Update feed http://www.listal.com/feed/movies/type:postreview en-us Mon, 25 Jun 2018 08:34:59 GMT Mon, 25 Jun 2018 08:34:59 GMT Listal.com fernando posted a review of Chief Crazy Horse <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170396'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/chief-crazy-horse'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/124395/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Modest George Sherman and stocky stony Mature, go through certain unexpected liricism. Lund is ok as his friendship with chief, but you see more defiance than wisedom in everything...&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170396'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 21:11:36 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170396 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170396 fernando posted a review of Compañeros <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170392'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/companeros-1970'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/400837/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Corbucci en pleno dominio del género, en el México que resulta cómodo para plantar cualquier personaje y exceso; acá cierta maldad estilizada (Palance y su águila) frente a los revolucionarios jóvenes y el profesor Rey que parecen en serio...&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170392'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 21:09:02 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170392 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170392 fernando posted a review of Junior Bonner <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170385'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/junior-bonner-1972'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/137886/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Peckinpah in minor clue, but each detail, so much undesrtatement between the family and the town. There's even a documentary look od a 4th july parade and the rodeo itself, so well matched...&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170385'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 21:02:51 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170385 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170385 fernando posted a review of Rio Lobo <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170363'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/rio-lobo-1970'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/138880/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Oh, ol hawk. There´s something, just something, in the sense of group, the active woman (pretty Jennifer), the old drunken man (Elam) and John 'comfortable' Wayne more selfamusing than ever.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170363'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:49:53 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170363 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170363 fernando posted a review of Such Good Friends <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170351'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/such-good-friends'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/227368/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Premminger in clue, as Meredith dancing naked just for the eyes of Dyan Cannon who returns the gift for us, in a nudie for his friend. The death of arrogant Richard is moving because you see the indolence and resignation of everything,everybody.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170351'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 20:44:27 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170351 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16170351 johanlefourbe posted a review of U: July 22 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16169804'>A very good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/277270'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/16246670/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;When I heard that my uncle wanted to watch a movie about the tragedy in Utøya, I thought he meant the movie 'Norway' directed by Paul Greengrass also coming out this year. Anyway, it doesn't really matter since it was such a powerful movie and easily one of the best I have seen this year. In my opi&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16169804'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 18:32:26 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16169804 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16169804 johanlefourbe posted a review of Gummo (1997) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162498'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/gummo-1997'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/438373/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Since I kept hearing some interesting things about this movie , I was quite eager to check it out. Well, eventually, it wasn't an easy watch, in fact, it was sometimes downright unpleasant to behold but I still think it was pretty good. Basically, it could be described as some kind of trash poetry. &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162498'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 23 Jun 2018 21:09:38 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162498 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162498 Nunox posted a review of Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162311'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/rur-1999'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/4959379/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;El mejor anime sobre samurais existente. Kenshin me parece el mejor protagonista de la historia del shonen de acción. El romance se desarrolla de forma natural y paulatina. El drama no es forzado y es bien empleado. El apartado técnico es perfecto en todos los sentidos.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162311'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 23 Jun 2018 19:54:59 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162311 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16162311 johanlefourbe posted a review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158922'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/untitled-jurassic-world-sequel'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/16385319/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Since Nick, my step-son, was really eager to check this flick, we went to see it in the movie theater when it was released. To be honest, I have to admit that it did turn out to be slightly better than I expected. Indeed, what bother me the most with the previous installment was it was just too simi&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158922'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 23 Jun 2018 08:03:17 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158922 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158922 Kraven posted a review of Interstellar <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158432'>...and the "Love" f*cked the movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/interstellar'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/6871395/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Interstellar is a jumbled mess of complex ideas that don't fit together coherently with a REALLY stupid ending and a dumb-ass cliché message of "love conquers all" that winded up obscuring everything else good about the movie.