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“Zappa's strong curiosity about modern classical music started while he read a LOOK journal article about the Sam Goody record shop chain that lauded its capability to sell an LP as obscure as The Complete Works of Edgard Varèse....” read more

1 day, 21 hours ago
malenna posted a review of OSKAR NEDBAL,POLSKA KRV

“Operettas=Chaste Barbora the Castle,Polish Blood(1913),the Vineyard bride(1916),Beatiful Saskia (1917),Eriwan(1918),Mamselle Napoleon(1925),Donna Gloria(1925),Das dorf ohne manner,die erntebraut-revision,of Polská krv,Podzimní píseň(autumn song)1930” read more

2 days, 15 hours ago
☭Gary posted a review of 'Round About Midnight

Miles' Other Legendary Masterpiece

“Now that I've officially cracked the mold when it comes to reviewing Jazz albums, I'm going to run through that other Miles album that everyone normally agrees is timeless. I've already ranted and raised hell with Kind of Blue so now it's time to shift back into gears.

'Round About Midnigh” read more

6 days, 4 hours ago

“SONG:Jesenná láska(Autumn love)-written by Miroslav Válek, Miroslav Zbirka.translatation:Autumn love. Love is awfully rich,love it all promises,no one who loved to be disappointed,and the one who loves disappoint dust long sad summer days the old leaf falls,recognized too late ” read more

6 days, 18 hours ago


6 days, 18 hours ago

“DISCOGRAPHY:STUDIO ALBUMS:Zvoňte zvonky,1969/bells,bells Pokoj Vám,1969/peace to you,PAVOL HAMMEL A PRUDY,1970 Zelená pošta,1972/green post,Sľahačková princezná,1973/whinpped cream of princess,Hráč,1975/player,Na druhom programe sna 1976/the second progr.dream,Stretnutie s tichom,1978” read more

1 week ago

“Translatation song V slepých uličkách-Impasse:Shines like wine tastes like honey in the mouth,if you carry it in you face no nicer face.It that it tells a strange flower as a sip of wine as a drink intoxicating,sweetly intoxicanting me a hundred nighs a hundred days i am be happy if it does not b” read more

1 week ago

“Translatation song :Vyznanie(confession)Je sais que vous aviez un chapeau plein de réves.Je pense que je sais ce qui est arrive á son.Vous venez,se tenir dans un couloir sombre et délires déverrouillage sonné venir.Arc,piano dormir ici sous la poussiere venir,jouer moi et nuage,vous arrivez á ” read more

1 week ago

“Translantation song Dnes už viem-Now i know:A):Whenever the chop beautiful tree,i know i will return in smoke,in the rain,in estuaries in a strange sandess of matches after falling to one s house,i feel sorry for him,although they can continue to live in it,return scoring chance two. B):Now i know” read more

1 week ago


1 week ago
catcarlo posted a review of State Of Grace

“Si prendano le atmosfere del Tom Waits circa ‘Rain dogs’ e le si affidino a un contralto ora profondo ora (e più spesso) stropicciato che, a volte, riesce a essere più spiazzante del rugginoso vocione dell’artista californiano. Il risultato è questo disco che è contrassegnato dalle corde v” read more

1 week ago
☭Gary posted a review of Black Celebration

It's Dark In Here...

“Let's talk about Depeche Mode. Most people know who they are and I don't need to go into how much they changed and inspired the Goth culture or Synth Pop in general. This is Black Celebration. On one hand, it's argued as one of their best albums, on the other hand it's argued as one of the most unde” read more

1 week, 3 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Kind of Blue

The Real Deal

“I chose to review Kind of Blue this week based solely on how many times I hear it called "overrated". Most of these comments come from white people that don't even like Jazz, yet hold this album on the pedestal to pretend they understand it and use as a social badge to brag to their friends: "Hey ma” read more

1 week, 3 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Head Hunters

Finally, A Great Fusion Album

“Jazz Fusion is one of those genres that I have never understood. Personally, I don't like it; it's mediocre Jazz for white people that don't like the real stuff. It became huge in the late 60's when Jazz greats such as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter started to make these Psychedelic influenced LP's t” read more

1 week, 5 days ago
catcarlo posted a review of Amerigo

“Capita di comprare un disco per un brano solo – caso più eclatante per il sottoscritto, la colonna sonora di ‘Rusty il selvaggio’ grazie a ‘Don’t box me in’ cantata da Stan Ridgway – non vogliamo salvare questo che sfoggia due pietre miliari? ‘Eskimo’ è ‘Eskimo’, uno dei più” read more

1 week, 5 days ago
catcarlo posted a review of Guccini

“Quando un autore, a un certo punto della sua carriera, se ne esce con un disco omonimo – o quasi, come in questo a caso – è sovente perché è alla ricerca di nuovi stimoli o, forse, di un nuovo inizio. Anche per Guccini la regola è confermata: al cambio in cabina di regia, Fantini definitivam” read more

