Update feed http://www.listal.com/feed/movies/type:postreview en-us Fri, 29 May 2015 08:25:23 GMT Fri, 29 May 2015 08:25:23 GMT Listal.com cornishlee posted a review of Michelangelo Eye to Eye <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9365042'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/michelangelo-eye-to-eye'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/3511989/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Egoism.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9365042'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 29 May 2015 07:43:24 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9365042 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9365042 BAMF posted a review of Project Almanac <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9364826'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/almanac'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7759981/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: I have been wanting to see this since it was called Welcome To Yesterday. I always like a good twist to the found footage sub-genre. I also love time travel movies. I didn't have the chance until now. <br/><br />Characters/Acting: Jonny Weston is a pretty great young actor and proba&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9364826'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 29 May 2015 06:11:14 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9364826 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9364826 johanlefourbe posted a review of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9363044'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/star-wars-episode-i-the-phantom-menace'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/2818276/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Since I was born in 1980, obviously, I didn't see the original trilogy in the movie theater when it was released but I saw those movies many times with my dad on TV when I was growing up. However, I did manage to watch the second trilogy in the movie theater and when the first installment was relea&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9363044'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 21:56:57 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9363044 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9363044 BAMF posted a review of Predator Dark Ages <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358635'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/predator-dark-ages'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8687523/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: I can't believe I haven't heard of this until today. It looks awesome. I love Predator. I am waiting impatiently for him to be playable in the new Mortal Kombat game. I will be watching this right now. This will satisfy me for the wait.<br/><br />Characters/Acting: All that matters &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358635'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 11:07:41 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358635 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358635 BAMF posted a review of The Age of Adaline <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358291'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/adaline'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8395921/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initital Thought: Blake Lively hasn't been doing much lately so it's nice to see something new with her. Also the plot involves immortality which is always interesting if it's done in a well constructed way. <br/><br />Characters/Acting: I've been seeing a few Game of Thrones actors in my recent mov&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358291'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 10:04:56 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358291 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358291 gay dude posted a review of The Last Straight Man <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358204'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-last-straight-man'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/0/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;*This review contains spoilers.*<br/><br />More so than other things, I hated the story. The leads are attractive which certainly helped in me sticking with it. I, with probably pretty immature wants, wanted actual romance. This want is immature as it would be like me enjoying making my handsome att&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358204'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 09:49:01 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358204 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358204 Hereticked posted a review of Edge of Tomorrow <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358121'>Edge of Mediocrity</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/we-mortals-are'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6866568/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This hot garbage gets a 90% on RT and a 7.9 on IMDB? How much crack are you people smoking?!? I was really hoping this movie would be more than the sci-fi version of Groundhog Day, but that's essentially all it was.<br/><br />Sure, the human battle-mech suits and the alien combatants were cool to lo&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358121'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 08:30:37 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358121 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358121 johanlefourbe posted a review of The Bear <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358042'>A classic</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-bear'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/82944/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I’m not sure if this movie is really famous abroad but, in France, it is pretty much a massive classic. Indeed, I remember when it was released, I was just a kid but there was a huge hype around this movie at the time. Eventually, I saw it again many years later with my kids and I was once again q&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358042'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 08:01:50 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358042 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9358042 BAMF posted a review of Barely Lethal <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357843'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/barely-lethal'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8615300/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: Well I like most of the actors here specifically Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba, and Samuel L. Jackson. the plot isn't anything particularly new though. I guess I'm watching just for the actors.<br/><br />Characters/Acting: The actors here are what caught my attention. We have some &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357843'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 06:51:35 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357843 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357843 BAMF posted a review of Tooken <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357092'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/tooken-2015'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8682292/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: I guess people want to do franchise spoofs now instead of genres. This has a pretty decent and somewhat well known cast for a spoof. I wanted to see this just to see how they could make fun with the Taken series.