sorcery

“It`s satisfying to hear a band that is not ashamed to plunder it's genre's roots without coming across as contrived or calculated, and possibly the biggest strength of this French band`s debut is how authentically `old school` it is - even my jaded death metal ears could`ve been fooled into thinking” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance

“Like all the best bands, Darkthrone have long had a deep well of musical inspiration to draw from and they wear their 80s metal influences on their sleeves again here, much of the joy in this album (their 15th) lay in picking them out, be it vocally, lyrically or even, for example, in the introducti” read more

2 years, 3 months ago
carnage knowledge posted a review of Iron Beast

Kratos - Iron Beast

“This EP has a rough `n` ready `Kill Em All` quality which keeps it mildly engaging for the duration, but the material lacks imagination and is too rudimentary to warrant much replay value.

Far from the decade`s worst releases, `Iron Beast` is nevertheless redundant and forgettable in the” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Sacred Oath - A Crystal Vision

“A wet dream proposition for fans of 80s metal legends like Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate and Jag Panzer, `A Crystal Vision` is as exciting, enchanting and smartly arranged as much lauded releases of the era such as `Ample Destruction` and `Don`t Break The Oath`.

The songwriting is consistent” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Shok Paris - Steel & Starlight

“Strong, memorable songs, stellar axework and terrific, leathery vocals result in a powerful release you should have no qualms about checking out if, like me, you`re on a quest to discover underrated 80s metal albums. For reference points look to Savatage and Wasp (check out `On Your Feet` and tell m” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

“Another of those 'guilty pleasure' releases, Metal Inquisition is the one dimensional and decidedly second division but spirited and enjoyable first outing from these crazy Canucks. With songs about metal, satan, witches and sacrifice, I can`t help but compare this to Venom, If Dave Mustaine had ass” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

“It hasn`t dated too well, especially when you consider that Ample Destruction, another 80s metal debut that Harry Conklin handled vocal duties for, came out 2 years BEFORE this. The biggest offenders for me are the production (lacklustre even by B-grade metal standards), and the crappy spoken parts” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Septic Flesh - Ophidian Wheel

“The definite highlight here is the mightily Maiden-esque title track, while `Shamanic Rite` and `Phallic Litanies` are arguably the most effective examples of a metal band employing operatic vocals to date. `The Future Belongs to the Brave` also utilises female vocals and is a strong opener. Like th” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

Deceased - Fearless Undead Machines

“This album is often tagged `death metal` though is way more M-E-T-A-L than one might think based on band name, cover and song titles alone; the morbidity of the subject matter (the world being helpless in the face of a zombie outbreak) being largely accountable for that description.

For ra” read more

2 years, 3 months ago

“"'It's My Life" is the first single from the album Crush of the American band Bon Jovi. It's My Life was released on May 23, 2000, the first single released by Bon Jovi after five years of silence. This single was written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Jay Orpin and Max Martin.

It's My ” read more

2 years, 4 months ago

“From the first songs you hear and greatest inspiration, represents her imagination fly in her evil has no place because we capces anything.

The sacrifice of a hero is priceless, willing to give a space of existence for others, can be an ordinary person can be someone that the pain has not ” read more

2 years, 4 months ago
TayShiff posted a review of Mosquito

“I'm a little disenchanted by Mosquito, there have definitely been better albums from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs” read more

2 years, 4 months ago
charidotes20 posted a review of Take Me Home

With One Direction

“N.B. There are special little rewards in heaven for those of you who can untangle my clever little allusions. ^^ (And, sometimes I write paragraphs out of order, if you can pull something out of that.... Or, shove something into it, I guess.)

{If you want really specific song-by-song blow-” read more

2 years, 4 months ago

“With a title that seems to be the new episode of the Twilight saga and a magnificent cover - a photograph of New York in 1966, by Neal Boenzi, which portrays the Big Apple on the day of maximum pollution in its history - the return Vampire Weekend, at the finish line of the third album after the suc” read more

2 years, 4 months ago