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158432'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 23 Jun 2018 03:46:29 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158432 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16158432 johanlefourbe posted a review of Odd Thomas <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16153784'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/odd-thomas'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/6486574/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I wasn't really sure what to expect from this flick but since I always had a weak spot for the late Anton Yelchin, I thought I might as well check it out. Well, to be honest, I was amazed by how disappointing the damned thing actually turned out to be, especially since it has such a solid rating on &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16153784'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 21 Jun 2018 20:39:22 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16153784 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16153784 Walter-Blake posted a review of God's Not Dead (2014) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16148874'>La Peor Película Cristiana</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/gods-not-dead'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/6700096/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Primero debería aclarar que soy de fe cristiana, me encanta ver que el cine cristiano pueda resaltar en el mundo del cine, teniendo obras maestras como "Ordet" o "The Mission", películas bellas artísticamente y en las que se pueden ver mensajes sobre valores, la ética cristiana, y demás cosas. &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16148874'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 20 Jun 2018 19:01:21 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16148874 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16148874 johanlefourbe posted a review of Man Up (2015) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16145345'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/man-up-0'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/8539456/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;To be honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie but since I have a weak spot for Simon Pegg, I though I might as well check it out. Well, even though it didn't turn out to be anything really amazing, I thought it was actually a decent watch. Basically, the only real issue with this&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16145345'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 19 Jun 2018 22:05:28 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16145345 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16145345 derekudonsushi posted a review of October <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141961'>Review: October (Soojit Sircar, 2018)</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/280198'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/16370066/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220; (TL;DR version ( Too Long Didn't Read) can be found at the bottom part of this review) October has a beautiful storyline and shows its audience real-life emotions. When the movie began, at first, I &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141961'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 22:26:33 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141961 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141961 johanlefourbe posted a review of I Wanna Hold Your Hand <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141682'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/wanna-hold-your-hand'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/3433959/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie but since it was Robert Zemeckis's directing debut, I was quite eager to check it out. Well, the damned thing definitely had some potential. Indeed, even though I have never been a huge fan of the Beatles, it was a great idea to focus on their 1st &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141682'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 21:13:56 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141682 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16141682 fernando posted a review of The Devil Commands <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140335'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-devil-commands'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/680232/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Dmytrick begins to learn his stuff. Karloff is always convincing incarnating the fight between wrong and evil. Ann Revere is devil herself and the fantastic angle is well concentrated in the 'meeting' of corpses...&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140335'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:32:16 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140335 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140335 fernando posted a review of The L-Shaped Room <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140325'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-lshaped-room'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/1398682/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;The force of Forbes before going to Hollywood... Caron really wants to go adult in spite of having a false "27 years old" here. Intimate, good characters (dear old Mavis, soft jealous Brock Peters)...&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140325'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:29:56 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140325 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140325 fernando posted a review of The Boss Baby (2017) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140246'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/boss-baby'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/12886039/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Too many explanations of the invented world and its codes, too many dreams inside a story that in a way is a dream factory. All this is a common default of animation blockbusters..&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140246'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:19:52 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140246 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140246 fernando posted a review of Mudbound (2017) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140166'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/mudbound'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/15876731/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;It happens with almost all the cycle of anti racist comtemporary films that they depict a world so infamous and violente, that is difficult to see the understanding that is also there. And, when it tries to do so, as in here, its also violent....&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140166'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:09:19 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140166 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140166 fernando posted a review of Western <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140154'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/western-2017'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/15083215/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Rare, naturalistic, sincere, reverse migration (germans in Bulgaria) film where germans take for granted they're have rights to affirm their nation wherever.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140154'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:06:10 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140154 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140154 fernando posted a review of Septiembre o Un llanto En Silencio <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140132'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/septiembre-o-un-llanto-en'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/0/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Lo íntimo y lo político y lo nacional en una misteriosa conexión escondida en la voluntad del director. La sordera del personaje acaba pro no ser elocuente.