Update feed http://www.listal.com/feed/games/type:postreview en-us Sun, 14 Feb 2016 03:56:28 GMT Sun, 14 Feb 2016 03:56:28 GMT Listal.com Jason Dean Anderson posted a review of Dragon Warrior <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11216775'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/dragon-warrior-nes'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/253251/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This is the game that started my love of RPG. I look back and I still smile thinking about playing this game and leaving my game system on for days at a time.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11216775'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 11 Feb 2016 15:37:38 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11216775 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11216775 MarkusT90 posted a review of Firewatch <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11212282'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/firewatch--80986'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/9853758/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;ALONE AND ALMOST FORSAKEN<br/><br />Firewatch is from developer Campo Santo and publisher Panic great example of an skilled debut game, which has executed well. <br/><br />Game tells a story of an middle age man Henry, who takes this boring sounding summer job as an fire lookout in the middle of the&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11212282'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 10 Feb 2016 23:23:58 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11212282 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11212282 MarkusT90 posted a review of Life Is Strange <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11164456'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/life-strange-episode-1-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/9727043/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I'LL BE YOU'RE PARTNER IN CRIME, AS LONG AS YOU'RE MY PARTNER IN TIME.<br/><br />Life Is Strange was my Best Game of 2015. The story, The tone and the characters were so great, lovable and interesting that it sucked me right into it at once and made it perfect story and perfect game to me. <br/><br &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11164456'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 04 Feb 2016 12:08:42 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11164456 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11164456 Danny Brodie posted a review of Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11123803'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/pacman-2-new-adventures-sega-genesis'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/875795/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This game is one of my favorite games for the Sega Genesis! It has action, adventure, puzzles to solve, strategy and comedy! The graphics to me rival some of the games that are out today! I first played this game when I was about 7 years old! Since then I have been hooked on it! Every time I play th&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11123803'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 29 Jan 2016 12:45:24 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11123803 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11123803 MarkusT90 posted a review of Beach Bounce <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080822'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/beach-bounce-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/9784661/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;GIRLS! SEX! NUDITY!<br/><br />ARE THERE ENOUGH REASONS TO PLAY OR EVEN MAKE A VIDEO GAME?<br/><br />On my opinion, it definitely is! But it also need little bit more than that for sure.<br/><br />Example last year game Huniepop was a great Hentai-like game. You get to choice how to approach girls. B&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080822'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 23 Jan 2016 10:40:23 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080822 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080822 MarkusT90 posted a review of Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper (DLC) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080819'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/assassins-creed-syndicate-jack-ripper-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/9784646/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;JACK THE RIPPER WAS AN ASSASSIN....!?<br/><br />I think we all know the horrible story of the unknown man, who brutally murdered five prostitutes at the end of the 19th century London. Or maybe there was more, who knows....?<br/><br />First downloadable content of the Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, on&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080819'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 23 Jan 2016 10:35:48 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080819 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11080819 savnah posted a review of Resident Evil 2 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11073840'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/resident-evil-2-playstation'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8300694/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I like this game. It is great game for all those want to make its mind more faster and dissension maker.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11073840'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 22 Jan 2016 07:46:16 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11073840 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11073840 Christopher H. Crane posted a review of Baseball <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057287'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/baseball-nes'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/194952/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Very Interesting.............................................<br/><br />I Enjoyed A Lot...................................................................&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057287'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 20 Jan 2016 04:43:23 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057287 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057287 Christopher H. Crane posted a review of Football <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057284'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/football-for-atari-2600-atari-2600'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/677125/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Awesome!.............................................................<br/><br />Must Play...........................................................................&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057284'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 20 Jan 2016 04:42:40 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057284 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/11057284 jake00682 posted a review of Batman (Game Boy Color) <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936338'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/batman-game-boy-color'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/productsus/50/B00001ZUK5/games/B00001ZUK5.