Update feed http://www.listal.com/feed/movies/type:postreview en-us Mon, 26 Jan 2015 18:28:34 GMT Mon, 26 Jan 2015 18:28:34 GMT Listal.com johanlefourbe posted a review of September <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8402378'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/september-1987'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/149763/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Honestly, it has been a while since I have seen this movie and I should probably re-watch it at some point to make up my mind for good about the damned thing. Obviously, Woody Allen has always been famous for his comedies but, a very few times in his career, he did try to make a drama and this movie&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8402378'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 26 Jan 2015 15:10:43 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8402378 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8402378 johanlefourbe posted a review of Senso <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8401053'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/livia-1954'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/163821/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;To be honest, it has been while since I have seen this flick but like everything directed by Luchino Visconti, it was quite fascinating to behold. Even though Visconti started his career with ‘Ossessione’, the first Italian neorealist film, later on in his career he would become famous for his &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8401053'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:18:42 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8401053 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8401053 Star Alchemist posted a review of The Purple Rose of Cairo <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398984'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/purple-rose-cairo'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/146965/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Once again, Allen brings us a sweet and complex female character in the lead role facing the adverts of a relationship.<br/><br />Most of the time of during the movie we see a romantic and idealist romance between the protagonist and a fictional character from a movie the gain life out of the screen&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398984'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 26 Jan 2015 02:15:01 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398984 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398984 Michael M posted a review of Funny Face <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398002'>Astaire at His Bes...Worst</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/funny-face-1957'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/161581/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;It disappoints me that Funny Face for many people will be their only encounter with Fred Astaire, due to the fact that it is an Audrey Hepburn film. I first watched Funny Face for the Hepburn factor (unfamiliar at the time with Fred Astaire), and was left unimpressed with the film. Later on I became&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398002'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:14:09 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398002 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8398002 Michael M posted a review of Craig's Wife <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397998'>Auntie Mean</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/craigs-wife'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7393490/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Going into Craig’s Wife I was aware it was one of Rosalind Russell’s dramatic roles, but I wasn't prepared for the fact that she plays such a hateful character, the type of role you would expect Bette Davis or Joan Crawford to play. This was before Russell established herself as screen comedienn&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397998'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:12:10 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397998 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397998 Michael M posted a review of Sometimes a Great Notion <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397994'>Sometimes a Great Motion (Picture)</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/sometimes-great-notion'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6526574/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;There is no over arching plot in Sometimes a Great Notion, yet I was still engaged with the life of this family with their ongoing effort to try and make a living and their own family dilemmas, all occurring among the beautiful forest scenery of Oregon.<br/><br />Henry Fonda plays a character called&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397994'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:10:52 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397994 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397994 soulistic posted a review of Burt's Buzz <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397375'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/burts-buzz'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7492685/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This was a great documentary featuring Mr. Ingram Berg (Burt) Shavitz. I love how this documentary shares the life and times of Burt. Granted this wonderful, humble, loving, creative man is still alive today! His story growing up as a free spirit hippie and meeting someone... who could of been poten&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397375'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 20:41:24 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397375 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8397375 filmbuilder posted a review of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8396099'>A rare sequel that improves on the original!</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/star-wars-episode-v-the-empire-strikes-back'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6648023/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back' brings the memorable Yoda (Frank Oz) to the series. It is also better than the original and features a love relationship between Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). The plotting is entertaining, the visual effects are great and s&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8396099'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 17:27:31 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8396099 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8396099 johanlefourbe posted a review of Jesus Henry Christ <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8395072'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/jesus-henry-christ-2011'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/3489900/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this movie. Indeed, as a matter of fact, I got this movie in a package deal at a dvd shop, something like buy 3 dvds for the price of 2, and I already got 2 movies that interested me and this one was the only left which I hadn't see it and which seemed &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8395072'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 14:37:50 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8395072 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8395072 Stehako posted a review of Room 237 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392449'>Not Enough Room for 237 Ways to Analyze a Film</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/room-237'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/5252100/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Since "The Shining" is one my favorite films made by one of my favorite filmmakers I naturally found this to be an intriguing documentary to see. Sadly the result is an unfocused effort to take meaning out of the symbolism and elements of the film. There are actually better, shorter, more focused vi&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392449'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 03:25:22 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392449 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392449 Stehako posted a review of Smashed <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392363'>Positive Thoughts Toward Winsted are Smashed</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/smashed'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/4218903/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Ponsoldt's debut feature is a bit flawed but I appreciated an alcohol recovery film with limited melodrama. Winstead's acting prevented this movie from being truly memorable and Aaron Paul just can't be good enough to save it completely.