<br/><br />Characters/Acting: We have a variety of talent here. Some I &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357092'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 28 May 2015 02:04:57 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357092 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9357092 johanlefourbe posted a review of American Hustle <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355750'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/american-bullshit'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6107835/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Like everyone else, I have been quite impressed by David O. Russell's recent come-back. Indeed, I really liked 'The Fighter' and I completely loved 'Silver Linings Playbook' which surprisingly turned out to be my favorite movie released in 2012. So, when I heard that he was already coming back so so&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355750'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 22:12:35 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355750 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355750 Michael M posted a review of Mister Roberts <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355516'>Sadness or Euphoria</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/mister-roberts-1955'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/288493/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Fonda, Cagney, Powell, Lemon. What more do you want? Being a huge fan of all four actors, for me personally this may be the greatest accumulation of actors ever, thus I will try my best to contain my inner fan boy. Not only do all four play interesting characters, but they all share interesting rela&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355516'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 21:46:34 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355516 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9355516 johanlefourbe posted a review of Ordinary Decent Criminal <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9352201'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/ordinary-decent-criminal-2000'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/86362/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Personally, even though he hasn’t done anything really amazing for at least a decade, I always been a huge fan of Kevin Spacey. Still, you wonder somehow how he got involved in some of his projects like this one for example. Indeed, how on Earth did they come up to cast him as a famous Irish crime&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9352201'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 13:04:18 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9352201 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9352201 BAMF posted a review of Superfast! <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351312'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/superfast'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8373069/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: When I first heard of this I thought it was just another racing movie. Then I realized after the poster came that it was indeed another racing movie. Not just any though no it was a parody of the Fast and Furious films. Anyways I have seen a lot of parody films so I decided to go ah&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351312'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 11:19:29 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351312 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351312 johanlefourbe posted a review of The Paper <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351169'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-paper-1994'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/75228/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Honestly, it has been a while since I have watched this flick and I should probably re-watch it at some point. Anyway, I have noticed that it is probably one of Ron Howard’s most obscure movies but even though it is rather underrated, I thought it was actually pretty good. I remember it very well,&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351169'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 10:58:09 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351169 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9351169 BAMF posted a review of As the Gods Will <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9350265'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/as-the-gods-will'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7624441/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: Takashi Miike is back with another off the wall gore fest feature teenagers. This was at a local film festival so I really wanted to check it out. Miike's films aren't for the faint of hear or easily offended though. Also it sounds like one hell of a ride.<br/><br />Characters/Actin&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9350265'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 07:19:40 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9350265 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9350265 BAMF posted a review of The DUFF <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349646'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-duff'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8056121/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: I have actually been wanting to see this. It looks funny and has an interesting cast. I think we have all been DUFFs at some point. Also of course this is based on a book not much these days is completely original.<br/><br />Characters/Acting: A good selection of young actors with s&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349646'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 03:42:28 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349646 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349646 PvtCaboose91 posted a review of The Last Boy Scout <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349465'>The forgotten Die Hard</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/last-boy-scout'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/6664/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;"Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. You're gonna lose. Smile, you fuck."<br/><br />Despite being a standalone action movie, 1991's The Last Boy Scout walks and talks like a Die Hard sequel, as it features a foul-mouthed Bruce Willis as a burnt-out cop who finds himself in an undesirable situatio&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349465'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 02:19:01 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349465 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349465 Michael M posted a review of Carefree <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349266'>Suspicious Minds</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/carefree-1938'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/3571712/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;On my first viewing of Carefree, I experienced something I never thought I would with Fred and Ginger, boredom. Initially I was expecting another spectacular musical showcase, however the film contains a mere four numbers, none of which stand out as being the best in the series. Fred Astaire’s num&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349266'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 00:54:37 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349266 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349266 BAMF posted a review of The Lazarus Effect <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349263'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/reawakening'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8401150/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Initial Thought: The trailer for this kind of spoiled a lot of the movie. I know at least one person who dies. That was disappointing. Also why is there so many comedy actors here. I don't know if I can take this one seriously. I mean at least they are trying to expand their horizons. Other