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Time Bomb posted a review of Swings Both Ways

“‘Swings Both Ways’ – Tracklist:

‘Shine My Shoes’

‘Go Gentle’

‘I Wan’na Be Like You’ featuring Olly Murs

‘Swing Supreme’

‘Swings Both Ways’ featuring Rufus Wainwright

‘Dream A Little Dream’ featuring Lily Alle” read more

1 year ago
markjazz posted a review of Abigail


“I found out about this album, and the band, by accident. I was searching for music that sounded like Motorhead and this one came up. I listened to the first two tracks and it was enough for me to buy it. I then got home and listened to it while playing MLB: 2012 on my PS3. I was amazed that every so” read more

1 year ago
mahin posted a review of To All Our Fallen Heroes

“nice post

Central Coast Gymnastics Academy was established in 2006. Since then it has been rapidly expanding in both numbers and classes to cater for the families in the North regions of the Central Coast and southern Lake Macquarie regions such as Tuggerah, Lake Haven, Blue Haven, Budgew” read more

1 year ago
catcarlo posted a review of Jake Bugg

“Prendere o lasciare. L’ascoltatore con qualche anno (o lustro, o decennio) di ascolti alle spalle potrebbe essere istintivamente portato a dover dare una risposta al dilemma perché è inevitabile riconoscere da dove vengono questi quaranta minuti di musica e farsi sviare dall’idea del già sent” read more

1 year ago

“Quello che sarebbe stato l’ottantesimo compleanno di Johnny Cash è l’occasione per una fra le più blandamente legate delle raccolte allegate a Mojo (numero 239, settembre 2013). Sfilano così ispiratori, discepoli, compagni di strada e spiritualemnte affini dell’Uomo in nero in una serie di ” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of Hail to the King

“There is a saying , which was very often in old fanzines and magazines area hardcore / metal / punk in the late eighties and early nineties. It was used in reviews and articles on various bands that were easily approachable to other existing groups , for sound , inspiration and genres ... they said ” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of The Electric Lady

“Before we get started , without mince words , "The Electric Lady " is a record dated tremendously . It is a pity , for two reasons. First, because the black music is experiencing a happy moment of interesting innovations , and second, because Monáe is an excellent artist , author and performer ( lo” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of Where You Stand

“I never understood why Travis are mistreated by many. Nobody ever talks about them, for their new album there was - from what I perceived - any kind of expectation , no hashtag dedicated to them that has made ​​the rounds of the Internet, no email , no press release ... ' noffink . To live in It” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of MGMT

“An album could be a clue, but two (consecutive to boot) become a test: of the MGMT Oracular Spectacular (debut in 2007) no longer exist. They evolved, and you are left behind everything that has to do with melodies that will stick mercilessly in the brain (there are those who still whistling Kids, o” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of Big TV

“Third trial for Londoners White Lies, after the debut To Lose My Life ... in 2009 and the follow-Ritual had imposed the band as one of the most important among those orphaned by Joy Division, Editors and Interpol's younger sister. And if the former have changed again and the second skin you are a li” read more

1 year ago

“Think about it: since the British tabloids have ceased to become stressed with the news on the abuses of personal life and (almost) private Pete Doherty, we also managed to reach a reconciliation with the former promising young British pop. This means being able to assess with much more objectivity ” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of Hesitation Marks

“Trent Reznor is one of the most important artists of the last 20 years. For what he did with the music and for what he has done around music. These are the years in which the form and manner in which we receive and the sounds are as important as , if not more of the substance. And Reznor played a lo” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of Tales of Us

“The Goldfrapp are an extreme group . Their discography is divided neatly into two : on the one hand, the ambient album that made them attend in the compilation of chill-out , the advertising stilose and the rose of the Mercury Prize on the other, the electronic works that gave their international po” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of AM

“"Whatever people say I am , that's what I'm not" was released in 2006 , this means that , net of the pre debut , with the Arctic Monkeys have to do about seven or eight years . Eight years that have produced the beauty of five albums , and the thing must be emphasized for a couple of reasons. The fi” read more

1 year ago
Time Bomb posted a review of Sound System

The best from the best

“" Final " . Overused adjective , in a world short memory like music - especially when it comes to retrace the productions of the artists with posthumous publications and reprints . But for once we want to believe and not only because Mick Jones said in an interview: this box, " Sound system" is the ” read more