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392363'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 03:00:53 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392363 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392363 Stehako posted a review of Stone <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392286'>A Film with the Personality of Stone</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/stone-2010'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/1327441/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;The re-teaming of Norton and De Niro is even less impressive than "The Score". Two notably intense actors phone it in with a story that never really intrigues. Thankfully Jovavich supports the story in possibly her best performance yet. Too bad it will not be remembered, since it's in this medioc&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392286'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 02:45:33 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392286 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8392286 BAMF posted a review of Everly <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8391333'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/everly'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7699874/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;We all need a little Salma Hayek in our lives. I watched the trailer for this and decided I was definitely going to check it out when I got the chance. It looks like a chaotic action fest and this time it's with a woman which is a nice change. It's directed by Joe Lynch who did the second Wrong Turn&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8391333'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 25 Jan 2015 00:16:45 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8391333 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8391333 johanlefourbe posted a review of What To Expect When You're Expecting <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389227'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/expect-youre-expecting'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/3565126/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Obviously, I wasn't really expecting much from this flick but since there was a nice cast, I thought I might as well give it a try. To start up, the introduction involving Cameron Diaz was incredibly abysmal and it seemed like an impossible mission to recover the damage after such a lame start. For&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389227'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 19:12:10 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389227 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389227 BAMF posted a review of Taken 3 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389193'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/taken-3'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7957664/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Don't get me wrong Liam Neeson is badass as Bryan Mills, but this trilogy has the Hangover Syndrome. It starts with a strong first film. Then it basically rehashes the same story for the sequel with slight tweaks to make it feel like a different story. Then finally it spits out a third film which no&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389193'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 19:07:52 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389193 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8389193 johanlefourbe posted a review of End of Watch <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8385296'>A very good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/end-of-watch'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/3811632/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Since I kept hearing some great things about this flick, I was really eager to check it out. Eventually, I wasn't disappointed. Indeed, up to that point, David Ayer's biggest credit was to have written the rather overrated 'Training Day' but there was no doubt that the guy had some talents and, here&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8385296'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:41:23 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8385296 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8385296 BAMF posted a review of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8383170'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/alexander-terrible-horrible-no-good'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7290561/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I remember reading this book when I was much younger so I was actually excited to check this one out. Plus Steve Carell is awesome so that also got me enthusiastic. There were quite a few moments that I felt were more inappropriate than necessary, but it didn't take away from the movie. It's a fun a&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8383170'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 23:07:05 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8383170 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8383170 BAMF posted a review of The Best of Me <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8382108'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-best-of-me'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7116518/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Okay I'm not going to lie. I actually really enjoy these Nicholas Sparks movies and I'm not afraid to admit it. It doesn't mean anything. I just enjoy an interesting yet tragic story of loss and romance. Besides this one has some pretty great seasoned actors. I'm a little confused by the fact that h&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8382108'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 20:11:55 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8382108 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8382108 8rob posted a review of Election <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381262'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/election'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/2801151/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Election is among many of Reese Witherspoon's brilliant performances. It's an excellent comedy for adults.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381262'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:09:04 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381262 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381262 8rob posted a review of The Elephant Man <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381111'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-elephant-man'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/324381/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Probably never has been a better movie to illustrate man's inhumanity to man. John Hurt never ceases to amaze me.