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“One of the best Gamecube games ever made! Haunting, moody soundtrack, artistic, and cinematically would make an excellent film.” read more

8 months, 4 weeks ago

“Lots like sid meiers Alpha Centauri but weaker in all ways except combat and graphics. Possibly has better modding idk. Its enough to be a real 4x strategy game. Unfortunately the micromanagement, especially the really stupid useless micromanagement of population mercilessly kills this game. Don't ” read more

8 months, 4 weeks ago
mazardeus posted a review of Resident Evil 4

“My 2nd favorite Gamecube game of all! A masterpiece filled with cinematic brilliance, artistic, moody atmosphere, great soundtrack, and addictingly simple gameplay structure. This is the best Resident Evil game, period. You do not have to play the series to make such a statement. It's that deep of a” read more

8 months, 4 weeks ago
Xan posted a review of Plok

“Decent platformer game, reminds me of Rayman, but with Plok as a unique character.

First it's only a matter of finding his flag for the house but then it's an invasion of fleas he has to stop.

Graphics are colorful, controls are good, the sound can be a bit annoying at points but” read more

9 months ago

“Many people say this is a bad game, but i enjoyed it. It's basically a point and click adventure with Pac-Man.

To me it was fun exploring the areas, finding out what Pac Man can do or not do and how to solve the tasks he was given.

Only annoying thing were the action scenes with ” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Mega Man X

“Awesome Mega Man game, have the NES titles been good already, this game expands the features and adds new ones that make the game even better.

Awesome graphics, awesome sound, tight controls and a difficulty that is juuust right to be challenging but not unfair.

If you liek Mega ” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Mario Paint

“It's a paint program, but with Mario on the SNES.

Also it comes with a mouse.

Not much else to say, you can draw, animate, even compose music.

Let creativity take you somewhere.” read more

9 months ago

“Massive RPG with a big amount of puzzles.

The story is interesting, keeps you going while graphics and sound are simple yet good.

The main event, the puzzles, go beyond mere button presses, sometimes some strategy is involved with bombs and arrows and more.

Also the bat” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Lemmings 2: Tribes

“It's Lemmings, the little idiot animals trying to reach the goal and you have to get them there by using their special abilities.

May have been good on PC in the 1980s and early 1990s but it doesn't work on the SNES that well.

The control is messy, the sound is boring and the gra” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Kirby's Dream Course

“Weird game, like a mix of golf, pinball and billiard, but kinda fun to play, as you can vary your shots and try to get Kirby into the hole with as less hits as possible.

Add the ability to use special skills from enemies and various landscapes to mess with and you have a puzzle game of the” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Kirby Super Star

“Wow, it's Kirby at his finest. A collection of multiple games, a port of the Gameboy Game, another variation with Dynablade, a big bird, then Kirby being "Indiana Jones", looking for treasure, an interesting story driven Game around Meta Knight and eventually a big Kirby game with a new villian to m” read more

9 months ago

“Oh my gosh, stay away, this game is horrible.

If you want to enjoy "Lord of the Rings", either read the books or watch the movies, but this game is not for you.

Dull graphics, a big empty world that has nothing to do with the story, a messed up navigation and little reference to ” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Illusion of Gaia

“This RPG is something else, an action adventure with an interesting story, that also covers a lot of dark topics like slavery or fight for survival and all of that around the world with a lot of different sights.

Be it the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids or the Nazca Region, the game fea” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Harvest Moon

“Manage your farm, sell stuff, explore the outskirts, marry a woman and see how well you can do.

When i got the game, it was fun to play through it once and get to see how well you do, but otherwise i find it lacking.

The gameplay is repetetive and boring overall, the few choices ” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

“Many consider this game as bad, but i liked it, it is definately a beginner game, as you can easily beat monsters once you leveled up a bit and later it gets even easier with a few tricks to get stronger.

May the graphics be a bit dull and boring, the soundtrack is awesome and really gets ” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Donkey Kong Country

“What an awesome game, the graphics are surpreme for the Super Nintendo, the soundtrack is so ingenious, i have it on CD here, the gameplay is addicting, running and jumping around, avoiding enemies and searching for secrets keeps you busy for days to come.

A must have title for the Super N” read more

9 months ago

“Bubsy was a failed attempt at a mascot and his latest game on the Playstation was one of the worst games ever. The SNES version on the other hand is a decent platformer that got badmouthed more than it deserved. The graphics are nice and cartoonish colorful, the sound is ok, it's fun hitting enemies” read more

9 months ago
Xan posted a review of Addams Family Values

“An Addams Family game that reminds me of Zelda, but not as good. Grahpics are decent, sound is ok, the gameplay is good, but overall the game is lacking something. I think the biggest issue is this "Where do i go???" feeling you have with it. You run around, trying to find the way or next clue or an” read more

9 months ago

“The same micromanagement that plagues most 4x but this time in real time. On the upside this limits any kind of sinking into the micromanagemnt on the down side it also limits the good moments. Poorly explained skills instead of organic depth through mechanics limit the payoff. Basically I would rat” read more

9 months ago
mazardeus posted a review of Half-Life

“One of the best, most atmospheric visual experiences I've had in playing a FPS game. Told in the 1st-person perspective, the story is revealed to you during gameplay.” read more

9 months ago
mazardeus posted a review of Metroid Prime

“The Ocarina of Time of the Metroid series, this 2D to 3D transition was done flawlessly with a great deal of immersion and atmosphere by Retro Studios.” read more

9 months ago

“A genius sequel with more sidequests, artistic & bizarre overworld, and game design far surpassing its predecessor.” read more

9 months ago

“My personal favorite game ever since I was 7 years old, and it still has aged well with its amazing, legendary story and level design.” read more

9 months ago

“One of the best visual experiences in gaming history! Master game designer Fumito Euda made 2 classic PS2 games in High Definition on the PS3.” read more

9 months ago
oldman posted a review of L.A. Noire

My L.A. Noire experience (no spoilers)

“I remember watching the first teaser / trailer of L.A. Noire and was astounded by the richness and quality. I love the 1940s and after watching the Michael Mann film Public Enemies (2009), my hype for L.A.

Noire went out of this world with L.A. Noire's trailer (2010) which came out exactly” read more

9 months ago

“Lots of fun things to do in this game and is very fun. I really enjoyed playing it because the storyline was interesting.” read more

9 months, 1 week ago

Holy Motherflapping God

“Holy God Earth is the CHEAPEST BOSS in any fighting game! It took me hours until I could win _one_ ROUND against him (and that was on NORMAL difficulty). I had to change the settings so that one win would decide the victory, 'cause I knew I could never win him 2 out of 3 let alone 3 out of 5 times. ” read more

9 months, 2 weeks ago

“Looking at this game, it looks sexy and enjoyable, my mom won't allow me to own a game like this though. Woah! Kasumi's breasts look huge, I think cleavage is cute :P .. I have DOA 2 and want to get 1 and 3. Kasumi is very sexy for a fictional character. But yeah this looks like a rather sexual game” read more

10 months ago

“Pumpkinate, wherever you are, thank you for suggesting this game to me. :)

Anyways, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is one of Kirby's big adventures on the Game Boy Advance. When I first heard of it, I liked the idea, but I thought that having to call the other 3 Kirbies would be tedious or s” read more

10 months ago
Emily J. posted a review of Pokemon X

“As the years go by, the Pokemon games seem to get better. Generation 2 was the best generation, until Black and White came out and churned out even better sequels. And as of the final months of 2013, Generation 6 managed to top them all with Pokemon X and Y.

There were so many improvements” read more

10 months, 1 week ago