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I really like batman black then other colors.Dont be hurt.I don't mind his belt yellow but his suit i like black.I know everyone loves batman and his suit each movie like Batman begins,The dark knight,and The dark knight rises he changes his suit&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936338'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 03 Jan 2016 20:14:00 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936338 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936338 jake00682 posted a review of Grand Theft Auto IV <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936285'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/grand-theft-auto-iv-xbox-360'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/232822/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Buen juego de accion hasta que la jugabilidad se vuelve reptitiva y te das cuenta de que el entorno y los personajas no son mas que caricaturas que desentonan con la atmosfera realista que el juego interta crear. Aunque si es divertido<br/><br />&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936285'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 03 Jan 2016 20:01:23 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936285 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10936285 r3d posted a review of Tales of Zestiria <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10886805'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/tales-of-zestiria-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8221495/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Really great game, good story and music. World feels alive, only the dungeons feel very linear but the music and fighting makes up for that&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10886805'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 27 Dec 2015 19:31:57 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10886805 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10886805 soulistic posted a review of The Bachelor The Video Game - Nintendo DS Standard Edition <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10863677'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/bachelor-video-game-nintendo-nintendo-ds'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/products/50/B003EV6ND0/games/B003EV6ND0.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I can't believe i own this.<br/><br />lol what was I thinking.<br/><br />The game play is lame.... too many quizzes... I think I just bought it for hilarity.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10863677'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 24 Dec 2015 15:55:27 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10863677 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10863677 Batfick posted a review of Grand Theft Auto IV <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10820666'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/grand-theft-auto-iv-xbox-360'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/232822/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Buen juego de acción, hasta que la jugabilidad se vuelve repetitiva y te das cuenta de que el entorno y los personajes no son más que caricaturas que desentonan con la atmósfera realista que el juego intenta crear. Aunque si, es divertido.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10820666'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 17 Dec 2015 19:37:53 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10820666 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10820666 majikali posted a review of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662525'>3- Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric | Review | Majikali</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/sonic-boom-rise-of-lyric-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8021559/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Sonic Boom is a game in 2014 (I think) not produced by Sega and Sonic Team, but by some amateur called Big Red Button, the idea in 2010 sounded incredible and could be the explosion Sega (Do you understand? New Boom! Ja ! ... ha ha ......) Anyway, when the game started being developed in 2011 all we&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662525'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 02:58:13 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662525 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662525 majikali posted a review of Minecraft <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662359'>1- Rat Kids Why on minecraft? | Opinion | Majikali</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/minecraft-pc'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/4841983/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Ok, before I say something, as we now say in the title first, clarify that this article is not a review, but a comment, no more, let, rat What is a child? Many who begin to experience this game or other online MMO or MMORPG games, or simply because they are ignorant think something so stupid as '' W&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662359'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 23 Nov 2015 01:31:15 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662359 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10662359 majikali posted a review of Minecraft <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655901'>2- Minecraft | Review | Majikali</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/minecraft-pc'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/4841983/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Minecraft is the most important of the century alone game, no plot, sobvrevivir made this game a life, may seem monotonous but the game carries a lot of objects and functions, criticare every point and give a verdict on each mode<br/><br />Survival: In this mode must survive an unknown world, go exp&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655901'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 22 Nov 2015 06:18:22 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655901 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655901 majikali posted a review of Undertale <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655700'>1-Undertale | Review | Majikali</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/undertale-pc'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/5823380/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Undertale is a game with many things to talk about has a lot of features that make it a unique game that will remain ever seen surprising for years until I dare say a decade should talk a little about his 6 features:<br/><br />1. History seems simplistic at first but gradually discover many things, &#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655700'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 22 Nov 2015 05:19:24 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655700 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10655700 DarkChief posted a review of Team Fortress 2 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10377204'>A funny shooter</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/team-fortress-2-pc-41504'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/257647/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;An addictive and cool game, plus it have hats. Is a pretty great fact that the game is completely free. I love a lot the design of the maps (being "Gold Rush" and "Harvest" my favorites) and I gotta admit that playing ""King of the Hill" is by far very relaxing. Although there is little to no balanc&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10377204'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 11 Oct 2015 17:32:04 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10377204 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10377204 Coyle998 posted a review of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10302966'>It's OK, but it could of been better!</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/family-guy-back-multiverse-playstation-3'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/productsus/50/B007Z3UUDW/games/B007Z3UUDW.