1 week, 5 days ago

“Se ogni artista ha un lavoro che considera un po’ la sua pecora nera, questo è quello di Guccini, che ne visse la faticosa lavorazione come un contrasto infinito con il produttore Pier Farri. Compagno di viaggio fino a quel momento, Farri infila nel disco ogni sorta di strumento – oltre a quell” read more

1 week, 5 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Pleasure Victim

Sexed Up Dance Music Before Madonna

“New Wave/Synth Pop was the big thing going into the 80's. This danced up version of pop music became dominated most notably to Giorgio Moroder style production of Blondie/Debbie Harry, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Japan, and New Order. That's just a few examples. Of course like all versions of Pop musi” read more

2 weeks, 5 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Go for Your Guns

Hendrix Style Funk = Success

“I talk about the Isley Brothers a lot on this site. I'm totally taken back as to how ignored this band is. For the record, I have to add most of their albums onto the site, which tells me right away how unaware the users of this place are of them. It don't matter either how much I talk about them, n” read more

2 weeks, 5 days ago
catcarlo posted a review of Small Faces & Friends

“Ci sono musicisti su cui quelli di Mojo tornano spesso e volentieri, con una spiccata preferenza per i loro compatrioti inglesi degli anni Sessanta. Se non passa numero dove non ci sia almeno un piccolo ritaglio sui Beatles, anche il nome degli Small Faces esce con abbastanza insistenza benché il g” read more

2 weeks, 6 days ago

“Indagine su un sentimento marks the return to the origins of the brothers Zampaglione . A " come back" to form , saw the return of the perfect pair Frederick Francis to the texts and sounds. A "come back " even sound , with echoes of classical instrumentation mixed with samplers , synthesizers and d” read more

3 weeks ago
☭Gary posted a review of Revolution Of The Mind

Hard Hitting Funk - Power To The People!

“It's hard to believe at this point, I have yet to review a James Brown record. I've hit it with the Isley Bros, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, and I detailed a complete analysis of James Brown and George Clinton's P-Funk album's being sampled to death in "G-Funk" mediocre Hip Hop of the early to mid 1990'” read more

3 weeks, 3 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Here's Little Richard

How To Make A Rock N Roll Album - Part I

“Blueprint - we sling that word around a lot when it comes to art. It's probably used mostly in films on this site, seeing as that's the only thing people seriously review, and even in music it's become an overused cliche that people like to throw onto everything in the same regard that Americans lik” read more

3 weeks, 3 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Wheels of Fire

Psychedelic Frenzy

“It's funny that I have not talked about Cream much on this site seeing as I run through the 60's a lot. They are one of my favorite 60's bands, and they made some of the best psychedelic rock albums. This was also the "CLAPTON IS GOD" period of Eric Clapton's career when he was in his prime and befo” read more

3 weeks, 6 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of A Man and the Blues

The Same Old Thing

“Today we're going to be looking at a Buddy Guy record. Buddy Guy is a phenomenal guitarist and one of the last still living from the old Blues era. He had a few singles on the Chess label when he wasn't playing bass or rhythm to Muddy Waters, and all these songs have been collected up on the I Was W” read more

3 weeks, 6 days ago
catcarlo posted a review of Warpaint

“Anche in mondi lontani dai grandi numeri dell’industria pop, è sempre bene prendere con le molle il battage pubblicitario. Più di tre anni dopo l’acclamato debutto ‘The fool’ – che non ho sentito – le Warpaint tornano per il disco della verità sfoggiando in cabina di regia gente del c” read more

3 weeks, 6 days ago
☭Gary posted a review of Born Under a Bad Sign

Bad Luck Boy's Upside Success

“Yesterday I reviewed a B.B King album, a few days ago I reviewed a Freddie King record. So I figured the only way to even things out is to review one of Albert King's albums, cause why the hell not? I'm probably the only person on this site that even reviews Blues records, and trust me, I have tons ” read more

4 weeks ago

Killing Them Softly

“DREDD was an awesome film. When I first heard they were remaking Judge Dredd, I was quite skeptical. I mean really? Can they fuck it up worse than Stone and comedy relief fuck wad Rob Schneider did in the 90's? Needless to say, Judge Dredd had a part of my childhood. I had the comic books and he was” read more

4 weeks ago

A Forgotten Classic

“B.B. King's Live in Cook County Jail is one of my all time favorite albums. I'm here to talk about it today, cause most people when it comes to B.B. either skip over this album completely and go straight to Live At The Regal (Another masterpiece) or they avoid this one completely and buy one of his ” read more

4 weeks, 1 day ago
☭Gary posted a review of Two Bugs & A Roach

Adventures Into Obscure Blues Records - Part III

“When it comes to hunting down old Blues albums, I will go far out of my way if needed to find a piece of history. This Earl Hooker album would be a good example, I paid 16 dollars for this thing. Totally over priced, now is it worth it? We will see in this review. For the sake of it, I've already re” read more

1 month ago

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