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381111'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 17:51:48 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381111 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381111 8rob posted a review of The Road Warrior <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381046'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/mad-max-2-the-road-warrior'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6380/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;The road warrior is probably the best "action" movie. For someone who isn't a fan of action movies, I guess that's not much of compliment.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381046'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 17:46:53 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381046 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8381046 johanlefourbe posted a review of Showtime <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8377380'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/showtime-2002'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6251/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Nowadays, Eddie Murphy has one of the most pathetic careers and for Robert De Niro, even though the situation is not as critical as for Murphy, he is still doing his best to ruin his prestigious legacy by showing up in some really underwhelming features. Anyway, 10 years ago, the situation was not s&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8377380'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 09:35:06 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8377380 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8377380 JR1220 posted a review of Revolutionary Road <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8375007'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/revolutionary-road'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7905495/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I wanted so much more from this movie. I know it's a downer, but I really wanted it to be not a "rip out your heart and spit on it" kind of downer. I hate suburbia so very much and thought it was going to help me justify that hatred.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8375007'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:44:16 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8375007 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8375007 johanlefourbe posted a review of Shallow Hal <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370655'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/shallow-hal'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/4814/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Following their massive success with their directing debut ‘Dumb & Dumber’, the Farrelly Brothers became the next big thing in R rated comedy but, lately, their movies have been rather underperforming. In fact, you could argue that this trend actually started with this movie. Indeed, there was q&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370655'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 22 Jan 2015 12:11:54 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370655 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370655 hurt.raven114 posted a review of John Wick <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370419'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/john-wick'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7545172/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Had a greater expectation with this flick . It was a Good movie not a great one though . Enjoyed the Keanu's come back in one solid action movie . <br/><br />The action is amazing fully packed until the end . Story is little lagging . The final fight sequence Between Viggo And JOHN doesn't satisfy &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370419'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 22 Jan 2015 11:29:58 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370419 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8370419 PvtCaboose91 posted a review of John Wick <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367853'>One fucking badass movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/john-wick'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7545172/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;"In a bar, I once saw him kill three men... with a pencil."<br/><br />Let's not mince words here: John Wick is the best action movie of 2014. Confidently belying its modest budget, the movie easily surpasses the year's CGI-infested blockbusters and superhero offerings, and even tops more old-school &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367853'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 21 Jan 2015 22:47:32 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367853 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367853 johanlefourbe posted a review of Kill Bill: Vol. 1 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367615'>An overrated movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/kill-bill-vol-1'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/132825/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I remember very well when this movie was released. Indeed, after 6 very long years, Quentin Tarantino was finally coming up with a new directing feature. Not only was he releasing a new story but it was a gigantic epos of 4 hours divided into two movies!!! So, the buzz surrounding this flick was qu&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367615'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 21 Jan 2015 22:06:17 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367615 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367615 JR1220 posted a review of Breakfast at Tiffany's <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367442'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/breakfast-at-tiffanys'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/1030677/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I know. I know. It was a "different time," but I just can't with the Mickey Rooney character. That being said, I just love the story and I'm honestly embarrassed that it has taken this long to see this all the way through. A must see!&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367442'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 21 Jan 2015 21:17:58 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367442 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367442 Monty posted a review of Birdman <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367248'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/birdman'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7526413/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This is a fascinating film, with unassailable acting and with a deep sense that this is touching on something beyond just entertainment and fame. The mixture of sort-of single shot filming, live theater-feel, surrealism and suspense, it takes you on a ride that you don't want to get off of. Even the&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367248'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 21 Jan 2015 20:17:34 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367248 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367248 Monty posted a review of Boyhood <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367237'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/boyhood'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7372635/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;A touching and captivating look at not just boyhood, but life and its timelessness while also being dependent on time. One is engaged by the 'normalness' of aging, and not be some unforgettable plot, although there is a bit of a "plot" in that everyone's life has some level of plot. Some scenes didn&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367237'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 21 Jan 2015 20:14:35 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367237 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/8367237