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I am a big fan of Family Guy and when I heard they were having a 2nd game I knew I wanted it. Until I saw some screenshots and the graphics were how should I say, not good. But I still gave it a chance and I bought it on the PS store for £19.99 and played it. And well, it was alright I guess. Thoug&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10302966'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:38:26 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10302966 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10302966 Z33KtheG33K posted a review of Mad Max <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187493'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/mad-max-playstation-4'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8890751/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;I really enjoy this game. My only problem with it is the wash rinse repeat style of the boss fights. All the "Top Dog" fights are exactly the same. I love the free roam feel of the game. Driving and causing explosions!&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187493'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 16 Sep 2015 12:25:41 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187493 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187493 Z33KtheG33K posted a review of Until Dawn <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187451'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/until-dawn-playstation-4-playstation-4'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8890755/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Fun game. I love the choose your own adventure style it has. Has multiple endings so it can be replayed a few times.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187451'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Wed, 16 Sep 2015 12:17:01 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187451 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10187451 browser posted a review of Haze <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10054493'>Low powered shooter</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/haze-playstation-3'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/254274/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;Haze must be one of the games with the lowest reputations on the Playstation 3, being seen as a failure by both critics and public alike. It was even voted as the worst game to be released on the PS3 by readers of one magazine in a poll, but is its reputation really deserved?<br/><br />The game cer&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10054493'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Mon, 31 Aug 2015 23:27:46 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10054493 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10054493 tombraider posted a review of Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10044742'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/tomb-raider-angel-darkness-game-playstation-2'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/249150/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;The Angel of Darkness is the best game ever! It was the peak of the Tomb Raider's series, it had better graphics, excellent story, real life like playing. After it, the Tomb Raider becomes more like other action games, less developed storyline, not much of challenging puzzles, just dumb simple acti&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10044742'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sun, 30 Aug 2015 21:37:30 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10044742 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10044742 PerfectPortal posted a review of Batman: Arkham Knight <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10034509'>"Batman: Arkham Knight" (PS4)</a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/batman-arkham-knight-playstation-4'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/9271767/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;FIRST IMPRESSIONS<br/><br />Aside from Jurassic World, this was probably my biggest cause for excitement this year. :) But this time, the result was far from a disappointment! :D<br/><br />Each of the Arkham games brings several new gameplay mechanics to the table, and one of the most prominent addi&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10034509'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Sat, 29 Aug 2015 09:46:20 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10034509 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/10034509 Niita posted a review of Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9824033'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/holy-potatoes-weapon-shop-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/9041923/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;the version I was playing had some save game issues and my files were corrupted; otherwise it's a decent and pretty simplistic simulation. There are tons of references to other series.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9824033'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Tue, 04 Aug 2015 15:53:08 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9824033 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9824033 DCRUSEEDS posted a review of Project CARS <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789893'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/project-cars-pc-'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8143347/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This game wins award and high ranking for being so over hyped. Some parts of this game was really good, but the handling of the cars was worse than Forza 4. Just not good overall could have been a beast of a racing game.&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789893'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 08:03:47 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789893 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789893 DCRUSEEDS posted a review of Battlefield 4 <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789889'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/battlefield-4-xbox-one'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/7066367/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This is still the best BF game they have released so far. Minus all the DLC Bullshit. I finished the campaign with Ease and still return to play the Multi&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789889'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 08:02:12 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789889 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789889 DCRUSEEDS posted a review of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789883'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/hotline-miami-2-wrong-number-pc'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/8302828/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;This game was super super hard... But the sound track is so beast that I could not help but play it! Decent game to pick up on a steam sale!&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789883'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 07:59:03 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789883 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789883 DCRUSEEDS posted a review of Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy <p><b><a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789872'></a></b></p><p style='color:black;'><a href='http://www.listal.com/game/robert-ludlums-bourne-conspiracy-xbox-360'><img src='http://pthumb.lisimg.com/image/267494/50full.jpg' style='float: left;margin-right:6px;' /></a>&#8220;The hand to hand combat gets pretty repetitive. The assistance for lethal strikes is pretty lame as well. Game would be much better with a different H2H combat controller system. Easy 1000 Gamerscore points though&#8221; <a href='http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789872'>read more</a><br class='clearboth' /></p> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 07:57:32 GMT games http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789872 http://www.listal.com/viewentry/9789872