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140132'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:03:04 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140132 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16140132 johanlefourbe posted a review of Giant (1956) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16137245'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/giant-1956'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/162362/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Since it was the last movie starring James Dean that I hadn't seen so far, I was really eager to see this flick. Well, even though it turned out to be pretty good, I can't say it really blew me away though. I mean, there was some very good stuff and it could have been a great movie but it didn't com&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16137245'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 17 Jun 2018 18:33:15 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16137245 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16137245 walterwhite posted a review of Condorito: The Movie (2017) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16129405'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/condorito-la-pelicula'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/15229491/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Ve Version En Español de letterbox aqui estaba sin ideas <br/><br /><b>[Link removed - login to see]</b><br/><br />First I Do not Have Anything Against The Cómics Of Condorito Their Comics Are Decently Pleasant They Are Not The Big Thing But To Hang Out<br/><br />The Only Thing That Could Serve Th&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16129405'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 15 Jun 2018 22:53:18 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16129405 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16129405 PerfectPortal posted a review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128891'>"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" (2018)</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/untitled-jurassic-world-sequel'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/16385319/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;FIRST IMPRESSIONS<br/><br />When the island's dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen and Claire mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event.This review will be slightly longer than usual, because the Jurassic Park franchise is so special to me.When I fi&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128891'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 15 Jun 2018 20:47:06 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128891 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128891 PerfectPortal posted a review of Deadpool 2 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128876'>"Deadpool 2" (2018)</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/deadpool-2'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/16188475/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;FIRST IMPRESSIONS<br/><br />Foul-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA Deadpool) brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from the brutal time-travelling cyborg Cable.I like the first Deadpool movie a lot. It's like a perfect microcosm of&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128876'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 15 Jun 2018 20:43:02 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128876 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16128876 johanlefourbe posted a review of The Program <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16127267'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-program-1993'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/3186097/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie but since there was a decent cast involved, I thought I might as well check it out. Well, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the damned thing and it is probably one of the best movies I have seen dealing with (American) football, especially in c&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16127267'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 15 Jun 2018 12:15:10 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16127267 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16127267 JxSxPx posted a review of A Bay of Blood <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122987'>A Bay of Blood</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/bay-blood'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/10013150/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Is this Mario Bava’s most violent film? It seems entirely possible as it contains thirteen deaths, each a series of escalating gore and slaughter until it all culminates in a sick joke. Bava’s particular brand of giallo was built upon nihilism, but A Bay of Blood feels completely unconcerned wit&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122987'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 14 Jun 2018 17:00:50 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122987 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122987 JxSxPx posted a review of House of Frankenstein (1944) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122984'>House of Frankenstein</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/house-of-frankenstein-1944'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/2766970/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Six films into the franchise and Universal finally decided to make their all of their premiere monsters team-up in House of Frankenstein, an entertaining mid-tier entry that should’ve been better. You get five for the price of one here, as the Monster, the Wolf Man, Dracula, a mad scientist, and h&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122984'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 14 Jun 2018 16:59:55 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122984 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122984 JxSxPx posted a review of The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122982'>The Ghost of Frankenstein</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-ghost-of-frankenstein'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/730259/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;The Universal Monsters contained a troupe of players both behind and in front of the camera, many of whom performed double or triple duty by working on various entries in the sub-franchises. Think of how Boris Karloff played the Monster, a mummy, and a mad scientist, or how Bela Lugosi was Dracula, &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122982'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 14 Jun 2018 16:59:27 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122982 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122982 JxSxPx posted a review of Son of Frankenstein (1939) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122979'>Son of Frankenstein</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/son-of-frankenstein-1939'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/9007528/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Universal’s horror branch was in decline when the success of a double feature re-release in 1938 of Dracula and Frankenstein provided a shot in the arm. Cut to 1939 and the brand new entry in the dormant Frankenstein franchise, a film that found Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi teaming up for the fir&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122979'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 14 Jun 2018 16:58:39 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122979 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/16122979