1 year ago

“Il disco più rumoroso e più ‘contemporaneo’ fra quelli ricevuti in allegato con Mojo (numero 238, agosto 2013) risulta anche essere uno dei migliori. Sarà che non c’è stato da togliere troppo la polvere o sarà perché i brani sono stati scelti da uno che c’era e perciò se ne intende pe” read more

1 year ago
catcarlo posted a review of Once I Was An Eagle

“Copertina in bianco e nero, canzoni anche (a parte qualche eccezione). Su uno sfondo scuro, la prima riporta solo i capelli biondi sciolti e le braccia diafane dell’autrice, le seconde sono dominate dalla sua voce accompagnata dalla chitarra acustica e da pochi, sparsi strumenti. E’ un disco amb” read more

1 year ago
Kykaloop posted a review of Somewhere Before

“Excellent music with different jazz styles.

This recording shows the transition of Keith Jarrett from a jazz player to a jazz leader.” read more

1 year ago
jayspnj posted a review of State of Euphoria

“This is a awesome album. I don't know why it's rated so low. Anthrax is very underrated. They have a very professional drummer as well. This is my favorite thrash album of the year.” read more

1 year ago
Faderhead posted a review of American Idiot

“Green Day has been playing Punk-Pop music for many years now. If your a big 1970's punk music fan one of the things that you will notice is that Green Day is not really Punk at all so you may be turned off by them. I have never really been a big fan of Green day. But American Idiot is one of there b” read more

1 year ago
J18179 posted a review of Mutemath

“I saw them play their Odd Soul tour at the House of Blues in Houston this spring and was very impressed. I haven't been this excited about a band in a long time. They have a great mixture of sounds and rhythms that's very refreshing in an otherwise stale music scene (in my opinion). I highly recomme” read more

1 year, 1 month ago

“I recently purchased this and love it. The hardcover book aspect of this makes it great for true fans.” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of Memo - Love Chronicles

“Il disco si apre con un arpeggio in chiave acustica, il primo dei tanti segni che il gruppo parmigiano è alla ricerca di una nuova via. Poi, è vero, parte un riff ledsabbathiano che attacca discretamente al muro l’ascoltatore – doppiato poi anche in ‘Attitude to cry’ – ma tutta l’inizi” read more

1 year, 1 month ago

“Un lavoro durato anni per completare un percorso che parte forse dalla ‘Angela’ presente sul primo disco dei La Crus e finisce nella reinterpretazione della migliore canzone italiana, di consumo ma non banale. Quella di Tenco e di Endrigo, tanto per fare qualche nome, trasportata negli anni duem” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of I Learned The Hard Way

“Alla fine, il predecessore ‘100 days, 100 nights’ si fa preferire. In parte, forse, perché è svanito l’effetto sorpresa, ma soprattutto perché le coordinate di riferimento si sono modificate. La produzione molto curata e il suono più arrotondato spostano difatti il centro di attrazione dal” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of Cuore a Nudo

“Mi è capitato di leggere in giro per la rete che questa prima uscita solista segni un distacco tra Giovanardi e il Giò dei La Crus. E’ una considerazione sbagliata, non solo perché ‘La giostra’ risale all’esordio del gruppo milanese e ben tre dei brani altrui qui proposti non sono una nov” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of Beautiful Imperfection

“Aşa è una cantante nigeriana – che però ha trascorso i primi anni di vita in Francia – e arriva al secondo lavoro dopo il buon successo del disco omonimo uscito tre anni prima. Non ancora trentenne, scrive canzoni mischiando con maestria soul, reggae, qualche spruzzata di rock, un po’ di ja” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of The Open Road

“John Hiatt è sinonimo di accurato artigianato musicale, capace di evocare i grandi spazi della frontiera a partire da una profonda conoscenza delle radici della musica statunitense. Se l’ispirazione di questo disco è ‘la vita vista attraverso il retrovisore ‘, non è che le differenze rispet” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of Torno a Casa a Piedi

“Non so se questo si possa definire il disco della maturità per la sua autrice: di certo c’è che gode di un mirabile equilibrio tra le sonorità a cui Cristina Donà ci aveva abituato e una forma canzone che si avvicina alla migliore tradizione italiana. La nuova via è esplorata con l’aiuto di” read more

1 year, 1 month ago
catcarlo posted a review of The Wants

“Al secondo lavoro, il duo scozzese che costituisce il Gruppo Fantasma mischia con una certa maestria new wave, folk, kraut con qualche chitarra rumorosa e dalla miscela fa scaturire un disco di pop oscuro e crepuscolare. L’impressione è che la nuova onda sia prevalente, forse a causa della bella ” read more

1 year, 1 month ago