than tha&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349263'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 27 May 2015 00:48:50 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349263 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9349263 Reno posted a review of Wendy and Lucy <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346639'>Can't afford to lose the dear one while you're alr</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/wendy-and-lucy'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/385126/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Michelle Williams is one of the photogenic face in Hollywood and also like her performance. But won the negative impression of mine over portrayal of her character in 'Take This Waltz'. Doing a villainous role may get appreciation, for example, the Joker from Batman, but doing things that affect mor&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346639'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 26 May 2015 16:40:53 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346639 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346639 Reno posted a review of The Cobbler <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346546'>Kind of puts back on the track for Adam Sandler.</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-cobbler'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8231831/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I don't know what's really going on with Adam Sandler in the recent years, he was actually out of the league for a while from entertaining his fans. All he did was overdose comedies which were below par compared to his earlier movies. I said in 'Blended' review that I'm tired of his movie, but watch&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346546'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 26 May 2015 16:34:19 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346546 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346546 Reno posted a review of Sunshine on Leith <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346506'>A better drama film than being a musical.</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/sunshine-on-leith'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8378240/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Nowadays the musicals are just a headache. When I see a movie like this, I feel those are the time long gone, and its a sci-fi world. Day by day dreaming to get the movies like 'Dancer in the Dark' and 'The Phantom of the Opera' is fading away. This film could have made a good impression if it was a&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346506'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 26 May 2015 16:28:24 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346506 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9346506 johanlefourbe posted a review of Scent of a Woman Tue, 26 May 2015 09:32:05 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9343968 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9343968 Joe posted a review of Mad Max: Fury Road <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342964'>Mad Max: Fury Road</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/mad-max-4'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8597744/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;If you like high speed car chases in movies you are in for a treat. This movie features the longest car/truck high speed chases sequences that you have ever seen or are likely to see as well as some of the best. It is action packed and comes complete with explosions, tumbling cars and trucks and ton&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342964'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 26 May 2015 04:50:34 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342964 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342964 mazardeus posted a review of We're The Millers <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342434'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/were-the-millers-2013'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/5358673/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Very entertaining, and funny film. That's pretty much it. Lacks some depth, but there's some family values. It's a fun movie to watch.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342434'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 26 May 2015 02:45:42 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342434 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9342434 johanlefourbe posted a review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9340702'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/twilight-saga-breaking-dawn'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/4327800/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;At last, I'm finally done with this franchise... To be honest, I have never really understood the passion it created, either from the lovers or the haters. Sure, it is all rather weak and underwhelming but it is also rather harmless and I have seen much worse through the years. Anyway, coming back &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9340702'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 25 May 2015 21:11:13 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9340702 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9340702 Time Bomb posted a review of Tale of Tales <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9339896'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/the-tale-of-tales'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8591833/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Garrone's film is a feast for the eyes and mind. It draws liberally from the tradition of ancient fairy Basile and proposes a translation blazing, made solemn landscapes and disturbing, kings and courts who are living with the misery of the people, crenellated castles that stand out on the slopes ob&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9339896'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 25 May 2015 18:19:30 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9339896 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9339896 johanlefourbe posted a review of The Legend of Drunken Master <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9338475'>A good movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/legend-drunken-master'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/241249/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;At last, after watching maybe 20 movies starring Jackie Chan, I finally saw something that was actually worthwhile... Ok, I have to admit that I have seen mostly his US productions which are probably not his best work but still. Anyway, this was definitely a fun flick, that's for sure. I mean, as us&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9338475'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 25 May 2015 15:31:10 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9338475 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9338475 johanlefourbe posted a review of Intersection <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9337855'>An average movie</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/movie/intersection-1994'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/129829/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;For some reasons, I was really eager to check this movie for many years. I guess I have a weak spot for Richard Gere and Sharon Stone. Anyway, after all these years, it wasn't really worth the wait, I'm afraid. I mean, it wasn't completey awful, I actually liked the story about this man torn between&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9337855'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 25 May 2015 13:11:02 GMT movies http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9337855 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9337855